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  1. Oldschool_Gaming_YT

    How Many Do Not Want Subs In The Game?

    WG hasn't been able to balance CVs in 6 years, do we really need a new game breaking class that doesn't have to deal with all the [edited] the surface ships has to deal with? How many years do you think it will take for WG to actually balance both CVs and Subs? What's next? Trained dolphins with C4 or torps on their backs? Cruisers with airstrikes is already in the making..... It will become more of a Clusterfaaaack then its already is. Do anyone remember how fun this game was a couple of years ago? I do. I know one thing for sure, with subs in the game no smart DD player will push the caps any longer or probably spot for you either, because with subs this will become even bigger suicide mission, just another [edited] thing that will permaspot your DD that you wont ever see. So good luck with that! Problem is with the new mechanics to subs they wont push in either because they will die or loose their battery power and become useless, so now you have no one pushing caps or spotting. Im a DD main since CBT and I know for sure I will play totally different when Subs make it to the game, much more selfish just like the BBs in the back. Also same as CVs subs will have [edited] players and really good ones, so probably the team with good ones will win. Because no balancing between sub class and rest of surface ships.
  2. Oldschool_Gaming_YT

    Kitakaze vs Harugumo

    Both are monsters and both are almost equals. Haru has one more turret and T10 MM, Kita has better maneuverability and more T9 MM with less CVs. Its a tossup, whatever you choose you win. I have had my Yamamoto captain on both but lately he sits on Haru for that insane reload when getting Kraken. Have a lot of monster games in both on my channel.
  3. Oldschool_Gaming_YT

    Thunderer and Stalingrad Nerfed Again

    And this is why you never spend any real cash on this game because you never know what the item you buy will become in a few month. just use up free in game currency and get all those ships for free and thats it. Dont really mind Thunderer getting nerfed, skilled players will do just as well with 21 km range and the newbies will have to adapt and stop hiding.
  4. Oldschool_Gaming_YT

    Server Up

  5. Oldschool_Gaming_YT

    Auto-filter game chat instead of auto-ban

    I get that feeling as well. like if I even after getting killed in a very funny way and I say in all-chat "Wow, I just went full [edited] there", maybe the game think I called someone [edited] and bans me. So I think you really need to think what world you use.
  6. Oldschool_Gaming_YT

    Auto-filter game chat instead of auto-ban

    Damn, then I must have a WeeGee employee putting in overtime for me..... Just had a 6 day ban, was able to play for 2 days with chat and then another 8 days ban!? Thing is, I now im competitive and have a track record of loosing my crapin chat when teamed with window lickers unite. But this last ban I wasn't even aware of me saying anything other than nice things in chat?
  7. Oldschool_Gaming_YT

    You Whales Ready For The Auctions?

    What if I throw in a Jean Bart as well?
  8. Oldschool_Gaming_YT

    You Whales Ready For The Auctions?

    I want a Benham and throw in a Belfast and a Missouri.
  9. Same here! Updated half my wardrobe with some nice fine shirts and suits, a DJI Drone and also bought Cyberpunk and Assasins creed Valhalla since I dont waste any more money on this game last 3 years. So win -Win for me since I have a lot of old Premiums that keeps my flushed with Free XP and new Coal/Steele/Free XP ships.
  10. Oldschool_Gaming_YT

    When is the Petro getting nerfed?

    Will probably happen when WG sell the game to a American company. As long as WOW is Russian you will have Russian Bias. Petro also probably the best AA cruiser in the game, Smolensk is pretty decent as well for some reason.
  11. Oldschool_Gaming_YT

    Normal DDs can't do ANYTHING versus CVs!

    You mean "Normal DDs" as in the Old strongest DD AA plattform in the game? Because that's pretty "normal" Petro is also a "Normal" cruiser that can punish CVs quite well with full AA build, probably because its Russian. Unfortunately these "Normal" ships are quite a minority in this game.
  12. Oldschool_Gaming_YT

    Zath Chat - Ships Leaving in 10.5

    Great feedback and im well aware. I did commentary on all my first 200-220 -ish videos (I think), but when Covid hit im working from home in my flat and surrounded by the whole family which makes recording voice over is extremely hard. Will hopyfully do commentary again when things go back to normal.
  13. Then I think you need to teach the majority of the player base your tricks. Maybe the trick is to not push the "Battle" button?