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  1. Rocketpacman

    Epic Sadness

    Yes clearly this is meant to complain about one round and not meant as a broader complaint about being saddled with poor teams because of MM. How could anyone have thought otherwise?
  2. Rocketpacman

    Epic Sadness

    You can believe that you have a poor win rate because matchmaking has been stacking teams against you for 12k matches or you can accept that you have a poor win rate because, on the whole, you're playing poorly and not helping your team's chances to win. It's up to you.
  3. There are a couple of explanations that spring to mind. The first is that the game in general, and Ranked in particular, simply doesn't have enough players for this to work. WG is terrified of long queue times. The second is that the entire model of Ranked is basically built around keeping most players caught in a massive churning grind that they have to play an absurd amount of games to progress through and keep the element of randomness in play for average and below average players (maybe this time I'll get the good teammates and can push to a higher rank!). More games played is more queues filled and more money for WG. Theoretically at least. Just as a general note however even with these awful teammates there are players skilled enough to rank out relatively quickly and with high win rates. So yes your teammates will suck, but particularly with as few battles as you have focusing on your teammates is not productive. Everyone gets saddled with these people. You can overcome them. Focus on what you can do better each game.
  4. Rocketpacman

    Multiple Games No DD's

    WG's revenue stream is quite comfortable with churn. They don't expect most new players to stick around for long. They expect them to jump in to the game, make an impulse purchase or two, and then disappear. Maybe they'll come back in a year or a few months maybe they won't either way WG got their money and doesn't really care. The rest is made up by the collectors and hyper-whales who just buy everything regardless of the state the game is in and casual players making the occasional purchase who also don't care about or even notice the state of the game.
  5. Rocketpacman

    Whats the point of AA again?

  6. Rocketpacman

    Whats the point of AA again?

    This is just silly. The anti-radar crowd was practically devoid of unicums and skilled DD players because they understood why radar was necessary and how it can be played around. It was overwhelmingly less skilled DD players who attacked radar because they didn't understand it's purpose (6km hydro counters me just fine!) or how to play to around it (how do you expect me to not put my ship in dangerous situations if I can't see every radar ship all the time!).
  7. Rocketpacman

    WoWS needs WGC open to run

    There is no "big" change either way. But there is no positive effect for any player which is naturally why people are going to complain and be suspicious. For people like you who were already using the WGC to start the game nothing has changed. For people who, for whatever reason, did not want to start the game via the launcher this change will have a negative impact on them.
  8. Rocketpacman

    WoWS needs WGC open to run

    But presumably then you were already launching World of Warships via WGC and this change has no impact on you whatsoever.
  9. Rocketpacman

    WoWS needs WGC open to run

    What's the positive effect for any player?
  10. Because bots don't actually hurt WG at all. Bots keep the player numbers up and queues filled. Bot accounts make purchases. WG simply does not care about bots. Yes they have a terrible effect on the quality of gameplay but so do countless players who are not bots.
  11. Rocketpacman

    Question for Purples

    It isn't. Which is why I wasn't bragging about my WR but poking fun at players who can't even reach 50% questioning more skilled player's motives and abilities to adapt to change.
  12. Rocketpacman

    Question for Purples

    Git gud unicums! Sincerely, Players with <50% WR
  13. Rocketpacman

    Russian BB Damage Control Party

    For the most part the only Russian BB players who would run out of DC charges are also the players who don't last long in the match enough to use them anyway.
  14. Rocketpacman

    Logic Fail Stream (moskva camo)

    And people who paid for the Moskva camo getting something extra is not a detriment to anyone either. There is no reason WG couldn't have credited everyone who purchased the Moskva camo before this line split with the perma camo for the T10 replacement. Everyone knows that far fewer people would've bothered to purchase a perma camo for a premium/special ship. Please stop trying to excuse [edited] business practices by attacking consumers for being too "greedy" simply because they resent losing what they purchased (a perma camo for a T10 tech tree ship). These are all digital goods that don't need to be manufactured or shipped. It costs WG nothing to give them to players except of course for the potential opportunity to soak those same consumers for an extra T10 camo down the line.
  15. Rocketpacman

    how great were the pre Rework CVs?

    So great that practically nobody played them and WG reworked the entire class. The harsh truth is CVs have always been crap. RTS CVs were more tolerable in some ways and rework CVs in others but they've always been an awful addition to the game.