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  1. Vego_Mohenjo

    Really weary.

    Oh, I know what you're supposed to do, but it makes no difference. I stay back (usually because as a BB player, I tend to be behind everyone anyway), but being bottom tier means I'm always the main target of everything on the map... many of which I can't even SEE until they're shooting at me, because they're firing from so far away... so there's no way to know how to angle. Not that angling will do anything anyway, since they're usually 2 tiers over my head, and anything they hit me with will ignore my armour and is usually a citadel hit. It wasn't always like this. Used to be, even as bottom tier, you could engage a foe here or there, maybe take fire from one or two ships at a time. Now, the second you're detected, everything targets you to the exclusion of all else. They're engaged with a different ship? Makes no difference, they'll change targets to shoot at you. Guns facing the other way? Doesn't matter, they ignore little things like that. I plan to just take a break, I'm sick of it right now, and no amount of "adapting" is going to make it any fun. I do appreciate the lack of flames, and the effort to offer advice.
  2. Vego_Mohenjo

    Really weary.

    You know, I try. I really try to enjoy this game. I love the genre, the game looks and sounds fantastic, it's wonderfully deep and well designed in so many ways... and then the way it plays is so FRUSTRATING. Every battle is the same. Sail my carrier, 2/3 of the enemies will be 2 tiers higher than me, meaning my planes are worthless. Sail my Battleship, 2/3 of the enemies will be 2 tiers higher than me AND will ALL focus on me to the exclusion of all else... My shells can't hurt them, and they immediately wipe me out. What fun. When I do fire a shot, 90% of them go anywhere but where I'm aiming, while the enemy bots will hit citadels on every damn shot. Sail my Cruisers, 2/3 of the enemies will be 2 tiers higher than me, and will all focus on me. EVERY shot is a citadel hit. Anything so much as sneezes at me and I'm dead, and with 6-8 enemies all focus firing on me, there's no chance to do anything. What fun. Sail my Destroyers, they magically all know exactly where I am. All those BBs 2 tiers over my head (read: all of them) will be more or less immune when I DO get to fire, and they all magically hit with every shot. Destroyer melts, no chance to do anything. What fun. It's really tiresome being outmatched and focused out of every match. Now, there's a new trick, apparently. Sailing my Gangut, bot Gangut comes around the point of an island. We're both at full health. I turn away to avoid a collision, he DELIBERATELY turns into me, forcing a collision. Boom, both dead. No way to avoid it, no way to respond to it... just instant kill. What fun. I can't do it anymore. Playing this game just causes me intense frustration and stress. I swear, if I don't stop, I'll end up punching my monitor. I hope something changes. I hope I'll be able to enjoy the game again someday, but right now, it's just not any fun.
  3. Vego_Mohenjo

    Bots are cheating

    The problem is that they're letting the bots ignore fundamental game aspects, like concealment. The whole point of the game is to position yourself in such a way that you can engage the enemy with minimal risk to yourself. If the bots are going to ignore positioning, or concealment, or armour or any other core element, then there's no GAME. If there's nothing you can do, there's nothing TO do... if you see what I mean. Sure, the bots need to have some consideration for the sake of challenging people. One might think perfect aim would be enough. One might think having remarkable armour (I've seen my Fuso's shells bounce off of DESTROYERS) would be enough. They can't let the bots ignore everything we can do, or there's no way to play.
  4. Vego_Mohenjo

    Bots are cheating

    No, it probably wasn't 12 citadels, but there were at least 2, and all 12 shots hit me in the same place, so it COULD have been 12 (in theory)... but that wasn't the point. That a Fuso more than 20km away would land all 12 shells is absurd, but it happened. Also, I wasn't sailing straight, I was manuevering to avoid fire from a nearby destroyer, the shells happened to hit while I was turning and my side was exposed. I had no idea the Fuso had even fired at me, he was on the other side of the map.
  5. Vego_Mohenjo

    Bots are cheating

    Manuevering at range often doesn't work. My Dallas got hit by 12 shells from an AI Fuso from around 20ish km away. That's right, it fired 12 barrels, and ALL of them hit me (directly amidships, so NO dispersion, and 12 citadels).
  6. Vego_Mohenjo

    Bots and Smoke

    I posted about this too. My Hawkins pulled into a bank of smoke, was UNDETECTED both before and after entering the smoke... and suddenly became target alpha for the entire enemy team. Every shot was a hit, even when I started trying to move back and forth inside the smoke. A BB from beyond line of sight finally hit me for 3 citadels. I was undetected the whole time. I haven't played since then. If smoke and concealment are going to be entirely ignored by the bots, there's no way for destroyers and many cruisers to defend themselves at all.
  7. Vego_Mohenjo

    Some nights you can just tell...

