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  1. Rocketpacman

    Three Games in a row. 3 Detonations....

    Then try answering the actual point rather than raging about the subtle complexities of the English language where a phrase like "all the time" does not necessarily mean 100% of the time. Or feel free to hit the road.
  2. Rocketpacman

    Three Games in a row. 3 Detonations....

    You are not addressing the point about how this game frequently ignores history and the detonation mechanic itself ignores history. You are just raging at a perfectly common and correct English phrase. Hopefully this is just a poor attempt to disguise that you have no actual argument about detonations. If you actually get this triggered by the usage of non-literal phrases in English seek professional help.
  3. Rocketpacman

    Three Games in a row. 3 Detonations....

    Crucis at home: "You're on the Internet all the time." "I AM NOT ON THE INTERNET 100% OF THE TIME YOU MALICIOUS LIAR!" Stop being triggered by common and perfectly correct English phrases and respond to the actual point. Or feel free to not respond if you are not going to actually address anything being said.
  4. Rocketpacman

    Three Games in a row. 3 Detonations....

    History is completely ignored in this game all the time even within the detonation mechanic as it currently stands. Please tell me how it is historical for CVs to be immune to detonation?
  5. Rocketpacman


    I know it's the Internet but I thought the sarcasm was pretty clear.
  6. Rocketpacman

    Why do we still play?

    And how are they doing that? For instance you bring up the Benham grind. But WG didn't take advantage of you by offering a free way to earn the Benham or pressure you into doing it. The requirements were clearly laid out from the start. Many players, myself included, found them ridiculous. I'm not trying for the Benham. You could've not tried for the Benham. However if you decided to try for the Benham and now realize that you're going to have spend money to finish it off that's squarely on you. This is how a F2P game works. You literally say this: Spoiler alert: The whole game is designed to lock ships behind grinds to get players to spend money. It always has been.
  7. Rocketpacman

    Why do we still play?

    If you're not having fun quit playing. It really is that simple.
  8. Rocketpacman


    It's too bad that such an otherwise realistic simulation is ruined by the concealment mechanics.
  9. Rocketpacman

    Ranked battle Using All Ships Per Level

    It's all about money. Higher the tier the more money WG makes.
  10. So WG is lowering the skillset of their game by making it more difficult for CV players to perform decently in CVs? Something doesn't add up there.
  11. Relative to other CV players yes. In terms of actual power no.
  12. The trouble with approaching CVs from the standpoint of the average player is that it leaves the skilled CV players loose to crapon everyone on the map more or less at will. If the game is balanced so the average CV player can get through AA and consistently wrack up decent damage the better CV players become nightmares.
  13. Rocketpacman

    New Player

    Best approach is to play as many lines from as many nations as you can. Obviously if you aren't enjoying a particular line or ship don't feel obligated to keep going but the broader your base of ships and nations the easier time you will have. Way too many players rush up one line and are completely unprepared for both the costs and skill demands of higher tier play.
  14. Jesus. Please don't buy stuff to "thank" a company for not going ahead with a completely moronic idea.
  15. Rocketpacman

    Get a load of this Naval Training Center

    Are you suggesting that WG doesn't have the right to monetize their game via the Naval Training Center?