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  1. Just keep running the Mogami. It will get boring but in about 25-35 games you will have your Franz. Or make WG happy and buy the TripItz and play 3 co-op games (if that.)
  2. Tears of the Desert - Reboot

    It may be OK if we were to get XP for damaging the forts and guns.
  3. I too, will need to retrain my Cleveland and Pepsi commanders, however, I have read others who suggest sending the commander to reserve so they can stay with the same ship. Don't know if there is anything official about this.
  4. I am hoping that the Yamamoto collection has not stopped. I have been getting 1-2 items everyday until today. Has anyone got one today?
  5. When I see bots on my team, I think - More XP for me. May not always work that way but a lot of the time it does. The only time having a full team of bots is a big problem is when I run a CV..
  6. Today, I was in my Indy. and had a team so bad, that the first spawn got into the base. The enemy CV then spawned along with second and third wave. Now that is hard mode! I was fighting 2 CVs that had a total of 3 fighters. Did good damage but lost game.
  7. Team Kills...please explain?

    What gets me is turning pink for a stray HE shot that does less then 1,500 damage and no kill. Guess I won't get good boy prize when it comes up again.
  8. The only change I see (except for the new players) is that the final CV does not rush the cap like it use to. It stays back until about 2 mins mark, so you need to have someone rush towards it to spot it. However, when you have a team that does not go out and search for the reds, you don't need to worry about this CV because the enemy comes to you.
  9. I am going to miss my Cleveland in tier 6 Operations. Not sure the Pepsi will be near as good.
  10. CO-OP to Random Bug

    Yes, continue mission does this. Will never hit that button again.
  11. Because of the new missions you have many new people trying it. Had a CV driver today, ask me where he should go? However, this one is the same, low health, you will be shot at and hit by the bots.
  12. I agree with OP, very frustrating to log into so many games and not have a target you need. I play games for fun, not frustration. I finished it but am very tired of the game right now.
  13. The new one does not have stuff for World of Warships. Just some games the did not interest me. Log in to see if they are your cup of tea.