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  1. Cpt_JM_Nascimento

    Navios italianos... Curiosidade.

    Existem alguns sons de alerta no jogo, para que o jogador não fique perdido a algum input inesperado. Exemplos: sinos no leme, sinal sonoro que os canhões foram carregados, alarme de colisão. Alguns são possíveis de retirar nas configurações, outros não.
  2. Cpt_JM_Nascimento

    Navios Mitos virou Lenda

    Então não falem pra ele que existem os modelos do Borodino (o que existiu como pré-Dreadnought, não o sonho molhado no tier VIII), Zuikaku, Akagi e Shinano nos arquivos da WG já prontos. Vou deixar a foto só de um, senão perderia a graça se postasse todos eles.
  3. Cpt_JM_Nascimento

    Legendary screenshot wanted

    I'm not pointing out about how the ramming mechanics works in the current patch, but I wanted to show an old event that newer players might never see. Like old RTS CVs shenanigans, a special game mode that never returned or Kitakami in beta test. I kept searching and I found it.
  4. Cpt_JM_Nascimento

    Legendary screenshot wanted

    This is an old screenshot I was looking everywhere in the last days, but with 0 success. It was from an incident where a Benson rammed a GK and survived to earn the Die-Hard Achievement. This event caused several players to search, test, experiment in an attempt to figure out how the ramming mechanic really worked to explain how something that was considered impossible... was possible. I wanted to find it so I could show new players that never saw that moment, I made several search strategies and not even a clue... Does anyone here on the forums by any chance has the screenshot to share? I know there was a clip as well, but if I'm far from the screenshot, it would be even harder to find the footage from the gameplay.
  5. Cpt_JM_Nascimento

    Changes to San Diego (2022.03.31) - She Still Sucks

    You summarized really well what I had in mind, mainly with Ashkance saying "Our Designers make our game. Their vision has created a Free-to-Play game which has a world-wide audience and will soon reach 7 years of runtime. This is rare unicorn levels of happening, so please keep that in mind." This is one really passive-agressive setence, in other words, we are successful for 7 years, most games don't last that long, so we know better than you. so I will just add a few points. San Diego development did show response to feedback, way better than the period before August of last year. But there are still some steps to go... the tone of the reponses from Boggzy and Ashkance about the ship balancing development is one of them. SD will be a sales success no matter what niche she fills and how well or poorly she performs, since every single American ship released on 4th of July (most likely release date) except California sold a lot. I personally have 0 interest in this ship, she doesnt behave like an Atlanta-class, a weak solo ship, but a powerfull support one with an unique gamestyle without relying on gimmicks. San Diego atm seems like a damage farmer, a good one at that and nothing else (Austin isn't... way too reliant on a 15s window) and unlike Atlanta that has a special gameplay, there are way too many cruisers at tier VIII that are farmers: Mainz, Chapayev, Cleveland, Tallinn and others.
  6. Cpt_JM_Nascimento

    Italian DD crap boats over loaded with gimmicks

    Someone took the "wise" advice from WG from "Italian destoyers review" video that said the line was made of torpedoboats... while the torpedoes themselves are bad in every aspect except range. While they are one of the best vehicles in the game to murder DDs.
  7. Cpt_JM_Nascimento

    Why hate on the Subs? Beyond the obvious

    Answering the original question: Submarine gameplay is way too easy (skill floor, not skill celling) even when the spreadsheet showed otherwise at the start of the year: Is your boat detected or in danger? > Neuron activation > Dive. And if there are no danger > resurface. Also the delay between lauching planes, reaching the designated area, lauching the Depth Charges and detonating at the specific depth is enough time for any submarine player to evade with a good margin. While destroyers have to rush and do several precise DC runs to get the kill, in the ideal scenario he would know exactly where the sub is (the oil leak is only visible if u hit the target first) AND doing all that undetected to not get murdered by the enemy team because the DD has to move in a predictable route to get a good drop. While all other ships in the game can be countered in a way or another... CVs to a degree can get sniped by BBs with long ranged weapons or other CVs depending on the loadout. Destroyers also work as torpedoboats in the game, but are counterable by other DDs, CVs, radar ships. While a submarine can stay under several enemy ships while the ships above do know he is there, but can't do much, mainly if he is at max deptht. Let's not mention they have homing weapons when most vehicles in the game are balanced in a way to not consider that as a balancing factor. I'm here for more than 6 years (Yep... that's a long time) and I received TRIPLE cross torps only twice, both of them involved subs. The first case I was with a Zao in an epicenter gamemode, 4v4 at the end. The team had a coward Montana hiding behind our CV at spawn full HP, the surviving sub trying to win a surface engagement against a Nevsky (obviously that didn't work), Midway that was starting to get deplaned because he was derping into enemy fighters from Nakhimov. While the enemy team had all circles from epicenter. So I rushed there because there was no option left, result: cross torped by their two subs that were there as watchdogs and their Nakhimov, I took down one of their subs with me because he beached near the coast of an island and couldn't dive. The 2nd was yesterday while regrinding Hatsuharu... I got cross torped by a CV, T-61 and a sub that never was detected until that point. Let's say I didn't have fun, but managed to survive a torp hit from T61, but I had 1300 HP remaining for the rest of the match. You can imagine I was overextended, but there were two more friendlies ahead of me, another DD and a sub. And since those cases involved subs... yes... it was a triple cross torp involving homing torpedoes.
  8. Cpt_JM_Nascimento

