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  1. RonJamesDio

    Is it fun to play CVs?

    Give it a try. Play 10 games and decide at that point. Its different. This game is hard to learn, in most aspects. It takes time to figure things out.
  2. I havent seen a new premium in some time that really piqued my interest. I'm slowly aquiring enough Steel for Shikishima, for the pure novelty of her massive guns on a relatively strong armour profile. Other than that, I havent seen anything in a while I was really rushing to spend money on.
  3. RonJamesDio

    What Steel Ship Would You Chose?

    I'm at 17,000 steel. I'm going for Shiki, since I like Yamato and am a BB main in general. The first time I heard Shikishima fire her guns at close range I thought my speakers blew, I didnt realise how aggressive they made her. That sound is intoxicating...... I am also a big fan of large gunned BB's.
  4. RonJamesDio

    I miss dead eye

    As was previously mentioned in this thread, camping in high tier matches was a problem well before Deadeye and it will be an issue for years to come. Don't kid yourself by thinking " Deadeye made high tier games camp sessions!!" They were before. Large numbers of people have the mentality that because their BB can fire up to 24km's, that they should be engaging at that range. No amount of skills, incentives or ranting will discourage them from it.
  5. RonJamesDio

    Has Agincourt been sold outside the containers?

    Agincourt is an absolute blast to play. I got it out of my 3rd container. I had my limit at 5. Her HE is punishing.
  6. RonJamesDio

    Cruisers are garbo

    It would be a struggle to call Hindenburg a weak ship. She farms damage at an appalling rate.
  7. RonJamesDio

    List top 3 WOWS " Guilty Pleasures " (Fun)

    1) Lighting someone on fire, watching them DCP, waiting 30 seconds and lighting 2 fires on the next salvo with my Thunderer. 2) Dev striking a cruiser early in a battle in any BB. 3) Playing Ashitaka in a tier 5,6,7 game. See #2 above. 4) Launching a wall of torpedos at a smoked up ship and scoring a kill. Watching their ship sink in their smoke screen. 5) Having a cruiser try very, very hard to HE spam my Nelson to death.
  8. RonJamesDio

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    Next up will be "Apology Tokens" Every 10,000 doubloons you buy you'll earn 10 Apology Tokens. For 1,000 Apology Tokens WG will have an intern write you a personalised apology with a coupon for 10% off a tier X premium ship!
  9. RonJamesDio

    I Am Having Fun!

    Well, this is a refreshing post. Something positive for a change. I'm similar in that I like mid tiers much more than the high ones. The gameplay is much more hectic and exciting at tier 5 and 6 I find. Less of the camping, sitting for 16 minutes at the A line type of stuff.
  10. RonJamesDio

    Community time with Mademoisail and MareDraco

    Evidently you have the sense of humor of a block of concrete....noted... Good luck with the educational crusade!
  11. RonJamesDio

    Community time with Mademoisail and MareDraco

    I don't think you quite understand what I'm getting at there......
  12. RonJamesDio

    Community time with Mademoisail and MareDraco

    I thought the Hammer of Thor could only be used by "those who are worthy"?
  13. 5 containers of single use camoflages and signals.
  14. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over and expecting a different outcome. WG doesn't seem to ever learn, so maybe its the alternative?
  15. RonJamesDio

    French vs English BB's

    I personally enjoyed all my French BB's, they have wonky guns but they are extremely powerful if you can get to a flanking position. Lyon is hilarious fun with its insanely huge broadside of 16 guns. Richleau was a solid ship that is one of my keeper tier 8 TT ships, Alsace is a blast at tier 9 and was so powerful they had to drastically nerf her to make her fit at tier 9, Republique seems to be fun with the shortest reload of any tier 10 BB, powerful AP and high fire chance HE. British BB's are easy to play. Very, very easy. While you can do surprisingly high numbers in damage firing only HE, they truly shine when the captain alternates ammo types based on target and distance. Low tier British BB's are very capable, but the line starts to truly shine at the KGV, which is arguably one of the best tier 7 BB's in the game. High tier British BB's are extremely stealthy, with devastating HE and insanely powerful repair parties. Lion and Conqueror are practically immune to DoT effects unless focused by multiple ships simultaneously, courtesy of their massive healing potential. Both lines are enjoyable in their own right, but I feel the French BB's are more dynamic and exciting to play. High risk, high reward type of gameplay. They are some of my favourite ships in the game to play.