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  1. BruDog1970

    So, about the new event tokens...

    I am wondering the same thing. Thanks for creating the topic.
  2. BruDog1970

    Aslain's modpack

    Aslain stated in his mod thread that he might not get to it today as he was flying back from vacation. I would expect later today or tomorrow.
  3. BruDog1970

    QoL changes I'd like to see

    I would love to see: 1) The number of points my commander without having to click on each ship. Maybe on the upper right side of the little box showing your ships in port. If they can show snowflakes, daily win bonus, etc - then they could show this. Maybe also allow you to sort by high to low commander points like you can sort ships by nation, tier, etc. Right now if I wanted to I couldn't easily identify all my ships with a 13 commander on it (for example). 2) Have it where you can click and set all the same minimap circles for all your ships after changing them on one. As opposed to having to change them one by one once in battle.
  4. BruDog1970

    Vet rages on this lil nublet

    Looking at your stats - you are certainly good enough where co-op isn't going to help you get better. With that being said it is equally clear that you have not played enough low to mid tier randoms to learn the game mechanics as well as what you can and can't get away with. Humans are a world of difference from the bots. One mode the average win rate in 50%, the other is 95+% - this is for a reason. I recommend: 1) Play lots of tiers V and VI!!! Use https://na.wows-numbers.com/player/1003383620,LTGSERIALBUTCHER/ as a guide to assess your performance. When the numbers start turning yellow, green, etc for a tier, then you are ready to move up. if your numbers are red and orange, then you should stay put. Make sure this is over a number of games, so it gets your good and your bad. You shouldn't go "well, I had two great games in my tier VI boat, so I am ready for the VII in the line." As you know by now - you get punished in high tier games for big mistakes. Don't focus on win rate alone. 2) If you have a favorite boat go to YouTube and look for "How to play a Budyonny WoWS" or something similar. Pay attention to what they are doing (as well as what they are saying) and how they are playing the boat (some you want to play at distance, some you need to use islands, some you can never go broadside in if you are near people, etc). There are plenty of skilled contributors with videos out there. I have watched plenty and it helps a great deal. I guarantee you will learn something in the video that will help your game play. 3) Go to the wiki (https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/World_of_Warships) and see if you are using the correct skills for the boat(s) you are using as well as learning about pros/cons, upgrades, modules, general comments, etc. 4) If survival is an issue, then try to survive longer. You aren't helping your team if you are sunk. 5) You can ask questions on the forum. Most of the people are happy to answer questions. I have asked (and still ask) plenty - whether it has to do with skilling commanders, how an event works, how a ship plays, etc. I have almost always gotten very good feedback. Hope this helps.
  5. The main reason was stated "so players play low to mid tier." In its current form it will be a case where players with a bazillion credits and free xp just skip the low and mid tiers all together. The reason players think this sucks is: 1) more ships hidden behind a wall (in this case a grind wall), 2) we dont want to sell our ships to do this as we will have to re-buy them at a net loss, and 3) the stated goal appears to NOT be why they are pushing forward with this in its current form. The OPs comments are in line with what a lot of us are saying - just make us grind the xp at each tier.
  6. BruDog1970

    Am I the only one who likes the Research Bureau idea?

    There are a lot of things that can be done - it will be a matter of will they be done. I don't think the game is on life support as there is a decent number of devoted players still playing it (despite the "I quit" posts that follow changes - open water firing, radar, cv rework, etc).
  7. BruDog1970

    SAP for Roma is a needed change

    Will SAP ships have 3 shell types to pick from OR will SAP replace HE or AP as an option? Also, this is just for Italian ships, right?
  8. BruDog1970

    Update containers

    I think there are some that you can't just set to collect. I am pretty sure last December they offered crates for some of the older ones (I completed the first anniversary one this way). Not saying they will do it again, but if they were to - I would bet on it being end of the year.
  9. BruDog1970

    Discussion on French DDs- CE or AFT? Why?

    It looks to me like (for the V-VIII) French DDs we are looking at: Very strongly recommend/grab first: 1 - Priority or Prevent (depends on preference) 2 - Last Stand 3 - Survive Expert 4 - Conceal Next best skills/second time around: 1 - No others than the two above 2 - Adren or Expert 3 - Super, BFT, Demo 4 - AFT or IFHE
  10. BruDog1970

    Review: T5 Jaguar, French Destroyer

    How would you skill these two boats if you had 19 pointers? I think PT, Last, and Conceal are a must. Thinking BFT, AFT, Adrenaline would be very useful.
  11. BruDog1970

    Sorry wargaming time to put this in the trash

    There is a major difference between coal and steel/research bureau (RB). Coal is an easily attainable resource that doesn't require you to play clan/ranked or sell an entire line of ships back and re-grind. A very casual player could earn coal every time they play without any issue. Steel and meaningful RB progress not so much. The other concern is that I do not believe for a second that RB will stop with Ohio and a few other grind wall ships. It will eventually need something more than some off to the side ships. I personally think that RB shouldn't involve selling/rebuying, but simply using some off to the side xp that can only be gained in battles and not paid for with free xp, credits, doubloons, etc. I am sure WG can do this as we have 58 different temp currencies and two different xps currently. WG has stated they hope this breathes some life into the mid-tiers. I believe my idea: 1) allows causal players to "grind" at their own pace without giving anything up, 2) makes the low and mid tier populations increase, 3) is fair to everyone as everyone has to gain the exact same xp - whales and long term players with tons of credits/free xp can't just bypass everything. Just my 2 cents...
  12. BruDog1970

    Sorry wargaming time to put this in the trash

    I think it would be better if you just had to replay the ships (you don't have to rebuy, reoutfit, retrain, etc). if the goal is to make players play the low and mid tiers again make it so this is a different xp that you cannot use free xp to get around. Have it be something like: Tier I - need to earn 2k exp Tier II - need to earn 4k exp . . . tier X - need to earn 100k exp The selling ships, regrinding to be able to use them again, and the rebuying are bad ideas. My idea would allow you to have everything available as you re-grind at your own pace. Their current model is just gonna have people skipping the low and mid tiers to finish the grind ASAP.
  13. Emerald and Iron Duke. I didn't do well with Kirov, but would likely be better in it now.
  14. Buddyonny for the win
  15. BruDog1970

    Critical insults

    As I mentioned previously the community is very helpful if you ask questions/are trying to improve. The site I use for stats is: https://na.wows-numbers.com . I use them to see how I am trending (I don't use it to call others out on their stats). Tons of info available here. I do recommend YouTube videos - I am sure there are "How to play a Montana" videos out there. If you think that you have an issue with something specific in the game (ie - aiming, situational awareness, etc) there are probably videos on those too. Maybe it is a case of being too aggressive (dying quickly), being too passive (trying to hit boats at max range), not being good at aiming (there are videos on this topic), going broadside to fire all the guns on a target and then getting nailed. Lets take the North Carolina for example - you can fire 2/3 of your guns while being bow on to an opponent. You will take very few big hits in this position, but if you turn to try and get the 3rd set of guns on something you will probably get paddled. There are times to fire the 3rd gun and times not too. I know a lot of people talk crap about the Priority Target skill, but this one point skill lets you know how many main guns are pointed at you - very helpful in letting you know whether to turn to get those 'extra' guns on someone, be more aggressive, or retreat (if possible). You may want to give it a try. I hope something in this post helps.