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  1. PoorlyMadeKnight


    I enjoy variety of ships, especially weird ship designs. If you have ever researched the Normandia-Class ships, you will see that the in-game design is quite different than the real life ship. I'd like to see a true-to-life normandie-class (such as the Languedoc) brought into the game, with its 2 rearward facing turrets. Give it some awesome secondaries it could be a really interesting ship to play!! Think of being able to kite in a BB at 30knots with 8 rear-faceing turrets! Maybe dropped to T5 to compete with the strange Okt. Rev. or give the Giulio Cesare some competition. What do you think?
  2. PoorlyMadeKnight

    Do we want a Dunkerque buff?

    Ive been playing her a lot in ranked sprint lately, and decided what I want for a Dunkerque buff. I want an acceleration boost (or i guess you could just throw on an engine boost since its already a french BB thing). That would really help the maneuverability. I know you can add that in the modules, but I currently have the rudder improvement in that slot. Also, i think more effect secondaries are in order since it can mostly only use them in the back, and can't fire anything else in the back. The only time I stress in the ship is when i'm at rest or not full speed and a cruiser gets within a few kilometers of me - I can't get moving quickly (plus the large turning radius and length) make her really ungainly, so I can't bring my main guns to bear easily; and I even if I do I end up overpenning so I can't do much (the reload means the HE isn't good enough to dispatch before they get their torps off), so faster and more accurate secondaries that only fire HE would be helpful to make them keep their distance. She is just so useless anytime something other than a BB gets close to her. (also, Dunk is a interwar battlecruiser and has a much longer hull, while Normandie is a ww1 BB with much shorter hull, yet the normandie somehow is just as fast....doesnt makes sense lol) Acceleration (or engine boost) and buffed secondaries would contribute a lot to this ship while not changing her unique gameplay or making her over powered. Other than that I have so much fun in my Dunk!
  3. PoorlyMadeKnight

    Lower Tier French premium's

    Is wargaming going to release sub tier 6 French premiums like the US, Japanese, German, and Russian lines? It seems like they have forgotten that anything below tier 8 exists...... What would you like to see?
  4. PoorlyMadeKnight

    No De Grasse Reload booster?

    Why did De Grasse not get the Reload booster? Id rather De Grasse get it than Charles. Charles was perfect and then they weakened it for a situational gimmick. De Grasse needed a bit more help than Charles.
  5. PoorlyMadeKnight

    New Cruiser!

    ah, a bit sad, but Ill take a buff for the henri too! do you know what they are planning to do?
  6. PoorlyMadeKnight

    New Cruiser!

    I just finished a tier X round, and the enemy team had a Brennus. I suspected it was a french cruiser because the Saint-Louis class cruisers in real life were slated to be named Charles Martel (used for tier 8), Saint-Louis (used for tier 9), Henri IV (used for tier 10), Charlesmagne (unused), Brennus (unused), and Vercingentorix (unused). All of these are important pivotal figures in the history of Gaul / Frankish Kingdoms / France. As I got closer I confirmed it was French as it looked like it was basically a Henri IV; so either it will be like musashi and be a down-tiered 10 or it will be a tier 10 premium (but I don't think they do their 10 premiums). Anyone know anything about this?
  7. Can we get a better permanent camo for the Henri? I mean that blue hull with grey top is so boring compared to the rest of the french ship camos.
  8. PoorlyMadeKnight

    Do we want a Dunkerque buff?

    YES we need a buff. I;ve loved her since I first started playing. but especially now with the French BB line released she definitely needs a buff.
  9. PoorlyMadeKnight

    [archive] WoWS Mac Wrapper Bugs and Feedback Thread

    I have a strange issue. Occasionally, like 2 times a day, the game will randomly freeze or crash. No big deal. But, whenever I play a premium ship the game crashes at the battle load page or 2 seconds into the battle everytime. For example, I can play my regular ships without issues, however, I purchased De Grasse 4 days ago and I have been trying 7 or 8 times every day to play with the ship, but I have only been able to use the ship 1 time. It sucks paying for a premium ship and then not being able to play with it. I also bought a Texas with the American Flag camo. That ship has issues too, It crashes at the battle start about 75% of the time. But at least I can occasionally play it, unlike with the De Grasse which crashes or freezes before the battle starts 99% of the time. Does anyone know how I can fix this?