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  1. creamgravy

    The mistakes of RN CAs in game.

    Awesome! Lots of books mistake the China Station scheme with the East Indies one, I wouldn't be too hard on WG for that. Learning stuff like this is the best thing about WOWS, cheers Trainspite
  2. They've already said Conqueror's a 1950s 'what if' Lesta special. (Hench all the pitchforks when it was spoiled, K2 would much bigger) Tier 8-10 CAs are not directly related to any particular design too and it looks like they're reusing designs/assets to create them (limited budget?) Surrey's the only 'blueprint/paper' ship in the line.
  3. Early previews are usually 'A-hulls' with previous tier AA. Conq clone is massive and looks a bit like those fan made Churchill/Admiral sketches. It's defiantly the tier 9 3x3 234mm cruiser. Neptune clones size, design and 152mm style turrets are inline with the 3x3 203mm cruiser. It's like they're trying to make HMS Baltimore.
  4. That's what I thought at first but.. Neptune has small 3x3 '203mm' guns and CL armour profile (bet they've kept Neptunes silly citadel hitbox too) Looks a mess with 1950s hull and pom poms, will it get Exeter shells or sekret 1950s ammo like Amalfi. Conq clone has massive 3x3 Conq style turrets, I assume they're the 234mm guns.
  5. Yep, looks great. Surrey/Design Y was part of the second group of County-class cruisers with Exeter and York. It's basically Exeter with a 4th turret, lengthened forecastle and thicker armour, easy to model. WG have added 6 x 4" XIX secondaries, which might be a bit questionable. The tier 8 is just hilarious. It's a Neptune clone with Daring secondaries and 5x8 AA mounts on the rear. What a mess. Tier 9 is a mini Conq clone with Jutland secondaries and Bofors. (Tier 10 will probably be more of the same but with 4 main turrets and Daring secondaries)
  6. creamgravy

    HMS London, tier 6?

    Hipper isn't a 10,000 ton 'Washington' cruiser. It's the first post treaty heavy cruiser, after Germany denounced the Versailles Treaty. A fully modernised London certainly competes with the last of the Washington cruisers like NO, Algérie, Zara etc. Only Myoko is heavier. It should be tier 7.
  7. creamgravy

    India Commonwealth ?

    There's quite a few unique designs and planned refits that were too expensive. Commonwealth designs could be more specific (Pacific operation only etc) I'd love to see the Australian Battle-class (bigger than fantasy Jutland and used Daring turrets) Cayuga Tribal (Canadian Akizuki but small, fast and manoeuvrable) and 1950s Royalist (one of the best looking ships ever built) Hunts weigh the same as most mid tier DDs (up to 1500 tons full load) and have more firepower than tier 7 DDs. 27-28 knots is fast enough with boost ...But do people really want more oppressive HE smoke spam??? Actually. Type III dropped Y turret for a couple of single launch torpedo tubes to operate in the Med, they would be really fun mid tier! Two mk XI torps that can be fired directly behind every 24s and with enough firepower to sink similar tier DDs? Hmm, that would be fun.
  8. creamgravy

    Indian Navy ships -almost! - confimed

    This is the 1950s. Aircraft and submarines are the biggest threat, no need for lots of guns and torpedoes. Delhi is functionally a real life HuangHe > http://www.navypedia.org/ships/india/in_cr_delhi.htm Mysore is functionally a tier 6 Belfast > http://www.navypedia.org/ships/india/in_cr_mysore.htm
  9. creamgravy

    We’re going to India!

    The Leander class ship in the pic isn't Delhi. Achilles/Delhi only had 3x2 guns + increased AA after the Guadalcanal rebuild. Super sloppy if WG just copy/paste 1943 Ajax (the silver Leander class we have in game) and call it Delhi.
  10. creamgravy

    A Lion Versus Jackals

    Yep that was tragic. Although the KM force that sailed out to meet PQ 17 consisted of Tirpitz, Hipper, Scheer, Lützow, 12 destroyers and lots of U-boats/bombers. A dump load of firepower. Wonder what would've happened if Lützow + 3 destroyers hadn't ran aground and the covering force decided to engage? More interesting than watching one Umikaze flood out Tirptiz
  11. creamgravy

    Akatsuki should swap tiers with Kagero

    Here's what I'd do. Torp strike line (2 launchers, fast/short range torps) Umikaze Momi Wakatake Mutsuki Hatsuharu (Nenohi as built) Shiratsuyu (Shigure, Yūdachi) Kagerō (Asashio, Yukikaze) Yūgumo Super Yūgumo (fantasy, would've used Asashio > Kagerō > Yūgumo before they made Asashio a premium) Torp spam line (3 launchers, long range torps) Split from main line at tier 3 or 5. Isokaze Kawakaze Minekaze Fubuki (Shinonome) Ayanami Akatsuki (Hibiki) Shimakaze (3x4 Fubuki) Super Shimakaze Gunboat (100mm guns) split from tier 8. Akizuki (Harekaze) Kitakaze Harugumo
  12. ^ WG generally don't count guns that can elevate to 50-60 degrees as DP, as they're ineffective agasint dive bombers. Guns that have a 75-85 degree elevation get a AA value.
  13. creamgravy

    Fan made Italian tech tree

    Defiantly a fixed round. Think of it as a slightly larger 102mm Mk XVI RN gun, the fixed round was 115mm long, 28-30kg weight with a 16-17kg shell. The 120/50 gun would probably fire a ~20kg shell? Very different gun to the ones found on L/M class, KM and RU DDs. The proposed 1939 Destroyer design with these guns would be a hybrid Akizuki/Fletcher (assuming 16 rpm)
  14. There's no kind of atmosphere.
  15. creamgravy

    Possible Pan-American Destroyer

    Jutland HE shells are 4 seconds faster to 12km compared to Kidd and almost doubles the chance of fire per salvo!! Add the crazy 360 firing angles and it's a different ball game, try em out. Oh yeah, whoops!