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  1. Esbern_Snare

    AA ships

    Now that there are more and more invincible cv's being added to the roster maybe it is time to bring back aa ships like the Atlanta and Des Moines of old or give all ships an aa boost?
  2. Esbern_Snare

    Reset Commander link

    This would be extremely helpful. Commander skills and upgrades go hand in hand
  3. Esbern_Snare

    ST, changes to the commander skills system.

    Maybe getting into this discussion a little late..... The revised Secondary Armaments Expert skill is a huge nerf to German BB's or really any BB with long range secondaries. Going from 60% to 35% reduction in dispersion does not make this an equitable tradeoff for automatic selection of targets. However, if the targets would be selected automatically if no manual target was selected I may keep it. I don't understand removing the Alarming skill (otherwise known as Incoming Fire Alert) from BB's. That is one of my most used skills and in my opinion one of the more useful ones against long range snipers. Also, no Radio Location for BB's??? Pyrotechnist.... now there is a skill that will be used by a lot of people playing BB (for the uninitiated that is sarcasm). BB's either have a 100% chance of causing multiple fires like the British (at least on my ships) or use AP. Downgrade from 2% to 1% also makes this a questionable choice for cruisers and destroyers. Marksman skill is meh..... doesn't help you punish that silly cruiser that decided to turn broadside to you 20k away if you are engaged in a fight in your corner.... but then again it doesn't detract from what we already have either so.... meh. Brawler for cruisers sounds like a skill everybody, especially those complaining about team mates dying early needs. Unfortunately it may mean the opposite than what the name implies. Maybe it should be renamed "Sniper" as people sitting back will be rewarded with higher accuracy as their team mates die? Anyway, interesting option. Loader.... who actually uses this on a DD? Shoot whatever shells you have and get the other kind in the 3-7 sec it takes to reload (I don't even use it on BB's). If the reason for this rework was to eliminate useless options I think this one should be on the top of the list. Cautious.... Interesting. Good new skill for torp DD's. All in all I am not too worried about the changes. Not certain we will see a huge difference in the skill sets everyone will select for their ships (and I will probably end up with more or less the same skills I have already selected). The 2 extra points are welcome.... I no longer have to compromise in the selection of skills and the slightly longer grind is not a major issue (I mean consider what you had to endure grinding the Kansas and Minnesota to get the Vermont). Could say more but this is already too long a post. See you in battle Esbern
  4. Esbern_Snare

    Skill rework - the unread FAQ

    I have not thought through all the effects the new captain skill system have on every ship and other changes WoW are making. However, one thing I know is the balance of older ships in the game has been totally upset with the introduction of some of the new ships.... Scharnhorst used to be a great brawler but now it burns to the waterline before getting close and cannot do damage at a distance. Atlanta was fun to mess with the cv's but now it is just meh at best and when spotted it is done - one salvo from a BB and it is an instant artificial reef and let's not talk about the Murmansk (even the camo looks dated). Time to rework the balance of some of these ships.....
  5. Esbern_Snare

    Update 0.9.11: Winter Trophies

    How did the new American battleship line ever get through player testing? The ships are awful. Slow, terrible firing rate and turret turn speed and they burn faster than napalm. Ships should have at least one thing they can do well or be average in everything.... the only thing this line does is die fast. Shoot your guns, go make dinner and when you get back the guns may have reloaded. What a way to attract new players.....
  6. Esbern_Snare

    Daily mission rewards good & bad

    First 2 games you are actually better off in random. You will get the rewards regardless of whether you win or not and you get more points in random
  7. Esbern_Snare

    Compliments vs Report

    I agree with both those statements. Most people use up all their reports but hardly use their compliments. Just trying to make something not very useful into something a little more positive. I see a lot of guys trying very hard in ranked but I am out of compliments..... and yes, I have been drinking :-)
  8. You should consider having the ability to give more compliments than reports. Having an limit on reports makes sense in that you only report the people who are really bad or obnoxious but if you want a positive gameplay maybe not limiting compliments would be a good thing?
  9. Esbern_Snare

    Update 0.8.6 - Bugs Report

    Check... are you playing tier 3 coop?
  10. Esbern_Snare

    Update 0.8.6 - Bugs Report

    And the dreaded continuous loading signal is back...….. 99% of the people you penalize do not rage quit. They just lock up during loading because of bugs in the program. Time to remove the penalty for rage quitting or change it so if you don't load in you don't get penalized. (of course you could just fix the bugs....)
  11. Esbern_Snare

    Update 0.8.5 - Bugs Report

    Game locks up my computer at random when trying to enter battle. Restart computer but cannot log back into battle until ship is back in port. Continuous pink...… Never had this issue before this update
  12. Esbern_Snare

    Update 0.8.5 - Bugs Report

    DISABLE THE INACTIVITY/LEAVING GAME EARLY OR WHATEVER IT IS CALLED PENALTY UNTIL GAME LOADING ISSUES ARE FIXED!!!! Pretty well staying pink as game freezes my computer at random and I cannot log back in until my ship is back in port
  13. Esbern_Snare

    Update 0.8.5 - Bugs Report

    Your upgrade locks up my computer, not the game... the computer! Have to turn it off twice. Cannot log into game and YOU GIVE ME A WARNING FOR UNSPORTING BEHAVIOUR. How about you actually try out the downgrades before implementing them? and no comments about my system... It is definitely up to the task of this or any game
  14. The Atlanta was billed as a ship that "utterly shreds enemy planes". Well, with the new cv update this is now false advertisement - you may as well throw nerf balls at the planes for the good the aa does. Fix it or give people the option of getting their money back for this ship
  15. Last game an enemy destroyer torped an island several times without doing any damage whatsoever. I have had similar experiences in the past. Islands are just too OP! Please nerf them so we are able to sink them.... and while you are at it maybe you can do something about the cv's?