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  1. I'm an old fart who still enjoys playing scenarios. We've lost a few over the last couple of years and frankly, I want to remind World of Warships and Wargaming in general that old guys who play endless scenarios SPEND MONEY TOO and since I wouldn't be bothering anyone who doesn't wish to play scenarios from requesting more of them, I hope this won't engender more sarcasm that normal! But I sure wish they'd at least bring back the higher level ones they dumped as WELL as creating new ones.


    When I commented that I lost my elite ship status on my tier six New Mexico because they tacked on that bloated new American battleship line and did NOT grandfather anyone with an elite tier six, I lost the status, commented and, basically, was told to shut up. Now they have removed all my specially ranked commanders, saying that while I earned and or purchased them fairly, I am now ONLY ENTITLED TO ONE such commander. Atop that, they changed all the values of the captains, a somewhat logical but extremely annoying act on the part of Wargaming. Most folk here are barbaric enough, hiding behind computer screens, to just remain awful and low minded and mock what I say. But I don't care. I will make the following observations: 1 Jingles better find new things to do voice over work and I see he IS, because THIS is a dying game now. 2 Wargaming is obviously trying to milk the game for whatever $ they can get out of it with all the juvenile promotions and appeals to the gaming interests of four year olds. 3 Very few NEW players can be seen in the lower tiers anymore. Those who've learned the game have learned it, meaning that those who want to play it have already by and large entered the game ranks and few NEWER ones are coming in. 4 The reason for this is the ATTITUDE of those who own, operate, run WoW and the other games. It is painfully obvious these people are arbitrary, bossy and totally unconcerned with customer service and what the gaming community thinks. If they were, they wouldn't behave like a bunch of Soviet dictators. However.............that IS how they act and it is painfully obvious this is because they either grew UP under a Soviet dictator OR they grew up under a Russian one who will do bad things to you if you refer to him as a SOVIET ERA one. I really believe they have no sense of the arbitrary BLANK they do because they never grew up having options and/or choices. They run this game like a Russian store owner. "You can have last rotten pear or not eat." That's how they run the game and, guess what? It's not GROWING anymore. This is why. Now, the stooges with [edited] and attack the messenger. Some of the attackers will be Wargaming staff and the rest will be sad little boys who hide behind computer screens because that's where their bravery ends. I don't care or mind. I won't be checking this for responses or replies anyway. Should Mr. and Mrs. Wargaming care to ban me for expressing the truth, somehow I'd survive that too.

    Is This Considered A Rip Off?

    You know, I realize it's a small matter but perhaps one day, they will do something equally arbitrary to affect you! It would have been simple to grant continued elite status to a ship that had EARNED it and if I wanted a Kansas, THEN I could grind 140,000 more points for it. You are missing the point. It is the arbitrary nature of this that galls and should not be dismissed merely as "oh it isn't important" because one day, any group or organization that betrays a disdain for it's clientele or, if a government, it's PEOPLE, may one day be very arbitrary about something a lot BIGGER. So mock, laugh, disdain, no nothing but remember that one day if they decide to simply eliminate a hard won ship or two of yours, remember that you did and said nothing.
  4. I have a Tier Seven Colorado, and please don't laugh. Point is, I researched the Tier Eight North Carolina, which made my Colorado an ELITE ship. Then.........World of Warships simply attaches the new American battleship tier branch ONTO the existing tree and I no longer have an ELITE ship, because NOW I have to spend an additional 140,000 points to research the Kansas! I feel as though, HEY, I HAD an ELITE ship predicated on the existing rules and it's quite UNFAIR and just plain old unprofessional and Czarist to now impose a NEW standard upon me just to allow me to continue to have what I had BEFORE an entire branch was grafted onto the American battleship line THERE. I suspect there are plenty of other Colorado owners out there who had elite status on this old chugger too! I believe all existing Elite Colorado owners should have been grandfathered IN and not required to research the Kansas just to maintain their existing status. I don't ask for a free ride on researching the Kansas IF I WANT TO but I think I could, and others could, be allowed to retain their Elite predicated on what was asked of them to complete when they first EARNED that status.
  5. If you are considering ordering one and you choose to opt for the better quality and sizing of the Hanes/Gilden higher priced Ts, be very careful to check the label inside the shirt when you get it. I ordered an upgraded Hanes/Gilden so that it wouldn't fall apart in the first washing, but I received some very thin cotton cheap T with the "world famous" Next Level brand. So far, writing to Teespring, the company doing the Ts for WoW, has done nothing and, as you know, Wow is as insistent as any other large site in avoiding any contact with the people it makes it's money off of, so there is no recourse there. My advice: if you want a better T shirt and you order it from WoW/Teespring, make SURE to check the label when it arrives as our Russian friends may well be guilty of the old Bait and Switch game. Just a word to the wise based on my experience.

    Public Test - 0.9.6 - German Carriers

    Why don't you stop worrying about introducing make believe ships that never sailed and concentrate on making the game work better? How about you fix the playback issue so that one doesn't have to modify the game coding just to view a playback? How about you add some new scenarios for those of us who don't need the obnoxious rantings of young cowards who think they're tough guys while hiding behind a computer screen with their little limpies showing? How about growing UP a bit, kiddies?

    More Scenarios

    Scenarios are fun and keep the more "motivated" (read bullying cretinesque behavior) away and provide challenging fun. Where did so many of them disappear to and why can't we have more? Since we still have some, why not ADD to the group or at least restore those we've lost?
  8. The year is 2020. The Russian excuses for humans have still not created a playback button and now I find my old Windows 7 computer refusing to play back anyway. So fug it all with replays and anything else that the grand geniuses of paranoia can't simplify.


    As an old(er) aficionado of this game, who admittedly can no longer keep up with his younger competition, myself and many others like me, enjoy playing the scenarios. Inevitably, I garner points and yes, buy a little GOLD, so running scenarios is not UN-popular or UN-profitable. Lately, I've seen the number and level of play of scenarios dry up. I think this is a shame and I wish WoW would consider reinstating all those scenarios they have deleted and, in fact, add some more. I would enjoy them at levels 5-9 and at LEAST 6-8, as they were. I dunno if anyone else would like more scenarios, where there is, for us older dudes, less name calling and cursing and obsessional behavior. I know I love 'em and wish they made more.

    How soon will the Ring captain be available?

    YEHHHHH JINGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. This IS NOT A COMPLAINT OR A SUGGESTION but merely an observation on why sometimes, overdoing is worse than not doing anything at all. Once upon a time there was a line of ten American cruisers, but then things got "cute". Instead of merely introducing a Helena or some other Philadelphia class ship, while ridding the line of the make believe Phoenix and possibly making a few tier adjustments, they decided that simple was not the way. LOL . That was ALL they had to do. (And leave Cleveland ALONE, LOL!) "INSTEAD"......... There are now fifteen American cruisers in a split line of light and heavies. Of this total, Phoenix, Dallas, Buffalo and Seattle never existed in fact. Worcester and the Des Moines class ships entered service AFTER the war ended. If we REMOVE the first four and the Worcester, but LEAVE the Des Moines because it was always there, we have the following and LOGICAL group of ten ships that would make up a NORMAL line of cruisers. As follows: Erie, Chester, St. Louis, Omaha, Pensacola, Cleveland, Helena, New Orleans, Baltimore, Des Moines