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  1. Server overload?

    Got it at T6 in randoms. CLicked out of it and tried again and now it works
  2. Dear WG: Khabarovsk

    For some reason it seems that the Khab is impervious to WG's nerfing
  3. Mutsu - Worth It?

    Do also remember that it is T6 which has some pretty brutal matchmaking. I personally have never played it but I know from experience that it hits hard
  4. I have the Saipan and the Kaga. In no way am I a seasoned CV player (check my stats for proof). However if I had to pick I would say that I would want better planes instead of more planes. With better planes I know if i play the game right and strategically then I will have a large positive impact. However if I have weak planes and a lot of them then that means that often no matter how I play the game it will be much harder to have a large impact. Anyways that's my two cents
  5. Kaga or Saipan?

    It really depends on your playstyle. In my opinion the Saipan when well played is more about dominating the other CV opponent and clearing the skies for your torp bombers. The Saipan also gives a unique CV playstyle. The kaga on the other hand is more off a ship that you can carry with and pick up the extra damage and kills that potatoes on your team may miss. That being said IMO if a good Saipan captain meets a good Kaga captain then the Saipan will dominate the skies and kill those weak Tier VI planes of the Kaga
  6. Fun and Engaging Science (Part One)

    So wait all the detonation modules and flags do they simply increase the health pool of the magazine or reduce the percentage of detonation chance? I'm kinda confused by this can someone please explain how det flags and modules work?
  7. Fun and Engaging Science (Part One)

    Well I don't know much about game mechanics and just detonations in general. However, I do appreciate your scientific and meticulous approach you took to this. Well done and a +1
  8. I'm sorry to say that this is not a glitch. I have used this tactic many times and if you watch iChase's streams you can see him do it. It's just part of the meta now
  9. TAKING THE CV PLUNGE!!! need tips...

    I am was in the same position as you. Before even caring about loadouts go into co-op for like 9 or 10 games and just practice manual drops over and over and over again. I guarantee you will get frustrated but you just gotta keep on grinding through it until you get it. After you got manual drops then you can focus on which line and which loadouts you want Edit: Never mind WG brilliantly decided to take out manual drops for T4 and T5. Sorry man you won't be able to practice until you are in AA heaven at T6.
  10. Do you mind explaining the rationale behind the Tirpitz buff? Was it really that far (stats wise) behind the Bismarck? Thank you
  11. What am I doing wrong?

    My Tirpitz secondary range is 10.1 km. Shouldn't it be 10.6 km? Please if you guys could point out what I'm doing wrong. Attached are my captain skills and modules
  12. Hello

    Lol I have almost 1500 games and I don't have any T10's
  13. Dunkerque, is it worth to buy it?

    She is for sure worth it. She is my favorite ship in the game and I can't get enough of playing with the Dunk. Even though "statistically" there are better BB's but I find the dunk to be the best IMO
  14. Just unlocked Independence

    The Independance is the last US CV in the line that if played well can be competitive with the IJN CV's. I am loving her right now
  15. Hi so I as well just started playing CV's. So I'll tell you some of the advice that I have learned.I am currently on the Ryujo. 1. In the tier 4 and 5 MM you really should be dominating however as you get higher in tiers you will realize that sometimes its not the best option to go after certain ships because of their crazy AA. 2. One positive thing I found is the higher tier you go the more reserve planes you get which means if you do make a mistake or something you will be able to resupply and put a ew squadron out 3. Get good with reading the minimap and micromanaging your planes or else when you are not looking your planes will be strafed and next thing you know your torp bombers have been wiped out 4. Anytime you want to swap tips or division up shoot me a invite to a division. P.S In no way am I a very good player at CV. These are just some things I've noticed