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  1. Button will be available in the original News article on Oct. 19.
  2. rufus374

    Update installation concerns

    Mine sat at 78% for at least 10-15 minutes (wasn't really timing it). Overall, I'd estimate it took about 40-45 minutes total to update/install 7.10 with the updates pre-downloaded.
  3. rufus374

    RN Sovereign Advice/Suggestions

    Edited my OP to clarify that I already have the Warspite and used sovereigns to get my 6500 doubloons back. I still have 260 sovereigns to spend.
  4. Good Morning Fellow Captains, I'm looking for suggestions and advice on how to spend the 260 sovereigns I've earned. I've already bought the Warspite with sovereigns to get the 6,500 doubloons, so that's not an option. I've earned all the available Guineas so far, so I am on track to get the Cossack for $0.99 when the RN event ends (I bought the 10 for 99 cent deal) and I also have Jack Dunkirk sitting idle in my Reserves. All that said, is the Gallant good enough to warrant the cost since I'll soon(ish) have the Cossack or should I get Bert Dunkirk and miscellaneous other flags/camo? I've already bought some premium RN boxes from the shop and I'm not interested in spending any more money on them, so getting both Bert and Gallant is a no-go. Also, any advice on the best ship/line for Jack and Bert would be welcome. I have UK BBs and CAs up to Tier VII, and got the Acasta and Icarus from RN boxes. Thanks!
  5. "The Top 100 players of the week receive a special achievement—“Amongst Heroes”—as a reward. If two or more players are at the borderline, with all occupying 100th position and scoring the same number of points, they all get to the top. The results are summed up once a week. The crediting of points is put on hold three hours before the beginning of the next stage. A special announcement in the Port will warn you about this. Players who manage to enter a battle before the cut-off will receive their points as usual, while battles that begin after 1:00 AM PT will not be considered." https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/development/royal-navy/
  6. Money spent on the game should not have any bearing on player inclusion in such a program.
  7. rufus374

    When WOWS makes you feel old...

    I can't wait until my son is older so we can watch Blazing Saddles together. I probably saw it when I was 10 or 11, but that was many decades ago when society wasn't quite so insistent about being offended about everything on behalf of everyone.
  8. rufus374

    When WOWS makes you feel old...

    I've used the classic "What in the wide, wide world of sports is going on here?" when I've seen an "unusual" deployment from my team before. Two old-school references for the price of one!
  9. rufus374

    When WOWS makes you feel old...

    Yeah. When someone is going off on a particularly asinine rant in chat, I like to come back with "Lighten up, Francis." Of course, I have no idea how many of my teammates actually know where that quote comes from, but I'd guess it's maybe 1 or 2, at best.
  10. rufus374

    am i lucky? got jervis and acasta so far

    I got the Icarus mission from the a regular crate today and got the Acasta from a premium crate yesterday (bought a total of 10 crates).
  11. rufus374

    Personal Record in Dynamo

    I managed to shoot down 40 planes in my Sims yesterday despite the fact that I forgot to equip Defensive AA. Also managed to kill 13 or 14 S-boats so I still topped the team in a 4-star effort.
  12. My only gripe about the UK DD missions is that, so far, the ones for Tiers VII and VIII are much easier than the one for V+. Not to mention the 4th Directive mission with the upper tiers gives you a Premium crate instead of a regular one.
  13. rufus374

    Fleet Action Friday - Operation Dynamo

    Absolutely. I'm using my Nicholas captain (10 pts / not AA spec'd), running prem Def AA and flags, and I think I've averaged about 35 plane kills. Haven't had a team yet that didn't 5-star the Op either, so GG to my teammates so far.
  14. Fair point. I expect that I'll be able to grind most, if not all, of the 48 Guineas in game (unless WG decides some need to be Tier X only) during the course of my normal gameplay. Hence my decision to make the purchase. Also, not a bad deal for those players who want the ship but know that they will not be able to earn all the Guineas due to real world commitments.
  15. I had the same offer (and bought it) so it looks like it's for all players right now. No indication of how long it would be available so I went ahead and spent the dollar.