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    Pensacola — American Tier VI cruiser.

    I originally bought the Dallas (I liked how it looked better), but decided to get the Pensacola too. Her first voyage, she actually did pretty well, 70k damage against the AI (I only sail CoOp), finished respectably in the scoring. Next voyage, 5 of the enemy were tier 8. 2 were tier 7. No matter, I pressed on. Hid behind an island, and targeted the other enemy tier 6, a Devonshire. He was about 10km away and turned broad to me, so I came out from behind the island to feed him some AP shells. As I did so ALL his torpedoes were RIGHT THERE... perfectly timed as if he knew what and when I was going to do... and at 10km. I was baffled. The max range on the Devonshire's torps is 8km... so how did they go 10km, at LEAST? AI cheating. So I sailed again. This match, 6 tier 8s. 2 tier 7. Again, I went behind an island, and waited for the team to get their attention, so I could come out in relative safety. It didn't matter, as the ENTIRE enemy team was shooting at me and only me. Overmatched by 2 tiers again, the ship melted. Nothing I could do. I'm looking forward to playing the Pensacola, but the game just refuses to give me anything like a fair fight, either cheating or hopelessly overmatching me, or both. (Update, 3 days later) So, for some reason every time I sail this ship, EVERY enemy on the map targets me and only me. One match, 5 enemy ships sailed straight to me, ignoring two battleships and two other cruisers, all while I was out of sight behind an island. They were targeting me, and wouldn't fire on anything else. Worked out well for the team, they could engage with impunity, but I can't fathom why all the enemy ships have such tunnel vision when it comes to this ship.
  2. My Langley used to go into the fray with the battleships. They could provide some cover for me, and my AA provided cover for them. That, and the Langley was actually pretty TOUGH. Being in the middle of the fray meant I could get planes into action quickly, which is more crucial now than before, since you only get one or two attacks (as opposed to dropping up to 5 torps in the old days) before your planes are wiped out.
  3. Vego_Mohenjo

    Bots are cheating

    Well, I assume I was undetected because it didn't say I WAS detected. The torps thing was at least a couple of years ago, so perhaps it was that bug.
  4. Vego_Mohenjo

    Bots are cheating

    Actually, I've been in a position where it seemed my turrets were independent. I had been approaching targets with my forward turrets facing forward, but just slightly to port. The aft turrets were all the way around to port. An enemy appeared to starboard, so I swung the forward turrets around enough to get a shot at him. The aft turrets started to turn as well, but were so slow when another target appeared to port, they were actually pointing at him... so I hit the guy to starboard, and a second later, hit the one to port... so it APPEARED as though I had independent turret control, when in fact it was just luck.
  5. Vego_Mohenjo

    Bots are cheating

    My favourite was one where I was sailing my Myogi toward an enemy Omaha north of me on the Ocean map. NO other ships around. I started out facing west, he was sailing east. Anticipating the torps, I turned north toward him, and watched the torps sail past. I then turned west again at around 3 km, and hit him with all I had. Myogi accuracy being what it is, I got one hit and he sailed on to the east. As I passed him, another spread of torpedoes appeared north of me AND HIM, running south. Again, there were NO other ships. Of course, now, I had no way to dodge so got deleted by the torps. Endgame report said it was THAT OMAHA that hit me. That means one of two things. Either he launched his starboard torpedoes AGAIN, but teleported them to appear north of himself, or he launched his port torpedoes, which then turned around 180 degrees to travel south. Either way, I call shenanigans. Now, that was a while ago, a couple of years I think. Long enough I actually find it kind of amusing now.
  6. Vego_Mohenjo

    Bots are cheating

    Oh, but I was told this never happens. Bots don't cheat, they only do what they're programmed to do. Sigh. Well, today, in two games, they were programmed to ignore dispersion, line of sight and detection. In one game, an AI Fuso fired 12 shells at 23km. I couldn't even SEE him he was so far away, and indeed, I was undetected. ALL 12 SHELLS HIT. That's right, NO dispersion at 23km at a target he couldn't even see. Next match, an enemy Dunquerque 13km away fires over an island at my undetected Omaha. ALL his shells hit, ALL citadels (though, to be fair, the Omaha is more or less one giant citadel). Again though, a target he couldn't even see, and NO dispersion. But that never happens, right?
  7. Vego_Mohenjo

