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  1. scheduledbeatings

    (DIEBL)Diet Bleach Recruitment

    That season is here again, and Diet Bleach is ready for it. We've all come a long way since the inception of Clans and we want you to be part of our team. This season we take Typhoon or bust, so filling both our divisions is a new priority for us and half-decent players, with good shots and map awareness are what we want. The clan is currently at about 52% W/L ratio and our clan battle numbers are pretty similar. We have most of the port offerings one could desire and our discord is next level. Our collection of weebs will entertain you in our downtime and we have fairly in-depth strat and sale threads. Come play with us today! https://discord.gg/YFtPySV our discord is a good place to apply, or in game of course!
  2. scheduledbeatings

    (DIEBL)Diet Bleach Recruitment

    Greetings fellow Captains, Diet Bleach is currently topping off its roster. We are all aware of the tactical and economic benefits that a clan provides, and the low hanging fruit is there for the taking. Daily squad ups are a norm if you live within the PST-EST time-zones, and we strive for a +50% W/L ratio. We encourage Discord, but mics aren't necessarily necessary. Diversification of our clan fleet this season is a huge priority, and Tier 8-10 players will be priority to us. We can also match anyone tier for tier with ships and provide thorough insight into the statistics and game-play mechanics of the game. Playtime/stats are not an issue if your current progress looks promising. https://discord.gg/YFtPySV our discord is a good place to apply, or in game of course! Cheers!