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  1. The New WGC Launcher

    I play Ships, Tanks, and Planes, so I found the WGC nice for me. It's never caused me any issues that I've noticed so I rarely close it down.
  2. The New WGC Launcher

    @Radar_X What about those of us who have already been using it for a while now? How do we get in on this gravy train? I downloaded in March 2017 and have run it without any apparent issues (I guess I'm finally part of the 1% ).
  3. Pen for zero damage?

    At least they count for cap resets.
  4. Managed to get the same duplicate item in both of my crates so far today.
  5. Got my 4 slots early this weekend.
  6. Fearsome Friday - The Nemesis

    Tier III cruisers and destroyers in Scenario battles.
  7. This weeks Port def Scenario

    This one has been a bit frustrating for me so far. Not sure if just a lot of new players or we've all forgotten how to play it. Had a 5 star in the bag last night after 3 losses and a 1 star win. Of course, we wound up with 4 stars when the final salvo from the last BB alive destroyed a shore installation just as the team killed him.
  8. Killer Whale meetup

    I'll be on in a little while. Need to get the kids fed first. The unreasonable urchins want to eat EVERY day, sometimes more than once.
  9. Ai targeting

    I will say it is uncanny how quickly you take fire when you are spotted if you have low health. Really seems like the AIs have amazing turret traverse speeds or the ability to be looking right at you before you get spotted. I'm also amazed at the armor and DPM of German and IJN Tier III cruisers post-patch. I don't remember the op it was prior to this update, but I had 37 citadels in one with my Cleveland, which is a record for me. Now I'm lucky to get 6-8 on a match where I survive the whole time and all the CAs and BBs sail around full broadside and light 2 fires per volley with full pens.
  10. Ai targeting

    If you are the first cruiser spotted, good luck making it more than 5 more minutes. Had a game the other day in my Budyonny where I was left on 76 HP and hid behind the island with the Raptor. I was plane spotted but out of direct line of fire. Nonetheless, my target indicator consistently showed 4-5 ships focusing me and peppering the island with shells. Thankfully my team took advantage of my "contribution" and killed them all.
  11. Killer Whale meetup

    Glad I was able to help. I had a lot of fun. Thanks for the invite and hit me up again some time if I'm on.
  12. Killer Whale meetup

    I'm on to the XP stage, but I'll div up if you need the ships.
  13. Got 4 more Reserve slots from the Credits container. While I only have 24 slots (a rather insignificant number judging from other posts), 20 of them are vacant. Please let us sell them for credits (which is why I am choosing the Credits container in the first place) or reduce the drop frequency to 0.000001%. Better yet, just remove them all together. I'd gladly pay the 100 doubloons in the future if I ever need more (and I seriously doubt I will).
  14. Agree 100%. I only got a Facebook account before my final deployment so I could keep in touch with the family and friends. Now that I'm retired, I pretty much only use it to stay connected with old Air Force buddies and mentors. Let me PM a Mod whatever they want to enter and they can put my name into the hopper for the drawing, but I'm not going to put my face out on the Warships Facebook/Twitter. That's my contribution to Keep America Beautiful .
  15. Raptor Rescue buffed?

    It might be that I never noticed it before, but it seems that the AI bots will now focus low HP cruisers HARD, regardless of what else is closer. Not just this Op but last week's Op as well. We all know this is sound gameplay but it seems to be a recently acquired skill for the bots.