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  1. Oldschool_Gaming_YT

    Kraken Secured

    Hold my beer....! Didnt break your record but got very close...
  2. Oldschool_Gaming_YT

    Benham will make a comback soon!!!

    Could you say something about which way your leaning towards in regards to payment? Cash, Free XP, Coal, Steele? If WG would mention this it would mean a lot of players will feel free to part with a lot of the other currency (which I believe is in WGs interest). Otherwise I think a whole lot of players will just sit on everything, not spending it on anything else until it is announced. Maybe just mention this up the chain?
  3. Oldschool_Gaming_YT

    Benham will make a comback soon!!!

    There is no reason that would translate over to this new opportunity, since that price was based on a crate content summarize. But we should probably expect a hefty Tier 9 premium price (if thats the way it will be sold..... maybe coal, steele?)
  4. Oldschool_Gaming_YT

    Benham will make a comback soon!!!

    Same here. But in this case, totally worth it.
  5. Oldschool_Gaming_YT

    Benham will make a comback soon!!!

    From a thread on the EU-forum, WGs Mr.Conway confirmed that Benham will come back in one way or another. just thought it might be of interest to anyone who as I loves torpedo focused destroyers and missed out on the summer holiday event. https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/126460-will-benham-be-available-to-the-playerbase/?do=findComment&comment=3237855
  6. Oldschool_Gaming_YT

    1 ship has ruined 3 tiers of play

    Its litterary the easiest ship to hit in smoke, it gives its position away every 3-4 seconds and its quite big in regards to the smoke. If your in a BB, load HE and smack away, if you are in a cruiser or DD, load AP, or torp it and either hit it or force it out of its smoke. If youre in a Henri, your AP will citadel it from any angle. If its parked behind a island then change position. The Wooster does pretty much the same thing but uses islands instead of smoke AND have hydro, radar and Def AA! The Harugumo does pretty much the same thing but are much smaller and have the best torps in the geme on a torp reload booster. The Henri V can sit angled at range and burn down half the enemy team while just laugh at their attempts at hitting him. The Benham can spit out 16 torps every 60 seconds and pretty much halt the mayority of the enemy team totally alone on a flank (just watch Flamus record damage video). So just pick your poison!
  7. Oldschool_Gaming_YT

    I seriously can't make up my mind on the coal ships!!

    Id say hands down, Smolensk!! No expert on the other ships but have seen the videos on Youtube. I do think they will take Smolensk out of rotation in a while and maybe even ban it like Belfast or Kutuzov. Dont think that will happen to the other ships. I also dont think WG will nerf Smolensk. My problem with T10 playerbase is that it is so many clueless players out there, so if I want to win I need to carry a whole lot of teammates, and if you are a bit above average you can do that in the Smolensk, dont think any of the other ships has the same effect.
  8. Oldschool_Gaming_YT

    Why is Wooster so Expensive to Play?

  9. Oldschool_Gaming_YT

    european Union?

    Gonna make a video of that ship soon on my channel, love that ship! First destroyers in the world that equipped surface-to-surface marine missiles.
  10. Oldschool_Gaming_YT

    Happy Birthday to me - SupercontaIner luck

    Congrats! Kutuzov is one of my favourite ships in the game. Almost as good as Smolensk, but since it is T8 that usually fights and damage T10 really well the rewards are even better then Smolensk.
  11. Oldschool_Gaming_YT

    Henri IV, Zao, or Moskva?

    Henri IV [edited] on everything in the game and is the most OP cruiser you can find, so I would go with that!! Zao is also very good ship with lots of fire and torpspam. Forget about Moskva, its just a XP Pinata! Every time I see one in my Henri I know I will have about 60-70 000 free damage.
  12. Oldschool_Gaming_YT

    What exactly am I doing wrong with the Belfast?

    Its hard to say what you might be doing wrong unless you have replay files available. I usually play my Belfast quite aggressive, usually pushing with the DD at start to go and take out the enemy DD at first cap contest, then depending on how my team and enemy team moves I usually push hard forward or kite backwards and halting their push by focusing the leading ship with my HE Fire spam. Belfast is the only smoke ship that isnt that dependent on his team due to strong radar and hydro, but it sure helps to have a friendly DD with you. I link a few of my videos on the Belfast below, maybe they can give you some tips on how to play her?
  13. Had a pretty sweet 200K Damage game in the Belfast the other day.
  14. Oldschool_Gaming_YT

    When Is Smolensk Nerfed?

    Just had a interesting game with Flambass. My flank (the 2 tier 10 BBs) folded like a leaf, fortunatly Flambass and the other DD went and capped their base.
  15. Oldschool_Gaming_YT

    Sub testing still looks unfair on dd's

    Being a DD main since CBT and as you say with all the suiside [edited] this game already throws at DDs I really wonder what carrot WG can give to DDs to actually give a damn about subs. To be really frank, Subs arent DDs problem, so why would we go out of our ways to go yet again into harms way to risk our life to kills subs as well? Were already hunted and focused by every class in the game because "were so op" with our 15-20k HP and no heals....