    Is the shells dropping short bug still in game?

    The aim mechanic in the game doesn't take in consideration surfaces that aren't flat like the sea in the game, the moment some terrain is close to the reticle it will consider islands as a flat surface and do wonky stuff. Meanwhile the bug of the shells falling short on the target almost always is because the target is making an evasive manuver away and even if u predict and aim really high the shells still fall short. I have been in both sides of such bugs and after finding a pattern, I ended up exploiting them since it is easy to replicate, mainly the one which involves islands. Will it be solved any time soon? No... it would need a complete overhaul of the aiming mechanic.
  9. Cpt_JM_Nascimento

    About HMS Repulse...

    She was built with submerged lauchers in her bow that were later removed. Later she received a refit that received 4x2 lauchers on her deck and that's a fact, oddly enough, there aren't pictures of them, the best I could find were similar pictures that OP posted of torpedoes being fired, I couldn't find blueprints or more detailed information where they were preciselly mounted. The best I could find was some room below a boat next to her 2nd funnel, but nothing was there. If this topic is problematic, imagine talking about Canarias that had torps that after being lauched aimed themselves when landing in the water using gyroscopes (if Spain received them, something that didn't happen)
  10. Cpt_JM_Nascimento

    Unique feature for the USS Johnston if she is added.

    Isn't this basically similar to what Kidd has (smoke and heal in different slots), but with extra steps? And also instead of being a special skill from a commander, it would be a skill from the ship itself instead of a consumable. Also she would problably be tier X to not compete with her sisters at tier IX. Edit: just commenting, because I guess I missed something about your proposal
  11. Cpt_JM_Nascimento

    Navios para Desafios Pessoais

    Não teve informação sobre a disponibilidade deles depois do evento, pode ser que entrem no limbo como o Odin ou Hizen. Querendo ou não esse evento foi tipo um mini estaleiro só que com interface gráfica e de interação diferentes. Ou o que ocorreu com outros navios de mini eventos como o Mikoyan. Obviamente só vamos ter alguma resposta oficial DEPOIS do termino do evento pra maximizar as vendas
  12. Cpt_JM_Nascimento

    San Diego's Initial Stats are a Flaming Turd

    Did you just tl;dr my message? and answered anyways? You read only my first paragraph and ignored eveything else, right next I point out the difference about CMs creating a wall AND use the opportunity to develop new ideas to find a solution that can satisfy as many parties as possible. Not only limiting themselves to someone higher up in the company or product management wanted a tier VIII Austin and it has to be this way no matter what except some small tweaks, but they can't say it diretcly as CMs. While I point out that Austin herself is limited for a few seconds during a match if all stars allign to make her shine. And if you are saying Austin makes sense from a gameplay perspective by showing the data she works at tier X, that's a really good way to use a Blinker (only see the numbers raw and not trying to interpret why they are behaving in such a way), for example: Shimakaze and Somers have a similar niche and have similar damage potential. But one has a limited playerbase that deals way more average damage than Shimakaze because she is the most popular destroyer in the game and attracts some questionable players that drops her numbers. Even being similar, one is considered OP and is no longer available while the other is below average. So back to Austin which WG wants to emulate her gameplay two tiers lower: how much of her total average damage is from the reload booster alone? How much damage does she deal when the consumable is on cooldown? How having useful torps synergizes with her consumable, like using HE with reload booster after she landed torps against a target furhter away that was forced to repair a flooding? How effective is Austin as an AA escort tier for tier compared to an Atlanta-class? How the available tools make her survive longer even with low HP that gives more opportunities to use her gimmick, compared to San Diego that has any? How balistics affect the gameplay of a cruiser with a pathetic base reload with a 75% MB reload booster (engagement ranges, map positioning, targeting, ammo choice, etc?)
  13. Cpt_JM_Nascimento

