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  1. TankNoob1960

    Need Help Deciding Which Cruiser Line

    Well, don't bother with the Albermerle unless you really like trash boats and have 9 million extra credits laying around.
  2. TankNoob1960

    3rd set of directives

    Huh??? Just not possible. 850 MAIN GUN HITS in a DD is TWO MATCHES?? = 425 shell hits per game? I have finished British Directive 3 and that just sounds outlandish ..Sir.
  3. TankNoob1960

    Need Help Deciding Which Cruiser Line

    Don't look too far. At T8, the Albermerle is TRASH. 14 KM gun range, 30 kmh speed and the entire ship is a citadel. (and the "heal thing" is not that great) I will be selling mine as soon as the British event is over. Maybe the T9 and T10 are good, but the fun stopped for me at the FREE T7 I earned.
  4. TankNoob1960

    Need Help Deciding Which Cruiser Line

    350 battles...
  5. TankNoob1960

    Recognizing the game is lost

    Nope..It's over when it's over and that can be before ever losing a ship the way most players are CAP-ALLERGIC these days. Heck, most players wont even DEFEND a cap let alone take one.
  6. TankNoob1960

    Recognizing the game is lost

    Too many campers, too many cruisers going backwards, too many cap-allergic players in general. The team with the balls and initiative always wins. Campers and hiders always lose. I can see what is on my side within 60 seconds. Pretty much given up on trying to win, game is not fun and the general player base is flat-out nasty.
  7. TankNoob1960

    British Heavy Cruisers: Branch Review

    I got the T5 and T7 for free in the 1st half of the event(when they were strangely "premiums" as well), and I had enough XP for the T6 and T8 by the time they joined the tech tree. I must say...The T8 is horrendously bad. It is not even competitive in CO-OP... Slow, brittle, weak guns and no range.. A recipe for frustration in any game. A true waste of over 8 Million credits. I am not Impressed with this line at all. Thanks for the free T5 and T7 though! Dismissed, Gunny
  8. TankNoob1960

    Albemarle - British Tier VIII Heavy Cruiser

    It is truly a piece of junk. I play one game in it for the "British Tokens" awarded for any win. A true waste of over 8 million credits and it will be promptly sold as soon as this British event is over. I will keep the free T5 and T7 I got in the 1st half of the event, but the Albemarle is history. Really disappointed, it could have been a great ship with 16KM range and a bit of armor. The whole British event is "much adu about nothing".. IMO... Ah well, that's WOWS....
  9. TankNoob1960

    Randoms have officially become Co-Op

    So...You are complaining because you won? Or you are complaining because it was over too fast? Or...Just complaining? (Another GRETA)
  10. Oh...The T8 Albermarle...Piece of JUNK... I unlocked it, then purchased it..What a waste of 8 million credits. 14.7 km range at T8 is suicide, slow as molasses and the guns are terrible. One big, giant citadel for others to farm damage on. (At least I got the T5 and T7 for free.)
  11. TankNoob1960

    CV's are a plague that needs to be addressed

    7600 battles...7000 POSTS... Seems like YOU need a "new hobby"... And a LIFE. "Hur Hur"...You are dismissed. E-7 Ret.
  12. TankNoob1960

    CV's are a plague that needs to be addressed

    Blah...Blah...Blah... I just researched my 2nd T6 CV and purchased back my T8 Japanese CV. Just to annoy guys like you. It is not like any BB or cruiser can't flame your DD, spot your DD or sink it in a flaming salvo. Just more complaints from a whiny, entitled, "Greta" player base. Suck it up chum.
  13. IDK...A simple number like 47%, 48%, 51% WR in Random battles as a BASE. That way, those of US who suck at 46%, can suck.. and those of YOU who don't suck can play your game. Seems simple enough, even for Belarusians..... Carry On, Gunny E-7 Ret.
  14. I plat a T6 CV occasionally just to "get back" at the game. CV's and ALL THESE ISLANDS have wrecked the game. Period.
  15. TankNoob1960

    LOL Teams

    Every "random" game is a one-sided blowout lately. I am sick of it. Sick of the camping, sick of the passive players wondering why they lose, sick of "cap allergy", sick of CV'S, sick of being perma-spotted, sick of being vaporized 50 seconds into the game. Sick of the whole, wet mess. Carry On, Gunny E-7 Ret.