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  1. PotatoMarshal

    The Problem with CVs As They are in a Nutshell

    CVs can't keep the whole team protected from a strike, the surface ships play a role as well. Too often when I play CV there would be ships that venture ahead or fall behind which makes them prime targets to be attacked. Sure, it is the CV's duty to recognize these openings but when there is a lot of things going on (ex. Having a dogfight, trying to attack, looking for ship torpedos,etc.) these openings can easily be missed. As cliche as it may be to say that ships should at least move in small groups, not enough players do it IMO.
  2. PotatoMarshal

    How about a tier IX premium?

    The Saratoga is a Lexington class carrier, if you want to play her then get the USN T8 CV. No 8 inch guns tho