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  1. Join the Arpeggio of Blue Steel [ARP]

    I applied to ARP 2 today. Hope you'll consider me, I'm quite active. Cheers!
  2. Waiting to collect loot crates

    Ah makes sense thanks! I'll test it out tonight and post what happens tomorrow. I'm sure everyone is waiting on the edge of their seat.
  3. Waiting to collect loot crates

    Thanks. So I have 2 crates that I earned today. If I don't collect them today, will they be gone tomorrow?
  4. Waiting to collect loot crates

    I searched for this but I couldn't find anything, it's hard to word in a search bar. My old clan was dead so I left and I'm stuck in the limbo period where I can't join another for a couple of days (too long IMO). I have a couple of crates that I haven't collected (or opened) yet because I was hoping to save them for when I join the new clan so I can get oil faster. 1) If I don't collect them, will they disappear? 2) If I collect them now, will they have oil when I open them in a few days? Thanks in advance!
  5. T7 CV sniping is breaking the game

    True, but if like in my last case they still succeed on the third wave, they're still free to roam the skies albeit with low reserves. I only managed to level the first two because he grouped poorly and were strafed, but he still got torps in. Were that not the case he could have succeeded on wave one or two. And I do work on it regularly and keep an eye out for absent planes, and as I said above he grouped poorly in my last match. But at the end of the day my fighters being double-teamed isn't conducive to preventing the snipe. If the Ranger had AA defensive fire (which i didn't know T8-T10 have because I haven't made it that far) it would deter this kind of behavior. Knowing that they higher tiers do have it is a little consoling so I know I'm not hitting a wall with US CVs.
  6. I recently got the Ranger at T7 and the game has just about become unplayable. If you're playing another Ranger it's just good old-fashioned CV play. But if I'm playing against a Kaga or Saipan, they just CV snipe one game after another. It's not even fun to play at this point. I recognize it's a legitimate strategy to take out the enemy CV but that's ALL they do, even avoiding isolated BBs. The broken factor is that there is no punishment if they fail. The last game I played I leveled TWO FULL WAVES of fighters, bombers, and torps when they tried sniping and they STILL came back a third time in the late game with full squadrons. Seriously? Is this all it's come to? I recognize that US fighters are better so a change of tactics is in order but this has gotten ridiculous. Simple solution: give US CVs (or maybe all CVs) T7 and up AA defensive fire. If nothing else, it will be a deterrent and make sloppy players learn real tactics.
  7. Missing a BB from my roster

    Hello Captains, I quit Warships about a year ago after reaching the T7 US BB, the Colorado or which I aptly call the strugglebus. I quit partially because the grind became too tedious. I returned to WOWs about a month ago I no longer have the Colorado and am having to grind back up through the New Mexico, which fortunately is a much more enjoyable ship. Any way for a dev to check what happened to my account? Thanks in advance.