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  1. 17k NA server

    With the Graf Spee campaign last year it was 20k+ regularly on the weekends.
  2. Eh if you're being dev struck on a regular basis you're simply a bad player. You can't angle and dodge against a drop from a competent CV. Or even an incompetent CV at times (nothing more than auto-drop AP bombs).
  3. And I get that but at the end of the day the main (and in many cases only) thing the player abusing the CV saw was red planes screwing him and green planes that weren't helping. Sure that's a nice concept but in practice you can't change human nature. It's like trying to curb and educate people on the Internet. There are always going to be toxic [edited] and trolls. No amount of education will ever make people stop raging at CVs unless the class is dramatically reworked. Furthermore as I'm sure you're aware many CVs in this game are indeed utterly terrible. It is not fun to have to play with them particularly if the other side has a CV who is not utterly terrible.
  4. Because a CV can absolutely ruin someone's game in a way no other ship class can replicate. Few things are worse in this game than being perma plane spotted in a stealthy DD for example. Or being cross-torped or AP bombed. Now maybe I'm not perma spotted or getting struck because you're a bad CV I get that you have other things to do and a lot to focus on but the fact remains that the presence of a CV basically ruined my game and you did nothing to help me. Not everyone is going to be calm or nice about that fact. And frankly I'm not going to be very nice about it if I notice you've got two fighter squadrons idling somewhere pointless while I'm being screwed over by the enemy CV. CVs are a really weird class that will generate a lot of rage. Just a fact of life.
  5. Detonations need to go!

    If everyone was subjected to a 1% chance that when they hit the battle button their ship would randomly explode at the start of the match (accidents happen as you point out) does it make sense to keep such a mechanic just because everyone is subject to it? A terrible mechanic equally shared is still a terrible mechanic. This ignores of course that everyone is not subject to detonations at the same rate. DDs are far more vulnerable to detonations than any other ship class and CVs are completely immune. If you want to argue then that DDs are susceptible to detonations for some legitimate gameplay purpose then how on earth does letting them fly a flag that removes the chance of detonation make any sense? You can't fly a flag that makes you invulnerable to fires or flooding or citadel hits. Of course they happen in reality but so many things happen in reality that are not modeled in this game. In reality two ships colliding that are flying the same flag is every bit as potentially disastrous as two ships on opposing sides colliding. Yet friendly ramming in this game is inconsequential. In reality when ships ground themselves it is often catastrophic and not simply a way to stop your momentum. In reality ships didn't have unlimited torpedo reloads or unlimited ammunition. In reality radar wasn't a thirty second consumable with limited charges. In reality ships couldn't disappear at <6km in clear weather in broad daylight. In reality ships weren't nearly as accurate as they are in game. And so on. We all know that detonations happened in reality but this does not explain why they must therefore happen in this game or constitute an argument for keeping them in game.
  6. Detonations need to go!

    Please explain the contradiction. I do. I'm not sure why I should have to and saying "ships blew up in real war" when this game is not a realistic depiction of real war at all makes zero sense as an argument for keeping detonations in this game.
  7. Detonations need to go!

    I tried but it turns out they're all dead. Many of them died over a century ago when their ships detonated. The realism argument for detonations is embarrassing and self-defeating please stop bringing it up. World of Warships will be just as realistic or unrealistic (heavy emphasis on the unrealistic for those who aren't aware) a depiction of naval combat life with or without the current detonation mechanics.
  8. Karma Points Rework

    Forcing people to give compliments completely defeats the purpose of giving compliments. Only change that's needed is to increase the amount of time you can compliment/report someone after a battle ends. Lots of time I wanted to give a compliment to a guy who clearly carried a battle after I died and went off to play another round and can't because of the time limit.
  9. Unprecedented. Comment?

    Maybe T9-10 bots are really good but I've seen T8 bots on more than a few occasions and they are still "rush down with the Graf Spee" terrible. What I have noticed is that regular high-tier Co-Op players are in general very bad and of course any slots you get filled with bots on your team are a crapshoot in terms of effectiveness.
  10. Impossible DoY missions

    Clearly WG thought they didn't make enough money last year with the Graf Spee so they massively upped the requirements to drive Duke of York sales this year. The fact that the Duke of York is also a pretty dull and weak premium and not likely to make a lot of money after it isn't gating the New Year's campaign also probably plays a role. Always remember that WG is out to make money and not necessarily to give you an enjoyable game experience. Ideally those two goals should be complementary but if WG ever feels they diverge they're going to emphasize the former not the latter.
  11. Also known as why every season of Ranked battles is miserable. Ranked is just a smaller, single-tier random battle that requires winning to make any progress. Of course it's a nightmare. The only way to make Ranked a tolerable experience would be to put in some kind of skill barrier which WG will never do and arguably isn't practical even if they wished to do so.
  12. Yep. BBs don't require nearly as much caution and skill it takes to consistently be effective in a cruiser. Or even stay alive in a cruiser. You can sail around fire your big guns at long ranges and heal back damage. Easier to stay alive and easier to deal damage (unless some DD devastates you with torpedoes because you were sailing in a straight line or someone melts you from smoke/cover because you were horribly out of position then it's time to come onto the forums and whine about how invisible ships are OP and unrealistic and this arcade [edited] has to stop smoke should be defensive only). So most players gravitate towards BBs which makes it even harder for cruisers to operate in the open which just reinforces the cycle.
  13. Think about what you're saying here and then think about what would happen if you nerfed smoke firing even more than has already been done. Trying to get cruisers to be more aggressive by nerfing smoke is confusing a symptom (cruisers rely heavily on cover be it smoke or islands because they're very squishy) with the cause (cruisers are squishy and nerfing smoke won't make them any less squishy).
  14. You get the value of the ship in silver. Same as last year.