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  1. We need a rankings system

    Yep, we need moar WoT Unicum mindset in WoWS. Let's raise the toxicity levels.
  2. One more confirmation: have the same here. My guess is that they changed the netcode, WoT has had the freezing problem for a long time (esp. when enemies are spotted or 'events' like a ammo rack detonation occur). WoWP had it as well, but less. Now WoWS has been infected. Sad, because the relatively fault-tolerant network handling was one of the reasons why I started to play WoWS more than the other two...
  3. exactly. Like right now Scharnhorst and/or Ohotnik. No logical pattern (at least not obvious xD) who gets what and why.
  4. Hey guys, opposite to many others I love the rental option. However many people incl. myself are a bit confused... How is determined who gets a rental, which ship he gets, and if he gets one or two ships? Some have reported they got not one single rental today after playing several battles. Others got one of the ships (I got the Scharn, would have preferred the DD...). And again others got both ships. Random? Hidden mission criteria? Secret marketing sauce analyzing our premium shop click patterns? xD A little clarification would be great. Specifically if and how we can influence what ships we get to try out. Thanks! P.S.: to clarify - I am talking about the 3 day premium ship rentals on the regular server, not clan battle/testserver etc.
  5. hmmm... that WOULD make sense, but several people reported they received BOTH ships as rentals today... hmmm....
  6. Is there any logic who gets what rental? Several folks got both, some (like me) the Scharn, others the Owhatevernik. Would be interesting if there are some 'hidden missions' what you have to do to get one or both rentals. Or is it just random?
  7. I am a friend of Occam's razor and far less conspiracy-happy than it may seem. It is a fact that long-term strategies are developed by agencies, bureaucrats that serve more than one administration, and influential think tanks, and some of the old strategy papers are public and show that the ME agenda goes WAY back. Basically early versions of the PNAC agenda, and amazingly consistent over several decades. Funding and supporting extremist groups and religious nutters in the ME was idiotic, but overthrowing the relatively secular dictators (still working on Syria...) in the region made sense, in a cynical way.
  8. Facts. Not theories. Do your research. If that strategy made/makes sense is a different story (and it got out of hand, as we all know, arming & funding ISIS was just freaking brilliant...), but they followed the old plans right until today.
  9. No. I was just skipping a few things - re-read the strategy papers from the 70s (some dating back even to the 50s when Iran was overthrown). The de-stabilization of the ME has been on the menu for a long time, and idolizing the first Iraq war is part of the ongoing 'forever war in the ME because it pays so well' agenda.
  10. No, I am an old fart and remember the events and the propaganda build-up that led to the first Iraq war. I also have followed the events that came after and the 'accomplishments' of this war that still can be seen today. If you served there - o7. Soldiers are, unless the crap is too obvious, not responsible for the agenda and lies they are used for. I respect you. I just don't respect the c*nts that destabilized a whole region of the world, starting in the 50s, ramping it up in the 80s, made huge profits from it (and still do), keep their never-ending wars going, and then try to whitewash history and 'educate' people with an alleged pro-vet memorial how great all these absurd wars were and are...
  11. I respect your opinion. But actually you missed my point - read not my 'perceived' opinion and interpretation, read the project's website. They are exactly doing what you accuse me of: perpetuating lies, distorting history, and using the vets for it. Distasteful. I would happily support an actual veteran memorial. But that's not what this is.
  12. Absolutely agreed. People tend to go full binary brain when someone dares to criticize a project that uses the 'vet' label. And I helped by being sarcastic. If you read the goal description on the official memorial website, goal number one is NOT honoring the vets, but to 'educate' the public and create an 'enduring memory of the historical significance and accomplishments of the Desert Storm War'. And if you read the 'about the war' section it becomes clear what that 'education' is about. For me that makes it a political project that is NOT focused on honoring the vets, but distorting history and pushing an agenda (I would support it otherwise).
  13. Agreed. Not so many nuanced opinions on this thread (partly my fault, ahem, OP was a bit sarcastic), so, thanks for yours. Total isolationism does indeed not work - but interventionism has become a for-profit game. Started with Desert Storm, got worse under Dubya and Obummer. Should change back to: intervene where it is necessary to eliminate an actual threat. None of the recent wars had anything to do with that.
  14. Dumb ad hominem, cuz no argument. Happy blocking. I am sure you believed the stories about the incubators of Kuwait, or the funny rescued girl that was the ambassadors daughter and other propaganda stunts to justify the 'liberation' of oil and money. I am old enough to remember that absurdity and how the international effort came to be... And one last time for the others that misunderstand my intention: Seemingly none of you has read the 'about the war' section of that memorial project and checked who is behind it. I am not against memorials honoring the veterans and other victims of more or less idiotic wars, but I find it distasteful to abuse the vets AGAIN to push fake history and propaganda under the disguise of a memorial. Wargaming in my opinion should focus on less obviously politicized projects.
  15. LOL sweety, I supported (and still do to a certain extend) Trump. Mainly because he promised to end the interventionism. But that is not the point here. Gaming company - stay out of political agenda and propaganda.