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  1. von_25

    A question about winning

    I guess if wanted a serious discussion I should not have come to this forum. I wasn't looking for insult about intelligence but I'm sure you feel better.
  2. von_25

    A question about winning

    Don't get me wrong I am not complaining. I would not think the math would work out even if I were trying to lose the drive the win rate that low. Its just weird.
  3. I have a questions about winning %. I am playing the Akatsuki in randoms and after 19 battles have a 26% win rate with the ship. I am not new to the game and not really playing the ship that bad. I would say that I am over all in the top half in all these battles. I seems to me that you could do nothing or afk 19 times and have a better %. I'm sure I could play better but I don't know if that would help. Give me your thoughts on the math of this being possible. This is amazing to me.
  4. Yes pressed v. It has worked just fine until now. Each player sees that all others voice is not enabled but they all have it enabled. We even restarted the game to see if that would fix it.
  5. Voice will not work in division. It said voice was on the the division box on each players own computer but said it was not when you looked at the other player. Is anyone else having this problem. It has always worked in the past just started tonight.