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  1. He means the mission condition is RANDOM or RANKED only, not that you can't get that many sec hits in co-op.
  2. rufus374

    Main guns not firing bug

    I had it happen 4 or 5 times last night over 20 or so games.
  3. rufus374

    Missing Supercontainer

    @turbo07 I have discovered the source of my confusion. I read the DevBlog post on Reddit, which stated 1 SC and 10 daily containers. In another thread, someone posted the graphic from the News article on the homepage which shows 1 SC and 9 daily containers, which is mirrored by the accompanying text. As I had already looked at the DevBlog, I didn't look at that section of the article when I reviewed it for this patch. While I am very appreciative of all the free things that WoWS gives out or provides access to (i.e. ARP ships), it is frustrating to have conflicting information out there from different WoWS sources, especially since WG insists on using different 3rd-party platforms (Reddit, Facebook, etc) to put out so much information. Of course, since the DevBlog on Reddit is an official channel of communication from the WoWS team, when will that 10th daily container be showing up?
  4. rufus374

    Missing Supercontainer

    That was my assumption, but I'm still curious as to why it only shows 10 containers. The announcement stated a Supercontainer AND 10 daily containers.
  5. Anyone else not get a supercontainer for the changes to the Service Record? I received everything else WG promised, but no SC. EDIT: It appears that I did get my SC. My results show I got 51,500 Free XP, and SCs give 50K FXP. Still curious though, since it only shows I opened 10 crates. I might still submit a ticket and see.
  6. rufus374

    I shoot back

    That's reserved for the second (and subsequent) times you go orange.
  7. rufus374

    I shoot back

    On a serious note OP, I have run across players (old and new) who think pink in WoWS is like going blue in WoT. After letting them know that you can't shoot pinks without repercussions (using a civil tone, of course), most stopped and thanked me for the information. As for the others, like Lert said, it is a self-correcting problem.
  8. rufus374

    I shoot back

    People who turn orange should be restricted to only playing Defense of Newport Naval Station with a full bot team. To get back to Co-op, they would have to average 3 stars over a minimum of 10 games.
  9. rufus374

    Convert Free XP discount x 35?

    Literally the worst conversion concept ever. Hence the reason they run this discount 2-3 times as often as Free XP conversion.
  10. rufus374

    Directives: How far along are you?

    Finished Directive 2 this morning before the family got up. As for Directive 3 and the Gordito, I'll play as I usually do (play enough to get win on the ships I'm grinding and get first 2 daily containers) and see what happens.
  11. I got lucky (if you want to call it that) and pulled a WV 41 from my crate for completing Stage 1, so no complaints there. However, the "rewards" of a SINGLE Dragon flag or 100,000 credits for some of the tasks in the first 2 sets of Directives were lackluster, to say the least. However, I have gotten enough coal from all this to get another Tier X ship on Thursday when the coupons refresh. I also have 1.3M+ Free XP, so I have options there, as well. Now, if I could just get enough credits to buy and equip the 3 Tier IX and 3 Tier VIII ships that I've unlocked, I would be set.
  12. Halfway through Stage 2, chugging along at 340 a minute. Should finish 2nd Directive up tomorrow or Thursday and get the next token booster. Right now, I'm projected to complete half the grind, 18/36. I figure the bump I get with the next booster will get me to Phase 21 or 22, but I've been too lazy to do any math to confirm. I'll be able to pick up a decent amount of coal and I got the W. Virginia from the Santa crate given for completing Stage 1, so I guess I'm winning.
  13. You have to click on your user name and then click "Purchase Premium". Because having it in the Premium Shop link would be too much work.
  14. rufus374

    Sooooo Wargaming.....

    They'll probably add them to the Research Bureau in order to give us players more "flexibility".