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  1. FirstWooba

    Premium CV Refund

    Actually you can. Most reputable car lots offer a 30 days policy...so if you buy the car and your tranny is bad or w/e you can either change it out for something else, or get money back. The only exception is when you purchase "as is no warranty," and if you ever do that it's your own fault. I came back for one last post to say openly what I've been trying not to say. In my time here, I've seen them nerf Blys, Khut, and all premium CVs shortly. Before they release a ship, they do extensive beta testing as many of you well know. Then along comes the nerf, always several months after release. Am I expected to believe that the "imbalances" that they are seeking to correct somehow got missed during beta, over and over and over again? Come on guys...it's bait and switch and it always has been. To suggest anything else is just being naive. So, yes, I feel asking for a refund is my right. I don't expect them to actually do it, but I'm still going to speak. They knew about CV skill level imbalances back when it was just the Saipan. Instead of correcting it, they first released THREE premium CVs, and marketed the hell out of all 3. Then they dropped Saipan on sale for over a month to lure in buyers. Now comes the rework. The same with the Khutuzov. I bought that ship because it was discounted. Less than a month later the smoke nerf comes. If I'm expected to believe that it's coincidence that time and time again WG releases premiums that are high enough powered (not OP except in the case of Saipan) to draw in buyers, and every single time they somehow miss the fact that those ships are imbalanced, even during months of beta, then I don't know what to tell you. Perhaps you'd like some ocean front property? I've got 5 acres for sale in Kentucky.
  2. FirstWooba

    Premium CV Refund

    Backspaced all that to keep thread cleanish, but I more or less agree with everything you said there, with the exception that I don't believe any part of this is hyperbole. I'm a blue collar guy. I've been a steel fabricator for a lot of years, it's seeped into my blood. Before that, I was a Marine. Both professions are honest professions. I personally couldn't conceive of only offering a doubloon refund were I in WG's shoes, so I have a hard time relating to the company that does, or seeing it as anything other than greed. I don't know why I'm seeing the push back I'm seeing. I'm not fighting the rework. I see the need for it. I spent money here so WG is going to hear from me on changes that affect me. I don't see why any of you should have a problem with me asking for the option for a cash refund. Matter of fact, I feel the more of you reacting this way, the more likely WG is to just dismiss the request as I'm in an obvious minority. If you don't want your money back, that's fine. I can't understand why anyone here would think I don't at least have enough of a claim here to request a refund though. Which is what I'm seeing, people more or less saying I'm stupid for even thinking I should get one. The atmosphere here is a very keen reflection of the atmosphere in game sadly. "But hey it's not as bad as WoT" right? SMH. Say what you want, I've made my point, WG will either listen or they won't, and I'll either quit or not. We'll see. Won't be back on the forums though.
  3. FirstWooba

    Premium CV Refund

    There's not a brick and mortar store anywhere in the US that won't give cash back so long as you have a receipt. If you have a point to make, then make it, but don't just make things up to support it. There's also a dude that mentioned doubloons being compensated during the smoke nerf, so he obviously didn't read the post, just rushed to respond. Why are people responding to a thread that; A) They obviously didn't read B) Has nothing to do with them It's like some sort of group think echo chamber. I've stated my point. Convoluted arguments won't change my position. I understand that the wording of EULA covers them legally. It only covers them legally due to backwards intellectual property rights, but I digress. Fact is, this company offered a product, or products, under a set of circumstances. I'd have never bought the Kaga or the Saipan if not for the RTS gameplay. That's the appeal to me. The gameplay came bundled with the ship. They know altering it is wrong, which is why they're even talking refund in the first place. You can argue until you're blue in the face, but that doesn't change the fact that I paid for something that I'm no longer getting. In my particular case, I already own most other premiums. I've got premium for months, and more credits than I can spend. What would I even use doubloons on if that were acceptable, which it's not. Regardless of legal arguments, it's not right to sell me something and then take it away without providing a refund. Finally, to the guy saying I'm not buying, I'm leasing. Go to the premium shop. I can see the word "Buy" about 30 times. I see the word "purchase" about 20 times. Those words imply some sort of ownership. There is not one mention of the word "lease," or anything related to the word lease, anywhere on those pages, or anywhere in the EULA. Unlike you, I actually read.
  4. FirstWooba

    Premium CV Refund

    I agree. I get that WG has legally covered their butts with their Terms and Conditions. Just because it's legal doesn't make it right though. I'm not here to troll. I desperately don't want to quit. I've got 2 years invested in this. If I feel I'm being stolen from I will though. What I do know is that if we don't start speaking out right now, WG will try to offer doubloons as compensation. That's what they've always done in the past.
  5. FirstWooba

    Premium CV Refund

    As I said, I've been here 2 years...long enough to suspect what is about to happen. Remember the smoke nerf? Did I get $$ back or doubloons for my Khutuzov? In the video that is currently on the launcher, do they mention refunding money or doubloons? Answer those two questions and you'll know why I am 99% sure their initial intentions were never to refund the money. You mention "making threats" which somehow implies I'm the bad guy here. I just want what I paid for under the conditions for which I paid for it. Failing that, I want my money back. If I go to McDonalds and order a Big Mac and they give me chicken nuggets instead, I'd ask for my Big Mac. If they couldn't give me my Big Mac I'd expect a refund. Why is this any different?
  6. FirstWooba

    Premium CV Refund

    Hello there. I've been playing WoWs for over 2 years now and as you can tell I rarely post. I've largely been happy with the game and overall development. I've long been one of the better CVs around (not the best but fair enough) and I've always enjoyed the gameplay. Because I enjoyed the gameplay I bought both the Saipan and the Kaga. I would like the option to exist for a refund, not in doubloons, but in the same currency people purchased their ships with. I went to work, I earned my money, and I took my time and decided what I wanted to purchase. The fact that my ship will still be named "Kaga" or "Saipan" does not mean that what I will have after the update is the same as what I initially purchased. I am hoping you choose to do the right thing here and offer a refund in cash to the card used to make the purchase. To stem the inevitable salt and [edited] comments, let me say I'm not angry about the rework. I get the need for it...I see it 20 times a day. Within the first minute of a battle I've usually already won the air struggle, which means that ~70% of the time my team also wins the match. I get why WG would seek to change it to suit their broader player base. I'm fine with that decision. What I need is for WG to "get that" once the CV rework goes live I no longer have what I paid for, and do the right thing. If I later decide I want another ship I'll buy it like I bought my previous ones, but for now a refund is in order, and it's the only moral course of action. Anything less is just greed. In the event that a refund option does not happen, I whole-heartedly promise that you'll never see another dime out of me, and I know for a fact I'm not alone. With a dwindling player base, does WG really want to risk losing loyal players just to steal a few dollars? It is theft btw. To continue to hold my funds while denying me the item I purchased under the conditions I purchased it is considered theft just about anywhere in the world, and is illegal anywhere but online apparently.