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  1. Hangout by the Sea

    *lurks as Alabama*
  2. Holy crap you have a forum account? Whew

  3. Hangout by the Sea

    *Snuggles with Kako and falls asleep*
  4. Hangout by the Sea

    *Waves back* Hey Kako! *smiles*
  5. Hangout by the Sea

  6. Hangout by the Sea

    *Leans towards that patting* Murr~
  7. Poll: Which Alignment do You Usually Roleplay As?

    I have the feeling you're saying I don't keep to my character >.>
  8. Hangout by the Sea

    Wah? *Holds her head and looks at Nagato* Murr...
  9. Poll: Which Alignment do You Usually Roleplay As?

    chaotic good for me Of course you would, are you even good at all?
  10. Hangout by the Sea

    *Peeks in* Hmm?
  11. Caption the profile image above you.

    We want you to join our cause against Russian Bias!
  12. Yes, this is a hit-list.

    I'm pretty sure she still plays. If she didn't, she wouldn't be a wiki editor
  13. Nice PFP and background, love it.  And I haven't seen Arturia in that outfit before.  I'd fanboy so hard if i saw a good cosplay of that :P

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    2. Battleship_60


      Do you watch OtakuDaiKun?

    3. CaliburxZero


      I have her as well.  and I have not, any good?

    4. Battleship_60


      I enjoy his Fate Lore videos.
      He does do some other Fate content as well

  14. Yes, this is a hit-list.

    Was expecting my name to be here, oh well