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  1. carrypotrick

    Sov.Soyuz - Worst T9 BB by far?

    Everyone who crys for soyuz are actually the ones who didn't get out from sinop's happy dream. Soyuz is not bad bois.
  2. carrypotrick

    Which T10 Steel ship to get?

    Buying somers is throwing steel on the road. Stalingrad, Bourgogne or waiting next steel ship is far better choice.
  3. carrypotrick

    To Say Carriers Suck Is An Understatement

    Blame your head and hand. Nothing wrong on ship itself. CV has most powerful tool to cut out enemy DD, which can make so many snowballs from start to the end of game.
  4. carrypotrick

    CV's are ruining WOWS

    Tier 4 CVs, especially Hosho is quite broken ship. Some proper counter strategy can be made and developed in right balance, but there is no 'balance' in the live server.
  5. carrypotrick

    CV's are ruining WOWS

    WOWS is PvP game, not a simulator. And CV is quite problematic being in the game. There is no enough anti-plane method after 0.8.7 where WG nerf AA. Look at the broken balance, not a realistic concept. Everybody suffers from CVs, except the minority who're running CV in random or ranked battle.
  6. carrypotrick

    Share your Happy CV thoughts!

    Man now after 0.8.7 the AA got seriously nerf, and there are lot of CVs in MM. Are you playing wows these days?
  7. Yeah. WG must change the HE penetration equation from 1/4 to 1/5? I think? German has same 1/4 equation, but german ship generally has worse HE alpha dmg, worse fire chance, and doesn't have dakka power the IJN 2nd line has. You can even farm dmg by shooting 32 mm aft or stern of higher tier angled BBs. 1k~1.5k in one salvo. No balance in there.
  8. I check the data before and after 0.8.7 hit the live server, based on maplesyrup's week statics on NA and SEA wows server. (I compared the these data. 0.8.6 : 27th July~ 3rd August, 11th ~ 17th August. 0.8.7 : 25th ~ 31th August.) And both average dmg of Hosho got double score. About from 21,271 to 40,245 for NA server, and from 21,920 to 43,533 SEA server, despite the battle per player was decreased on both server. I didn't check the stats of EU server and RU server, but I think the trends would be same. Now the avg dmg of Hosho was higher than Ryujo, which has 39,297 dmg on NA server, and almost same situation was appeared in SEA server. ( 43,533 dmg of Hosho vs 44,155 dmg of Ryujo) In case of Langley, the % scale is quite lower than the case of Hosho, but got 38.9~38.0% avg dmg up on both server. (17,614 dmg -> 24,473 dmg on NA server, and 20,796 dmg -> 28,688 dmg on SEA server) It definitely needs some sudden fixes on those 2 carriers, because there is no certain AA-ship in 3~5 tier, and you can easily face 2~3 carriers in enemy team in one game in that tier. They're totally broken.
  9. Basically it's match with CV, and I think even if Aerron rided gunboat dd like harugumo, he would have hard time to play against the BB/CA wave on C side. There were tactical mistakes he made in that video, like wasting so many times in minotaur smoke and didn't spot enemy BB/CAs pushing around C cap and island, but that was not important. Of course friesland has no torp and worse concealment versus torpedo/capping dd, but it has good AA. If that good AA dd like friesland couldn't make a play in that situation, no other dd can also make different situation even though it has torpedo and better concealment because it can't delete enemy plane effectively like friesland and be chased by enemy plane and die with no certain fine result. So I can't agree your idea or Aerron's idea. Gun-focused dd and less torpedo power dd like harugumo and kitakaze can make good job in random or ranked battle without using or hitting any torpedo, and friesland has good AA / AA consumable and good hydro too. It definitely has competitive power. Only disadvantage is that their line doesn't have standard tree, so we don't have specific commanders as other line has, and the 6.4 km concealment.
  10. carrypotrick

    Are the new high DPM cruisers bad for the game?

    The ship with 'seem-to-have-high dpm' must be designed in low dpm ship, due to lack of penetration or some other mechanics. The ship with low rpm like battleship must be designed into nuking ship from its high penetration, which give you penetration medal or higher fire chance. I think Battlefield 4 was well designed on balance among main weapon balance with certain equation I described above. But this game isn't designed well, becuz of fire and IFHE. As you know, fire deals on percentage base, which means it doesn't matter your HE shell penetrates armor or is shattered by it. And AP shell highly depends on angle, but HE doesn't. Moreover, IFHE and special penetration equation for IJN 2nd DD like Akizuki~Harugumo (1/4 penetration on HE) gives you more penetration and makes game HE world. So we could know what it's wrong. High dpm pew pew dakka ship has low risk and make high reward as they just survive.
  11. carrypotrick

    Is there ANYTHING a t4 BB can do vs CV's

    There is no AA cruiser at that tier. Do you really ride some tier 4~6 ship these days?
  12. carrypotrick

    Do medium-range AA guns still fire flak explosions?

    nope only fire above 3.5km range, if you have long range AA.
  13. We don't know dat des moine has same AA value on live server's des moine, because this video doesn't show her AA stat on port, and we knew there are 3 times AA value/mechanism changes on PTS server. And we know 0.8.7 live server's des moine can't kill enemy plane as same speed as dat video. If des moine has same AA value and she're grinding planes as usual like vid, why SEA players are eager to play CV after 0.8.7 patch?
  14. But weak AA ship generally doesn't have enough or priority to drop some point on MFAA. IJN BB like yamato or mushashi known for weak AA, have to build concealment expert and Fire Prevention. If you add MFAA in this build, you must give up adrenaline rush or expert marksman, which is quite useful and major skill for slow-turning-18.1 inch-gun. And you mentioned IJN first dd. IJN first dd must invests her point on concealment expert and radio location. Okay you can take MFAA instead of radio location but you know every match doesn't always have CV, and does have enemy dd you have to fight against. So you'll know what's more important skill to take. If we select three 4-tier skill, we have to let survivability expert or torpedo armament expertise go, quite core skill for torpedo dd. So, there is no selling point of MFAA about AA weak ship. Why do we have to pick them up? It's quite useless.
  15. Massive AA fire skill is mostly worse than priority AA section without certain skill and equipment in 0.8.6, unless your ship are quite weak about AA. Damn useless patch about AA mechanism 0.8.7 it is.