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  1. Doctor_Vopper

    Premium Ship Review -- PLAN Anshan (2.0)

    Hey LWM do you know if the Anshan is coming back to the shop? I missed it the first time
  2. Doctor_Vopper

    How to Control your Win Rate

    This was a great post. I know that I have definitely struggled with winning solo and a lot of times I try to be in a game with a division. Even to the point that I don't play a game until I'm in a division with my friends. However, this great post shed some great light on some things that I'll be sure to implement. Thank you so much for the post and the effort you put into this.
  3. Doctor_Vopper

    Torpedo Basics

    How do you view torpedoes after they have launched? I have seen this on multiple youtube videos where the youtuber viewed the torpedoes in the water speeding towards the ship. Is this a thing you can only do in replay or is there a button for it?