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  1. First 2 games you are actually better off in random. You will get the rewards regardless of whether you win or not and you get more points in random
  2. Esbern_Snare

    Compliments vs Report

    I agree with both those statements. Most people use up all their reports but hardly use their compliments. Just trying to make something not very useful into something a little more positive. I see a lot of guys trying very hard in ranked but I am out of compliments..... and yes, I have been drinking :-)
  3. You should consider having the ability to give more compliments than reports. Having an limit on reports makes sense in that you only report the people who are really bad or obnoxious but if you want a positive gameplay maybe not limiting compliments would be a good thing?
  4. Esbern_Snare

    Update 0.8.6 - Bugs Report

    Check... are you playing tier 3 coop?
  5. Esbern_Snare

    Update 0.8.6 - Bugs Report

    And the dreaded continuous loading signal is back...….. 99% of the people you penalize do not rage quit. They just lock up during loading because of bugs in the program. Time to remove the penalty for rage quitting or change it so if you don't load in you don't get penalized. (of course you could just fix the bugs....)
  6. Esbern_Snare

    Update 0.8.5 - Bugs Report

    Game locks up my computer at random when trying to enter battle. Restart computer but cannot log back into battle until ship is back in port. Continuous pink...… Never had this issue before this update
  7. Esbern_Snare

    Update 0.8.5 - Bugs Report

    DISABLE THE INACTIVITY/LEAVING GAME EARLY OR WHATEVER IT IS CALLED PENALTY UNTIL GAME LOADING ISSUES ARE FIXED!!!! Pretty well staying pink as game freezes my computer at random and I cannot log back in until my ship is back in port
  8. Esbern_Snare

    Update 0.8.5 - Bugs Report

    Your upgrade locks up my computer, not the game... the computer! Have to turn it off twice. Cannot log into game and YOU GIVE ME A WARNING FOR UNSPORTING BEHAVIOUR. How about you actually try out the downgrades before implementing them? and no comments about my system... It is definitely up to the task of this or any game
  9. The Atlanta was billed as a ship that "utterly shreds enemy planes". Well, with the new cv update this is now false advertisement - you may as well throw nerf balls at the planes for the good the aa does. Fix it or give people the option of getting their money back for this ship
  10. Last game an enemy destroyer torped an island several times without doing any damage whatsoever. I have had similar experiences in the past. Islands are just too OP! Please nerf them so we are able to sink them.... and while you are at it maybe you can do something about the cv's?
  11. Just wait until the Russian cv's come out....
  12. Another suggestion: increase the aa enhancement angle from 180 degrees to 200 or 220. This way you are not a sitting duck for planes attacking from the fore or aft of the ship. Also consider two tier upgrade for aa enhancement especially for dd's. In a dd it would be nice to be able to shift aa 50% or 100% to one side or the other - this would at least give you the impression you are fighting back rather than fruitlessly trying to dodge bombs or rockets
  13. I don't see much of a nerf of the cv's. They still come wave after wave and you cannot avoid them. Montana's aa and fighters are useless - take torps and bombs constantly and they come back in full groups. Why not make it such when planes spot a ship it only shows up on the minimap? That way the cv's can still send wave after wave of planes but you at least only have to deal with them and not every other ship in the game focusing on you. You slowed the reaction time of radar.... now fix the constant spotting by planes
  14. Esbern_Snare

    Any serious discussions on Real Manual AA

    I agree. Problem is you cannot dodge Midway's planes no matter what you do in a DD. Hide in smoke but don't turn your aa on as that will give away your position and you are bound to get nailed. Besides aa on a DD is pretty useless against t10 planes anyway. Combine this with constant spotting and you have just eliminated a ship category from the game (is it just me or have the variety of ships, both types and nations, being played diminished since the CV rework?). A couple of suggestions to help bring some balance back to the game: 1. CV spotting shows up on the mini-map only. This will still give the location of ships but at least DD's don't have to content with double jeopardy of fire from planes and cruiser guns. 2. Allow 2 tier aa sector prioritization, eg: 50% and 100%. This would increase the aa efficiency and maybe give the DD's a chance for self-defense. (Of course you could just give the DD's real aa). 3. Remove unlimited planes. Torp launchers and guns can be destroyed effectively neutering a ship but planes just come back. Makes sense? Not to me. Definitely, as Karandar said, aa should not be allowed to be destroyed. If planes are unlimited so should aa. Temporarily incapacitated maybe but not destroyed (and reduce cooldown for fighter consumable). 4. 5 second fire on a CV does not make sense. Allow fires to burn longer to give a DD a chance of killing a CV. Right now the small caliper guns cannot penetrate the deck of a CV, fires doesn't hurt them so they can just launch wave after wave of planes killing any DD which has the audacity of getting close to a CV. At the same time you need to rework the controls of the CV to allow actual control of the ship again if player so desires.
  15. Esbern_Snare

    Update - Feedback and Performance

    I log into the game thinking they must have done an update where having a Midway in a game is not an automatic death sentence for all DD's in the match but no, still no resolve. You cannot turn, you cannot dodge or slow down. Just take the rockets and hope they don't kill you in the second pass or that there isn't an enemy cruiser nearby as the planes keeps you spotted. If you get close to a CV you cannot do much damage. Guns cannot penetrate the deck armor and they don't burn. Maybe I should just give up and join the CV players..... nah! It is summertime so maybe I should just get my kayak out and enjoy some outside activity instead.