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  1. Premium Ship Wishlist.

    I agree, another Russian cruiser is a must. I feel the next most urgent need is another high tier USN BB. There are hardly any SoDaks in game so I feel Indiana is a must.
  2. Premium Ship Wishlist.

    Houston and Exeter at tier VI. Exeter is more of a tier V, but if she’s given the Aoba treatment she’ll be fine at VI. A British CA line would be very nice. II- Active III- Monmouth IV-Hawkins V-York VI-Kent VII-London VIII-Surrey IX-Benbow (9x8 in guns) X-Drake (12x9.2 in guns)
  3. Lone Wolves recruting solo players

    Alright sweet, I applied to a few. Hopefully I’m not too much of a scrub
  4. Lone Wolves recruting solo players

    Hmmm this is a dumb question, where do I apply? I’ve never looked into clans before sorry
  5. I’m an exceedingly average player and this mission took me one game. God bless the good ole Cleveland
  6. Favorite ship from the WW2 Pacific theater

    Hmmm... Carrier: Yorktown (by far my favorite) Battleship: Texas (I’m a homer) Cruiser: Houston, Exeter (2 favorite ships) Destroyer: Johnston, Laffey (both) Misc: Samuel B Roberts, Asheville Sub: Barb Asheville is a sad story, worth reading about though.
  7. Indianapolis Mission Cut Short?

    Well I’ve done all 6 without much issue. Have yet to get a mission for a premium ship and I doubt I will. I’m extremely unlucky with this sort of thing, it’s why I don’t gamble.
  8. Fargo and Oregon City

    Wichita seems the most likely candidate for the Tier VIII premium spot
  9. Fargo and Oregon City

    With the recent USN cruiser split I have seen several complaints lamenting the loss of the tier VI Cleveland. As the most played ship on this server, I feel it goes without saying that quite a few of us have quite a bit of love for Cleveland. My idea is this, have Fargo as a tier VI premium ship. Fargo is essentially a modified Cleveland, a ship which was already balanced at tier VI. I like the new tier VIII Cleveland just fine, but tier VI Cleveland was a blast. This gives WG a ship that would sell well, is already balanced, requires minimal modeling on their part and is in demand. Seems like a win-win to me. Now as far as Oregon City is concerned, she is basically a Baltimore class cruiser. I quite liked the old Baltimore, as did other people. Adding Oregon City at tier IX again offers WG the ability to make some extra cash with minimal effort by adding a ship that is already balanced. Anyways, it's just an idea. Fargo Oregon City
  10. Haida: updated on Facebook

    The other reason it makes sense to me is Perth. With the RN cruiser line currently lacking a premium with the removal of Belfast, allowing Perth to serve as an interm captain trainer for the RN makes sense because it would increase sales on a ship that you don’t see to much of.
  11. Haida: updated on Facebook

    Will Haida be able to train Royal Navy captains? I really don’t understand why the Commonwealth tree can’t do this already. I’ll probably still get her, but still
  12. Dev Blog-ST Cossack changes to tier 8

    Over/under on her concealment getting nerfed in exchange for a heal?
  13. Excellent work as usual. I’ve always found it interesting that Howe and Andon had such mundane service lives compared to the other KGVs. My only question is would the B.B. availability have mattered? The German surface threat was relatively small and I want to say the Italians were in the same state as the Royal Navy in regards to their Battleship fleet
  14. Edinburgh, good or bad?

    I think it’s because much how Emerald is a tier IV made to be a tier V, Edinburgh is really a tier VII made to be a tier VIII. It’s why she is actually pretty good when top tier and why she struggles when bottom tiered. The lack of a real DPM increase is the killer tho
  15. Edinburgh, good or bad?

    Edinburgh and Emerald are definitely my two least favorite ships (currently on Neptune)