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  1. ttb8011

    WOWS should be sued for POS Prinz Eitel Friedrich

    Something about a fool and their money...
  2. For the kill on the 23/9, credit goes to Reddit user /u/DrunkenSpud. Their only comment says the kill was on a CL. Also found this one on YouTube: WARNING: UI MAY CAUSE BLINDNESS There's also this thread, but no screenshot: Yes indeed, it's a rare achievement, and one I'm keen on getting. I'm at about 260 games in the Haida, still waiting for that sweet secondary kill :)
  3. There's this post from 3 months ago: And this one more recently: Not sure if these links show correct, on mobile. I'll check tomorrow when I'm back on my PC.
  4. Sorry to burst your bubble, but I've seen at least two posts on Reddit claiming Haida secondary kills. Still, it's a great achievement, well done.