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  1. TehParakitteh

    So, I've been away a while...

    Neither - only at Tier 8/9 of those trees. Anything else removed recently?
  2. TehParakitteh

    Built a new gaming PC

    Can't fault a Ryzen 5 3600! Very dependable. How's a 3060 treating you? I failed to upgrade to the top of last gen before the GPU price explosion and I have kicked myself ever since.
  3. Can't think when I last loaded up the game, but apparently it was just when German aircraft carrier tree was added (3-and-one-quarter point captain in the Rhein) and before the subs beta test in 0.9, for an idea of how long ago that was. Just logged back in and I have about 1.7mil free xp, 22 vacant ship slots and 26mil in credits... I definitely didn't have all that last time I played! I still have 70 ships in port so it doesn't look like anything I had was removed and compensated (I still have controversial vessel Puerto Rico) and I don't seem to have any emails about why I'd be gifted so much stuff. Everything I remember having in port is still here. What might have happened? Not remotely complaining (ofc), just real curious.
  4. No, this isn't the "only" time it happens. Some cruisers are just vulnerable to citadels.
  5. TehParakitteh

    Thank you WG for the t7 radar buff!!

    I'm sure you're joking but I've no doubt some people actually think this way.
  6. TehParakitteh

    British Heavy Cruiser RNG

    And another 64,000 doubloons to guarantee getting the other three ships... Seriously, Puerto Rico was an indicator of the shape of things to come on absurd monetisation. I've earned... almost all tokens from dailies (minus 15-20) plus the 160 from the first two directives. Still no cruiser. By this point in any of the New Tree events from days yore, I'd be at least 1 ship in by now. I unlocked two ships each in the events for French DDs, French BBs, British CVs, and Italian Cruisers. I might not get any from this Brit heavy cruiser event, the one I've been waiting for since I started playing the game, and I can't even pay money to advance my way up because it's entirely possible my paycheck will run out before I get a bote because of the layout.
  7. TehParakitteh

    Moving from Kiev to Tashkent to Khabi

    Just to tag on this topic in a related way - I only have one skilled RUDD captain. 13 points invested, 3 available. Priority Target, Last Stand, Survivability Expert, Advanced Firing Training, Demolition Expert. So, fires and range. With my remaining 6 points available, for the Kiev, Tashkent and Khabarovsk, should I either: 1) IFHE and Adrenaline Rush 2) Basic Firing Training, Adrenaline Rush and Preventative Maintenance? More damage with IFHE would be nice but I'd sap my firestarting ability. Modules on Minsk were knocked out often so I definitely see the use of PM, which I could only (effectively) use if I didn't take IFHE. I am guessing that this build would also be viable on Ognevoi, Udaloi, Grozovoi, and that Concealment Expert just isn't worth it for the Russian DDs?
  8. TehParakitteh

    Infinite UK early access TOKEN bundles! Really?

    A worse chance than all of the other recent events like this. It's a clear degradation of the free content that WG is offering us, and deeply in line with the attitude of the Puerto Rico event. This is clearly a modification of the Italian Cruiser event with its random rolls. I don't know if crates are going to be added in later, but the Italian roll drops had a finite number, even for free. The French battleships and destroyers were both crates-only and I, with my atrocious luck, managed to grab a pair each in those events.
  9. TehParakitteh

    Infinite UK early access TOKEN bundles! Really?

    Considering how recent the similar Italian event was, this event is trash. And I was seriously looking forward to it. The random rolls for the Italian cruisers was good because there were only 22 bundles, without duplicates. Oh, and crates. With infinite bundles, I might not get a single early-access British cruiser (I've been waiting for the Brit heavy cruisers since I started), even if I spend every token I earn. Oh well, I can spend 1000 Doubloons per, on a mere sixty-five rolls to get all packages that way and guarantee the four British early access cruisers. 65,000 Gold, what the hell? Did they see the feedback for Puerto Rico and monetisation and think "this was definitely the way to go"?
  10. Use your minimap. The targeted ship has a direction-of-travel indicator and your torpedo range circle is active by default. If your aiming indicator, the direction-of-travel indicator and the torpedo range circle all intersect, you can hit the target. Try not to launch torpedoes from greater than 1km beyond range. It's possible to land hits north of 2km difference because they're driving into your torp spread, but it's more time for the enemy to move, reposition or change speed. And if you misjudge their speed in the first place, straight miss. If your torpedo range is less than your detection range and you have a stealth build, then torps should only be a part of your arsenal. Work your guns and dodge. Save torps for late-game when ambushes become viable, BBs sail unaccompanied and crucially, there's less radar or enemy DD to root you out as you line up. I've just finished grinding my Minsk to Elite. I built her as a gunship - so taking AFT instead of CE, she has a 7.5km detection circle. She can't contest caps with that range, which on many maps is larger than a cap circle end-to-end. She only has 4km torps. A third of my kills are still from torps - islands, smoke, these are your friends. But Minsk is most definitely a gunship, not a torpedo boat. 14.6km of gun range is much more useful than 6.8km detection circle. Burn them down.
  11. "I don't know but this person does because they did the work and looked" is a valid statement. "This person knows because they are this person" is not a valid statement. Simple difference. I have a physics degree. If I assert something wrong, but say "well I am a physicist", that is an argument from authority. If I say something correct, people disagree, and I point out "I have a physics degree, I know", it is an argument from authority, but it doesn't make me wrong.
  12. My replies were to different posters all moving various goalposts. I have consistently argued against "missiles are kinetic weapons" throughout that quote chain though.
  13. You can armour against simple AP projectiles because it is feasible to do so with 300, 400mm of armour plate. You can't put literal metres of armour plating on a warship - it would be unfathomable. With the ability to guide missiles, you can just send it straight through the deck. You can't put metres of horizontal armour on a ship's deck for the same reason you can't dump it on the belt. This is ultimately why heavy armour has disappeared from modern warships, and with it, heavy gunnery. I've seen a picture of a ship after being hit with the Kitchen air-to-surface missile but I can't find it anymore. It certainly isn't 'a pretty hole', the ship is blown apart with a ten metre hole. The thing often forgotten about a HEAT warhead is the "HE" part. Just because the HE detonation is powering something else doesn't mean it's not there anymore.
  14. TehParakitteh

    what the hell wg? [dev blog]

    Torpedo squadrons seem to stack up in "AA range" behind the attacking flight. That's what it looks like, at any rate.
  15. Missiles aren't "steel telephone poles", the fact that they're almost certainly not built out of steel notwithstanding. It's a cylinder, mostly full of empty weight (ie its literally empty fuel tank, computers, etc). At impact velocity, it'll crush. It's not an ersatz AP shell. It'll hurt, accounting for the fact it's still a couple tonnes of flying brick, but it'll shatter on impact if it fails to detonate.