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  1. TehParakitteh

    Team Glory progress stuck at 14/15

    As far as I'm aware there's no requirement to do 15 days "in a row" for the Team Glory and Team Honour rewards. It must now be Day 18 as 17 points have been won, but my progress is stuck on 14/15 though the bar appears filled and I have not received the reward. I thought I logged in every day from day 1 to day 15. I did not log in at all on day 16 (Friday) and then logged in on day 17. Am I missing something? Or is this kind of 'locked' until day 20 because of the Victory rewards?
  2. Exactly. While British cruisers with their 102mm DP secondaries benefited from the old "+100% DPS to AA guns over 85mm against priority targets", and other ships with heavy secondaries benefited even more, all MFC-AA does these days is boost the power of a 'reinforced' sector from 125% to 145% (presumably making the other sector only 55% effective). I'm sure it has some uses, but absolutely not 4-points useful.
  3. I made a thread a few weeks ago asking for skill recommendations for RN battleship captains after the new AA changes. My main source of advice used to be the game's wiki for captain skills, but the advice, writeup and skill suggestions are clearly still pre-0.8 and refer to a time when certain warships would benefit heavily from AA skills like AFT, MFC-AA etc. Like the Des Moines or Minotaur with their 152/155 dual-purpose main batteries creating lethal high-calibre fire with the MFC-AA skill. British and American cruisers also used to benefit from their 100+mm secondary batteries with MFC-AA. Now it's just an incredible generic stat boost that applies equally to all warships and I assume not worth four points. So this leaves me with an Edinburgh and (soon to be) Monarch captain, each with 10 of 14 skill points assigned because I don't know what's worth picking up as a second 4-point skill. I feel Edinburgh has probably been kicked from AA cruiser stroke DD hunter to mostly DD hunter, but if I'm packing surveillance radar as a consumable slot, do I really have that much use for radio position finding? I could just throw the typical fire prevention skill on the Monarch, I guess, because British secondaries aren't worth spending points on benefiting. AFT just makes explosions deadlier in AA batteries now - how useful is this really, on warships whose AA was always kind of middling to begin with now that it doesn't provide a range increase like before? Seriously WG, rewrite the wiki pages already.
  4. So, I just used up my ten attempts for the Naval Battles mode 'thing'. First time I've played it. I don't think the "XP bar" thing is well implemented. For my last two attempts, I took out Charles Martel and Lyon. In both battles I achieved over 900 base xp, but because of how the mode is set up, this only counts as "breaking the bar" for 300xp, and the bar for French cruisers or battleships is now set (for the rest of my clan) at 900xp. If only one bar can be broken at a time, what point does having the bars serve? I threw away four attempts trying to play well in Jervis and breaking the 900xp bar. I would have done much more for my clan had I simply played ten different warships and broken the 300xp bar on each. If my 900xp battles in Charles Martel and Lyon had granted me 2 stars each, then that would surely encourage better play. Rather than as it is now, where a player who consistently gets 1500 base (ie not me) is equally restricted to 10 stars from 10 attempts, which I can match with my own poor performance.
  5. TehParakitteh


    Your argument seems reliant on the suggestion that AA is personal. It is not, or at least was not, prior to the patch. AA ships, especially cruisers, have always been intended to be sat in the middle of warship groups, providing communal AA for the team. Ships with DefAA have traditionally always sat in the heart of a battlegroup and defended other, heavy (slow) warships from airstrikes. One of my only 'fun' Tier X games as the Cleve was trolling the crapout of the enemy Taiho by protecting our group of battleships with premium DefAA. We lost, but I killed half his aircraft, our own Taiho and everyone else's AA picking up the stragglers. I do agree that making a CV abort his strike is a valid 'air defence', and I've used my presence to do that in the past, and had to do it myself. But I don't believe you are being honest about the difference pre and post-patch. F-bombing makes planes literally invulnerable once activated. It's frustrating even at the low tiers, when playing Nassau. When I've aborted strikes pre-patch because I realised I [edited] up in who I picked on (because I was never a good CV player), I had to dwi when it came to losing aircraft as they escaped. Oh, while probably being chased by the enemy CV's fighters too. I've not had the opportunity to enjoy 0.8 at any length yet. I've only been able to note what the changes were - aircraft types, consumables, wiping out half of all CVs (in a way that I kind of support tbh), the AA mechanism and perk changes, and the F-bomb. I found being CV'd to death as annoying as any player, especially in a big and slow BBae. But I cannot find a good reason for the changes in 0.8, even line by line. The fact that secondary batteries' mechanics and perk effects have not been changed while AA has been totally changed is also confusing to me. While I appreciate the idea was to make AA less "totally RNG", the changes to how it actually works are now nigh-incomprehensible - mostly because AA is still totally RNG, just that CV players now have ways to control on their end, where they didn't before.
  6. TehParakitteh

    British CVs WIP

    Handy thought - if you're a good shot, being able to launch from outside AA range, slam into the side of the ship and then slide down before detonating for massive damage. Useless against DDs and CLs for obvious reasons, crippling against carriers and BBs.
  7. TehParakitteh

    RN BB skill suggestions?

