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  1. I bring stock ships to random all the time. I've seen many other players in stock ships as well. I have never heard a thing about it or seen in anyone in chat [edited] at anyone else for it.
  2. It's honestly amazing how many people won't ram to secure a win. I think a significant amount of players still don't understand that repair costs don't scale with damage anymore.
  3. I find that doubtful. Particularly since your average/new player has absolutely no idea how frequent detonations are. I'm sure that guy who gets detonated from full health by the first shot 50 games in will be very reassured that what happened to him is rare if he even bothers to find that out.
  4. I don't have any. It was a hypothetical. Make it 90/10 or 99/1 if you want the principle is the same but I bet 70/30 is a lot closer to the poll results these forums have had than those. You can believe that if detonations were removed that majority that doesn't want them gone would be seriously dissatisfied but I doubt it and I think anyone who is being honest with themselves should doubt it too. Every player already plays plenty of rounds without seeing a detonation. If they'd never been in this game no one would miss them.
  5. If you're driving away 30% of your potential customers with a peripheral mechanic whose removal would barely be noticed just because 70% don't mind (all of this out of a small sample size that no one can be sure is truly representative) are you really making a wise business decision? Are you going to tell me that if this mechanic had never been in the game the same majority that wants to keep it would want it added into the game? No one would miss it and would laugh at anyone suggesting adding it. Sure it's probably pointless. Most everything discussed on these forums in terms of balance or mechanics is pointless. If that's the bar we're going to start using to dismiss a topic for discussion these forums would be slimmed down considerably.
  6. Do you ever think this might be indicative of something about detonations?
  7. Which is why I can mount signals that completely remove the risk of fires, flooding and citadels. Oh wait no I can't. What does it say about the core nature of detonations to this game that the developers themselves are fine with handing out signal flags that can completely remove it from a round?
  8. They should remove Ocean from the high-tier rotation and make it low-tier only. You can still have fun on that map in a cruiser in low-tiers. At high tier it's just tedious at best and a nightmare at worst.
  9. I'm not sure how detonations do anything to accomplish this. In fact we just had a detonation thread from a new player who didn't even understand what happened and thought it was a glitch. If that was the reaction of the guy who detonated an enemy how do you imagine the new player who gets detonated feels?
  10. In my short time on these forums I think I've seen more people complaining about toxic chat than I have ever seen toxic chat in game. Perhaps I'm not playing at the right times but the WOWs playerbase seems pretty tame. If the opinions of some anonymous people on the Internet are really causing you a problem there's a handy option for muting the chat. It's not a big deal and I really doubt anyone is being turned off from playing this game by mean chat messages.
  11. Your point about people being overly aggressive and dying too early is completely right but yes there is absolutely such a thing as farming damage. It happens in Ranked all the time and not just when the battle is already lost. It happens in randoms as well. I've seen plenty of cruisers focus on setting fires on a distant and healthy BB rather than fire at spotted DDs. Terms can be and are misused all the time but that doesn't mean the actual behavior doesn't exist.
  12. But the issue isn't that DDs have to take a lot of things into consideration to survive it's that simply dodging puts them at risk of taking critical damage from a ship type that isn't supposed to be the most effective against them using a shell type that isn't supposed to be optimal for dealing with them. The answer to this issue shouldn't be "stop trying to dodge" it should be trying to find a way to make it so that the theoretically optimal choice of HE vs DDs should be actually be better.
  13. It's not unusual to be in a situation where you're taking incoming fire from several ships at the same time in a DD that uses its guns. Any smart player will prioritize a DD when spotted. Where's the blame? I'm just explaining why this "always show broadside to BBs" line is not exactly realistic advice unless you think sailing in straight lines when being shot at is a good idea.
  14. The "mistake" being he turned his ship in an attempt to dodge enemy fire. As we all know you shouldn't attempt to dodge enemy fire if a BB is shooting at you stay completely broadside and don't turn. That's the ticket. You're trying to disprove a single example in a video while ignoring the broader problem. A single enemy BB sniping at you is hardly the only time you eat AP pens. When I'm dodging multiple enemy ships in my DD I can rarely afford to stay perfectly broadside to every BB on the map because without making use of those WASD hacks I'm going to eat a ton of crapfrom cruisers and other DDs as well as overpens from the BBs who have a very easy time hitting me when I sail in perfectly straight lines. It's insane that a BB, a class not exactly intended to be a DD hunter, and using what should be suboptimal ammo for engaging DDs, to then be able to punish you heavily with a single shell.
  15. It's precisely the rarity and randomness of detonations that makes them such an easy thing to remove. No one can realistically aim for them, no ship relies on them, nothing will be buffed or nerfed or the meta changed by their removal they'd just be gone. I've said before if they'd never been put in this game no one would've missed them. Sure they probably never will be removed but a lot of things suggested and discussed on these forums are never going to happen.