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  1. kasag

    Can we talk about AP please?

    this is why i find 0 damage pens laughable ......your chucking a shell that weighs as much as a day care center at a target..hitting it..and doing no damage...
  2. kasag

    First ever 100k+ damage game! Woooo!

    well done
  3. for the first 6 months i played WOWS , i was on a potato laptop ..i could get about 3 games in a row in before it would dump me at the map load . i feel your pain bro. WG should have a mechanic to tell when someone does not load and not go so heavy on them..i mean before the game starts you can see who has loaded in and who has not loaded in .. at one time we started the "pink is the new green" club
  4. the super heavy shell from a 16"/50 strikes its target with around 610,000 tons per square inch ..so yeah its carrying a insane amount of energy EDIT...my mistake that should be foot/tons
  5. kasag

    I can't be the only one...

    back when the ranked was t8 i was playing in my NC . i ran her between two ships to save a team mate and got 75 secondary hits in 45 seconds , now im lucky they dident blast me out of the water. but my point is ..if you know what angle the NC secondarys have..and you know there range they will blister the enemy . and her main guns are utterly lethal
  6. kasag

    Extreme Lag Spikes in Game

    Having the same problem..thought it was just me
  7. what about my St Louis..it has a AA of 3 ...if they nerf it what will i be left with?? a guy standing on deck yelling at planes to "Get off my lawn!" (calm down..its just a little humor)
  8. or you can always just got to a fireworks show like this this is the fireworks show done every year in Wilmington NC at the USS North Carolina
  9. kasag

    Seal clubbing potential of Charleston?

    if its basically a St Louis then yeah..shes a great ship
  10. kasag

    Ranked Sprint In a Shellnut

    i had a game yesterday where i got 5 kills and carried the team, was the best game i have ever played in my life
  11. kasag

    Disappearing ships (Not behind smoke)

    i think its witchcraft ....ships captained by dark wizzards!
  12. kasag

    A laptop that can handle WOWS

    im using a Dell latitude E6530 with a Intel i7 and it runs in the 40-50 fps range i have a LG ultra widescreen hooked up to it and that drops my fps down into the 30ish fps range but its still playable
  13. kasag

    Missouri frustration

    you are correct..the NC, Mas,Bama use 16/45 low velocity guns..the Iowa , MO , Monty use 16/50 high velocity guns..the NC and Mas have a much higher arc ..the shells hang in the air more, you aim higher up on the side of the ship the shells are coming down at a sharper angle..the 16/50 guns fire flatter, you aim at the water line on the enemy and the shells are coming down at a much shallower angle
  14. i have made 1.3 mill EXP in my Colorado , i really love her..i still play her after unlocking NC, Iowa and Monty i will say that she is not the best ship..shes slower than continental drift and her guns take some getting use to . but once you get past that she is a fun ship to play
  15. kasag

    Best ships for ranked t6

    having good luck with the New Mex