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  1. Mykawa

    Italian Battleship Guinio Bruto

    They really don't want me to come back to this game do they! This is such a slippery slope they are starting. While I would probable play the GC more at tier 6 this is bad because of the precedent it sets for other premium ships. Not a whine or a threat to leave, it's just between this and the way they have implemented the CV rework, I have no desire to play this game (or spend money on this game.)
  2. I'm playing a lot, however, its now another game that I did not have time for because I was playing Ships!
  3. Mykawa

    Making the PEF not suck

    I have found that she makes a very good torpedo.
  4. In a co-op game with my PEF, dodged torps from a Chapayev and was able to fire at it from close range. It was broadside to me and I aimed waterline under the smoke stacks. I got eight hits, 4 over pens and 4 bounces? I really think my Pensacola has better guns at the same tier. When the steel mission is over I can never see me taking this ship out again.
  5. Mykawa

    PE Freddy Missions Part IV

    You can run your U.S.A., U.K., Russian and Polish DDs in Dynamo in a 4 man team and make money easy with camo and flags. Dynamo is also one of the best operations to earn FXP.
  6. Mykawa

    Suspend 2 Tier Rule for Dynamo

    However it does work in a pug match of week. I was surprised to see a Cossack and a Monaghan in one game this past weekend? Not sure why it works there but not when putting a team together.
  7. Mykawa

    Amazon Pay? Update/Complain

    I agree with you but feel that WG is trying to save money by removing Amazon pay. I know that the Massachusetts Black would be in my port today if Amazon had been an option.
  8. Mykawa

    Primary AI gun dirrection.

    Yes they do. I have watched the AI ships after i have sunk, if they have no target they put their guns back to front and rear just like a real ship would. I have also watched them fire from the front guns in one direction and the back to another direction.
  9. Never saw this when it was first posted, glad it got bumped. Always wondered why the Zaos were in this operation since they appeared to have no part in the defense of their bases.
  10. Mykawa

    Poll On Part 4 of the PFE Campaign

    Do you know for sure that Operations are allowed for this directive?
  11. Mykawa

    and done

    Funny, I did not think I missed any dailies but I will not get mine till tomorrow. Congrats.
  12. Eat the 2 dogs today, and there in the toilet tomorrow. But I still have a pixel boat
  13. I'd buy that for a dollar! Ow wait, I already did and its a very good ship.
  14. Mykawa

    [PSA] HMS Dreadnought Mission

    Get my first in PvE, move to Dynamo where 5 games will get missions done with a lot of FXP. Dynamo takes about 15 mins to complete and if you are good shot a 5 star win.
  15. I would have the black Mass. now if we still had Amazon pay. I loved the ship when I was given it for the 7 day rental. Yes I know there are other options but I do not want to use them so I do not get it and WG does not get my money.