    A Returning Player's Perspective

    Destroyers can strike targets while remaining completely undetected (many of them, anyway). They're also impervious to attack from the carrier unless spotted by something else. Planes can't detect them until they're literally overhead, and too close to attack. Cruisers have the massive AA advantage, and attacking them is nearly impossible because planes will die before they can do much of anything. The same is true of carriers. Battleships are at something of a disadvantage in that they're easily spotted and less manueverable... but they're so durable that they take forever to kill. Once the carrier is detected, if the BB has most of its health left... the carrier won't be able to do enough to it to kill it. Indeed, once a carrier is detected, it's basically dead, because it has NO capacity to withstand attacks. Its ONLY defense is being undetected. They're not armoured, nor fast or manueverable enough to be hard to hit. I've seen AI ships dodging my plane dropped torps. They'll manuever to bow on as the planes approach, and if they don't have a chance, or if I reposition, they'll turn to avoid the torpedoes themselves. Battleships often don't, because they can't. Cruisers and destroyers, however, do it all the time.
  8. Vego_Mohenjo

    A Returning Player's Perspective

    Bots do dodge, I see it all the time. They even occasionally just stop in place for a second (usually to avoid a torpdeo). Firing the rockets is very inaccurate. Bombs too. You can line up that reticle perfectly and several weapons will spray out to the sides, missing everything. Other ships can say the same (Battleships, especially), but they can just fire again right away. Carriers can't, they need to wait to reload the planes and fly all the way back to the target. I've had games on occasion where I score damage like that. They're rare. Most games with carriers in them have the carrier as the bottom of the team list for damage (and xp and everything else). Yes, I don't pvp, and having fewer targets might be a consideration, except that all the other ships on my team have the same deficit. THEY can do damage despite there being fewer enemies. The carrier can't. Think of it this way... a carrier one on one with any other ship... loses (or at least, it's at a HUGE disadvantage). The carrier simply can't do enough damage to kill any ship before it kills them (usually).
  9. Vego_Mohenjo

    A Returning Player's Perspective

    Here's the thing. Planes are how the carrier does damage. That's the basic requirement of ALL ships in the game, they have to do damage. Carriers can have their damage mitigated in several ways. First, plane mounted weapons do very little damage. This is further reduced by their reduced ability to penetrate armour. Second, plane mounted weapons are very inaccurate. You might fire a whole spread of rockets and land one or two hits... and have none of them penetrate the enemy armour. You might drop bombs and have them miss despite dropping with the reticle correctly positioned. You don't GET a targeting aid for torpedoes, you just have to guess. Third, the firing rate of plane attacks is VERY slow, because planes get one attack and have to go back to the carrier. Every additional attack is slowed down by travel time. Fourth, planes can be SHOT DOWN. No other ship has this defense against their offense. You can't shoot down gun shells, you can't shoot down torpedoes. Sure, it's POSSIBLE to disable and destroy a ship's guns or torpedo tubes, but these events are pretty uncommon, and can be quickly remedied. My point in all of this is that carrier damage is ALREADY very minimal, at least at up to tier 6 (as far as I've got so far). Perhaps it gets better later on. Either way, it seems to me the real complaint about carriers is not that they do too much damage (they don't), so much as that they can do damage with relative impunity. Unless someone has spotted the carrier, you can't counterattack. However, the carrier pays for THIS too, by being almost entirely defenseless against attack. How much more do people need to have carriers hamstrung? They already do very little damage, and have no defense beyond not being detected.
  10. I tried modifying the file, but the game deletes the changes. I tried putting the file in the bin64 folder, but that didn't do anything either.
  11. Found it in the root folder, added the line suggested... and it didn't do anything, alas. Should I move it to the bin64 folder?
  12. Interesting, I don't seem to have any such file.
  13. I've had this problem for a considerable time... perhaps a year. Still no improvement.
  14. Vego_Mohenjo

