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  1. BruDog1970

    Server issue Ping

    In Minnesota - seeing this in last hour, but not earlier today or any other recent time.
  2. BruDog1970

    Wg server or ISP?

    Didn't see it earlier - seeing it now.
  3. Hi all, I have the following commanders: Viktor Znamensky (currently unassigned - was thinking Kremlin when I get one) - this was before Smol and Stalin Vasily Znamensky (currently on Soyuz) Nikolay Kuznetsov (currently on Vladivostok) Alexander Ovechkin (currently on Moskva) Eventually I will have the following ships: CA/CL X - Nevsky, Petro, Moskva, Staligrad, and Smolensk BB X - Kremlin All the CAs/CLs and BBs between VI and IX. I am thinking Kremlin, Stalingrad, Moskva, and Smolensk. I am not sure which ones would be the better fits based on "Enhancements." This is the help I am seeking. Thanks in advance.
  4. BruDog1970

    Clan Battles recommendation

    Clan Battles: Highlander Season. There can be only one. I think this would be fun to try for a season.
  5. BruDog1970

    Bogus reporting, just one of those things?

    Yes, I call it yolo torping as well lol. It is very annoying when you are trying to grind out stuff. I don't like playing for selfish goals in Random. I don't usually report for it though.
  6. I re-read it (after reading your reply). Thanks!
  7. Is the steel rewarded for buying the last two stages provided at time of purchase OR when the event ends? Reason I ask is I bought the Odin and didn't get the steel. I am just wondering if it is coming later OR if it should be addressed in a support ticket. The webpage states steel will be rewarded, but doesn't mention when. I am guessing it will be rewarded when event ends...
  8. Initially Info Panel (Self) was unchecked, so that explains why it didn't show up. It seems like Regen Assist doesn't work if Info Panel (Self) is enabled. I have the Regen Assist far enough away from where Info Panel (Self) is, so it wouldn't be covering it up. I did perform a couple of re-installs of mods where both were checked just to make sure something wasn't odd with install. It would be great if the two mods were merged...
  9. Seem to have an issue where the Regen Assist and Info Panel (Self) aren't consistently showing up despite being enabled. I have had battles where I have seen each, then battles where they are missing. I did not have this issue with the #00 Mod Pack yesterday.
  10. BruDog1970

    Clarification for selling Moskva?

    I wouldn't have ever put Infernal camo on a premium/special boat that has a permanent camo by default. I had zero reason to believe that a tech tree ship would ever move to special/premium as this has never happened before. I would like my infernal camo moved from the Moskva to Nevsky or Petro (when I get one) AND the Moskva to have the camo that will be provided automatically in 0.9.5.
  11. BruDog1970

    Would you get the Missouri?

    The credit making potential on the boat is way more than any other boat. As far as the radar goes - you have to be 9 km away and the boat is basically an Iowa. Iowa's generally shouldn't be trying to brawl anyone.
  12. BruDog1970

    Would you get the Missouri?

    I think they should just do a Missouri Black - where it has all the in game features of the original, but has its credit making in line with other premiums. Sell it for 1.0 mil free xp. This way the players that missed out can get one. The players that ground hard to get it first time around still have the original unmodified version. WG doesn't have to worry about another credit broken ship being released. Keep the original Missouri as a rare in the Santa Crates/Supercontainers. Seems like an easy solution.
  13. BruDog1970

    Premium Shop: Colors of Victory

    @Hapa_Fodder Here is what I have learned/already knew that may be helpful: 1) We did get the full single player standalone game through doing the missions (or buying the bundles). You need to install the game through WGC, but you don't need to run the game through wgc_api.exe (which is what the desktop shortcut points at). You just run: MasterofOrion.exe located in the [install location]. Default if unchanged is: C:\Games\Master_of_Orion\MasterOfOrion.exe 2) Most of the people with issues getting a main screen need to run: vcredist_x64.exe located in [install location]/Packages/2013. Default if unchanged is: C:\Games\Master_of_Orion\Packages\2013\vcredist_x64.exe 3) The Tutorial mission is a great way to learn the controls. It forces you to colonize a crappy planet early on and dictates your first 7 turns, but is a great way to learn about how to play the game. After turn 7 you will be able to do as you please even if the tutorial is still giving advice. 4) This version seems to incorporate the good parts of MasterOfOrion and MasterOfOrion 2. MasterOfOrion 3 was terrible and the reason a fourth one was never made. 5) This is a turn based 4x Space Game. The combat can be real time, but the rest of the game is turn based. I mention this because the players getting this are getting it from World Of Warships (which is far from turn based). 6) There is a well written manual in the [install location]\Manuals directory. Hope this helps others!
  14. BruDog1970

    Why is WG forcing CVs on Clan Battles? (updated)

    How many times in Random or Co-op have you seen it where one team has all the CVs and the other team doesn't have any? If Randoms and Co-op are "non-competitive" modes and it is not allowed there, then why would they allow it here? If they want each team to *have to* play a CV, then make the requirement that teams each field a CV... Seriously. A team with a unicum CV player playing against a team not playing a CV at all would be completely unfair. There would be no counter to being permaspotted entire match (as these are small maps). This would be like if you were in a 7 vs 7 match and your team got all the BBs and the other team were unicum DD players. How fair would that be?
  15. BruDog1970

    Why is WG forcing CVs on Clan Battles? (updated)

    I have no issue if it is clan with CV vs another clan with a CV. If they force non-CV clans to face CVs, then that isn't fair.