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  1. Reticle Contest Submissions

  2. [Skin] Mikhail Kutusow

    ahh come on... no politics.... this skin is all about optics ;) thanks for all positive replys
  3. [Skin] Mikhail Kutusow

  4. More and larger Pics here Download Enjoy
  5. RvD´s Kamikaze

    So to end this... end to show that zFireWyverns skin has nothing to do with my work (and that is it is!), i uploaded the new version with vanilla dds-file. Took me 5 seconds to clear "your work". Edit: and you see the only difference is at the chimney.... and yes i was my fault is used his in the first place. Was even harder to cover up stuff in the base. Funny: I used Vanilla DDs too because some line were much more clear there. My work is... as i said... a total overlay. And as you see it looks the same on vanilla file. And im not a thieve! Thats why I asked the other modders (too)... keep that in mind. I explained how it came to this, dont ignore that!
  6. RvD´s Kamikaze

    I´m sorry. As i said before. I´m only here, because i asked modders like Tanz, Xandier59, AwoLFreedom, Seras_V and 10x20 to use their work. I didn´t know, that its from you, because I got skins from a friend and thought this is one of them. I appologize. But even though its not a copy. This white layer would cover up the vanilla skin as well. The only difference might be this chimney of yours. Still... and again: i´m sorry....
  7. RvD´s Kamikaze

    Hi Guys! I´m RobVanDoom from EU Server. Only registered to ask some skin Modders for permission to edit a few of their stuff to create a skin-pack for me and and share it with EU´s Community. Today I want to share with you my very own Kamikaze R! Enjoy, if you like. http://www.file-upload.net/download-11316497/RvD_KamikazeR.rar.html
  8. Cleveland/Atlanta HE fires

    With the HE nerfs lately, its often better to shoot AP instead. You will deal more damage.
  9. What does more?

    AP always does much more damage... if you can penetrate your target ;)
  10. Great work, sir. I pay tribute to you!
  11. Great work, sir. I pay tribute to you!
  12. Great work, sir. I pay tribute to you!