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  1. TehParakitteh

    Account transfer question - merge?

    So this means I can't get back my Gallant from the EU server first account? :(
  2. Oh wow, you're actually citing PragerU.
  3. All fascist symbols are objectionable. Kind of a defining feature. What "WOWS references" are made directly and specifically to Stalin? They can't exactly scrub out "1930s to 1950s Russia" from the Russian line, as also doesn't happen to the lines for the literal Nazis, even before considering they're a company with a Russian fanbase. I'm not actually aware of a country that specifically bans Soviet symbols, deems them equivalent to Nazi ones or the like, but I could just be ignorant about that. What are you actually driving at here?
  4. TehParakitteh

    Genova from free token bundles...how many?

    I shill in arrears.
  5. TehParakitteh

    Is SAP Italian version of Deep Water Torpedos?

    If you can put your SAP salvo right into a BB superstructure then it can be pretty lol. It also seems to be good at penetrating battleships with the weak all-over-plate (like Richelieu and British BBs). Doesn't start fires and not brilliant against BBs by any means and lacking a defined role - but it's not without punch when it lands. Don't aim at any real armour with SAP, that's all.
  6. TehParakitteh

    Enterprise? and why saipan???

    I never got to experience the old Tier X CV meta and barely caught the Tier IX CV wrath as a poor tier VII ship. I wasn't that far into the game then. I know that the high tier carriers had large air groups, but carriers could be deplaned in those days. AA does nothing for that one cross-drop, but AA over the game wears down the ability to make those, yes? Pre-rework I was only in the US carrier tree about to unlock the Tier VII Ranger. I was still on Hosho for the Japanese line, and USN strike patterns up to tier 6 were still just 'standard' and their air groups didn't have the variety - one of each type. I sadly missed out on Zuiho and old-Ryujo being able to put three fighters on the board at once - something I'm sorely missing having not gotten to use. So yes, I just do not know as much of the old meta as you. But what I remember, I enjoyed. I don't really enjoy carriers now, even though I'm far better than I was pre-rework and far more consistent. And again, which I can't stress enough, I miss real fighters.
  7. TehParakitteh

    SAP - too powerful at lower tiers?

    Gotta love the insightful commentary.
  8. TehParakitteh

    SAP - too powerful at lower tiers?

    How do I access replays? Or is it a feature I specifically have to turn on? Would love to recover the two battles in question (both from the current game session).
  9. Isn't Friesland just getting in ahead of the subs release? I thought her entire raison d'etre was her anti-submarine rockets.
  10. TehParakitteh

    SAP - too powerful at lower tiers?

    The Ryujo I described was very heavily angled, maybe just 20 degrees. I remember a match I played, probably more than a year ago, when I chased a CV in an RN CL at the edge of gun range. After hitting her over 120 times, it finally dawned on me that all my shells were ricocheting off her deck. I expected the same to happen with SAP landing on Ryujo's deck (admittedly at close range), but apparently not, straight through. When I loosed that 8-shell salvo on Amagi, she was also angled (maybe 40 degrees but turning to become broadside to me), but I intentionally dumped it in her superstructure. And the AP was not working when she actually was broadside to me.
  11. TehParakitteh

    Best ship to earn credits?

    My only tier 8 premium is Enterprise, and I'm not very good in her. Even then, I'll take her out over my tier 6 premiums (and Nelson) because of the sheer credit-earning potential per game.
  12. TehParakitteh

    Is FPS capped in this game?

