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  1. This is the best looking RN port.
  2. Regular HE pen damage is healed the same was as regular AP pen damage. HE spam is more consistent than AP spam if your not constantly getting citadels. This is true for all BBs.
  3. Give RN DDs Speed Boost

    Probably a mistake, they gave the Mk V secondaries on Emerald XXI shells. It was fixed for Vampire so hopefully they'll do the same for Valk. Then they can give Wakeful proper BL Mk I shells, they're very decent on Jianwai. Shenyang has 27mm pen at 10km, Jianwai has 36mm pen. We don't need a 62lbs shells at tier 4. What tier 7 destroyer (or any destroyer in the MM range) has makes Heida have 'awful DPM output'?
  4. Give RN DDs Speed Boost

    All the data's on https://wowsft.com/shipStatComparison Gearing HE shell to 11.12km = 11.35s Shima HE shell to 11.37km = 10.21s Lightning HE shell to 11.1km = 9.15s They're good, all we need now is a 360 X turret with firing arcs from GM and you'd have the perfect tier 8 DD. 8km torpedoes are well justified for the firepower, it sticks out like a sore thumb on the line. Valkyrie and Wakeful A-hull use 35/38lbs shells designed for the modern XXI gun (Black Swan etc) They're significantly better than Vampire's (correct) 31lbs shells for the Mk V gun. Valk is crazy OP. Maybe they gave Wakeful B-hull 62lbs shells to make the transition from the 'modern' 4" guns less painful? They can citadel most tier 4 cruisers at 10km+ right? Hahaha, the whole line is a complete mess. I don't understand how they've done it considering most of the assets well balanced in the game already.
  5. Give RN DDs Speed Boost

    Hey, I use those 61 knot 8km torpedoes for Hsienyang! They're better than the 55 knot 9.2km torps and quad laucnhers have a reasonable reload. Lightning shell arcs are similar to IJN 127mm guns (a bit better beyond 10km) and the AP is God like. 125mm pen at 5km is more than Kiev and 70mm at 10km is way more than the usual 45-49mm for US/IJN/RN destroyers. Add the 9% fire chance and she's competing to be the best tier 8 DD by some margin. Oh they've given Wakeful the 62lbs shells too, how messed up is that!
  6. Is this the Battleship that heals 3 times quicker than Conqueror? Hmm I wonder why it's doing so well....
  7. Baked in IF HE on 114mm and lower?

    Don't forget those 114mm guns fire a 25kg shell with more bursting charge than Gearing (which also fires a 25kg shell) Shima fires a 23kg shell and Akizuki fires a 13kg shell for comparison. It's just on the wrong side of the calculation and should certainly have the same pen as other standard destroyer rounds.
  8. Notser: HMCS Haida is a Dud

    Torpedo reload is based on a damage curve. WG adjust it slightly for balance. Gearing/Groz reload is slightly nerfed (should be ~127s/~116s) and Shima Type 3 was slightly buffed (should be ~141s) etc. A quintuple launcher firing US Mk 16 torps should have 132s reload, while a quad launcher has a 106s reload. Fletcher was given the reload for quads and it has never been corrected (probably old alpha error like type 92 torps)
  9. Notser: HMCS Haida is a Dud

    I'm not a fan of 'selfish' Perth smoke on a destroyer. DDs are the primary source of spotting, they pop smoke and the entire enemy team usually vanishes. It's horrible when your DD doesn't spot for long periods (see Asashio) Perth has 4 minute spotter planes and takes up a cruiser spot, it's well equipped to use/abuse 2 minute creep smoke. PanAsia DD smoke is a million times better, they should just use that.
  10. No HMCS Haida for Canada Day

    1st test iteration is basically Perth smoke with high damage, low fire chance guns with normal rear turret angles. Pan Asia smoke is miles better so expect big changes. It's going to really tough for any DD to match GM.
  11. No HMCS Haida for Canada Day

    So, why are they testing a 'Commonwealth' Cossack? ST. Balance changes. British destroyer Cossack, tier VII. British destroyer Cossack is coming to a test in her alternate version with changed-up stats of smoke generator, HE shells and torpedoes. In this config she should be able to be ore successful at capturing areas, gunning of the enemy ships and covering allies, allowing them to retreat in the smoke screens. Smoke Generator consumable now has the following stats: 90 s emission, 10 s duration, 240 s cooldown, 2 charges. 160 s cooldown and 3 charge for the premium consumable. HE shell max. damage is increased from 1700 to 1900. Chance of causing fire is decreased fro 8% to 5%. Torpedo range is decreased from 10 km to 8 km. Torpedo detectability range is increased from 1.3 to 1.4 km. Increased firing arcs on 3rd main battery turret. Visibility after firing main guns in smoke screen is reduced by 120 m.
  12. Wait what? A free XP RN BB called Thunderer based on the completely fake Conqueror? Terrible trolling... If anything it'll be that 3x2 Tribal on supertest flying a commonwealth flag.
  13. Abruzzi vs Tanky McTankyFace.

    Aosta. - Min H Dispersion 134 m - Min V Dispersion 474 m Abruzzi. - Min H Dispersion 119 m - Min V Dispersion 288 m
  14. Abruzzi vs Tanky McTankyFace.

    Abruzzi has better dispersion and HE shells. No idea why they decided to screw the AP shell with less Krupp and higher air drag. Looking at navweaps it should be the other way round? Maybe they confused the poor HE shell ballistics with the AP shell?
  15. when buff for the duke of york

    Duke of York has more accurate guns (very low minimum dispersion for 10-11km ranges) and US CA ricochet angles over KGV. It's an accurate AP ambush monster (that's a nicely angled 27mm cruiser you've got there... blap) that most play like a HE spammer.