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  1. Ettenurb

    Chat disabled permanently

    This. 100%. Battle coordination is all I want.
  2. After my 3rd chat ban I've decided to diable chat permanently. I'm bad. I get it. Edit: Concurrently with the chat disable is the cash disable. I'm going to silently use you for free.
  3. Using the doubloon method, (If I'm doing the math correctly) it will cost $22.77 to retire a 19 pt commander for a return of 854,000 ECXP. $1.00=250 doubloons 19 point commander: 1,708,000 total points 1,708,000/2=854,000 (50%) 854,000/150=5,693 doubloons So, if I want to use the doubloon method to move a 19pt commander to 21pts, it would cost $32.
  4. If you thought chasing the CV to the A line was fun...wait until you get to search for a sub for 5 minutes! (Russel Crowe) “Are you not engaged!”
  5. TLDR: I would have a 100% WR if it weren’t for all you screaming potatoes.
  6. Ettenurb

    Free 21 skill caps!

    The player base has voted by mail-in ballot. The results show that 90% of the player base supports the captain skill re-work. Most popular proposed update in history.
  7. I know that just the thought of bad/rigged loot boxes keeps me up most nights. It's the biggest issue of our time.