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  1. GabeTheDespot


    Wargaming has just released the video for the sub gameplay for the Halloween scenario: https://thedailybounce.net/2018/09/18/world-of-warships-submarines-for-halloween/. What do do you guys think? Maybe this is why CV rework is taking longer than anticipated? Maybe this is a test for submarine implementation? Maybe just maybe, we will be getting subs next year (if so, around when?).
  2. GabeTheDespot

    WarGaming you rascals

    Lol, I don’t know how that’s the case, Iowa sigma (1.8) and Yamato dispersion, hull, and overmatching guns of doom. Only downside is AA as bad as stock Izumo.
  3. GabeTheDespot

    WG: Why bother with different shell velocities for HE and AP

    “Hindenburg AP is absolutely amazing, it can reliably deal 10k+ damage with pens only, on a broadside.” AP pens can deal damage quite well, it requires good placement and some luck, but usually is more influential (less healable, more DPM...) than HE.
  4. GabeTheDespot

    CV Rework Feedback

    The changes look interesting, but it would be nice if the view could change from various aircraft to allow positional micromanaging. Where the tactical map is used to position squads and then using the controls to attack.
  5. GabeTheDespot

    It's Always the DD's Fault

    FTFY, try playing CVs even from time to time above T7 or in ranked, the salt that can come your way is absurd.
  6. GabeTheDespot

    You want to get good at being a DD player?

    Lol, my only Solo Warrior was in Leningrad, even gunboats can do it.
  7. GabeTheDespot

    Please give HE to Minotaur

    I heard the HP pool was nice, but vanished faster under focus fire than my Hindy showing full broadside to a division ofDes Moines. Harugumo, while strong in the hands of a good player, like most ships, seems fine for now as it pays for it dearly with no concealment, fatness, slowness, ugliness when hit (Hindy: load AP, it pens and does 10k apparently), and a turning circle to match. Is it just me, or are all T10 Japanese ships that way, require skill with good payout (Shima is an exception).
  8. GabeTheDespot

    Kitikaze and Harugumo concern me

    Smells like, well, bad CL play. What makes it just? The incompetence or the fact it was a DD, if it is the former, then I agree wholeheartedly, the latter and I disagree somewhat, because it implies that other ships wouldn’t tear him up just as quickly. Edit: replaced assumes with implies
  9. GabeTheDespot

    Kitikaze and Harugumo concern me

    He wouldn’t need to adapt, aren’t there plenty of ships he would likely have faced with similar capabilities (Atlanta, Minotaur, Worcester, DM...), only difference is class of ship.
  10. GabeTheDespot

    Kitikaze and Harugumo concern me

    The thing is, they don’t out DPS a Worcester, only Minotaur does, so lol @ OP for getting wrecked, ship happens. I was thinking more of a shockwave and over pressure combo, where HE damage was split into 4 parts, half over pressure and half shockwave, and both of those split into section it hits and “entire hull.” The overpressure has normal pen rules and the shockwave has double that pen, with maybe a trade off with lower fire chance. If it hits citadel plating and the shockwave only goes through, it does normal damage but to the citadel portion. Just my take on it.
  11. GabeTheDespot

    Kitikaze and Harugumo concern me

    While I do consider the new DDs to be in an odd position, I in no way consider them OP, they may be strong in certain circumstances, but then again, so is the Asashio. The reason I quoted this comment is because you also misunderstood damage saturation, as the HP distribution on a ship bow on that can be hit is superstructure with little health, bow with a bit more, and the “entire hull” making for about 3/4 of the HP pool, a ship has more HP in all its parts than its actual HP bar. While yes, the damage would be half overall (watch the How it works:HE, it does a much better job), there is no question that a bow on ship can be killed by HE damage from the bow with even a little bit of fire damage to boot. Let me restate this, I believe that these DDs are balanced overall, as they have gloriously OP guns, but the survivability of a Minotaur without any heal.
  12. Honestly, I don’t know either, despite noticing exactly that, Flamu even did an AP only challenge to great effect. The rounds have decent pen and arming times, as well as good alpha.
  13. GabeTheDespot

    Stop the fire blight

    Fire spam behind an island is balanced, because every ship capable/having to do that has easy to doge shells, usually low range, and is quite fragile. It is quite difficult to get behind a good island, and most of these DDs especially) have lower damage and XP earnings.
  14. I wanted one of those every time I am forced to turn into torps I wasn’t looking for, or I get hit and I know it was accidental and it doesn’t affect the outcome of a match. I would like a forgive button to remove the penalty, especially when I consider occasions where a friendly dealt 8% of my health with a singular shell in a division and they get pink, and another time when 45% of my health plus my DC is gone due to torps and they don’t turn pink, and I then get set on fire twice.