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  1. Is MISSOURI coming back?

    All indications are no. WG has stated it prints too many credits. They have stated other ships in the past would never come back - and then they did.
  2. Free Camo Code

    Thank you
  3. harrassment

    That is fine and good that you play for fun and do what you want, but there are modes that are meant for that (co-op and training room). It is worth noting that there are often missions, challenges, etc that have wins as part of the condition, so when you potato not everyone is going to be on board with that and some will call you out on it. The fact that you deal with this daily tells me you are playing in a tier/mode that you likely don't belong in. Could the 'known player' have handled it better? Certainly. Did the OP likely play incredibly bad? Very likely. The comment was extremely mild relative to some of the things I have seen in chat.
  4. Oktyabraskaya Revolutsiya arsenal

    The Okt Rev is a fine ship at tier V.
  5. Recommended ship for Op Aegis?

    The majority of DDs you see in an op are the first boat killed and last on the leaderboard at the end. I am not saying it can't be done, but 99% of the time DDs are a hindrance to the op being successfully completed.
  6. Recommended ship for Op Aegis?

    For cruisers: Buddy - if you have IFHE as a commander skill this boat is very, very good Pensacola - good AA and powerful APs, slow reload though For battleships (I dont play BBs in ops, but clanmates that do): Fuso is their first choice and New Mex is second For destroyers: DON'T unless you are really, really good. Normally DDs are the first ones killed and offer little help in ops.
  7. I had one where it showed the battle screen, but I showed in port needing "first win of day" and not getting the 40 xp needed for the crate.
  8. Had it happen twice in last 30 min. I have never seen it before. Logged Support Ticket.
  9. Thanks a lot guys. Of all the tier IX boats I was most looking forward to this one. I am glad to know I will still like it. Loved the Richelieu and Lyon and totally hate the Fat Freddy.
  10. Please remove T8 from T9/10 games

    I will switch to HEs if I find that my BB can get anything done with APs. With a decent fire chance you have a chance of setting them on fire which will at least do something. I tend to only do this if I am -2 - VIII vs X, VI vs VIII, etc. This is especially true for the Amagi - I seem to get worthless AP hits with that boat more than most...
  11. On the surface the changes (reload 2 sec, 0.1 sigma) didn't appear drastic, but it was a discussed topic.
  12. I don't know the answer to your question, but I can tell you: 1) Prior to these crates I had 8 of the 16 pieces for this collection. 2) I bought 2 of the crates (5x) - I got 7 pieces I didn't have and 3 duplicates. 3) The duplicate exchange rate for this collection is 2 duplicates for 1 piece you want to get. 4) You also get camo and signals for the other items in the crate. Each crate has 3 items in it. 5) I was awarded credits for the leftover duplicate once I completed collection. I spent 10k coal and completed the other half of the collection... Hope this helps.
  13. You can't turn it on to "collect again." I needed 8 of the 16 pieces (for 2nd anniversary). I bought 10 crates for 10k coal (it is 5x crates for 5k coal). I got 7 parts I didn't have and 3 duplicates. The exchange rate for that collection is 2 duplicates for 1 part. I got credits for the extra duplicate. You also get camo and signals with the other 2 items in each crate.
  14. 3rd anniversary questions

    Anyone know when the missions that will lead to tokens will start? I heard this starts on 8/24, but don't see any proof of that. Anyone know if they will reward one SC for each tier X? Thanks in advance.