    I know it's not top-tier, but it was never meant to be. It was a first build and I play WOWS and very little else these days (what they say about F2P games being second jobs is disturbingly true). This is a perfectly adequate rig for playing WOWS at high settings. I feel no disadvantage. Unlike when playing on one of my laptops, which genuinely can't handle the game. My question is just about why I don't seem to eke out the performance that game-debate says I should be able to.
  13. I've seen a lot of talk about how SAP is overhyped, it's not very good, etc. In my own experience, it feels monstrously powerful - at least on the ships with 8" guns. I have Montecuccoli, Genova and Trento. The latter two being heavy cruisers with 203mm guns of course. Montecuccoli, with only eight 152mm guns, feels very weak. The SAP isn't that powerful against BB superstructure, she can't set fires and she has a very low rate of fire. Even genuine heavy cruisers can outmatch her RoF, and Leander - with the same calibre guns in the same 4x2 layout - has double her fire rate. The only place she feels useful is against destroyers, who melt under the ludicrous damage potential of her SAP shells. Genova and Trento, however - within or without their own tier - feel very strong. I won Trento today, and had two particularly eyebrow-raising games in her. One bottom-tiered, against Tier 8 battleships and destroyers, and one top-tier against a slew of Tier 5 or 6 cruisers and a carrier. Mechanics-wise, SAP is just high-damage AP that can ricochet. The 203mm guns have 54mm of penetration, which is even more than the German 210mm HE shell (52mm). The first game, tier 8 on Trap. Early in the game, I ran into Asashiao. Utterly defenceless against Trento at close range, even without Hydro. Not enough time to save Bismarck, but it lets me take B. It hit her nine times for 9300 damage, killing her - Bismarck, who was closer, did the rest with main and secondary battery. I used the island in B to hide from Richelieu and pop at her 32mm all-over plate. I remember a match I played once as Nurnburg where I burned down a Richelieu from afar. Over 20,000 damage in 26 SAP shells. Then for the end game, the entire team was hunting down the Amagi, and I want to share a particular image from the postgame screen. I had SAP loaded, and Amagi was moving to broadside me at close range. I fired my SAP to reload as AP, and dealt nearly 7k from that one salvo. On a nearly-broadside Amagi, aiming above her belt armour (badly, obviously) I dealt a mere 5k AP damage from a further seventeen hits. This is because 203mm SAP has nearly twice the alpha of the similarly-penetrating German 210mm HE shell. It felt very easy. In the tier 6 battle, I was chasing the enemy Ryujo at close range. She was running away from me, at a steep angle. I was able to just pump SAP into her upper deck and flight deck, penetrate where AP would surely have bounced, and dealt 6-7k per salvo. I picked her apart with over 38k damage in 30 hits. What even is this score, I'm trash: Like, this just feels like such an easy mode. I understadn that you should switch regularly between SAP and AP as you should HE and AP, and in Genova this has led to incredible games, but a lot of the time, it looks totally unnecessary. I feel I couldn't do these kind of damage games in other ships, even other ship classes at times. Am I getting something about of these Italian cruisers that others aren't?
  14. TehParakitteh

    Is FPS capped in this game?

    Not quite related to the OP's question, but while I'm here... I built my rig, picking the parts, based on research I did with Game-Debate.com According to that site, my mid-tier PC is monstrously overpowered for WoWS. A little surprising, given that it's always defaulted to quite low graphical settings on most titles. I was getting 75fps (I use AMD Freesync) quite stably on those lower settings. I kicked the preset up to High and I'm still spending most of the match above 60fps but it still doesn't quite feel like I'm looking at a 'pretty' game. Most I can tell is that I'm seeing way more details like rivets, deck detailing etc. There's a wide visual disparity between certain ships too, Gneisenau and Prinz Eitel Friederich both have a 'wet look' effect on their pale wooden decks that catches the light beautifully even on lower graphics settings, and most other ships just seem to be missing details like this. rig: Rig viewable here As a summary, it says: Even in just "High" (with Very High and Maximum above that) I'm nowhere near 75, let alone 140fps. What am I missing?
  15. TehParakitteh

    Enterprise? and why saipan???

    But this is like complaining that battles are more or less decided on the skill of your destroyers, or battleships. If red team focuses your DDs so heavily in the early game that by mid game they have three DDs to your 0, you will probably lose. If you are down to three cruisers at end game and red team has 3 BBs, unless your cruiser captains are excellent, you have probably lost. More than anything else, I'm pissed off at what fighters have been reduced to. Playing with fighters - which I was never any good at doing anyway - was fun, there was skill to employ, I could outplay the enemy CV and utterly wipe some of his strike power off the board. And in turn, lose mine as punishment for careless play. Now, dropping fighters on friendly shipping is difficult, time-consuming and more often than not wastes time that could be spent on launching strikes (I'd happily wait much longer for fighters to arrive, in a much larger patrol area, that I can place anywhere on the map at will instead of the current model). Aircraft no longer spot torpedoes. Fighters are one-use consumables that are quite easy to bleed an enemy of, and provide what amounts to an aura of invincibility to the enemy carrier from your aircraft. And just below my gripes about losing fighters as a controlled unit and the ability to properly deplane the enemy carrier, is losing the ability to (meaningfully) manual control my own carrier. Now we have to fully move the aircraft instead of giving orders, in order to move my carrier manually I have to totally give up strike aircraft. Or spend the whole game using an unintuitive autopiloting system (thanks for the updates to autopilot though, really, it kind of works now).