    I'm sick of the Negativity with CVs

    Just look at the math. A plane's torpedo will do somewhere around 3000 damage. Each drop (of 2 torps) is likely only to get one hit because they're so far apart. If you're very fortunate, you might get two to hit, but it's really unlikely. If you do get a second run in, that's only one more torpedo, so your damage on your assault, which would take quite some time to execute because you have to turn around a realign for a second run, is going to be between 6000 and 9000 damage. Now, I launch a second wave of planes. It will take them time to get to the target. In that time, a battleship could land a shot with one volley. EACH hit will do at minimum around 5000 damage. If the battleship sends out 10 shells, and 3 of them hit, that's 15000 damage. He'll fire like that 4, maybe 5 times in the amount of time it would take my second squad of planes to reach the target. That's anywhere from 60000 damage and up. A cruiser is a bit harder to quantify, because their ability to do damage varies so widely. Some ships (like the Dallas, for example) rely on fires which will damage the enemy over time. Others have large enough guns in large enough numbers to do nearly as much damage as the battleships. Then there's the torpedoes. An average spread of 4 torpedoes will land usually 2-3 hits. EACH torpedo will do anywhere from 12000-18000 damage, THEN flooding. Now, they're only likely to get the one shot in, but that's around 24000 damage JUST from torpedoes, let alone the guns. A destroyer will fire even MORE torpedoes than that, and will usually land more OF them, because of their stealthiness. A destroyer launching say... 6 torpedoes, can usually land 3-5 of them, each doing up to 18000 damage. If we assume 4 hits, that's 72000 damage. This would all happen in the same time it takes a carrier to get a second squad to target. Again, it won't be torpedoes, this time it'll be bombers or rockets, whose damage is trivial at best. So, carrier damage is around 9000. Battleships are around 60000. Cruisers will do in excess of 24000, just from torps. Destroyers are looking at around 72000 from torps. That 9000 damage just isn't competetive at all. The only thing the carrier has going for it is that it can't usually be directly counterattacked, but its offensive power CAN be countered, and this is why its damage is so low. The loss of the other jobs hurts, but the inability to do damage severely hinders the carrier because in the final analysis, the one thing every ship needs to be able to do is damage the enemy. If you can't do that, you can't win a game.
  15. Vego_Mohenjo

    I'm sick of the Negativity with CVs

    I commented on this elsewhere, but my experience of carriers now is that they are incapable of much of anything. They're not good at spotting. Destroyers can't be seen until your planes are DIRECTLY overhead (meaning you can't attack), and if there's smoke, you can't see them at all. Cruisers are invisible until their AA starts killing your planes, so you again can't do anything to them, or stay in range to make spotting them useful. Carriers are much the same as cruisers. You CAN spot battleships from some distance... but so can EVERYONE. They're unable to provide air support. The new fighter support is a consumable, which means you run out. More, it's UTTERLY useless, as it's completely static (meaning allies leave the cover behind), covers a very small area, does nearly no damage and evaporates if anyone sneezes in its direction. Moreover, you have to divert your attack planes to the area you want to drop the consumable, cutting into your already anemic damage. They're unable to produce damage. At least at the lower levels (I'm only up to the Ranger), planes are unable to produce more than a pittance of damage. My most damaging planes are my torpedo bombers. Each torpedo will do around 3000 damage if it hits. My Ranger can drop only TWO torpedoes per run. Theoretically, I would get four runs. However, this is NEVER the case. You make your first run, and half your planes are dead before you even drop. If you're LUCKY, you will get two hits. Now, you have to turn around and drop again, facing MORE AA. IF you get to drop again, it's likely only going to be one torpedo. That means AT MOST you'll land 3 torpedo hits at the cost of all your planes. That's 9000 damage, HALF of the damage of ONE ship launched torpedo. Destroyers and cruisers can launch MANY torpedoes, able to alpha strike in the tens of thousands. ONE Battleship shell is capable of doing 20,000 damage. Now, the CV, having done his measly 9000 damage, has to send more planes to the combat area if he's going to attack again. He doesn't have torpedo planes now, so he has to use something else. It doesn't matter though, because by the time the planes get to the target it will already be dead, killed by someone capable of actually DOING damage. So, Carriers are unable to perform ANY function in combat. It shouldn't BE this way. In reality, Carriers DID change the way naval warfare was fought. There's a REASON no one builds battleships anymore. However, this isn't reality, it's a game, and right now, Carriers are nearly unplayable.