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  1. A lonely ship lost in a furious sea fighting the waves. A crackling sound is heard as the ship runs into a large submerged rock, screams are heard and then silenced by the rushing water. The captain realizing it's over, orders to abandon ship. The crew get in the lifeboats and depart and watch as their ship... No their home, capsizes and falls under the waves three minutes later. However they realize, they aren't coming out of this as the monstrous waves pull them under the stormy nig...

    1. Battleship_60


      Night. The captain last wish is that his crew are able to survive before the ship succumbs to the water and is flooded everywhere. Morning comes after the storm and the ship and her crew being forgotten as if they never existed. Her secrets and her story gone with the waves never to be found....

    2. Rolkatsuki


      Ooo... /._\\