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  1. Ship Signalling

    Many games have tried something like that, most got rid of it when players figured out how to abuse it. Wait to see the indicator that an enemy is typing, focus fire. They can't WASD if they have the chat window open. Even if you don't wait, even if you are just firing as normal, as soon as any enemy starts typing, EVERYONE fires at that new target knowing it can't dodge.
  2. Submarines maybe?

    Still say we should just ban anyone that creates a thread containing the word submarine...
  3. Asashio Poll

    It's called a Stealth & Radar build Minotaur and already in the game (technically Khaba would qualify as a DD killer as well).
  4. Maybe it's punishment for those foolish enough to try to use a cat as ship captain? lol
  5. How tier 7-8-8 CV MM anchoring should be dealt with

    As others have said, eliminate all Fail Divisions by making a requirement that all ships in a division MUST be the same tier.
  6. Asashio Poll

    Is it just me, or has WG changed the way they come up with new shps? It used to be, hey here's this ship that would really compliment the line and fills x need, let's put it in.... Now it seems like they ask, "what features could we possibly combine together into one ship to unbalance the game even further and really tick off [insert group here]". This ship serves no purpose but to push BBs into camping even further in the back (an issue they're 'supposedly' trying to address?). if this ship goes in, you might as well just start every BB in full reverse at the start of each match.
  7. First ask yourself, "what problem does this solve" or "what need does this address"? Participation "awards" lessen the value of what a loss can teach. You mention being a teacher, I am a professional instructor, I've trained thousands. One thing I've seen is that those who grew up getting participation awards, can't handle a loss/setback as well as those who did not receive participation awards. The game rewards doing damage (many would say too much), capping, spotting, shooting down planes, defending caps, etc. Even a loss means you still get rewarded for what you actually accomplished in-game. But what you are proposing is lessening the cost of being AFK. Everyone has losing streaks, and yeah they suck - but you can still gain XP, silver coins, Free Xp, Captain XP, awards, flags, (and most importantly, gain experience that will help you improve your gameplay), etc from those losses. What you are proposing is giving out a separate "award" of bonus goodies - for no contribution. If you want an environment in which you always win, play Co-Op; but be prepared to get less rewards for the fact that you've taken on less risk. If you want a competitive environment, play Random; but be prepared to lose more. Higher risk, higher rewards. If you want an even more competitive environment, play Ranked; but again, be prepared to lose even more. Again, higher risk, higher rewards. If you want the most competitive environment, play Clan Battles... But putting in a new reward into the game that solves no problem, addresses no need, and only serves to lessen the penalty of those who serial AFK (to burn off pink, to farm xp in order to sell the account later, etc.). In other words, you'd be rewarding the bad behavior. TLDR: NO
  8. What is being done about cheating mods?

    Sure, increase the torpedo speed to match that of the shells from those canons and I'd be for it... Or, if DDs need to use realistic aiming of torps, then others should have realistic accuracy of their guns. Instead of 30% accuracy, drop it down to 2%...
  9. What is being done about cheating mods?

    I'm fully aware of how "statistics work", and my point remains. There are FAR more than just "5-10" cheaters in the game. The vast majority of people using mods in this game aren't doing so because it changes the color of their screen or adds a flag, they use mods because they believe it gives them an advantage in-game. I also stand by my estimate that 5% of the overall gaming community WILL cheat. Granted you could end up in a game with no cheaters, and you could end up in a game with 6 cheaters, my point still remains.
  10. What is being done about cheating mods?

    5-10 people? You vastly underestimate the number of people that would cheat if given half the chance to do so. From many, many years of admining games going all the way back to the early 90's (and being heavily involved in the anti-cheat communities of the time), I'd estimate that 5% of the gaming population will actively cheat (and even more would attempt it, but most will fail in their attempt). Heck, it's frequently estimated that between 1-3% of the population lacks empathy (belonging to several different mental disorders that together are commonly known as sociopaths) - nothing will deter this group from doing what it wants, when it wants and will think nothing of their effects on others. That alone accounts for more than "5-10" players... At my estimate of 5%, that's one gamer out of every 20 (there's 24 gamers in each random battle). Luckily not all cheaters are good at it, but I assure you in every random battle there's at least one person in the game who's at least attempting to cheat.
  11. RNG based distance compression ????

    If my torp tubes are loaded (Gearing) and get knocked out, they will have to undergo an entire reload cycle once repaired. They never repair ready to fire. I've noticed the same thing on the guns of my Iowa as well. Gun is loaded, ready to fire, gets knocked out, repair it and then have to wait for it to load.
  12. What is being done about cheating mods?

    Not only can they give you a point to aim at if the ship goes in a straight line, but it can also provide points to aim at at specific variations in path (what if they turn 15 degrees, 45 degrees, etc.). They can also provide info on where to aim to hit specific portions of a ship (citadels, etc.). Yes, WASD does throw that off, but only if the target has time to dodge the incoming shell. Some of these same mods also show you were all incoming shells and torps will land, allowing you to dodge the perfect amount to make sure you avoid the incoming shell or torpedo. Although I haven't seen one yet, it is only a matter of time before someone makes a mod (if they haven't already) that uses the waypoint system to provide auto-dodging. By combining the mod that shows were all incoming shells/torpedoes will land, with a feature that auto-steers your ship for you (to steer your ship with faster reflexes and perfect timing without the risk of over/under steering etc.). That would be relatively simple to make, so I'm quite surprised no one has done so yet.
  13. Enough with the radar B.S.

    Trying to argue with someone who refuses to participate in reality is a lost cause. @_RC1138 never accepts any evidence offered by others, while citing poorly held fantasy to back up his delusions. I'm just adding him to my ignore list so I don't have to put up with his lunacy any longer.
  14. Enough with the radar B.S.

    I don't have a lot of time (need to go to work), so can't respond to everything you listed... but.... I actually agree with some of it. I never meant to say that BBs have more "made up' stuff than DDs, I simply used that to show what they were given to compensate for their weaknesses. But I do have to say that your comments on how radar work in real life is just... wrong. Radar doesn't work thru islands and never has. In WWII even if a ship shared its radar data with other ships, that info would not be received immediately. The info was already out of date by the time the other ships received the info, but at least it gave them a starting point which helped them adjust their fire solutions a little easier. As for the mIno giving up a ton of stuff for a stealth build radar boat, yes you're right - but that doesn't change the fact that all those claiming that a DD can simply "avoid" all radar by avoiding the ships that have it, are full of crap since you can't even see that radar ship until you are already in its radar range. I also play radar equipped cruisers, and I absolutely see how gamebreakingly OP radar in its current state are. No ship should be able to single handedly control as much of the map as a radar equipped ship currently does. Here's another point - the reason some ships have long radar durations is because they have a slower rate of fire, and in order to give them more than just one volley at the target, they are given a longer duration. But in reality they aren't the only ship that fires at the now lit target, every ship on the enemy team fires at it. If they get a longer duration, they should be the only ship that sees the info. Would LOVE to post a more detailed point by point counter-argument to the absurd claims you've made, but I'm out of time...