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  1. Keyboard Epidemic

    Haven't seen any other posts on this, so wanted to get the word out. Apparently there is a malware spreading like wildfire that affects PC keyboards. Apparently it disables the "W" key. Already the majority of CA and BB players at Tiers 9 and 10 seem to be affected. Game after game of CA and BBs refusing to leave the spawn area. Have never seen such a losing streak. Think over the past 2 days I 'maybe' have a 30% winrate. This malware doesn't seem to affect DD players, as we have been the only ones to actually leave our spawn areas. Unfortunately without a single CA or BB getting in weapon range, it means a very short life expectancy for the DDs. Please update your anti-virus software and exercise your "W" keys to make sure this doesn't affect you (if it hasn't already). If it has already affected you, please .... play a lower tier until a remedy is found? (Why even play the game if you are afraid of getting your ship damaged?) This has been a public service announcement.
  2. I take both on every ship I have.
  3. The worst part about playing DDs

    The bigger the ship, the smaller the ballbearings...
  4. WoWS 2 - Dreaming

    That game would be too similar to this one, however I could see them doing a game based on the 1500's (or 1600's, 1700's etc). Of course there would of course be some sort of Russian nuclear powered flying frigate with radar and lazerz [sic].
  5. Karma

    I look forward to seeing it, and if wrong I will admit as much... But I check my reputation often, and I read every notification after every game, and I've never seen that. But I have seen notifications when I hand out compliments or receive compliments.
  6. Karma

    Are you sure it occurs on the NA server? I've lost 5 pts of karma today, there are NO notifications about it in my notifications tab and nothing appeared at the end of any game I've played today.
  7. Karma

    The game does NOT notify you of being reported, it only notifies you when complimented (or when you compliment someone else). The only way to see if you were reported is to check your Karma pts on your profile (I read notifications at the end of every game).
  8. Karma

    The current system only notifies you when you gain a point, it makes no notification upon losing a point (or 6). You know the system's being abused when you have a good game and lost 5 karma. lol
  9. Suggestion of new game modes

    ^ Best line of that post (and completely agree with it BTW).
  10. WG, I Dare You.....

    The funny part about it is the ship pictured wouldn't be able to hit any target closer than 10k without blowing a hole in it's flight deck lol.
  11. Im accusing WG of throttling downloads

    If you've been in IT for 5 years then you know that the more people that try to download at the same time, the slower each download will be. You would also know that WG isn't the only one that can slow the process. Your ISP could be doing it, or any of the servers your connection has to travel thru could be doing it.
  12. Corgi Gold

    Within 7 days of the end of the event. Give it a week.
  13. Torpedo Hit Ratio

    I wasn't offering an analysis of the stat, simply reporting the stat. Cruisers and BBs will have the highest hit rates because they launch torps at very close range. Some DD lines have short range torpedoes that will have higher hit rates, others have slower torpedoes which will have lower hit rates. As some one with a LOT of time in DDs, I understand that. My best hit rate is a ship with 33%, my favorite ship as 9%. It is mostly a useless stat.
  14. Stop Being Useless!

    Another change I'd like to see is that a new chat channel should be added. There's already chat channels for Global, Side, and Division. We need to add one for Dead. Yes, Dead players can give crucial info that the living may have missed, but given how often it is used to for abuse - think it would be best to join the list of games that don't allow the dead to speak to the living in chat.