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  1. Oldschool_Gaming_YT

    100% WR achieved in Sprint 5

    I missed it by one game, ony had one defeat where I saved my star. So 14 battles all together.
  2. I had almost the reverse thing happen to me, getting a Kraken while almost doing no damage at all... Of course while trying to impress Flamu as well, didnt work so well.....
  3. Oldschool_Gaming_YT

    Henri IV is an absolute Beast!!

    Afk right now but better range and reload and crap concealment. But that doesnt matter. I have 18 km detection on mine and still kill pretty much everything.
  4. Oldschool_Gaming_YT

    Henri IV is an absolute Beast!!

    Its definatly worth the grind, all my 250+ K games featured on my YouTube channel @Oldschool Gaming is with the Legendary module. Is their any nerf confirmed yet? Only thing I heard was a 0,7 sec reload nerf which will have no effect on this ship. Had another beast game in her. 250 K Damage Kraken Unleashed First blood High Caliber Confederate Arsonist Witherer
  5. Dont you need to play X amount of games before you can post on the forum? Maybe we need to up that number.....
  6. Oldschool_Gaming_YT

    Henri IV is an absolute Beast!!

    Definitely, I felt the same at first, because stealth is what keeps you alive as a cruiser. But then I realized that stealth means nothing to Henri because Henri can comfortably sit in open water at 17-18-19 km and dodge 3,5 million potential damage while taking 280 K damage from the enemy team and survive the game.
  7. Oldschool_Gaming_YT

    Henri IV is an absolute Beast!!

    Yes. Always using that.
  8. Oldschool_Gaming_YT

    Henri IV is an absolute Beast!!

    What are the confirmed nerfs coming? Because reload nerf wont effect this ship at all.
  9. Oldschool_Gaming_YT

    Henri IV is an absolute Beast!!

    When it comes to carry a team or snatch the victory in the Endgame. Havent found one other ship yet that is this good every time.
  10. Oldschool_Gaming_YT

    NTC is Being Reworked

    So did I get this right? Instead of releasing Colbert so everyone and their mother could sink all their XP or credits into that ship (which would fix the problem WG created NTC for in the first place) they hide this ship the same way they just hid Benham behind a insane grind that most players will never do?! So instead of releasing 2 anticipated ships that WG could gotten a s**t ton of credits and Free XP for they made them almost inpossible to get for 80% of the playerbase. I will never understand this Company.... So I guess Somers and Smolensk will be hidden behind some other insane grind/cash grab events as well?
  11. Oldschool_Gaming_YT

    So what if people have all this free xp and stuff

    Talk about WG shootinh themselves innthe foot with hiding Benham behind a money grab. If they instead had offered that ship for coal/free XP/steel they would have solved their own problem. Also maybe release Colbert, Smolensk and Somers. Problem solved.
  12. Oldschool_Gaming_YT

    Benham missions are too grindy, I concede defeat

    No it wasent. Pearl for Kami was way easier since you had longer time and could play more ships and modes. This event is set up for failure so you get forced to buy crates. This event also forces you to grind your sanity in one speciel mode with a pretty low rate of credits. Pearl was the cake walk. I will not even try to grind Benham in this event. Not worth your sanity.
  13. Oldschool_Gaming_YT

    People hitting in smoke

    Just aim at the shells coming out of the smoke and you hit the ship in smoke. Never duel a high ROF ship like Harugumo from a smoke. If hes good he will outtrade you every time. Most players dont even move in their smokes.
  14. Oldschool_Gaming_YT

    Can we say no to Kutuzov next CW? Please?

    Kutuzov isnt that OP, specially now with all the other ships coming out. Kutuzov is a paper armoured cruiser that can be blapped from any angle by almost any ship. Kutuzov sits in a smoke almost twice the size of the ship it self and spams HE, ita really not that hard to hit with a blind fired salvo and any shell that hits will have devestating effect. Kutuzovs are only considered OP because no one tries to shoot it, unspotted or not.
  15. Oldschool_Gaming_YT

    Belfast - man it's been a long time

    The most Kraken friendly ship in my port.