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  1. LadyJade90

    COOP Has Become 'World of Torpedoes' Now

    this is a really long winded way of saying you aren't that good at the game
  2. LadyJade90

    [ALL] ModStation

    literally cannot connect to the modstation despite doing a full reinstall of it.
  3. LadyJade90

    CVs need depth-charges.

    you absolutely have defences against CVs and have ways of keeping them at bay. CVs get none of that and in case you forgot theres a friendly CV on your team too who can't support you if they're dead....you know the class that drops fighters to help you. you can adapt to CVs. but subs literally have no counter for many ships not just CVs. it's like you people forgot this a game. a digital board game. it's not worth this level of hostility over a class you don't like.
  4. LadyJade90

    Submarine Testing

    so CVs get no defence from subs at all? i dont see how thats balanced
  5. LadyJade90

    [ALL] Improved HSF Camos

    are kongo turrets supposed to be a lighter grey? they seem to be in the screentshot
  6. LadyJade90

    tracer mods

    the arpeggio tracer mod seems to be broken after the last update. is there anyone capable of fixing it? im not good with things like this and have been using this mod since i started playing. really sad i cant use it anymore
  7. It is absolutely their thing they're making the decisions. These ships are nothing more than 1s and 0s wg could make as many or as little as they want. I also think its interesting you brought up the typical mmo holiday item because the same argument can be made for making an artificial fomo/ have and havenots economy that benefits only them but not the players. These are games at the end of the day and you dont need to create a culture of elitist gate keeping [edited] just to give away neat Christmas hats or Halloween swords. Same applies here. Theres no need for these ships to be gone for ever. Wg could easily have a rotating roster for rare ships being sold For coal and steel to keep their numbers in check but not lock people out of their reasons for enjoying the game. Warframe seems to manage just fine regularly vaulting frames too high in popularity. Wg doesnt even have to stop selling the crates since ships wouldn't be permanent additions but instead available for a short period during its rotation. Ill never understand people who insist other people missing out on things is the only way to have fun. Games are digital toys with an infinite supply. No reason for anyone to miss out forever. I get that the internet allows people to be unsympathetic jerks but it never ceases to disappoint to see how agressive people are about making sure no one else gets to have fun like they do. Tl;dr ya'll are gatekeeping [edited] and theres no harm in limited run rotations to give others a chance at things they want
  8. Doesn't work if musashi or enterprise or georgia is what i want. Its not just about numbers.
  9. Scarcity of digital goods is a failed business model especially if you keep highly desired digital goods locked away for good. Even EA and Activision don't do that forever
  10. Why? To appeal to people who dont argue on good faith and only want a reasonto be mad? Should i do it because you said so? Why? You're wrong. He's wrong. And anyone not blinded by blind rage over a digital board game will see that. Ehat reason do i have to humor you and explain why you're wrong if you won't listen regardless? What reason do i have to do anything beyond point out how obviously this topic doesn't suit your M.O? please tell me why i NEED to show anything but mild contempt for grown men acting like children?
  11. Insisting you're right doesn't make it so neither does arguing with flawed and faulty logic.
  12. Thats still not how it works. You arent gaining planes you're replacing and in the very likely event you are losing planes throughout a match you arent filling your decks with planes. You also assume a consistent 14 minutes with those numbers. There are so many variables besides skill that your deliberately ignoring just to have the max lab condition plane numbers that you ignore that most times you arent getting the max time and even if you do you arent maintaining full flights for the whole game not every game. So no your math is still wrong. Cherry picked. And ignores variables to make a sensationalist point. And all of that ignores one basic undeniable truth. This topic's match and OP was exaggerated and was misrepresented as proof of CV bullying while it shows the exact opposite. So you're wrong on two fronts there guy find a different topic to do this in. There's plenty of other cv hate topics to push your crusade in
  13. LadyJade90

    It has begun; Flamu on CV imbalance.

    You'd almost forget this was a game coming into these forums.
  14. Dont need to. You made the claims and you provided faulty evidence. Burden of proof is on you guy not me.