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  1. Rocketpacman

    Supertest: Damage Limit DD vs BB

    It's almost like cruisers and destroyers are different types of ships and BB AP was not meant to be able to effectively citadel one of them.
  2. This is exactly why this change is being implemented. Citadels on DDs were removed for a reason. A BB isn't supposed to be able to delete or cripple a DD with a couple of AP shells like it does a cruiser. That being said I do think this change should've come with a corresponding buff to high caliber HE. Modules absorbing all the damage from a large HE shell is pretty stupid. There should be some bleed through to ship HP. 5 or 10% of the shell's max damage or something. Basically an HE overpen. Maybe even splash damage from near misses could be implemented in a similar way.
  3. Rocketpacman

    Stop shooting... and win.

    Most people who play this game are not capable of understanding how the point system works or that there is a timer. That's not going to change at this point.
  4. Rocketpacman

    Supertest: Damage Limit DD vs BB

    Only people who think this will make DDs too powerful are derpy BB players who get caught with their pants down pushing into a DD with the wrong ammo type loaded at point blank range and still think they should be able to win.
  5. Rocketpacman


    It's two games. Who gives a crap? Stop treating an automated system designed to punish and limit serial offenders as WG passing judgment on you and move on.
  6. Only thing players complained about were the credit drops. The nerfing of super container drop rates and other rewards had nothing to do with player complaints.
  7. Rocketpacman

    More ranked, no steel!

    Because Ranked doesn't offer much beyond the rewards. The smaller teams and single tier matchmaking can be enjoyable but beyond that it's ultimately just a time limited form of Random battles where your progression is tied to winning. Not that different from the normal experience and obviously often far more frustrating.
  8. Rocketpacman

    Normal for Ranked battles?

    The Edinburgh isn't particularly good for Ranked. With radar it can be effective at fighting enemy DDs but if you end up in a game with few or no DDs basically any other cruiser would be a better option. The lack of HE can really end up hurting you. You can't set fires and since IFHE isn't an option you really need to see broadsides to deal significant damage. Sometimes the heal and torpedoes come up big. That being said the player matters more than the ship. If you know what you're doing in the Edinburgh you're already more useful to the team than most people playing Ranked. Just keep playing. There are plenty of people in Ranked worse than you. If at 10 or 20 games or more you're still at a below average WR then it might be time to reconsider your approach or your ship choice.
  9. Rocketpacman

    Possible Solution to Radar

    What was your point? Jesus Christ. You said this: I then pointed out that DDs often take no real risk in spotting cruisers and battleships which can end up getting them killed just like the radar cruiser behind the island isn't necessarily taking any real risk in using radar to spot a DD which can get them killed. Now we can be completely ridiculous and say that even though the permaspotting got them killed it didn't take away their defenses (since concealment is only a defense for DDs other classes don't make use of it!) and therefore it doesn't matter that the DD getting them killed assumed no real risk or we can see that what you actually meant to say was: Now you can claim that you want to carve out exceptions not because you're hilariously biased but because the data says DDs need to have this exception carved out due to their low survivability but you don't get to pretend that all you want is an equal sharing of risk. You want radar cruisers to have to assume a real risk to threaten a DD while not wanting DDs to have to assume the same risks to threaten non-radar cruisers or battleships. Or maybe I've missed your proposals to give every battleship and cruiser a LOS radar so that DDs permaspotting them have to assume the kind of risk to spot them that you want the radar cruisers to run to spot the DDs. I doubt it though.
  10. Rocketpacman

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Really buddy I'm cooking and I don't care enough to look this up right now. It has nothing to do with anything as you well know. Would between 0 and 1% be low enough to satisfy you? You can really tell me whatever numbers you want and I'll accept it. It has nothing to do with anything.
  11. Rocketpacman

    Possible Solution to Radar

    I don't think that is what I'm saying unless you think battleships also need survivability buffs because they can end up permaspotted by a DD running no real risk to do so in positions that prove fatal.
  12. Rocketpacman

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Of course. I'm afraid I'm not seeing your point.
  13. Rocketpacman

    Possible Solution to Radar

    No I heavily insinuated that destroyers don't often take any real risk in spotting many ships in this game anymore than the radar cruiser does when he pops radar safely hugging an island. Low I would imagine. Would you care to explain how this says anything about the risks those ships face when spotting? Or can I expect some anecdotes about how you had to dance on the knife's edge of certain death to use your Shimakaze with it's sub 6km concealment to keep a Hindenburg lit up?
  14. Rocketpacman

    Possible Solution to Radar

    I don't assume. I've played hundreds of stealthy high tier DD games and there is no real risk involved in spotting an enemy when there is a 4km+ gap between your concealment and the opposing ship. Hell non concealment Tashkents and Udalois don't struggle with battleships and some cruisers so don't try and pretend like it's some great risky feat to keep them lit up in real DDs. That's a pretty obvious dodge. I never said there was no risk involved in playing a concealment destroyer.
  15. Rocketpacman

    Possible Solution to Radar

    DDs permaspot cruisers and battleships: "This is fine. Cruisers are very tanky ships with enough armor and health to endure. Sure they're bigger, slower and less maneuverable targets than DDs and they have citadels but it's fine. A battleship might now be permaspotted in a terrible position and will be worn down by HE and torpedoes or shredded when he turns broadside to try and escape unless someone intervenes to smoke him up but hey that's his fault for the terrible positioning that I've locked him into. Learn to play. And anyway hydro and float planes pose a real risk!" Cruisers are terrain restricted in their ability to safely reveal a limited area with a temporary and finite consumable: "Why don't you have to take a risk in order to strip away all my defenses?! This is ridiculous! Don't talk to me about how I could've avoided this situation by intelligent positioning! That's for the stupid battleship player not me!"