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  1. BruDog1970

    Name the ship you think is worthless....

    Emerald. I was so thankful when there were missions that allowed you to earn the Leander. I stopped my Emerald grind at that moment and made sure I earned a Leander. I sold the Emerald about 5 seconds after verifying Leander was in my port.
  2. BruDog1970

    If you could get rid of ONE map which one?

    Haven - I seem to always be on the passive team that is down 3-1 caps 5 min in. The game is over at that point as it is very hard to capture caps if the other team is even average at defending.
  3. BruDog1970

    Holy Mother Of Ping 2k+

    I had a 1500-2000 ping. There were 7 afk boats in the match (5 for us and 2 for reds). Somehow we managed to win... Speedtest says my ping is 15 ms...
  4. BruDog1970

    Top 3: Most Anemic Ships

    Emerald Myogi Fat Freddie - compared to Biz and GK...
  5. BruDog1970

    Update 8.+ problems

    @Radar_X Would be nice to fix the audio issues (or rollback as these are all part of 0.8.1): 1) Cleveland guns - silent 2) Division chat - either feedback or you echo with a 2-3 second delay. My clanmates report the same 3) Some have the super loud sounds that appear randomly The first two I have not had previously. I do not have the 3rd issue.
  6. BruDog1970


    @Radar_X I think the pink and orange penalties are sufficient. What the penalties don't address is that the team still playing is shorthanded. I think it would be great if this game had: 1) If a ship doesn't receive any orders (shoot, turn, accelerate, use consumable) for 2 min, then a bot takes over for it. 2) If the player comes back (ie - for the cases of disconnect) then they regain control of the ship. The bot shouldn't be good, but at least use basic strategy - not yolo, shoot at enemy that makes sense, hold fire if needed, and use concealment when it is obvious. The bots should be better than the co-op ones, but not good enough so that the enemy can't hit it/sink it. This way the team with the afk/rage quitter doesn't get penalized by the player being inactive.
  7. BruDog1970

    Cannon sounds not working

    If using the Cleveland the cannons won't sound. This is for anyone using the boat. If other ships are affected, then playing with the slider seems to help.
  8. BruDog1970

    Update 0.8.1 - Bugs Report

    I am seeing the following issues since the very last patch: 1) No gun sounds on Cleveland 2) Division chat has either A) Myself echoing 2-3 seconds after I speak - other clanmates have said the same. We haven't ever had this issue before. B) Lots of miscellaneous 'feedback' - it isn't consistent, but occurs often enough to be annoying. Didn't see this issue before 3) FPS gets fairly low if there are lots of planes/torps. My video card is more than enough to run this game as well as it is new. I didn't see any of the issues (other than #3) before 0.8.1. Number 3 is worse than previously.
  9. BruDog1970

    3 Year Anniversary, Time For A Break

    Depends on where you live. I have 3+ feet of snow in my yard, so I am gonna take the over on that and bet that I am looking at April or May for mowing. More WoWS for me...
  10. BruDog1970

    How many 19-pt captains do you have?

    3, but I don't have very many less than 10 points.
  11. I am hosting a LAN party with clanmates on Mar 16th and am wondering if Clan Battles will be active. My clan has never been able to try this in the past due to not enough higher tier players. Thanks in advance.
  12. BruDog1970

    Zero-damage oddity

    Yes, I remember them having all shells do a minimum of 10% (or something like that). What ended up happening was secondary shells were doing crazy damage as well as some other oddities. The fix to this problem (which isn't that common really) caused a much bigger problem.
  13. Thanks for adding the Star Wars mod back. I appreciate all your hard work.
  14. I asked about it on Feb 12th when I first noticed it was removed. @Aslain mentioned "Will see about it." on Feb 12th. I really miss Lando going "well well well what do we have here" when you get a citadel. Glad to see I am not the only one missing it. I bet there are lots of other mods being worked on with the massive 0.8.X changes - I am not sure what would cause one voice mod to stop working and the others are all fine (or if maybe SW was accidentally removed).