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  1. Noone_You_Know

    Yet another poll on CV's

    WG did this on purpose to attract "new players" at the expense of others. They made CV's next to invincible. You'd have to be a complete moron to have your CV sunk. Unlimited planes removes what little risk there was in mounting an attack, no more de-fanging a CV by shooting down all his planes (the only real risk a CV has today). Your squadron shot down? Launch another one, ad infinitum. Couple this with the complete and utter nerfing of AA, and you have a sign that basically says "play our new fun and OP CV's, the rest of you can suck it". The fact that they are going to foist an admittedly (WG admitted that the new CVs are unbalanced) unbalanced type into this game shows that they really don't give a crap, or they are totally incompetent. Free beta tester for this game, no thanks. Keep this mess out of the live server until it's balanced, or scrap the whole CV idea.
  2. Noone_You_Know

    AP shell needs changes..

    Produce relevant data. The data your using is worthless. Your argument is invalid. You think because your a beta tester that your opinion has more relevance than anyone else's? Think again. Old data is old. Doesn't matter that there's no current data. The data in a 2 year old graph is worthless, considering the changes that have happened since that graph was relevant. But I don't expect you to change your spots. The only opinion that matters is yours, apparently.
  3. Noone_You_Know

    AP shell needs changes..

    Holding up a 2 year old graph as proof of something today is laughable. The chart becomes irrelevant simply because of that. Reeks of desperation and wishful thinking to use it as anything more than showing how it was 2 years ago. How many patches has there been? How many tweaks and [edited] ups from WG?
  4. Noone_You_Know


    No such thing as kill stealing in this game. If I hit and kill the ship before your torps do, you missed. Get over it. How many times have I worked a ship down to single digit HP only to have some clown in a DD come along and get the kill with 2 meagre DD HE hits (I've done this, the salt is real). Fair enough, either way, that ship is out of the fight and both the "kill stealer" and I can go after another Red.
  5. This. WG never reverses nerfs. They'll "fix" something else to make up for it. They would rather wreck something else rather than admit they were wrong and roll it back.
  6. Noone_You_Know

    Why OTed so bad

    In b4 the "its fine" sycophants.
  7. Noone_You_Know

    Stop placing 1 or 2 tier 8 ships in tier 10 battles

    Any more than 33.3% of the time at bottom tier is unacceptable.
  8. Got a bunch of crappy flags and a Marblehead. Sold that piece of crap Marblehead before the notification even left the screen. Worthless crates. $25.00 down the tubes. Thanks WG.
  9. Noone_You_Know

    Tier 8 against T10

    Yes. Anything more than being bottom tier 33.3% of the time is [edited]. Bottom tier is okay sometimes, but after 6-7 times in a row, it gets more annoying than fun. This fancy matchmaker patent they say they have must be able to track how many games you have slogged as the -2 and throw you a freakin bone at least once in awhile.
  10. Noone_You_Know

    What happened to Crap talking?

    Trash talking is [edited]-bag behavior. Sorry, but it is. Always was, always will be. It shows a distinct lack of class and intelligence.
  11. Noone_You_Know

    Tier 8 MM is more broken than ever

    People are whining because it gets real old, real fast when you are pulling 12/14 games as bottom tier. Kudos to the guy that stuck that out for so long, I would have quit after 4 bottom tier games in a row. My gaming time is limited, I don't have the time or the desire to be some XP pinata for top tier. I can't even remember the last time I was top tier in tier 8, and they "fixed" MM? I call [edited] on that one. More likely they said they fixed it to shut people up. I have not noticed one little bit of difference. If anything, it's worse. Maybe they put in a "fix" to troll the people who are complaining about the MM. It's gotten to the point where I really don't give a crapabout the game or team when I'm bottom tier. I'll yolo or do whatever the fk I want, and if we lose? I don't care. WG did that with their [edited] matchmaker.
  12. And that would be the DDs fault. Period. End of story. Every other type has to deal with the reality of maybe they angled themselves wrong and pay the price. Just ask cruiser players how that works. All they had to do is fix the double dip, but nooo, they're too lazy to fix their own error, so they throw in this blanket nerf to BBs and call it a day. Good job WG. What other hair-brained "fix" are you going to come up with when it becomes apparent that this was a bad idea? Because we all know, WG never rolls back a "fix", they just screw up something else to compensate for the mess they created in the first place.
  13. No loyalty to a team like that. Whenever that happens, and it does with regularity, my objective becomes return to port as quickly as possible. Made more difficult with this "penalty" for dumping worthless teams and exiting back to port (seriously? they used to shoot cowards in wartime). No more patience for this cowering and hiding pansy [edited]game play that seems to have taken over in the last year or so. It's even filtering down to the lower tiers.