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  1. Sure but obviously for the Belfast this isn't true. The point is the Belfast is a ship that is OP (or at least very strong) in PvP and nothing particularly special in PvE. A person who exclusively plays PvE simply has no idea whether or not a ship can be considered OP in PvP because he doesn't play PvP.
  2. But there's a lot more that goes into determining whether a ship is OP than their ability to tank and inflict damage. Again look at the Belfast. What made it OP was smoke+radar+hydro+concealment module not purely damage inflicted or how well it took hits.
  3. That's both obviously true and not really relevant to the broader point. Admiral Thunder offered his opinion about whether or not Russian ships are OP but he's evaluating them in the context of PvE. That's fine but it doesn't necessarily say much about how those ships are in a PVP environment. The Belfast for instance is notorious in Randoms yet in Co-Op unless you're on a fire starting mission it's actually worse than say the Fiji.
  4. Rocketpacman

    Detonations are still [bleep]

    Even before the special economic signals good players ran premium consumables and camos all the time. The economy was meant to make players spend money or time to bank credits not prevent them from using premium consumables all the time if they wanted. The ramming signal just makes your ship better at ramming in the same way the speed signal makes your ship faster, the AA makes your ship AA stronger or the fire and flooding signals makes your ship more resistant. Maybe it is a bigger advantage than the others but you haven't become immune to ramming damage. Yet you can become immune to detonations by running the detonation signal.
  5. Rocketpacman

    Detonations are still [bleep]

    Are there any other balancing elements in this game that can be completely eliminated just by running a signal?
  6. Rocketpacman

    Omg i couldn't stand the Queen Elizabeth

    Yes it's an absolutely terrible ship. Just soft as hell and not nearly accurate enough to justify having only eight barrels. The Iron Duke at T5 is actually the stronger BB.
  7. It's almost like most players hate CVs or something.
  8. Rocketpacman

    Serious T-10 question

    Did you ever think maybe they're wondering why some players get to T10 and insist on throwing their ships away in the first five minutes of the game?
  9. Rocketpacman

    Why is steel so flammbile in the WoWs universe?

    It's just a game mechanic to let smaller caliber guns deal with more heavily armored opponents. There's no real logic to it. CVs should be some of the ships most vulnerable to fire yet since the rework are among the most fire resistant ships in the game. On the broader point if you're being burned down a lot in your New Mexico you're positioning your ship badly. The answer isn't "don't get hit" it should be "don't put your ship in a position where you can be cheaply or freely farmed by HE spammers." Unless of course you're getting something big out of tanking that damage in that position and the vast majority of times in Random battles you simply are not. Positioning is one of the hardest and most important skills to learn in this game and there's no real shortcut to learning it. You just have to keep playing. Mid-tier American BBs are very slow which means positioning is even more critical because they can't move around the map quickly. If you sail to a useless flank you might spend the rest of the round just trying to get back into the battle. Additionally because of the way fire damage works BBs often don't realize when they've made a major mistake until many minutes after they made it.
  10. Rocketpacman

    Traffic Light Aim Assist

    Navigator mod is far more broken. I don't understand how anyone can justify that being permitted.
  11. Rocketpacman

    A complete joke.

    How is it anything other than a major advantage to be able to strike and spot any target on the map regardless of your own positioning? I've never said "das CV ist uber" I've asked you a simple question about CV damage dealing potential and you've refused to answer it. You've also made the sadly predictable claim that "any other ship" can also attack anywhere on the map which is objectively and obviously wrong. No one with even the slightest understanding of this game would seriously post something like that. It's funny how even a person who knew nothing about this game could quickly figure out that there is something wrong with CVs just by reading the absolute drivel put out by pro-CV posters like you.
  12. Rocketpacman

    A complete joke.

    So you agree that CVs should not be able to inflict damage like the other classes? No they can't. This is an unassailable fact. CVs are the only class in the game with an unlimited range of engagement, the ability to spot any location on the map regardless of their own ship's positioning, and the ability to strike through terrain.
  13. Rocketpacman

    A complete joke.

    I'm asking you why CVs should be able to do "exactly what any other ship can do" while also having major advantages the other ships don't get. Shouldn't there be some sort of downside to their damage dealing capability to compensate for their ability to force an engagement with any target on the map regardless of their own positioning?
  14. Rocketpacman

    A complete joke.

    Why should a ship that can spot and strike any target on the map have the same dealing damage potential as the other classes?
  15. Rocketpacman

    excuse me but why is ranked T10 again?

    Because WG makes the most money at T10.