    San Diego's Initial Stats are a Flaming Turd

    Im quite late to keep up with most stuff posted here, but in summary I see a lot of resistance from the CMs and that's the opposite from the new game development philosophy that WG wanted to bring to fix the PR disaster that was 2021. I'm not even mentioning about "listening" to feedback, that's slight different and only a smaller part of company/customer relationship, the point is trying to force the concept San Diego has atm without trying to develop LWM's idea: use the already successful Atlanta recipe and make a better Atlanta-class at tier VIII, mainly in DPM and AA values or be creative and use other ones available like: 1) Having radar and smoke share the same slot, so SD can pick an Atlanta style gameplay or the Flint one and the enemy has to guess which consumable the player picked; 2) Just give up on the AA thing, because atm it is only usefull against tier VI CVs and improve her surface fighting ability (even though almost the only thing CL-53 did was pew-pew planes), because American bofors in-game are a joke, there are AA weapons way more effective in-game; 3) Make her a zombie ship like Salem or Minotaur (they would struggle to survive without it); 4) It is a it too late and would be a pain to balance out: lauch as the first ship with 3 different shell types; 5) A more moderate version of the reload booster so the ship can work without it, by giving it a reasonable base reload; The imagination would be the limit in this case if all other parameters of the ship didn't suffer, like nerfing the reload to abysmal values to justify the reload booster and SAP, more about it just below. WG for a while tries to avoid "bland" ships at all costs (ironically they are my favorites, since I dont wanna a "gimmick" playing the game for me, but also I'm not going to use the "nostalgia card", I don't mind if the gimmicks are abstractions from equipment or weapons from the time period set in the game AND the ships can work without them), but it reached a point where ships are balanced in a way to have just a small window of opportunities in a match that can last up to 20 minutes that it becomes a frustrating experience. Dutch cruisers, Austin and Italian battleships are the main ones. While ships that aren't that new can do something most of the match and find a way to be usefull even against bad odds. OK, let's point out the main differences San Diego has right now compared to her sisters, I will focus more on the mechanics and avoid my own experience, so we can separate the ingredients first before combining them to make the final dish that is not promissing: SAP (mainly small caliber ones): theorical DPM and practical DPM are two different things, so SAP DPM isn't the monster that the CMs are trying to show and there are several things that drops small caliber SAP DPM by a LOT: angling just like against ships with improved AP angles, they are usually coupled with HE so the chances of getting any citadel hits are 0, except against a really small portion of targets, so the ship isn't a threat to do even more massive damage compared to others that have AP as an option, armor in general, if the target has too much armor... you just cry... you load HE and hope you can set some fires or just straight up ignore the target go for something else, btw, notice that HE at least can deal some damage if RNG helps with setting the target on fire in a situation where it can't deal damage directly. But the most important one: it struggles A LOT against saturated targets/sections, HE has the same issue, but it doesn't bounce and can set the target on fire that are deadly for saturated targets (because they are low in HP), while AP doesn't mind it because if it penetrates a ship it will always deal at least 10% of the maximum damage no matter what. Summary: SAP isn't a 7 head mo MB Reload booster: when the French DDs were being tested, the first interations had a 75% reload reduction, back then the developers noticed such powerful consumable was impossible to balance out without making the base reload pathetic and the DDs could be hunted down easily when their consumables were on cooldown or for some reason couldn't take full advantage of it (slow turrets are aiming in a place totally different because a target was spotted in an unexpected place or while engaging a target the ship had to make aggresive emergency manuvers due to torps, an airstrike or a dangerous focus fire incoming). So a more "moderate" 50% one was chosen instead so the DDs could be functional without the consumable, several patches later the idea was ressurected with Austin that except against oblivious targets that gets too close to one while showing broadside, dont react to the presence of one and when the consumable is available... the target become a meme for those YT videos and that's about it. Lack of utilitary tools: no radar, smoke or an AA strong enough to make a CV player to think twice before attacking makes the ship a WAY worse support ship than her sisters one tier lower, also for self-play radar helps Atlanta survive by shoo-ing away DDs trying to perma spot her while Flint has a pocket version of island cover to help her even in open maps; 16mm hull plating: that would translate to better survivability IF she was in the same tier as her sisters, but she will face cruisers with larger weapons more often than her sister, so the hull plating thickness increase was a must to justify being one tier higher to not get dumpstered like the first version of Colbert that had 13mm plating and was basically food for any AP larger than one from a CL. 16km range: good on paper, but a disaster in practice: like LWM already pointed out the shells take over 20s to reach a target this far away and the excessive range is only there to make sure SD gets spotted for 20 more secs after holding her fire or get spotted by something flanking the island or smoke she is behind (if she isn't inside it, but rather behind it). Atlanta and Flint short range helps them disengage faster using the concealment mechanics. Giving SD Austin shells would solve the problem, but this would be the WORST approach possible, because it would be a band-aid (shells the 127/38 weapons never used) for another band-aid (not being able to hit targets beyond 14km) for yet a third band-aid (MB reload booster) because of the initial issue (long base reload). PLS PLS PLS, dont use the idea I just mentioned AA: just a tiny bit better than her sisters and is lacking 6 more Bofors from her final refit, it would be good for tier VII, average for tier VIII standards, it was already discussed a lot here by other players so I wont go deeper here, it can't be promoted as an AA platform as a marketing strategy with her current intineration. Base reload: 8,5s reload was already pointed out several times; 4,5km torps: already a joke for tier 7, even more situational at tier VIII, it will only work in a few matches to save the ship from a yolo rush in case the reload booster is on cooldown or was baited because the target was quick to angle and 8,5s base reload wont stop anything larger than a DD to maul her in a brawl, IF enough torps land; Putting all this together results in a ship that is inferior to her sisters one tier lower to emulate the Austin gamestyle at tier 8 that won't work because Austin has SOME survivability with her heal and 32mm mid section to bounce most BB AP plus better weapons, while Atlanta herself is already one of the hardest ships to play due to low HP, poor cit protection and long lead times and requires top-notch map positioning and mini map interpretation to perform well. Different approaches to emulate Austin gameplay at the tier would be better if Sejong was used instead as a base for the ship. Because atm, it seems WG is trying to force the gameplay style of Austin, if the player wants one of the most condecorated warships from the USN.
  14. Cpt_JM_Nascimento

