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  1. Hello internetz, I ran into a funny situation recently. I got the Atago Black in a christmas box (Thank you WG :-) So obviously that's pretty lucky to get one of those ships during an RNG crate event. A week later I notice a "Personal Assignment" that says Play a battle in Atago for a reward of 250 doubloons. And so I wasn't sure if Atago Black would count, and of course it doesn't. It's a different ship with a different ship name. So... WG is encouraging me to buy the regular Atago now, without the black pixels? I take a mild-to-moderate approach to spending real life $ on the game. I have two premiums I actually paid money for: Blyskawica and Mikasa. I also have the Okt.Revolutsiya and Katori. I'm guessing the Assignment is one of many randomly selected possibilities that the server takes one from this list at random and throws it at the player, but this sure makes for some funny thoughts about the message WG is sending me. Post your thoughts in the replies, I'm sure there will be some lol comments here. Keep it civil so the thread doesn't get locked please.