    Nope, not shots already in flight, because I wasn't under fire until I was IN the smoke. I specifically looked for the little exclamation point indicating I'm detected, and it was not there, so I was undetected. There was fire coming from every direction. There were three sources out to my left, two more from the right, past an island, and two more from waaaaay beyond line of sight, probably a couple of BBs, one out in front, one more or less behind and to the left. EVERY shot hit me (though not all of them did damage). I took two citadel hits from a DD somewhere off to my left, and one more from one of the BBs. It's actually hard to tell just where the damage was coming from, because it was more or less an instant kill. I figured it must be a glitch, there's a new patch in play now, perhaps something got borked.
  8. Vego_Mohenjo

    Some nights you can just tell...

    So, decided to get some game on in coop. Started out in my Hawkins. Sailed up behind an allied Mizuki, and set up in his smoke. Suddenly, I'm taking fire from EVERY AI ship on the map, while undetected, with unerring perfect aim. Three citadel hits on me while in smoke and undetected. EVERY SHOT hit me from every enemy. So, I left that match and joined a new one in my Queen Elizabeth. Enemy Emerald is sailing perfectly broadside to me at about 10km... so I let him have it... and do nearly nothing. What few shells hit were overpens. Now, in this match almost my whole team is bots, so they all immediately commit suicide, and before I know where I am, I'm alone against 5 enemy ships... and they all sail away from me. So, I spend the WHOLE rest of the match with nothing to shoot at, because I couldn't catch them. With four zones to capture, there was no way to stop their points, so I was just stuck waiting to lose. What fun. Quit after that. Clearly, the game isn't going to let me play tonight.
  9. Vego_Mohenjo

    OK Wargaming, you win.

    Taking a break is sometimes a good thing. I hope you can use this time to improve your health, and one day return. O7
  10. Vego_Mohenjo

    More than 2 DDs in COOP is Too Many

    Might have been some cruisers... I thought they were DDs by the volume of torpedoes.
  11. Vego_Mohenjo

    More than 2 DDs in COOP is Too Many

    So... an interesting night. Started out in my New York, trying to get some 7k xp so I could upgrade. First match, the bots have 6 destroyers. ALL of them chase me to the exclusion of all else. Next match, there's 5 destroyers. ALL of them chase me to the exclusion of all else. Next match, only 2 destroyers, but also 2 japanese cruisers. ALL NINE enemy ships shoot exclusively at me and nothing else. So, I switch to my Gaede. It's only the second match she's been in, the first one was a debacle where 7 of the enemy ships were tier 8 cruisers. Between the radar and the hydro and whatever the hell else, all nine enemy ships focused on the Gaede, so she lasted about 3 seconds. This time, only 6 of them were 2 tiers higher. The other two were one tier (the last was the opposite Gaede). Most were cruisers or destroyers (Akizukis mainly). Naturally, they spotted me right off, the Gaede having awful concealment, so I smoked up. Didn't matter, the WHOLE enemy fleet changed course to close on ME... all nine ships. I tried to duck behind an island, but they were swarming around both sides. With 8-9 ships all focus firing on me, I had no chance to do ANYTHING in the match. I played 4 matches, did almost NOTHING, because in every match I was the sole target of the entire enemy fleet and/or they were almost all ships I had no chance of even hitting. What fun. It's really becoming difficult to enjoy the game anymore. Between the trend of always fighting ships 2 tiers over my head (meaning it's almost impossible to hurt them, and they will pretty well ignore any defenses I do have), the trend of sending me up against whole fleets of the absolute WORST possible kind of ship (eg. I'm in a BB, the enemy will be nearly all DDs, I'm in a CV it will be mainly cruisers), and the trend lately for the bots to focus EXCLUSIVELY on me (I expect this does happen to others), it really takes the fun out of playing.
  12. Vego_Mohenjo

    Do the bot have a course anticipator in their programming

    I don't mind that they're hyper accurate, even when you're turning. What bothers me is that they will be hyper accurate even if you change direction AFTER they fired. This happens with torpedoes, too.
  13. Vego_Mohenjo

    Your COOP Battles with over 1000 BXP

    I actually had one tonight, in my Fuso no less.
  14. Vego_Mohenjo

    More than 2 DDs in COOP is Too Many

    Actually, I kind of look forward to seeing destroyers when I'm sailing my Haida. She eats destroyers for breakfast.
  15. Vego_Mohenjo

    CV Hate

    Planes are the CV's weapons, and should not be depleted. Battleships, cruisers and destroyers don't run out of ammunition, shells or torpedoes, so carriers shouldn't run out of planes.