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  1. The_Incomparable_Giacomo

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.7

    Previous owners of the Mo should have just been given a new permanent camo (it came with one originally) that shifts the credit bonus multiplier from the hull to the camo. What would be so wrong with that?
  2. The_Incomparable_Giacomo

    Torpedo aiming / launch bug?

    More testing from a WG CC.
  3. The_Incomparable_Giacomo

    Torpedo aiming / launch bug?

    This is a serious bug that has appeared with the latest patch. I'm a DD main and my torps are just not going where they are aimed reliably. Just had a ranked game with 4 volleys hitting islands.
  4. Hi, Why are Grand Battles and Ranked on at the same time? It's bad enough I can't play ranked anymore due to the ridiculous timing, but now I also can't play Grand Battles. Who makes these decisions? I'd happily queue for longer if they were available earlier in the day. (In my particular case I play on NA)
  5. The_Incomparable_Giacomo

    Community Tokens, new currency for 0.10.5

    Participating in PT was the only way I can think of that you could guarantee signal flags of known types on your main account (without purchasing them). Now it will be crates that will ostensibly provide overall less flags and items, and in a random way so as to add that element of chance to obtaining them. It's almost as though WG hired a behavioural psychologist to determine how to illicit addictive behaviours. ... but maybe I'm just being cynical.
  6. Removing the achievement rewards just shows a lack of understanding of basic human psychology. Do something good (Get achievement) Get rewarded (Signal Flags!) Brain releases feel good chemicals Try to do something good again. (Play more) Honestly I thought WG would want us to play more.
  7. The_Incomparable_Giacomo

    Ranked - Time Frame

    I'm in the same boat, I enjoy the smaller teams of ranked, but I now that they have bumped it an hour further back it's basically impossible to get on there. Why is there a time restriction anyway, it just makes no sense to me to actually STOP your players from playing the game? Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. I mean, what is the rationale behind this?? Hey WG, you have a section of the player base you are preventing from playing and spending money!!
  8. WG: "Replacing these rewards with mission chains will make people play more!" Ron Howard: "It didn't"
  9. The_Incomparable_Giacomo

    Math behind secondaries nerf

    No wonder my secondaries aren't hitting anything anymore.
  10. The_Incomparable_Giacomo

    PSA: check your coal this morning

    Yeah, I had 8830 Oil at the patch, expected 8830 x 5 (according to the update notes) which is 44,150. Only got 43,600 in game. So I'm short 550, I wonder what's going on.