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  1. Tribal was designed to plug a cruiser shortage created by the London treaty. Main roles included detached cruiser duties, attacking other destroyers and scouting. Not massed torpedo attacks agasint enemy fleets. Grom-class was a large destroyer leader design that was still expected to carry out torpedo attacks on fleets and didn't have command and control associated with cruisers or Tribals. J/K/N class was a ground up design to replace interwar fleet destroyers (ending with the I-Class) It's a post treaty fleet destroyer that was originally designed with 4 modern DP guns with excellent forward firing arcs and has little in common with the Tribal. (These were very reliable destroyers btw)
  2. Anything, as long as they don't balance it with bloody gimmicks.
  3. Small Buff to HMS Gallant?

    Your stats for Gallant are better than all your other DDs, including stuff like Z-52. (73% win rate, 1.5 Kills per game and more average damage than all your IJN DDs put together, kinda...) Why on earth are you asking for a buff?
  4. Cossack will have limited firing arcs too, something like broadside +-20 degrees to fire all 6 guns? Neither are ships you'll want to shoot main guns when kiting/running away, so why not stack all your fire power at the front? Those 4" shell arcs are much more aerodynamic (almost 1.5s faster at 10km) and HE pen is fine for tier 5-7 MM if you don't want to take IFHE. Canadian Tribals (Halifax built and 1950s refit) are unique from British and Australian ships. I think it's a wasted opportunity if WG don't use them.
  5. Dev blog include camo, so it's 6.3km. Can't wait to ram a IJN DD in one!
  6. Korean Haida would make a great replacement for Korean Belfast (Radar + crazy AA) DPM is the same as Cossack with better shell arcs, I'd consider the 4" guns an improvement (unless they nerf HE alpha like Akizuki) RN torpedo reload is standard. Occasionally WG decide to make a destroyer OP by drastically reducing reload (T-61, Fletcher etc) but these are the exception to the norm.
  7. This is not the HMAS Vampire

    Navypedia doesn't list all the detailed changes. This is more accurate > http://www.navy.gov.au/hmas-vampire-i Malta, 1940. Added 12 pounder gun for aft torpedo tubes. Alexandria, April 1941. Removed 12 pounder gun. Singapore, July to October 1941. Search light platform moved between smoke stacks, AA platform added in the middle and 2 x 2 pounder AA guns added. (WOWS spec and gives her a very unique look) Singapore, January 1942. Removed 2 x 2 pounder AA guns. Unknown date or validity on WOWS model. 2-pounder gun was replaced with a 20mm Breda. (AA platform behind stacks) 13mm Breda guns added (bridge wings, these could be .303 guns added in Singapore) Vampire was the only V-leader to be built with 2x3 torp launchers, she never had 2x2 or tested quads (way too heavy for a small boat)
  8. 2. Tachibana (no normalisation AP, overly buffed HE and crazy firing arcs) 3. Vampire. (Balanced Tachi with US smoke) 4. All of them. 5. Jianwei (If they fix no.4 turret, T-22 is fun too) 6. All of them. 7. Blys (Maass comes a close second) 8. Gadjah Mada (seems to get funny tier 7 MM) 9. Tashkent (Bumping her to tier 9 with a heal was genius, even pips Fletcher in the fun department) 10. Gearing. (Shima could reclaim no.1 spot if they add TRB)
  9. Only against low tier BBs with crazy armour. IFHE gives you reliable damage agasint cruisers and BBs with 25mm sections. SuperIntendent has always been a trap, no idea why people keep recommending it. 4 creep smokes in a 20 minute game? Stop being so passive. SI is 1 hydro for 3 points. Here's my current build > http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/1100101001000010000000100010000119
  10. Rubbish, getting close and saturating a ship with HE, AP and torpedoes in 2 minute creep smoke is just one feature. Most people don't realise just how much spotting damage/info Perth contributes with the ability to fly two tier 8 spotter planes (or fighters) for 4 minutes on the front lines. No other ship in the game can do this after the RN CL spotter nerf. It's more reliable (and fun) than cheap/lazy radar tricks or camping at the back in smoke hoping others spot for you. You can also use them to snipe from range in random battles too.. Here's a good example, check out my average 'damage upon your spotting' stat for ranked season 7. How does it compare?
  11. A look at QE AA

    A full AA spec QE is marvellous fun for both PvP and operations, esp when trolling Cleveland team mates by getting all the plane kills. Those 4.5" 'Between Deck' mounts are almost impossible to knock out, they might be the most reliable DP mount in the game? Can't wait for Renown (with a 5km+ secondary range please) Alexandria camo is a must if you've got a dedicated captain. Warspite + Secondary Battery Mod 2 = Brawling fun times. Kaga/Siapan heavy meta? Time to dust off the ultimate troll ship.
  12. Royal Navy Destroyer Main Guns

    Yep, unfortunately they need to maintain the Benson>Fletcher>Gearing progression, that's the only reason it's at tier 7. A RN J/K/N will be brilliant at tier 8 with the 5.5km surface detection and 10km single fire torpedoes. The smoke is a bit silly but you can do the same with other destroyer lines, you just have more down time for a spot of stealth torping. A 6 gun Tribal with the heal consumable at tier 7 won't be as reliant on smoke...
  13. Royal Navy Destroyer Main Guns

    Tier 7 is the home of horrifically under tired OP British seal clubbers, a full J/K/N without nerfs is hilarious at tier 7. I wouldn't put it past WG to continue that tradition with the 8 gun Tribal. Edit: Oh yeah you can also see RN AP shells have reduced Krupp compared to other factions. For the 120mm guns RN gets 2,396, Pan Asia get 2,438. (Krupp is a variable that moves the AP penetration curve up or down for balance) I wonder if British Pan Asia destroyers will get a nerfed 5-6% fire chance after a few months? The RN torpedo boat line won't get nerfed cruiser/gunboat torps, they'll have more range and/or speed depending on tier. Low tier torpedoes should have a 7.4km range like Campbeltown. At tier 6 we could get the Mk IX in 10km/57 knot config etc. Plus WG make stuff up! Fletcher has sub torps with a wonky reload.
  14. J/K/N was a radical new destroyer design, it's very different from the Tribal.
  15. Nerf to Sims? why?

    AP shells need to strike enough armour to activate the fuse. For example Nagato 16" AP needs to hit 68mm or more to arm, then it explodes after 0.033 seconds. **quick maff warning** If Nagato shoots Sims at 14km the shell hits the deck at 14 degrees and is travelling at 485 mps. The effective armour of a 16mm deck at 14 degrees is 68mm, the shell arms and will explode after ~16 meters for 33% damage (The width of Sims is 11m, a 50 degree impact makes it 17m) The effective armour of a 13mm deck is only 54mm at 14km so the shell doesn't arm, Nagao needs to be within 12km to achieve regular pens on a destroyer with a 13mm deck.