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  1. What was the announcement?
  2. Comrade_Jimmy

    real world vs this game

    I'm fairly certain some early carriers had quite a heavy armament. The lexingtons had 8 203mms and the kaga and akagi had 10. I think this was some doctrinal thing, not knowing the role of carriers yet, but at least for the lexingtons I think I read something like the US navy thought that as long as they were building such a large ship it should be able to at least pull some weight in a surface battle. Even in the battle off samar the escort carriers used their 5in guns to fire on the japanese as they were retreating.
  3. Comrade_Jimmy

    Ise and Hyūga

    I don't know if any of you have discussed this much, but in a recent update on subs they said that they would test anti submarine bombers for battleships and cruisers. I think something like this sort of gameplay would be much more feasible for hybrid ships than first person flying. I could not imagine trying to play a cruiser or battleship and use first person bombers during a intense battle. Usually a battle at reasonably close range requires constant maneuvering and shooting, and trying to take a break to fly planes would mean you would certainly get immediately roasted. I like your proposal and layout of consumables and such, but i think controls like this would be much more reasonable then regular carrier controls. What do you guys think?
  4. Comrade_Jimmy

    PT Server - Attention B-Day code breakers

    I am fairly certain that those ships are not any hints of upcoming stuff or anything like that. That port is already in game, and while they are changing stuff for the wows birthday, those 3 drawings are all in the port now. You can see them better in the port in the live game with less clutter on them, and i am fairly certain that #1 is Seattle, #2 is either New York or Bretagne and #3 is Atlanta. That book along with some others is also sitting on the deck. The signals are new though. Maybe they mean something.
  5. Comrade_Jimmy

    I think a mission reset today.....

    will this mission reset again before the update or was this the last time?
  6. Comrade_Jimmy

    ST, soviet cruisers branch split

    Players who currently have Moskva researched but not yet bought or have her sold will get Moskva. If the soviet cruiser branch was reset, a bonus to Research points will be applied to cruiser Alexander Nevsky. Let me understand this. It seems to me like one strategy might be to reset the cruiser branch right now. As it is I will have to grind Dm. Donskoi to get Al. Nevsky anyway, but if I reset, I will keep Moskva, and get the research points from nevsky once I unlock it. Is this correct or am I missing something?