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  1. Cpt_JM_Nascimento


    In which kind of awfull positioning were you in to let a FDG nuke your cruiser!? It is way easier for a cruiser to one-shot another cruiser than FDG getting something done with its main battery... dont tell me a Mikasa nuked your cruiser too (edit: or Kawachi like someone posted here yesterday)!? Because both ships might as well have the same dispertion pattern
  2. Cpt_JM_Nascimento

    Dobrões de graça!

    Estava recebendo normalmente @sea_you, mas hoje a missão não veio... Amanhã lembrarei de tirar uma screenshot caso aconteça de novo. Edit: no dia seguinte (relativamente a data original deste post) veio normalmente
  3. Cpt_JM_Nascimento

    Why does Japanese cruiser torpedo arc positioning suck so badly?

    I noticed several players here saying the torpedo firing arcs are a balancing feature... when WG officially never said that firing arcs for torpedoes were made as a balancing thing. When it comes to torpedoes they always change soft stats to balance them: detection range, speed, damage, flooding chance, reload time... Also like some others already pointed out: two objects cant occupy the same space at the same time. The supersctruture of several japanese heavy cruisers limited the firing arcs of the torpedo lauchers. One of the few exceptions was Furutaka where they were mounted on the deck.
  4. Cpt_JM_Nascimento

    I hate this ship. I've played two games and...

    Nope and i never did... all i hear about that game are bad reviews
  5. Cpt_JM_Nascimento

    USS Charleston vs the USS St. Louis

    Wasnt St. Louis sigma reduced to 1.8 some time ago? im sure of it, but i dont know when
  6. Cpt_JM_Nascimento

    I hate this ship. I've played two games and...

    Richie has only 2 gun turrets that are actually quite big so they can fit 4 gun barrels each, making them a big target. Those turrets have reasonable armor, but players know that if only a single turret is incapacitated 50% of the fire potential of the ship will drop temporaly until it is repaired, so players (mainly with BBs, battlecruisers and CAs with potent AP) will aim at those instead with AP while u are angled. Also, dont expect it to behave like Yamato turrets that will stop almost everything and everywhere (there are other ways to deal with that, but thats off-topic). Dunkirk has the same issue at tier 6, since her project was similar to the Richelieu ones, but she has more trouble since she lacks armor in her turrets... fortunatelly for her, ships with enough AP power at that tier to do it arent accurate enough to hit turrets with consistency. If i see a Jean Bart, Des Moines, Moskva and ships like these close enough bowtanking i load AP and go for their turrets instead, less if i can overmatch the bow. Summary: it is a common tactic to try and destroy turrets of bow tanking ships and/or with a low amount of barrels. Thats why there are builds that improves their survivability. Edit: this is a tactic i rarely share: i angle my turrets during brawls if they have a fast turret traverse, but long reload (only BBs fit those characteristics) in a similar way it is done with the ships themselves
  7. Mãe dos textões! Vou ter que deixar esse pra mais tarde. Pelo menos já manjo dos treco. Tô com 3.150.000 de XP livre e raramente tenho conta premium
  8. Cpt_JM_Nascimento

    Stalingrad or save?

    If u say u like Moskva, u will like Stalingrad as well, they share similar gamestyles. Plain and simple. Edit: Stalingrad is even stronger in randoms than she is in competitive modes. Since the enemy will make mistakes way way more often and players wont make ship builds JUST to kill u in specific.
  9. Cpt_JM_Nascimento

    How long might the Alaska be for sale?

    This once again!?
  10. One of the Kongo sisters in her late war config for tier 6 then, and a slight sigma buff PLS! Instead of a downtier... an uptier!
  11. Cpt_JM_Nascimento

    What free XP ship will get me cussed at the least?

    Pick Musashi and overmatch everything, only Yamato isnt enough
  12. Cpt_JM_Nascimento

    How far up the Pan Asian line to go?

    HYang (tier 8) is meh... she is inferior to her sister clones, Lo Yang (hydro) and Benson (fire power). Then Chung Mu (tier 9) she became one of my favorite ships to play, her torpedoes are one of the most reliable in the game and reload quickly and deal a lot of damage (basically a gimmicky Fletcher, but still not retarded levels like Minotaur or Daring)... then theres YY (tier X) So it is worth to get the tier IX, but the tier VIII is odd and the tier X is not worth anymore outside competitive.
  13. Cpt_JM_Nascimento

    Number of Games to win Dreadnought

    you can play the first 2 matches in coop and get the 250 and 500 XP mark in aprox. 5 mins each. That will reduce time dedicated into the game a bit.
  14. Cpt_JM_Nascimento

    CV rework should be canceled

    GZ is a different monstruosity, it isnt from the CV gameplay itself. Sure there are things from the actual gameplay that i agree that would be needed to be redone, like UI (buggy AF, i have never seen an RTS so problematic), AA interaction (it is always too weak or too strong, never between then), total number of squads at high tiers (that can reach 8 with Hakuryuu), CV spotting mechanics (basically an eye of Sauron for competitive and good players in randoms), all of them could be solved with what we already have. But NOPE! Scrapping the entire thing and creating a brand new game from its ashes was the plan that is under way. So far the only thing i saw what the rework bringing is solving the spotting issue and number of squads, in the other hand brought back a bad issue from beta days... CV sniping, even good players cant defend properly. inb4, my arguments arent final because the stuff from the rework is far from done. But i dont see logical proposals for the near future from the devs or proper plans to solve the issues we already have.