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  1. Honestly, I don’t know either, despite noticing exactly that, Flamu even did an AP only challenge to great effect. The rounds have decent pen and arming times, as well as good alpha.
  2. Khab does half the DPM of this thing, but what it loses in DPM it gains in survivability and super-pen AP that lasers everything with no problems and a rocket engine to the back. Is that what I am hearing?
  3. Considering this thing has the second highest potential DPM in the game, behind only Minotaur, you may very well have a point.
  4. Biggest OP thing in the game

    Only if CAs and CLs and DDs have a universal doubling of their pen by multiplying Krupp by 2! HE is there to equalize CLs and BBs, for the same reason torps and bombs don’t cause fatal flooding and magazine detonations every other strike.
  5. That was only when CVs were played more relatively, concealment of DDs cannot be countered effectively without either concealment being removed temporarily, which the way it is implemented is overpowered, or CVs to spot. WG disagrees with you, it saw a need to counter DD concealment, it may have low damage (shooting lower HP targets???) and XP (WG may have screwed up here), but their WR is not the lowest, and the best DD players have similar WR to the best CV players. There is also one OP mechanic you have overlooked, reading... You might have otherwise noticed how I suggested changing radar, the other solution is more CVs to spot DDs more reliably.
  6. @mofton, I understand your concern about CVs deleting AA ships, but at what cost does it come to the CV. The AA overall is so strong than it was, to the point where one doesn’t need a friendly CV to pick clean the hangar of the red CV. You may very well be right about CVs having too much attack power, but they do so at the expense of being able to attack frequently. The amount of AA ships at all tiers above 4 is rather high, and gets absurd at T7, where you have the Gneisenau and Scharnhorst as potential candidates, Helena, and NO have good AA, and Lyon is a veritable wall of flak. At T8, we lose the German BBs, but any 2 BBs or CAs can pose a problem, the other lines only gain more potent AA, and the Hipper/Eugen take the mantel of the German BBs... I wouldn’t mind more skill involved in countering planes, so long it meant planes could counter the skill with skill (such as WASD hacks). At that point, I would actually like such an introduction, because if I outplayed a DM, I could wreck him with Enterprise, and by contrast, I could tear up poorly played Ranger planes in my Kirishima.
  7. Wrong Answers Only: 07

    That must be the Admiral Kuznetzov, an aircraft carrying missile cruiser.
  8. I think that if Radar and Hydro through islands was removed, their range and duration should be increased, or same duration faster cooldown. Where they worked LoS to the radar tower/sonar receiver, at least in its current form. A better replacement IMO would be to have Hydro get the aforementioned improvements, but Radar gets increased duration and lower cooldown by 10% apiece and increases the spotting distance of enemy ships by something like *1.5 (with a hard cap somewhere around 12km, can be tweaked), where you can see them and get the target lock like a hard detect. Smoke could also reduce to *1.4 target detect or something to prevent a massive indirect nerf to RN CLs. Radar at *2.3 detection will show up on minimap and have a blur around 2km across (position know, but no firing solution possible, ship anywhere, not in center, of blur to prevent smokesnipe). Potential hard cap at 15km for example, so that one doesn’t just all 5 stealth specced BBs/CAs from 20km away. All numbers could be tweaked to prevent stale gameplay, the National flavors could still stand, with the Russians having higher range (higher detect range coefficients and higher hard cap) to the USN’s longer duration.
  9. AA is as hard to counter for a CV as radar is for DDs, as other have said, if it takes more than any one ship to counter, a mechanic is OP. If it takes a single surface ship a (lot) of HE salvo(es) to render a ship attackable, then it is OP. A DM, seriously? The long range batteries on a DM under DFAA are enough to shred most planes from even a Hakuryu wave. With only the AA upgrade (not even BFT or MFCAA) on Hindenburg, I can take out half an attack wave from T8 CVs before, and that much on the way out for T9-T10 CVs reliably. My only conplaint would be when 12 TBs appear 3km away before my AA can do anything without DFAA, which has happened once in all of my battles. I think Fara or Aerroon had a game where a pair of Amagis shot down half his Hakuryu attack aircraft during a strike. For every time DDs complain that radar is so abundant when a radar ship is released, 2 absurdly strong AA ships are released. I have tried to strike a lone Lyon in Hiryu and lost almost the entire attack group. I have been in a ship with weak AA (like ARP Kirishima) and had only a Lyon near me and laughed as all the planes were swept from what I believe was a Ranger. Also, quick question @GuntherPrein, when was the last time you played a CV, your strong opinion on their OPness seemed to me that you stopped playing them not long after Kaga was released, and likely before Enterprise was (looking at your CV games too). However, that is rather limited information to draw conclusions from.
  10. A quick compliment to DD captains

    You forgot to label the Willy Dee, or at least the ship’s skipper or captain at the time.
  11. A quick compliment to DD captains

    I hate playing most DDs because I am so bad at them (picture how bad a CV player a DD or BB main usually is, that is how bad I am), but when I see almost no DDs on my team, and lots of BBs, I am quite worried, because those DDs have as much influence as most CVs. I like lots of DDs because if one screws up, or I am forced into a position where I can’t support him, then that won’t matter as much for the victory. Salute to DDs who play to the objective and stick with it, even a division of Russian DDs can terrify the BBs into the back of the map. Keep being amazing and helpful! (now DIE stupid radar ship!)
  12. Can I double the length of my Hindenburg’s barrels then, and follow up by installing the auto loader from the Dez Memez and increasing the armor on the extremities to 34mm and upper belt and central deck to 52mm. I would in exchange, remove the torpedo tubes and decrease the turret rear and bottom to 34mm, and sides to 90mm, and increase the front plates to 120mm and 165mm. As well as maybe dump the Sonar overboard (not preferable), and remove the secondary battery fire control systems (but not the AA fire control). Situation dependent, I may remove or reduce the gun count on the Y turret, but only if removing steering gear armor, shaving 5mm off the turtleback and main belt, and changing the 40mm bow plate to match the extremities doesn’t put me over the weight limit. So, how did I do?
  13. DD XP....Seriously?

    At least you didn’t get performance like that in something like a Taiho, CV rewards are worse than DD rewards... I have been 3rd or 2nd after doing almost twice that much in Hindy and Roon, with a DD at the top, why, because of aggressive DD hunting and cap contesting, with spotting mixed in. If you truly understand damage mechanics, then you should understand why you got poorly rewarded (you did what amounted to about 155% damage and some change to lower tier ships). Servicing cost is identical for all ships at that tier IIRC, so taking no caps, doing little spotting damage (this mechanic is frustrating/underpowered, but fair), and taking virtually no potential damage doesn’t net you lots of credits. EDIT: IIRC, spotting damage is only given if you are the only ship able to see the enemy ship (if they hadn’t fired?), I have gotten the same position on the scoreboard for triple the spotting damage due to damage mostly on lower tier BBs in CVs and Leningrad alike. An attitude of improvement helps too, when I used to think the system was biased or my luck bad, I didn’t improve much, when I had the attitude that all defeats were my fault, at least partially, I improved dramatically (even if I that wasn’t the case, but that isn’t important).
  14. Best Credit Machine

    Would playing well in Hindenburg net me a lot of credits with the premium camouflage? Tempted to get Atlanta as my USN CL trainer... ...but I think premium camouflage it is if it even begins to rival Musashi, let alone Missouri. How do you get 7 kills and only 111k is my question, I have gotten upwards of 250k in Hindy and Roon but only had 2 kills. Thanks for the feedback!