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  1. rufus374

    Ultimate Frontier

    Managed a 3-star and a 4-star result with random teams tonight. Lost a star both times for the forts. IMO, WG needs to buff the forts' AA and hit points.
  2. 50% discount on permanent camo.
  3. rufus374

    2018 Secret Santa!

    Merry Christmas Siegewolf. Hope Santa is good to you!
  4. rufus374


    I run Sierra Mike on every ship if I'm not low on them.
  5. rufus374

    I miss Submarines

    While the mode got repetitive quickly, I do miss being able to farm the OP for Royal Navy missions/directives. I think it will be interesting to see how WG implements subs when the finally hit the test server.
  6. rufus374

    Goodbye lootboxes?

    I got 5 ships from 12 containers: Tirpitz/Asashio from one 6 crate bundle and Tirpitz/Mass/Atago from another. No clue on why RNGesus loved me so much on that day, but I'm not complaining. That said, I know that my results were atypical and will not have any higher (or lower) expectations the next time I decide to buy crates from WG or any other video game. I think WG is pretty darn good at giving equivalent or better value for their crates but I'll do what I always do, which is research what the company is stating is possible to gain in said crates and decide if I want to spend money.
  7. rufus374

    Goodbye lootboxes?

    My children regularly lament the fact that my wife and I do not allow them unfettered access to the internet. When they are allowed on the internet, there are time limits and restrictions on what they can/cannot do. I even blocked YouTube on their computer. My son is angry that he does not yet have a cell phone and my teen daughter feels mistreated since we won't allow her to have Facebook or Instagram and all her friends have social media. By being a parent instead of trying to be a BFF to my kids, I don't have to worry (as much) about what they might be exposed to while online. I'm not so sure why this appears to be so hard.
  8. rufus374

    Goodbye lootboxes?

    Sounds like the issue is parents in the UK not supervising the activities/habits of their children.
  9. rufus374

    WoW pulls .99 for 10 guineas

    Absolutely! I bought the 10 for $1 as soon as I read about it here on the forums and spent my Guineas for the Cossack yesterday. No sense waiting around and I avoid any potential angst/anger/etc. should there be some unforeseen situation that seems to plague Wargaming from time to time.
  10. I've ground out 75 Guineas so far, all 40 available on my account and 35/40 on my son's account. I bought the 10 for $1 for both accounts so, technically, I'm a Cossack owner now and I only need to grind Directives on my son's account to get the last 5 for him. I'll see what this week's Directives look like and then decide if I want more Guineas for the credits. While I will agree with many that this campaign has gone on far too long, I'm happy that I will be able to get us both a very nice premium DD for $2.
  11. rufus374

    What is with Killer Whale?????

    My experiences match yours. I think I've managed 2 or 3 wins out of about a dozen runs so far. I've not had a single loss from losing all the ships and, in several battles my team has failed to get even a single ship into the exit zone. It's like everyone is so anxious to farm damage they yolo the BBs and wait for the waves to spawn or they are so afraid of the BBs they never leave the inner harbor. I can't wait for this one to go to the back of the line. It can't happen soon enough. Bring back DYNAMO! (Or even subs.)
  12. Since Killer Whale has come back, it's like everyone has forgotten how to play/win. I have yet to win once in 4 tries. 3 of those were 5-star runs that were lost because the some of the team was more interested in farming damage than getting to the exit and winning. There have been polite reminders (from me and others) at the beginning to not ignore getting enough ships to the exit. Still no luck. In my last loss, I got to watch a New Mexico sail away from the west exit to go north to join a Fuso and try to farm the irrelevant bots while time expired with only 2 in the circle. PLEASE play the objectives so we all reap the rewards of 5 star wins. Sorry for the rant. Once was frustrating. 3 times in a row is infuriating (to put it mildly)!
  13. Just bought 6 more for my son's account. Tirpitz B Atago B Massachusetts B 35K Free XP 40 camo
  14. 6 Crates Asashio B Tirpitz B 14 day Premium 20 Camo 1250 doubloons 1250 doubloons
  15. Dev Blogs should absolutely be posted to the forum by the DEVS! Every morning, there are 3 websites that I go to first as I drink my coffee: Dilbert, TD Ameritrade and this one. This forum is my primary source of news and information for WoWS. I will sometimes go to the WoWS homepage to read articles that have been cross-posted in bits and pieces, but I do not start there. I have a Facebook account that was made many years ago to stay in touch with family when I was deployed. These days, I might look at Facebook 1 or 2 times a month. Likewise, I have subscribed to the WoWS YouTube page, but I rarely watch the videos. I'm on Reddit some but don't follow any pages, so it's not a source of WoWS news for me. I don't even have Twitter or Instagram and have no desire to wade into those cesspools. I do not want to have to go to 6 different sites/platforms to piece together what is going on with the future of the game. WG, please follow numerous suggestions above and integrate the Dev Blogs here.