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  1. I never presented such a scenario. Please quote where I did.
  2. Even assuming there is only one battleship shooting at him (highly unlikely at high tiers to put it mildly) after that one volley your cruiser fires he stays spotted for a minimum of 20 seconds after firing thanks to the gun bloom. If he wants a second volley he can add his reload plus 20 more seconds which for a great many cruisers means that one enemy BB has already reloaded his guns. You're right. You're not good in cruisers.
  3. The cruisers turn and run because with rare exceptions they don't have the health or armor to endure pushing into enemy fire. And very few BBs are going to fling AP into an angled enemy BB when there's a juicy cruiser right next to him to shoot at. The cruiser only becomes an unattractive target in comparison to the pushing BB when it turns away to start kiting and angling. Cruisers are supposed to support the other ship types but are extraordinary limited on when they can actually support without getting deleted. This was a problem that was only made worse by the nerf to smoke firing which made close support for DDs even more dangerous.
  4. T9 and T10 Russian DDs on the main line (Tashkent and Khaba) can have repair party in place of smoke. None of the sub-branch DDs have it although it is possible that the T10 (Grozovoi) will get it at some point in the future.
  5. It's amazing how many of you seem to view this game as some sort of job or investment. If you're not having fun playing this game just stop playing. If you are having fun playing it why do you expect WG to give you extensive rewards just for doing so? The game is supposed to be your reward. You're supposed to enjoy your time in it. If you're playing out of some sense of loyalty to WG [edited]stop you crazy bastard. Massive profit driven corporations do not deserve and should not have your loyalty.
  6. I mean it's certainly possible that when you're the last ship alive every single player on your team was a "suiciding putz" but I think every now and then there might be a few guys on your side who died making honest and reasonable efforts to win the game and would appreciate you not dragging a lost game out for an enthralling round of hide and seek.
  7. The only difference is that the idiot escorting the CV is open to [edited]over the players on his own team in pursuit of his own "entertainment value" while you are only willing to [edited] over the players on the other team (ignoring any players on your side who might want to get their ship out of the match rather than have to wait while you play hide and go seek of course) in pursuit of your own "entertainment value." You're both being [edited] to a random bunch of players because you place your own pleasure above everyone else in the match. A predictable attitude but sad all the same.
  8. It's curious that you fail to apply this same logic to your DD escorting the CV example.
  9. Even the most deliberate unwarranted kill-stealing at least gains the kill stealer something and is therefore to be expected. Can't expect people to not be self-interested. Staying alive for no reason other than to spite the enemy (the "enemy" of course being just a random assortment of fellow players who were and are as likely to be your teammates as your enemy) and mess with their heads is full [edited] behavior. It doesn't benefit you and it deliberately disadvantages everyone in the match. Any amount of damage should be worth it when the alternative is to literally gain nothing.
  10. Denying both the enemy players and yourself additional credits, XP, and achievements (and locking up the ships of every player in the match until the round ends) just to spite them is in fact being an [edited]. No argument about it.
  11. The Ranger in Random is fun too!?

    You will be shocked at how bad many carriers are. Particularly in the low to mid tiers. If you are aware of strafe and manual drop you already have a big leg up over many carriers you will face.
  12. Still waiting on a single thread started by a new player excited about detonating someone. I've seen one where the player had no idea what happened and assumed it was a bug when the ship he was shooting at suddenly lost all its HP. Then we have this one. But I'm sure there's a silent majority of new players that is so [edited] stoked for the existence of a mechanic they don't understand, can't really exert much influence on, and barely see anyway. Or you can decide this game isn't worth your time and move on. Like many players have. But by all means let's rally around a peripheral obscure mechanic with zero real impact on gameplay like the emotionally mature big boys we are!
  13. Yeah I'm sure the detonation mechanic really draws players into this game. And it's in no way frustrating and confusing for a new player to suddenly be deleted by a single torpedo or shell for no discernible reason.
  14. Trolling aside the potential effect on new players is yet another good reason to completely ditch the detonation mechanic.