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  1. Yep, unfortunately they need to maintain the Benson>Fletcher>Gearing progression, that's the only reason it's at tier 7. A RN J/K/N will be brilliant at tier 8 with the 5.5km surface detection and 10km single fire torpedoes. The smoke is a bit silly but you can do the same with other destroyer lines, you just have more down time for a spot of stealth torping. A 6 gun Tribal with the heal consumable at tier 7 won't be as reliant on smoke...
  2. Tier 7 is the home of horrifically under tired OP British seal clubbers, a full J/K/N without nerfs is hilarious at tier 7. I wouldn't put it past WG to continue that tradition with the 8 gun Tribal. Edit: Oh yeah you can also see RN AP shells have reduced Krupp compared to other factions. For the 120mm guns RN gets 2,396, Pan Asia get 2,438. (Krupp is a variable that moves the AP penetration curve up or down for balance) I wonder if British Pan Asia destroyers will get a nerfed 5-6% fire chance after a few months? The RN torpedo boat line won't get nerfed cruiser/gunboat torps, they'll have more range and/or speed depending on tier. Low tier torpedoes should have a 7.4km range like Campbeltown. At tier 6 we could get the Mk IX in 10km/57 knot config etc. Plus WG make stuff up! Fletcher has sub torps with a wonky reload.
  3. J/K/N was a radical new destroyer design, it's very different from the Tribal.
  4. AP shells need to strike enough armour to activate the fuse. For example Nagato 16" AP needs to hit 68mm or more to arm, then it explodes after 0.033 seconds. **quick maff warning** If Nagato shoots Sims at 14km the shell hits the deck at 14 degrees and is travelling at 485 mps. The effective armour of a 16mm deck at 14 degrees is 68mm, the shell arms and will explode after ~16 meters for 33% damage (The width of Sims is 11m, a 50 degree impact makes it 17m) The effective armour of a 13mm deck is only 54mm at 14km so the shell doesn't arm, Nagao needs to be within 12km to achieve regular pens on a destroyer with a 13mm deck.
  5. ^ Cleveland is being moved to tier 8, forget it. If your getting detected by ships at 4.5km in smoke, your doing it wrong. The recent changes were actually a buff as you can now detect Battleships firing from inside your own smoke. Sounds like you got wrecked by a New Orleans with radar, learn which ships have it to avoid any sticky situations. RN cruiser spotter planes have recently been nerfed to the standard 100 seconds (not that anyone took a spotter over smoke) That makes Perth the only ship in the game that can launch two (tier 8) spotter planes for 4 minutes. Use it.
  6. Many ships in the game, like Leningrad, have buffed ROF for balance.
  7. Get a dedicated IFHE captain and play it like a mini Belfast with torpedoes.
  8. There's slight difference between 114mm HE shells in game. Mark II BD mounts (12 RPM) get 1700 HE alpha and 8% fire chance. Mark VI RP 41 mounts (20 RPM) get 1600 HE alpha and 7% fire chance. Who knows what the destroyers will get.
  9. There's no jumping, all tech tree ships get a 1x4 launcher from tier 6. Even the tier 10! Historic premiums, like Orkan or Hardy, get 2x4 torpedoes but no heal. Historic J/K/N premiums with 1x5 torps, like Piorun, can be grouped in either the leader or torpedo line (swap heal for reload booster etc) Don't forget these guns have a crazy high fire chance (8 to 9%) Giving them 12 RPM for tier 8 is fine, HE output is almost identical Kiev. Your not convinced a destroyer with 10 guns, 4.4s reload, smoke and super heal can do tier 9? That's similar DPM to Gearing but almost double the number of fires, yikes! Placing the 5th turret between the smoke stacks with terrible firing arcs would be the best idea for balance, that Dido/Atlanta layout looks a bit OTT. Khaba only gets 12 rpm. L.72 is just a smaller version that does ~39 knots with smoke, super heal, good shell arcs and a 1x4 launcher. Sounds fun right?
  10. Who want's a line of Kidd with crap AA but better torpedoes?? Tier 2: Talisman - Talisman class leader Tier 3: Parker - Parker class leader Tier 4: Valkyrie - V class leader Tier 5: Scott - Admiralty class leader Tier 6: Exmouth - E class leader Tier 7: Afridi - Tribal class Tier 8: Lightning - L Class Tier 9: Saracen - V leader design. Tier 10: Meteor - L.72 design. https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/64198-royal-navy-tech-tree-proposal/?do=findComment&comment=2153860
  11. DoY (and maybe Salem) is a boss like Rasputin. dAA will stop it getting deleted by planes when it spawns.
  12. Don't forget this 1945 KGV hull was the first free XP ship before they swap over to Nelson. I think the cost has just been copy/pasted over and this DoY is for the new operation only, like Anthony or Cyclone. dAA is there to help protect her from Rowen Island tier 9 bombers. Salem might also be part of the attack on Rowen Island.
  13. There's much better pictures on the EU site. (Seattle = Cleveland with 6"/47DP main guns and no 5"/38, 4x2 or 4x3?) https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/90878-straight-from-texas-us-cruiser-line-split/ Is Dallas scheme E with 4 x 5" DP guns? Hard to tell.
  14. Those HE shells have been carried over from tier 1 Bougainville. It's clearly a mistake and will be corrected to 2000 eventually.
  15. Wasn't this just a sales gimmick by WG US? Ajax!