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  1. Noone_You_Know

    Scapa Flow Naval Base.

    Lol, I can see my house.
  2. Noone_You_Know

    Return of Magic CV Players

    Blah, blah, blah. Heard it all before. Boring. If your choices affect others, expect blowback. It's on you if you can't understand why. WG put in a toxic element into their game. No other ship elicits the same reaction, even DDs. Wanna play CV? crapand abuse comes with the territory. They're grief boats. People don't like to be greifed.
  3. Noone_You_Know

    Return of Magic CV Players

    Wait? What? You'd think you were playing a ship that ruins the game for everyone else. The nerve.
  4. Noone_You_Know

    Don’t nerf IFHE so bad

    Battlefield series (maybe not bi-weekly, but every patch). Famous for it. Eg: Your favorite gun (you know, the one that actually hits what your aiming at) will be nerfed to near uselessness.The game you bought will NOT be the same game in 6 months. Guaranteed. Too much listening to the nerf whiners.
  5. Noone_You_Know

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.6

    Yeah, the 3 guys that run it are going to be pretty pissed, lol.
  6. Lost me here. Get bent.
  7. Because you can shoot back at the BB's. Not so much with CV's. You have to put up with endless waves of planes until your dead. That's not "fun and engaging". Its bovine feces. Haven't you got that though your thick heads yet?
  8. Noone_You_Know

    Good job wg you just killed CV

    Maybe they should work on those skills, like every other ship type has to. There is no reason to artificially prop up the potato segment. They will either fail their way to the top, or actually learn and become competent. Git Gud, adapt, just dodge bro. Isn't that what CV mains have been telling the other 80% of the population since the rebork came? Not very nice now the shoe is on the other foot, is it? AA changes are good. Maybe throw the CV's a bone with slightly improved regen, but leave damage the same. Reward skill, not give out participation ribbons to every glue eater that asks.
  9. Noone_You_Know

    WOW STEAM Summer sale on premium ships

  10. Noone_You_Know

    CVs: The Worst Gameplay Experience Of WoWs

    Sympathy = 0
  11. Noone_You_Know

    Why introduce a "confused" reaction?

    This has to be the stupidest thing for WG to waste time on. Was the down vote emoji too emotionally damaging for the little snowflakes? Idiotic.
  12. I think its straight up laziness. Couldn't be bothered to program it properly, and now here we are. Just like fixing the double dip on BB AP vs DDs. Too lazy to fix it right, so make ALL BB AP hits overpens, regardless of angle, etc.
  13. Noone_You_Know

    Please do something about CVs

    Really? When was this? Don't recall the playerbase ever rallying for an invincible ship type, let alone CV's, lololololol. I call B.S.
  14. 11:50am PST, 13th of June. Server unavailable. Good job WG