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    How soon will the Ring captain be available?

    YEHHHHH JINGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. This IS NOT A COMPLAINT OR A SUGGESTION but merely an observation on why sometimes, overdoing is worse than not doing anything at all. Once upon a time there was a line of ten American cruisers, but then things got "cute". Instead of merely introducing a Helena or some other Philadelphia class ship, while ridding the line of the make believe Phoenix and possibly making a few tier adjustments, they decided that simple was not the way. LOL . That was ALL they had to do. (And leave Cleveland ALONE, LOL!) "INSTEAD"......... There are now fifteen American cruisers in a split line of light and heavies. Of this total, Phoenix, Dallas, Buffalo and Seattle never existed in fact. Worcester and the Des Moines class ships entered service AFTER the war ended. If we REMOVE the first four and the Worcester, but LEAVE the Des Moines because it was always there, we have the following and LOGICAL group of ten ships that would make up a NORMAL line of cruisers. As follows: Erie, Chester, St. Louis, Omaha, Pensacola, Cleveland, Helena, New Orleans, Baltimore, Des Moines