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  1. I see 17 cv players has found this thread...
  2. Oldschool_Gaming_YT

    I have a question for you DD players.

    They make a mistake and have a 20-25K healthpool and take massive damage by everything. What baffles me is when you see T10 BB with 90-100 K HP and massive heals dead in the same time as the DD. Im like "Dude!!? The game JUST started"!?!?
  3. Oldschool_Gaming_YT

    Grinding Russian Cruisers (help)

    Id say grind that baby. Seems like the new T10 Alexander Nevksy will be the new "Super Smolensk" with 19 km range base and 12 km stealthradar. better range and speed then Des Moines and with torps as well. It will be a glourious Russian ship comrad. I always thought Smolensk was a bit underpowered......
  4. Oldschool_Gaming_YT

    Closest game ever recorded!!

    I just feel that the red team got robbed somehow. I definatly think those last tickets rolled in after the game had ended. First I thought my PC was lagging but that wouldnt effect the outcome of the game result.
  5. Oldschool_Gaming_YT

    Closest game ever recorded!!

    Im not 100% if this game IS the closest game ever recorded on all servers, but it has to be atleast Top 3. Still not entire sure of the outcome.....
  6. Oldschool_Gaming_YT

    HEADS UP 9.1 Test Rewards are available

    Do explain?
  7. Oldschool_Gaming_YT

    New Upgrade Modules

    Dont forget to slot the upgraded radar module on your Belfasts.
  8. Oldschool_Gaming_YT

    DD's get [edited] yet again

    You do have to consider the Smolensk effect. Would you take module that Might save you from a couple of torps or one that help you disengage from 2 Smolensk spamming you? I take my chances with the torps......
  9. Oldschool_Gaming_YT

    Hard choices for coal commanders

    I will save up for the new Pan EU guy. He seems almost OP for the SWE DDs.
  10. Oldschool_Gaming_YT

    Russian Dreamboats

    Well, you do have a point I guess. I see those guys every day/match as well. Played in the Kleber last night when a Gearing on my team spammed me in chat from start of the game that he thought we should both push into B-cap on the map North and take it. I had just analyzed the teamlist, which I do in the start of every match and seen that there was 4 radarcruisers on the enemy team, one which was in a division with their Z-52. So I told him this and the fact that they will guard every cap in the start and if you happen to run into the Zed you can expect to run into his mate Des Moines as well. So I tried to discourage him to push into the cap directly at start and rather wait just a few min to the cruisers have moved of to cap. But he just called me a coward and other words and pushed in and died at the 2 min mark. (WHY DO T10 DD PLAYERS STILL THINK ITS SMART TO PUSH RIGHT INTO CAPS AT START OF THE GAME?!?!?!? WHERE DO THEY THINK ALL RADARCRUISERS AND CV PLANES ARE AT THE START OF THE GAME?!?!) My point is, we do actually see all these types of DD players in every T10 game we play, AND we also see idiots borderhumping around the map, DDs trying to go ninja kill the CV, DDs spamming torps from 3-4:th line etc etc etc. Then we have the small minority (which include me) that has used the grind from DDs at tier 2 to tier 10 to actually get better and improve my gameplay in Destroyers, learning new stuff, trying new tactics (thanks WG for the CV rework that cancelled every version of tactic in this game), playstyle to maximize the effect for me and for my team. We who sit and watch videos of Flambass and Flamu etc. to get some tips and ideas for builds and plays you can do. We try and play our best every match we join, and we try and be as productive for our team, even when we get steamrolled by other team. These guys.......... these good DD players will with these new cruisers in the game, have to start changing their playstyle to become more like the noobs/[edited]/glueeaters we see in every match already. So the little help you got before from a DD on youre team, spotting, screening for torps in front of your pushing flank, spotting enemy DDs, smoking you up when you get focused in a BB so you can survive and heal up, all that will pretty much end. Because behind ever wave of seawater there will be a possible stealthradar ship just waiting to pop a radar and blapp you before you even spot him. And all these new upcoming ships are just on top of every other [edited] DDs have to face every game, like getting blapped for 80% of your HP in one strike with rocketplanes in a DD with 20 000 HP and no heal .... So we will be forced to play VERY VERY passive if we wanna survive the 5 min mark. So I guess these new Russian radarcruisers will become the new DDs and have to spot for their team, because all DDs will probably sit behind the BBs in the future. Good luck turning any caps!! All DDs will just ignore the chance of winning but instead just focus on their own damage. Here is a exampel on how I like to play destroyers for my team. But if this match was played after then new Russian cruiser line split, I would never had been able to play like this and sit perfect between the enemy DD and my fleet to spot him and his torps, because then, AT ANY POINT there could have been a Russian radarcruiser popping radar and killing me in 2-3 salvos (not counting all other ships opening up on me when I get spotted). And there is no counter to these kinds of radar!! Its like Flamu said in his last Kleber video - He couldnt had done anything he did in that video IF there had been a CV in his game, and it doesnt even matter that he is one of the better players on all the serverS. So skill, smarts, tactics, experience doesnt matter for sheeeit when it comes to Stealthradars and CVs in this game.
  11. Oldschool_Gaming_YT

