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    Repair costs too high

    Just got my first Tier VIII ship (North Carolina)... and I can't afford to play it. I've taken it out about a half dozen times, and even if I return to port with having taken zero damage the entire round I still have to pay $75,000 repair bill? That's not saying no one shot at me, they did, but either missed or I was able to repair. Of the rounds I've played in it so far I am coming away with at most (so far) $7k or losing as much as -$50k after repairs, rewards, etc. Granted once I figure out where to aim in her (it's longer range means more lead time, I've yet to completely figure that out) I'm sure the numbers will change slightly... but if I do a good job in game of avoiding enemy fire - why am I getting penalized for doing so? In my Tier VI ships I can easily pull anywhere from $100k - $200k in profit, but after just a half dozen games in my only Tier VIII ship I'm now down to just $4k in total funds having lost a couple hundred thousand for daring to play my Tier VIII ship. They need to cut repair costs in half - period.