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  1. Mykawa

    A warning to DD players...

    Since you said bot ship, this is co-op. It's a known problem where people will get between you and the bot so they can get the damage and prevent you from launching torps at the ship. Since co-op battles are so short you need to get damage fast and many people will do this. Makes me mad but I have learned to look before launching torps.
  2. As long as you happily married, but if it goes sour, take it out on your team. Have a good life.
  3. Only Bots get this indicator, they never miss when your behind an island.
  4. If this happens, just start a game and take it out on everyone, the red team / green team. A few torps hitting there targets and you will be good. :-O
  5. OK, I will bite, how about a game that costs less then many of the ships sold in the premium shop "Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC." Thinking really hard about this one.
  6. Mykawa

    PSA: West Virginia 41 Special Camo

    Night of the living dead! Started reading this and then saw the dates of Nov. 2018?
  7. Mykawa

    Black Friday Ships

    This! While I would not spend that kind of money, they would make a killing if they did.
  8. Fuso, Farragut, Budyonny, Bayern, Leander, Were in prizes for the 2016 Christmas event.
  9. Funny how game companies have learned how to sell free stuff to people. Good post, thanks.
  10. Mykawa

    $142.49 down the toilet

    In the game I think your talking about, this can be turned off. You have to do it for each toon but I quickly learned what to do, because it was very annoying.
  11. Mykawa

    Crashing Since Update.

    I got kicked about 1 hour ago. Took me 6 log-ins to get back in. Not sure what the problems was but played 3 more games and called it a night.
  12. Mykawa

    Why did I wait so long for this upgrade???

    Love it when a plan comes together! Enjoy. Leck.mp4
  13. Mykawa

    What to do with 100 doubloons

    How about just save it.
  14. Just watched this the other day. Its on Youtube!