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  1. rufus374

    This is [edited] War Gaming

    The system does not account for any collection items you have already received, so you have the exact same odds of getting any one item from the first crate as the last crate. Like it or not, that's WG's model for all collections. However, I'm not sure why you're upset with Epochs. If I remember correctly (since I completed it a while back), there are only 30 total chances to get items, hence the 1:1 exchange ratio. So, in essence, you are getting a new item each time.
  2. rufus374

    italian token mission 3 code

    5 Missions give 200K credits each. Final reward is 300 Italian tokens.
  3. rufus374

    italian token mission 3 code

    Base XP missions only for Ranked/Random, so COOP mains can disregard.
  4. 100% agree. Give us all the skills and let us choose. If I want to run a full torp build on a BB that has them, that's my call.
  5. rufus374

    This commander skill rework is garbage.

    They should make every surface combat/defense skill available to the surface warfare classes. KM and (select) IJN BBs should have the option of going full torpedo build. Not saying anyone should, but if one of the goals of this abomination was to allow greater diversity of builds, then at least put every option on the table.
  6. I just put my Mogami skipper in my Mushi and it was normal (no cost). Not sure why you would get something different.
  7. rufus374

    Time to move captains around before rework?

    I read that post in the thread where the question was asked. My impression is that the "3 battle" idea was his/her own and their way of ensuring that captains were considered in retraining, as they had earned XP/Commander XP on the new ship.
  8. Got 8/14 stars on Monday and finished the last 6 stars + 4.3K BXP last night. I figure I'll have Stras on Thursday (I can get ~8-9K BXP a night in CO-OP over 20 or so games) and might be able to grind out the other campaign over the weekend. I just spammed the heck out of Kitakaze/Fletcher/Benson for the damage/12 Top 5 tasks. I also did the DD spotting task once.
  9. rufus374


    You can get ships? All I've seen is camo and, occasionally, flags. Not a ship yet, nor any premium time. I do think I managed to pull 300 dubs or so from a standard crate, along with one hit of 7500 coal from something. From my perspective, this year (along with Black Friday) is considerably less generous than previous years. Of course, I might just be in the RNG doghouse too.
  10. rufus374


    CVS gift cards, for sure. That's all my son asks for when birthday and Christmas comes around since he plays botes and tanks both. He doesn't ask for my credit card and I don't get annoyed at what he's wasting his money on. Win - win for both of us.
  11. A little over an hour ago. The transaction e-mail from my bank is time stamped at 7:21 CST.
  12. They finally showed up in port. 8 Mega crates gave me 4 x camo, 2 x flags, 2K dubs and 12.5K coal.
  13. Sounds like WG needs to unplug the Premium shop, wait 1 minute and then plug it back in to reboot.
  14. So far, the 8 crates I bought from the Premium store on the web are MIA. I have a transaction notification from my CC company, but no e-mail from WG that I made the purchase. The 8 that I bought from the Armory in game showed up immediately. Of course, the "discount" in the Armory is significantly lower (0% / 5% / 10%) than in the Premium store (0% / 15% / 25%). Results from the 8 Big containers were 4 sets of camos / 3 sets of flags and 1K dubs.
  15. rufus374

    Torpedoes Not Firing

    I had one game where they would never fire and in the other, I got off both launchers on the starboard side, but the port side would not fire. Tried to deselect and reselect the target or select another target but couldn't get a launce and then I died.