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  1. I think we need some hint to get EU CODE :( If they don't give any hint, I need to go DETONATION
  2. and the symbol means 34. So I think NA code is f34rth, but someone think that code is forth
  3. I need to sleep now... next morning the puzzle will be solved right? lol
  4. but in EU I cannot find the word 't'.
  5. what is the WORD which end with "he"??? sigh
  6. but WG said h3d33p is correct at ASIA
  7. Summery NA : f34rth ASIA : h3d33p EU : not found At EU https://wowsp-wows-eu.wgcdn.co/dcont/fb/image/d9c1b874-d7a2-11e8-89be-ac162d8bc1e4.png is the last clue for code. In picture there are 6 symbol III -> 3 μ -> m IIII -> 4 C -> ????? or G or C or S η -> H or E I -> I or L or 1 I think the final code will be f34r th ?????? t3 d33p(actually no whitespace)
  8. The biggest problem I think is that there is no 'c' in the Greek alphabet.
  9. But WG said ASIA's code h3d33p is correct. It won't be 'the' or something else
  10. At this Image is 34 position
  11. Maybe III -> 3 μ -> m IIII -> 4 C -> c η -> h I -> 1 or maybe i and combination of characters(3, m, 4, c, h, 1)
  12. yeah the last one is in EU server
  13. which gives 34 on the grid