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  1. Premium Ship Review #108: T-61

    Has anyone heard WG mention anything about the pricepoint of the T-61? Im talking just the ship, no bundles? When i look at all the other T6 DDs in the premium shop they priced around 18-19 Euros, so should I expect T-61 to be the same? And if not, why?! At the same time I also gotten the feeling that ships that stirres up the most and get hyped a lot get a bigger pricepoint. Im thinking of Asashio, Belfast and such. Anyone have an idea?
  2. Top WOWS youtubers?

    Depends on what your looking for. Jingles - Reviews, fun crap, derps, gameplays, History stuf Flamu - Reviews, OP game play, tactics, Captain builds, news, modules, flags. Flambass - Reviews, OP game play, tactics, iChase - Reviews. tactics, news Notser - Reviews, upcoming news
  3. Dumbing down of super containers

    Im not sure but maybe you confuse the Supercontainers with the ones you can purchase at Christmas? Because I cant remember ever getting any good from Supercontainers, got one the other day with 25 Wyern flags. But when I bought some Christmas ones last yeah I got 3-4 ships. Think Flamu got Gremy, Nikolai and another "banned" ships in his when he opened them on stream.
  4. Suggestions for Grinding Credits

    Well its no Missouri. But if you really learn how to play her and max out her strengh, you will not be far behind. I think WG said that none of Missouri, Kutuzov or Belfast will be for sale again. Only chance is in Christmas containers and such.
  5. Suggestions for Grinding Credits

    There isnt really a secret to it. WG has set up this free game so you will need to spend money on it. Im one of the fortunate ones to have the Missouri, Kutuzov and after those ships you never ever have credit issues again. But unless you have possibility to buy a strong premium as Tirpitz, Lo Yang, Sharnhorst etc etc, you have to use flags, camos, play Ops. Murmansk was a great ship back in the day before they changed the MM but today its hard to earn good amounts with it. So if you like the game and you can see yourself playing it for a good while i would recommend you to invest in a strong T7-8 premium and mount all the goodies (flags and camos) on them.
  6. Hindenburg: Range or Reload?

    This!! Also use these same upgraded modules and they fit Hinden perfectly. You can safetly burn down a whole Yamato with the duration of that spotterplane. @Op. Some struggle to hit with spotterplane at long ranges when BB is manouvering but just draw a line pretty much alongside the hull waterline of the ship you are shooting at and lead appropriately and then just aim a bit lower then that and you shouild be spot on. Also try to predict how he is turning and lead the same.
  7. Hindenburg: Range or Reload?

    With range mod your turning a monster into a weak Zao, and you dont want that.
  8. This DD gets way to much cred. Skilled players will do good in this bad ones wont. It really IS a T10 Akizuki with all its drawbacks. No need to loose any sleep over this yet. How many crap games do you think Flamu had in this before and after the one he put up on YT?
  9. Hindenburg: Range or Reload?

    Without a dought reload mod. Range you get by equipping the upgraded spotterplane with extra duration. You dont need range for Ranked or Clanwars either. Same build applies to all modes. You want that monster DPM that ever sets more fires theb Zao. Extra range you dont need. And of course the special upgraded hydro module.
  10. DD's high tier game is bad

    You apparently havent played Hindenburg? That cruiser [edited] on all T10 BBs. She is the Anti-God.
  11. Akizuki - Good, bad, or meh?

    Not really, if you learn to play her. And I must be running into derping players on a regular basis then. The Yamamoto Kraken videos i showed above is just a small part of the Akizuki Kraken games i had with Yamamoto. And those which is not Kraken games are usually 4 kills games where you carry the team enormously. Thats why I dedicate a whole playlist to this ship on my Youtube channel.
  12. This....... and also THIS!!! Good post! Also, Khaba doesnt need buffs!
  13. Akizuki - Good, bad, or meh?

    Yeah, it really [edited] up the enemy team when you earn your kraken (as you do more often then any other ship) and you suddenly heal back 60% of youre health and get a 1,6 second reload on already machineguns. And also as i showed in the video above when you suddenly come face to face with a full health Atlanta at 4-5k range and you are less then half health and 6-7 seconds and 15 cits later hes dead and you are still alive?! And that is one of the ships that Should hard counter the Akizuki, specially at close range with that DPM. And Akizuki just laughs at her.
  14. I dont know about the math but a clanmate that has the module confirmed that fire last 7-8 seconds. So he pretty much never use repair for anything under 3 fires.
  15. Akizuki - Good, bad, or meh?

    This ship is God-Tier! Its a blast to play and you can pretty much crapon everything. I thought it was gonna be hard to trigger those Yamamoto captain skills but in Akizuki it is a breeze. It just happens over and over again...... gotta love that Kraken Yamamoto reload on this ship And of course, its always fun to be caught out by a full health Atlanta in your half dead Akizuki and you just melt him down dead with 15 Citadels in 6 seconds and your the one leaving the fight alive ....