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  1. You have played 6 games in your Minotaur and won 5 of them. Do you think WG is rigging MM to give you an 83% Minotaur WR?
  2. Rocketpacman

    So How Do You Defend VS CV's?

    And I am the one who controls whether I am detected and in range against a BB. Against a CV the CV controls that because his range is unlimited and he can spot any position on the map.
  3. Rocketpacman

    So How Do You Defend VS CV's?

    How does a unicum BB engage my DD on his own terms? Or at all?
  4. Rocketpacman

    So How Do You Defend VS CV's?

    It doesn't. Only a CV has the ability to force an engagement with literally any ship in the game.
  5. Rocketpacman

    So a fully spec'ed AA Helena with.....

    Any ship that shot at him would've had to be either in range to detect him or have another ship doing the spotting. Neither is true of the carrier. Being able to control engagements is actually a pretty huge in terms of allowing an inferior ship to outplay a stronger one and with carriers it's just thrown out the window. The carrier can always force the fight.
  6. Rocketpacman

    So a fully spec'ed AA Helena with.....

    You're explaining exactly why CVs are so terrible in this game. The Helena player's investment into AA and usage of the mechanics available to him to fight planes is of far, far less importance than the CV player having kept enough planes alive over the course of the match to brute force him down at the end. It isn't a contest between the Helena player and the CV player that determines who wins the fight like it would be between any other class but whether or not the CV player has preserved enough planes to kill the Helena.
  7. I mean you'd have a massive ego too if you were not only one of the world's top naval engineers but also one of the handful of people in the world who are aware of obscure historical facts like "Australia (which at that time was far less autonomous and much more of a Client state in the Commonwealth) having defended itself and its territories from Japanese advancement long before the US entered that war either." Us ignorant Americans never learned facts like that.
  8. I'm in a DD and up against a unicum BB. How does kill me unless I expose myself? Now imagine I'm in a DD and up against a unicum CV. How does he not kill me given that he can spot and strike me at will?
  9. Why on earth would anyone who believes this play this game?
  10. In other words we need at least two ships in this scenario to equal the capabilities of one CV. What ship can beat a skilled CV in a one on one fight?
  11. How does a battleship spot this cruiser from across the map to shoot at him?
  12. Rocketpacman

    Battles being ended before all red ships sunk, co-op

    This would be less of a problem if all Co-Op players would just learn to push in aggressively every match. Even one or two humans dying is usually enough to keep the remaining bots in the game for everyone else to farm.
  13. No you won't. You can be a random solo player and have a WR well above 50%. Really good players can and do have solo WRs in the 60% range.
  14. Rocketpacman

    Invisible ships?

  15. Rocketpacman

    Invisible ships?

    All replays are saved automatically in the replay folder wherever you have World of Warships installed. Just open them with the game client and it will take you straight into the replay.