    Anyone buy back the Shchors?

    It would be very strange if they actually forced us to regrind half a line we already have grinded to T10 Moskva since it wasent us who decided to split the line and make Moskva a Premium. Even if we do get the premium version of Moskva they should really give us atleast one of the new T10 for free. They will create a new shitstorm otherwise, but WG being WG ....... Hopefully...... Also rebought Shchors yesterday for the new grind. Since I havent played it in years I took it out for a game and it was actually pretty good one, ended up first in winning team when I was downtiered. You just have to play it very carefully. Use the terrain as often as possible.
  12. Oldschool_Gaming_YT

    Russian Dreamboats

    The fact that most of these new cruisers will have the possibility to stealthradar after they took away that from the USN line is complete [edited] and will probably ruin T10 gameplay. Being a DD main this will force me to play really defensive to the frustration of all my teammates since its no counter for a seasoned, skilled player to work around stealth radar. The moment I will see one of these new ships I will be radared and focused by 3-6 ships. If im not insta-dead I will survive with maybe 5-10% HP which will make me pretty much out of the game for the rest of the duration. We already have a couple of them in the game right now, but when the new line hits everyone and their mother will grind them so in every T8-10 match the matches will be flooded with 12 km stealthradars so dont expect any scouting or torp screening from any DDs on your team, your on your own. Every cap will have 3-4 of these ships guarding them, good luck getting any caps, those who are willing to try will be dead 2 min into the game and then get blamed by the team and reported. This will force the mayority of the DD players that up to this point have played the "right way"(scouting, spotting, screening for their team) to start playing the "torp from the 3:rd line" or bring out the 20 km torps on Shima/asashio playstyle. Just play for them selves, screw the team and not care about win or loss just farm some damage during the time the game lasts. So..... well done WG!! Why would any ship have the possibility to stealtradar? Why cant cruisers determinant to hunt down and kill DDs actually take a risk as well? DDs already have BB radars/hydro, USN cruiser 50-55 sec radars, DD hydro/radars and all freakin CVs to worry about? Did we really need more stealthradar cruisers? Cant wait for the Swedish HMS Halland, then I can sit at 15 km and torpspam lazer torps at the radarcruisers and never spot or cap for my team, what great game that will be.
  13. Oldschool_Gaming_YT

    Don't mess with Le Terrible!

    Half dead Akizuki Nukes a full health Atlanta with 15 Citadels within seconds and survives.... Gotta love those DDs man!
  14. Oldschool_Gaming_YT

    Anyone buy back the Shchors?

    So if you own Moskva today you will get the A. Nevsky for free, right?
  15. I think a change will come in the future. I have a hard time thinking WG will let a french DD (Kleber) outplay a Russian one. Khaba will soon get its Beastmode back (just like WG put Hindenburg back to its former self after nerfing that one over and over), and then I will go back to playing my favourite Russian gunboat again. It will be glorious!!