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  1. remaimed_user

    Zeroed by CV

    Of course he is. He's a CV Apologist. Their only concern is that they get to continue trolling with no effective countermeasures. The same mindset as Snipers in an FPS. Not worth the time to even have a "discussion" with them, because a reasonable discussion is not possible.
  2. remaimed_user

    Brave CV players

    As I said. They play it knowing it's "disproportionate" (good use of a big word to try and appear smart, good for you.). They are culpable.
  3. remaimed_user

    Brave CV players

    The players choose to play it. They are as culpable as the developers.
  4. remaimed_user


    So your quitting? Otherwise, you're NOT done with it. You have no choice except to quit.
  5. Yeah, be careful. Even thinking they are spineless is a thought crime. You might damage all their feels and it's hard to find a safe-space these days to cry it out.
  6. Suck it up princess. Looks good on ya.
  7. remaimed_user

    Shells falling short: Lock-on bug is back with a VENGEANCE

    Try playing your own damn game. You'll find it.
  8. remaimed_user

    When a popular CC quits the game because of...

    Why would anyone care?
  9. remaimed_user

    Destroyers should seek cover

    Not really, no.
  10. remaimed_user

    All premium consumable will be free

    wouldn't put this past them.
  11. remaimed_user

    Bad Idea WG

    That's not countering. That's mitigation. Not the same. There is NO counter. Blobbing remains the only mildly effective counter.
  12. Always thought saving a star was the Participation Ribbon of WoWs. "Most damage on the loser team? Great, here's your ribbon. You're still a loser."
  13. remaimed_user

    A message to all CV-haters

    They already are.