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  1. I logged in last night as usual and ended up logging out several hours later without ever playing a battle. Not because of the survey specifically (though the ad at the end irritated me a bit), but more of a general lack of enthusiasm for the wash / rinse / repeat grind that WoWS has become.
  2. I also found this particular survey odd. I would expect that WG already all the data potentially gleaned from the answers so I'm not sure what the purpose of the survey is.
  3. rufus374

    Monthly Super container

    Same for me.
  4. rufus374

    Thank you WG for the Code I can 't use.

    No. You could just not limit the number of activations for each account. If I have 50 friends who want to send me their "Friend" code, why should WG care? For the record, I tried to share mine with my son, but we all know how that worked out. It's really about effective communication and, once again, you came up short.
  5. Just pulled the Ark Royal from the small Dockyard container. Too bad I don't really enjoy CVs, but one less ship on the available list for future drops.
  6. 20 New Year Sky camo, 50 Commander XP flags, and USS Benham.
  7. rufus374

    I got a _________ from a container. .

    I just pull the Benham from the Prime drop Mega crate. Merry Christmas to me!
  8. rufus374

    Server ist kaput?

    Same for me.
  9. I'll add my emphatic NO! As others have said, this seems like change for change's sake. This kind of change definitely seems like something that should be proposed to the player base through an in-game survey to garner the broadest audience, at the least, since most of us don't play on the PT server.
  10. rufus374

    Dutch cruisers

    I'd like the option to swap the airstrike out for Sims 49kt sea mines. I'd hit more ships with them.
  11. rufus374

    Newer Player - Snowflakes??

    Starts next week on the 17th.