    While my KGVeast with the old-style AFT was a very handy air defence platform, it no longer is in what little I've played in 0.8.0 AA performance has been sorely lacking, and the game does not explain the changes - no more 'designated targeting', that we can still do with the secondary batteries, and reinforcing AA sectors is explained nowhere except for the game controls, where it tells you to hit the O key to enter its menu. k
  8. TehParakitteh

    RN BB skill suggestions?

    No promises. (my BB accuracy is just atrocious sometimes. Then I'll have games where I citadel a bunch of stuff) Also I made a typo in the OP, "ER" is meant to be Expert Marksman, not Adrenaline Rush.
  9. TehParakitteh

    RN BB skill suggestions?

    I'm quite aware. But Manual Secondaries has benefited Lyon very nicely, and AFT to my British BBs. I get a lot less damage from Brit BBs due to low calibre guns and accuracy though, and I know exactly the sort of benefits you get from MCS, so I'm wondering if it would be worth teaming them.
  10. TehParakitteh

    RN BB skill suggestions?

    So my BBae in the Royal Navy has just ticked over to 13 skill points, and I'm wondering where to take him. He captains the King George V at present. Currently, he's specced as a secondaries/brawling/AA captain - PT, ER, BoS, AFT - giving him 6km secondary and 6.5km AA range. The wiki recommends Fire Prevention for survivability; good choice, I have had Manual Secondary Control on my Lyon captain which makes for good fun; Manual AA doesn't look like it'd be particularly useful on any of the ships I currently run. Concealment might be useful, but BFT would improve both the secondary and AA performance significantly. Should I worry about getting my second Tier 4 skill first, and wait for 14 points?
  11. I think people are missing out on the fact that fighter aircraft have been removed, and now being replaced with a "Catapult Fighter Squadron" consumable. So now CV captains can't even defend their team from the opposing CV as and when they wish - because I'm awful at manual dropping, I spend most of my game trying to wipe the enemy carrier's strike wings. According to the official news post on the rework, it will be called onto the map to a specified area, and patrol it, until it is destroyed, runs out of ammo ("can destroy equal number of aircraft to how many are in the squadron"??) or the time expires. So, just reroute strike wings outside of that patrol area. It's an obstacle, not something to actually try and deal with, or counter. This is the more egregious change to me, as a bad CV player. The OP says that aircraft rearming (replenishment) is now on a per-aircraft basis. So while an entire squadron in 0.7 might rearm and return in 50 seconds, each individual plane of that squadron now takes 50s to return. The OP says that this means losing waves of planes would lead to entire minutes on regaining squadrons.
  12. TehParakitteh

    Mighty Prinz Missions RIP OFF!!

    Obviously because you already had the "heavy cruisers". So the game wasn't exactly going to give you it again, you'd already ground out the line.
  13. TehParakitteh

    The CV change isn't just wrong, it's berserk.

    Now look, I'm no stranger to playerbase outrage. I came from WoT Console where we had the endless arguments over retaining the WT auf E-100. We had the fallout over WoT's artillery change spill over into our forums. Power creep and the like. Of course, artillery debates in general because of course. This CV change. I can't make hide nor hair of it. You've got one side saying one hyperbolic thing and the other saying the opposite. It's unintelligible for someone like me, who took a considerable bit of time out of the forums. The CV rework came about, to my understanding, as a result of dissatisfaction with how the CV mechanics worked at all. In fact it was repeatedly said that the German Graf Zeppelin would not be officially re-released until such a rework was implemented. And I agree, I find CV play pretty difficult due to not being a particularly skilled player. The interface is a bit rubbish, and only being able to move the camera with the mouse is annoying as all hell. I keep accidentally sending the carrier somewhere by using WASD to move the camera (Stellaris controls). There is no way of being able to tell how close your air wings are to someone's AA except to be told they're "under attack". I have a bad habit of slamming the Windows key when I mean to hit alt, and every time it happens, my strike wing invariably dies while I'm "out" of the game. Just to be clear that I'm not gonna sit here spamming 'gitguds'. But people on both sides don't even sound like either of them know the mechanics that we're apparently changing to. OP thinks that carriers now have unlimited aircraft. People have disagreed. If OP is right then I agree that is an awful change, no matter how much that would benefit me as a player. All I want from a CV update is for a better, more flexible camera - the ability to tell if my aircraft are within someone's AA range (just give me a minimap option to give air wings a 3.5km radius circle GAWD), and reasonable movement controls. I don't agree with the sounds of a possible AA nerf - non-specced, non-hilariously-powerful ships have a hard enough time shooting down aircraft as it is, and it surely makes sense that a possible AA nerf would be as opposed to infinite aircraft - the two just don't make sense together.
  14. TehParakitteh

    Mighty Prinz Missions RIP OFF!!

    She wasn't, actually. Or at least, not for me. My fully-upgraded T6 Cleve rewarded me with a full-upgraded T6 Pensa and a stock (unresearched) T8 Cleve. If I want to unlock Dallas, I need to buy back the Omaha and grind her.
  15. TehParakitteh

    Mighty Prinz Missions RIP OFF!!

    Hang on a minute. When I looked at the PFE campaign yesterday, it seemed to me that the first mission had only one task (plus a 'final' task, maybe). This first task could only be completed with the PFE. So you literally cannot progress to any other stage without it, so you surely need to have bought it. Have I misread something somehow here?