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  1. Mykawa

    The Ring Contest

    Can we get Little White Mouse as a captain? I would love her on my Warsprite as long as her avatar would be on the deck while ship is in port, similar to Steven Seagal.
  2. Yes, I overdid it. Got 4500+ commander XP. Put every flag and a good camo on, it was easier that I thought it would be. Now about getting a winning team for Rescue Raptor, but that is another post for another time.
  3. Why are you like this, do you have some condition the accounts for your rudeness? I came on here and asked a question, obtained my answer but you continue to want to demean me. This is not normal unless you suffer from some problem. Just let it drop.
  4. Mods, I have the answer to my question. This post is turning into an argument, could you close it please.
  5. When everyone says you are doing something, may want to examine that they could be correct. You came off as a person who looks down at co-op play were demeaning. Co-op is what I now enjoy. My time, my money I will do what is fun for me when I have time. As to this mission, yes it is all in one mission and putting camo and flags on will work. I hate using flags in co-op and save them for operations. Made over 4K commander XP, so its not a hard mission after all. Thanks for the help.
  6. So was this meant to be helpful or just being a troll? You can look up my stats and see that I have played many random games but left that world because of helpful people like yourself. You can even post my stats if you wish and be upgraded to a stat troll. To the others who answered thanks. Will attempt in co-op with flags and camo.
  7. I'm primarily a CO-OP only player anymore. Not sure that is possible in CO-OP in low tier DD. However, It never says one battle but I know WG has been making a lot of errors in missions lately. I will have to think if it is worth going into random.
  8. Am I missing something? States to use British DD tier 5-8, win and earn 2000 commander XP. It does not say to earn it in the same game. I have earned commander XP but is not updating mission. Is this a bug, my mistake of did WG mean to only use tier 7-8 like other missions and someone not check their writing.
  9. Mykawa

    New Cat video series

    It worked for me a few days ago, copy and paste this just as I have it. Good luck. AREUKITTENMEFURIEND
  10. The dead have risen.
  11. I see that they changed Rescue Raptor. I think I like the new look, but will need to learn it. Only the start is the same. End location has moved along with the enemy ships locations.
  12. Mykawa

    What's your best Dynamo match?

    So is this the last day, thought it might be going until the Halloween event? No screen shot but 21 S boats and 19 planes in Mahan. On a side note, I fear that WG will change the allowed ships usable in this event.
  13. Stopped reading posts above because of no answers to OP. To let OP know, a few weeks ago, I turned pink from 2 HE shells hitting a teammate BB for 2,000 damage, he was not killed. I turned pink in the game and was given 2 games to work it off. Small penalty but I still think 2,000 damage without a kill is silly. Before someone states that could be from previous damage, no there was none in this game or as far back as I can remember. Just realized this is from 2015?
  14. Mykawa

    Hall of fame points

    Since I have no chance to make the top 100 in HOF, are there prizes for reaching the bronze, silver and other levels? If so can someone list them or point to where they are listed?
  15. Mykawa


    Just once.