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  1. Oldschool_Gaming_YT

    I want refund for my Permanent camos

    Well, to be fair, read 100 of these articles since CBT 2015 and most of them left me (and a lot more players) pretty clueless. WeeGee has mastered the skill of over complicating very easy things. Usually, I just read thru those and then take to the forums and get a normal person (like you) to explain the changes to me.
  2. Oldschool_Gaming_YT

    Swedish Destroyer HMS Småland and Diesel sub Northcaper IRL

    Engine room inside the submarine Northcaper Dive control Hard to make out due to bad lighting, but torpedo cylinder and the black things sticking out is torps, so "just rotate the drum mag and push another fish in the tube".
  3. Swedish Destroyer HMS Småland IRL as museum ship in Gothenburg harbour together with the Diesel-powered WWII Swedish submarine Northcaper. Northcaper has a pretty dope revolver-like 6 slot cylinder mag for its torpedoes that services the 2 forward torpedo tubes. So, you could fire of 2 torps then just rotate the big cylinder-mag and load 2 new fish in the tubes within seconds. HMS Småland with its sistership HMS Halland was the first 2 destroyers in the World to be equipped with surface-to-surface marine missiles. https://youtu.be/duucncECZec
  4. Oldschool_Gaming_YT

    Explane the fun factor with 4 CV's in a match

    Imagine playing a BB in a T8 double CV, double submarine, double Destroyer game. That is fun for the whole family! Spreadsheets says you had a Blast!
  5. Single fire torps? Doesn't that just mean that part from spamming pings on BBs and stressing them the hell out and pressuring them to use damage con to un-ping themselves Subs now can ping and fire 1 torp, force the BB to either use damage con or take a citadel hit and if he uses his damage con to un-ping you just ping him again and fire all the rest of the torps guarantee yourself citadel hits and perma floodings? Or am I missing something here? With this new mechanic every BB in the game should have a 30-40 sec cooldown on damage con. Sub captains will just sit on the bottom and ping everyone left, right and center and if they don't use dam.com to break ping they fire torps and if they do they just re-ping them and fire and also letting their div.mates on the surface know what BB just used up his damage con in vain. When will BBs ever be "safe" to use their damage cons any more? Just imagine all the FDR + Thunderer + Sub divisions we will see in the future! FDR just perma spot a BB so he cant disengage or go dark and of course cross fire him with all his strikes force out DCPs, Sub spamming pings on same BB, forcing out DCPs or just hit him with citadel and flooding torps and Thunderer just spamming fires at 20+ km range and forcing out DCPs and burning him down and all of them communicating when a player use DCP and when he is vulnerable. Then they just go thru the entire enemy team and no one is safe and no one can hide. Any sub divving up with a surface ship will just spam pings on enemy BBs and then tell his buddy in the fire spammer who to target and vice versa, "Hey, Montana just blew his DCP on my 2 fires, send some citadel and flooding homing torp at his, ok?" But hey...... BBs can push right into the center and drop depth charges on the subs ........ Thanks WG.....
  6. Oldschool_Gaming_YT

    Missouri loot box info here, get your Missouri loot box info here!

    Yes, same as like 7-8 triple A titels on PC! Really worth it for a meeh ship that only has a historical value in this game, nothing else. Still a huge amount of players (or village idiots) will do this. And that is why WG can keep on shafting their playerbase.
  7. Oldschool_Gaming_YT

    Why is ranked so infuriating?

    In randoms its 12 vs 12 and you are hoping for a win for som credits and XP but its pretty ok to loose as well as long as you had some fun in the match. In randoms there are usually about 4-5 players that haven't grasped the basics of the game/know what a mini map is/know what their ships are and aren't capable of/have zero understanding of objectives or how to win, but they can usually get carried by the good and unicum players. In ranked its 7 vs 7 but now you are climbing on a ladder to reach a certain rank/goal and those 4-5 bad players are suddenly about 60-70 % of your team and every time you manage to climb one step on the ladder those players are hanging on to your legs and pulling you down 3 steps. Thats the frustration of Randoms!
  8. Maybe the same way they did for all other nerfs implemented on all the other classes for 6 years? Also you have zero knowledge about playing DDs if you think Rockets was the "big thing".
  9. Oldschool_Gaming_YT

    PQ & Flamu BB Skill Update Impressions July 2021

    Gotta say, I like PQ very much and watch all his videos, but I definatly have to agree with Flamu on most of these points. Brisk for 2 points instead of PT, EM or even Vigilance is pretty dumb. The Dispersion skill just like Flamu said. It might have a very small effect on Thunderer and Conquerors fire spamming you but with their fire chance and Conqs amount of shells you still burn to death. Cruisers like Henri, Hinden, Wooster, DM and DDs like Haru, Kita etc wont care much about dispersion. So waste 4 points for this? Secondary working up is a good thing but must agree with Flamu that it should stay a bit longer after changing targets if it took you 45 sec to gain bonus, and also his point, was old Secondary build ever considered being OP?! Did they really have to nerf it in the first place? It was still only a few ships in the entire game that it was good on?! And also his point, what of all else? DDs had one cap skill reworked? So Dazzle is that good is it? Cant remember the rest he pointed out, just lazy work as usual from WG. So this is the second rework of the actual rework and many skills are still questionable or just crap? Good thing we got this rework right? Wonder what it cost us all? And also his point, WG cant even tell us ingame IF we actually proc one of these situational buffs? So we could actually get Fooook-all by investing all our skill points in these well tested well thought out skills, because WG cant even fix lock on bug/ island bug /torp aiming bug etc etc etc. So why would I think I actually get the buff when I get burned down by fire spammers, or faster secondarys after different amount of seconds etc etc. Who would know? This could all just be another way of WG cheating us out of captain XP or dabloons? I also didn't really like the "Pro-WG tune" of PQ in this video. Is he hard trying to get into the CC program or something? Almost got a No Zoup Flashback.
  10. Oldschool_Gaming_YT

    Missouri coming back in September?

    This is just a new desperate Money grab for WG using Wallet warriors thirst for getting one. You will end up spending 800 Euros and ending up with some flags. They do this every couple of month using different carrots.
  11. Oldschool_Gaming_YT

    We need DD rework please

    Did you have a stroke? I think you should call someone.
  12. Oldschool_Gaming_YT

    How Many Do Not Want Subs In The Game?

    WG hasn't been able to balance CVs in 6 years, do we really need a new game breaking class that doesn't have to deal with all the [edited] the surface ships has to deal with? How many years do you think it will take for WG to actually balance both CVs and Subs? What's next? Trained dolphins with C4 or torps on their backs? Cruisers with airstrikes is already in the making..... It will become more of a Clusterfaaaack then its already is. Do anyone remember how fun this game was a couple of years ago? I do. I know one thing for sure, with subs in the game no smart DD player will push the caps any longer or probably spot for you either, because with subs this will become even bigger suicide mission, just another [edited] thing that will permaspot your DD that you wont ever see. So good luck with that! Problem is with the new mechanics to subs they wont push in either because they will die or loose their battery power and become useless, so now you have no one pushing caps or spotting. Im a DD main since CBT and I know for sure I will play totally different when Subs make it to the game, much more selfish just like the BBs in the back. Also same as CVs subs will have [edited] players and really good ones, so probably the team with good ones will win. Because no balancing between sub class and rest of surface ships.