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  1. QE is my fav RN BB. A full AA spec captain makes her amazing for operations. You need to stack manual AA, AFT, BFT and the flag. Then you can have lots of fun in a training room.
  2. 850m/s shells should have the same excellent drag rating, so at 10km they'd only be 0.3s slower and loose ~4mm pen. Not a huge difference in game. Not all cruisers are designed long range snipers in game. The Italian line could compete with RN CLs and d'Aosta. Close range destroyer support. Stealth, speed and surgical precision are important than things like range. Who want's to play Zara with a 8.6km surface detection and smoke?
  3. d'Aosta only has one gimmick, 3 consumable slots. That was implemented to make her more noob friendly and doesn't impact much.
  4. Don't forget WG want you to grind the same ship over and over until you hit tier 10. This makes you spend money to progress quicker and buy unique playstyle premiums. Algérie is only tier 7 because the rest of the line is 3x3. I bet they'd turn De Grasse into the tier 7 and make Algérie a premium if they could redo the line again (See Nelson mess) I'm guessing Italian cruisers will be stealthy 2x4 ships. 5. Alberto da Giussano 6. Eugenio di Savoia. 7. Trento. 8. Zara. 9-10. Paper/fantasy ships to fit the play style. Abruzzi as a unique premium. d'Aosta is a dream for a destroyer captain like me, so I can't wait. A fully worked up Edinburgh has a potential 106,288 HP, easily the highest for tier 8.
  5. AR is essential for almost every ship in the game, especially one with smoke and torpedoes. It's much better than the tier 9 equipment slot for Perth. I spend most the game running around with a 6.5s gun and 82s torp reload. 2 points is way too cheep for all that extra damage potential, no idea why they haven't nerfed it yet.
  6. The standard HE spammer build. > http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/1000100001100010000000100010000119 Adrenaline Rush, Jack of All Trades and Concealment Expert are the only skills I consider absolutely essential.
  7. AP citadel = 3200 AP penetration on clean compartment = 1056 HE penetration on clean compartment = 693 AP penetration on blackened compartment = 528 (or 0) HE penetration on blackened compartment = 347 (or 0) AP over penetration = 320 AP is often a good choice to finish off low HP ships. Superstructure overpens are consistent. Duca has the best ammo combo in the game. Flat, rail gun AP with HE you can still spam from behind islands. Awesome ship.
  8. Perth is actually good agasint Belfast. Creep smoke is a fine counter to radar. Just make sure your pointed away form any potential enemy ships, ready to gun the engines. Don't forget smoke blobs block line of sight, you can be undetected at 34 knots. The spotter plane is also fantastic for hitting ships in smoke, park up behind an island and spam HE like Cleveland. Belfast is huge and can't heal, punish static play.
  9. Guns > Torpedoes. Tier 6. Gnevny > 7U. Tier 7. Minsk > Ognavoi. Tier 8. Kiev > Skoryy. Tier 9. Tashkent > Kotlin.
  10. Three actually. Phra Ruang = Thornycroft type R-class (won't see this exact design in the RN DD tech tree) Jian Wei = Thornycroft type destroyer leader (won't see this design in the RN DD tech tree) Gadjah Madah = J/K/N class (down tiered to fit the line) The line looks really fun. Who doesn't want to play a tier 4 Mutsuki with 4 x 127 mm/51 Mk7 rail guns? (Another down tiered ship to fit, I'm guessing she can't stealth torp for balance. USS Kane next please) Gleaves and Allen M. Summer classes are also in the game. Yay!
  11. I generated a 16 point Italian captain playing Perth. Elite XP has made 'captain training' irrelevant.
  12. Get in your Ishizuchi and spam HE at the nearest BB. Fun isn't it. 14" KGV is literally a high tier Ishizuchi with better pen, you can even use your Belfast captain to citadel Belfast with HE. Tier 7 HE spam comparison.
  13. From current WIP stats 14" KGV has better HE spam than Belfast, why would they shoot AP at a half decent BB player at any tier? This passive 'bow on' play style is more suited to tier 8+, more so than 15" KGV.
  14. Have they spoiled Chungkinh or whatever the Asian ship starting with 'C' is yet? How about 1950s HMNZS Royalist? A tier 6 Belfast. New Zealand hard counters Australia right?