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  1. Possible Solution to Radar

    Man if only there was some way to dislodge the enemy behind that southern island.
  2. All the elite badges should be based on solo win rate rather than damage. It would discourage damage farming and encourage playing for the win.
  3. Why? All you would be doing is denying players the opportunity for more rewards as well as practically guaranteeing that the Eagles will never win a day.
  4. Wargaming, please help the Eagles.

    How about an "I was very loyal to a random temporary team on a F2P Internet game and all I got was this lousy achievement" award?
  5. Sharks Eagles is there enough time?

    The event runs until August 20. You have plenty of time.
  6. Detected Icon has to be fixed

    They're not. Neither would giving you the full list of what is detecting you. Hiding important information from the player does not make a game more complex it just makes it unnecessarily frustrating.
  7. Detected Icon has to be fixed

    By this logic the detailed hit ribbons are simplifying the game. Providing more complete and accurate information (or in this case simply not arbitrarily denying him information the game already provides) is not simplifying the game.
  8. Detected Icon has to be fixed

    Yes but it shouldn't do that. The detection icon should tell you every way that you're being detected and it should only switch them off when you stop being detected in that way. We used to have multiple icons that would pop up when you were detected along with different indicators for radar and hydro. Why WG went away from that is beyond me but they should bring it back. Knowing what is spotting you and if it's still spotting you is vital information.
  9. What can I say but LOL

    The event is fine. The only way to ensure equal numbers on both teams would be to automatically assign players which would've still led to salt and rage (I wanted to be on the same team as my friends! My whole clan wanted to go one side! A shark ate my second cousin how dare you make me a shark!) particularly given that each side has a different camo up for grabs. Now everyone gets to pick whatever side they want, no one is stuck on the losing side for the whole event, and no one is significantly disadvantaged by being on the losing side (and if they feel they are by missing out on the extra daily crate they can switch). Finally once you've maxed out loyalty on one side there's also no particular reason to stick to that side and a clear advantage to switching which might well give the currently losing team a reasonable shot at daily victories down the road.
  10. "Unsporting" Activity

    TKs are often honest mistakes. Deliberately quitting a game isn't. No problem with the penalty being (slightly) more severe. As for the term itself why worry about what term an automated system in a F2P computer game is calling you?
  11. Some people...sigh

    That's my experience as well. When something critical or questioning is actually said however they tend to react very poorly.
  12. Some people...sigh

    In general Co-Op players are extraordinarily thin skinned and easily triggered. They tend to perceive both explanations and genuine questions as insults. Your criticism of the NM was more than enough to set him off. I would suggest not wasting your time trying to explain these things at all but really don't bother with it in Co-Op. If they were interested in improving they wouldn't be playing Co-Op.
  13. Why are the Sharks Winning?

  14. Why are the Sharks Winning?

    Yeah what did the Soviet Union ever do to anyone?
  15. Nothing has changed. Most players in this game simply don't understand how to win and never will. Sometimes they excuse it by claiming they're more concerned with fun than winning but Ranked proves that for a lie. They just don't understand. The fact that the game doesn't do much to encourage winning vs. farming XP and credits doesn't help.