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  1. Mykawa

    Coupon reset TIME?

    Might be because their in Eastern Europe?
  2. Mykawa

    Broken Aegis OP

    Time for WGing to pull it so it can be reworked. (correct the income to their liking!)
  3. Mykawa

    Dockyard, Decisions, Decisions

    Your money, If you have money to spare go for it. I like to eat and pay bills (well not really paying bills but eating.)
  4. I think because sub battle will end before we get to far into these directives. But that is just a guess.
  5. Mykawa

    Selling Moskva

    This is what I did, trust but verify.
  6. Mykawa

    One Stop Moskva 9.5 Thread

    Just a suggestion since this will happen tomorrow, I took screen shots of my port and the Russian tier trees so if something does not go correct I will have some proof that I had researched or owned Moskva and Kirov.
  7. The news shows the new Dockyard starts 6-10-2020. (in 2 days)
  8. Yes got 3 weeks with the Mikoyan (315) and as far as I know all the tokens from the news. Don't think we will get one this week since the new dockyard starts Wednesday. Thanks. Guess I have better luck then most without spending any money or doubloons so I should be happy, but so close.
  9. WGing almost got me. Finished the last 2 boxes yesterday. I already had enough tokens for the Mikoyan and the camo for Tallinn and was over 300 away from getting Tallinn for free. Then opened these last 2 boxes, I got 305 tokens!. Just short by 15 tokens to get Tallinn. Knowing about the boxes for 500 doubloons I went to the Armory. The first one shows I could get 10 tokens for my 500 doubloons. Almost clicked and then reality set in. It would cost me 1000 doubloons that I could use towards a good premium ship to get a free ship. If I could have done it for 500 doubloons I still might have. Now to decided what to use the tokens for. In case anyone asks, yes I think I got all the extra token from reading the news pages, if anyone knows of any other way to get 15 token please let me know.
  10. Yes! Yes also! And really Yes!
  11. Mykawa

    Am I being robbed?

    You were robbed. You had 3 clean kills!
  12. Mykawa

    World of WHAT? The game my wife wants me to play.

    What would WGing do to nerf it?
  13. Mykawa

    8x free shadow Lurker camo still available

  14. Mykawa


    You will lose your steering and engine often. Maybe a good DD trainer.
  15. Mykawa


    The 2 new codes were accepted, will check later to see if I received anything. Thanks.