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  1. Awesome - this is what I was looking for. Thanks for replies.
  2. I am most interested in CA and BB, but any opinions welcome as it might help others. I want to spec my commander before I give it a try, so I am curious of what the "must use" skills are as well as upgrade slots. I am thinking (likely one 1, two 2s, two 3s, and two 4's): 1 - Priority or Prevent (not sure how often modules are getting knocked out) 2 - Expert Mark/Adren Rush, maybe last stand on CA 3 - Demo, BFT, maybe super on BB 4 - AFT, maybe Man Sec on BB, maybe Fire Prev No idea on upgrade slots... Any help appreciated.
  3. I am fine with DD and BB smoke changes. DDs are affected very little and BBs shouldn't be invisifiring from smoke. The CA/CL values are too high - especially the British ships. I think the range needs to be decreased 25%-ish. I feel these ships should be able to use smoke to their advantage.
  4. AFKs Ruin Gameplay

    I would be in favor of WG having a bot control the ship if it sits for the first 2 minutes. If the person eventually load/plays, then they regain control of the ship. I had 4 matches yesterday directly affected by afk ships - won 1 lost 3. The current system is not working and it seems like there is more afk than there was when I started playing.
  5. For me the St. Louis at III, Isokaze and Orion at IV, Kongo and Konig at V. I keep everything VI and above. I don't want to rebuy ships in future and love the variety.
  6. Flat rate for cost. Ammo I think is a different story. Repairs used to be based on damage taken, but it was removed to try and reduce camping.
  7. This is EXACTLY what I am going to do with mine.... The order may change, but thats how I'll spend my 19 points on this line.
  8. FPS drop

    I have seen this since the last patch as well. It doesn't happen every match and there doesn't seem to be a reason as to why or how often. I had one match where it occurred every 30 seconds. I have other matches where it might occur once or not at all. It doesn't seem to matter the map or what is going on. I realize I don't have any real detail to add here, but just to say I am seeing it too...and only recently.
  9. Why not +1/-1 tiers for MM?

    At some hours the queue would be ridiculously long due to player volume. Also, with new ops and/or ranked can affect things as well. For example: I am gonna guess there were a lot less VIs in randoms lately (op, ranked). When you get to VII and above you get to be top tier a lot more than at V or VI. You'll get your turn. There are some great V and VI boats that can hold their own against +2 tier if you learn them... Kongo, Konig, Fuso, New Mexico, Cleveland, Buddy, Leander to name a few. I suck at DDs, so I cant comment on those.
  10. I didn't "figure out" the Kirov until right before buying the Buddy. My recommendation is stick with the line as Buddy, Shchors, and Chappy are all great (I don't have the Donkey or Moskva yet). I like the USSR line better than US, German, Japanese, or French. The UK line is fun with Fiji and Leander... different game play, so can't really compare. Fun in different ways. Bottom line: Kirov not great at all - next ships in line are very good-great.
  11. Ships that "SUCK"

    Emerald and Myogi. Nurnberg with its rapid fire is good in some of the operations...so it has some use.
  12. I discovered something

    Is it stated somewhere that we lose these commanders or is it speculation based on past 'special events' (Halloween ships, April Fools ships, etc) where we lose the ships after the event ends? I expect us to lose these DDs, but this is the first time I recall us being able to move commanders from these events to our permanent ships. I haven't played since the beginning of this game, so please forgive me if this has happened in the past...
  13. Once you get 2000 base xp (it does NOT have to be from one battle), then you get a Dunkirk container. Inside of the Dunkirk container will be collection items. I am not sure if you get more than 1/day...or if there are other ways to get containers from this op.
  14. Operation Dynamo commander

    I am closing in on an Edinburgh - would be nice to have a 10 pointer to throw on him right away. I am not nearly as far in the French line, but same rule applies - closing in on next boat and 10 pointer would be nice. I don't see the new collection yet, so not sure if it is gonna drop later...