    grozovoi needs torp reload buff

    You aren't telling the whole story, making your post seem fishy. Udaloi stock torp lauchers are triple ones, therefore having a faster reload and have 8km range. While the upgraded ones are quintuples with 10km range and a longer reload, I don't remember the exact number, but it was over 2 minutes. So the torpedo DPM stays similar between Udaloi and Grozovoi. For reference: I remember when the Soviet DD sub branch was released, Ognevoi was quite popular at tier 8 because the competition at the tier wasn't so brutal and most players used stock triple torp lauchers because they had faster reload than the quintuple ones.
  15. Cpt_JM_Nascimento

    Next Japanese line when?

    A BB line split would be more likely, since the line is a mess atm alternating between battleships and battlecruisers while grinding the line. While I discussed with my clan mates I proposed a split, but since then I found more stuff. It would go like this: BB line: Kawachi (III) Kawachi prototype (IV) - same armament as Kawachi, but two pairs in superfiring positions aft and end. Also heavier. Lengerer, H: Kaiserlich Japanische Kriegsschiffe im Bild, pp. 72-73 Fuso prototype (V) - various projects A46-63 Fuso (VI) Nagato (VII) Owari - Kii sister (VIII) Izumo (IX) Yamato (X) premium Tosa (VIII) BC line: Ibuki (1909) heavily modified (III) Myogi B-40 project (IV) B-41 project (V) - a larger Myogi with an extra turret or Kongo (V) to add as many real ships possible Hiei (VI) - with a higher sigma or BC dispersion can fit just fine at this tier, also Hiei was the most modernized one, the one in-game is her Amagi preliminaries (VII) - various projects B-58-63 Amagi (VIII) OUR project (IX) Project 13 battleship (X) There's also the yearly CV line that WG releases, it is easy to imagine how it would look like There's room for a CL/CA split, the hard part is to make the progression of the ships seem natural. There are enough ships for a third DD line, the issue is how to make them different enough without making them behave way too different from the ships IRL (like Somers being a torpedoboat comparable to Shimakaze - while her torps IRL were a joke and when received better ones the war was almost over and soon was gonna meet the scrapyard, Napoli having an icebreaker hitbox in a place where there are windows or Normandie making 28 knots) source: https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/4273-japanese-warship-project-numbers/