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  1. BruDog1970


    Agree, excellent recommendation. I graduated from UMD. Many nights spent in Superior.
  2. Bismarck and Mogami do well if played right and you have 14 pointers or better.
  3. The DDs could choose between radar blocker or smoke. The DDs already have great concealment. Radar is the counter to smoke.
  4. BruDog1970

    What Tiers To Keep

    I keep everything VI and above. I have a handful of ships at V. Anything IV and below is either: premium, fun to play, or a non-grinded line. No need to keep any Is.
  5. BruDog1970

    PSA for penetration changes on PTS

    So secondary AP shells should do a minimum of 10% each time they hit? I am sure you will love that in a CA/CL or DD. Right now there are times those bounce (secondary hit for zero).
  6. BruDog1970

    T8 cruisers how do you rate them

    A lot of people are sleeping on the Mogami. The Mogami is a beast with a 14 point commander: 1) Skills: Priority, Adrenaline, Demo, IFHE, Conceal 1) Upgrades: Steering Gears 2, Concealment 2) Guns: Keep the 155s. The reload is 5 sec faster than with 203s. You have plenty of guns. You can get your conceal under 10 km, your torps are 10 km, your guns reload quick enough and you have 10 of them IIRC. You are hard to detect and at medium range hard to hit too. I am not saying this is the best tier VIII boat - just saying it isn't getting much love in this post. If specced and played right it can be quite the ship.
  7. I don't think it would be too hard to do something like the following for Ranked: First offense - warning in port Second offense - pink and warning that next time will lead to temporary suspension Third offense - 24 hour ban from ranked Fourth offense - 5 day ban from ranked Fifth offense - banned from ranked for rest of season They could also have something where you lose a strike (offense count reduces by one) if you play 20 games without afking. I would be willing to bet that game information is stored in a database, so they could easily implement this using counters and running simple queries. At the end of the ranked season everything would reset back to zero offenses. I feel this would give plenty of chances for those that may have a legit reason or two. Once it gets to three or more offenses within a week or so we are no longer talking about emergencies or one off issues. Ranked is as competitive as WoWS gets. Some players spend real money on flags, camos, etc. Some don't have multiple hours to play in a day, so when you are in a 7 vs 8 or 6 vs 8 ranked match it really sucks. There is no good excuse for someone who afks repeatedly. I know I hate it when I lose a game in random where an afk costs a match. Had one yesterday where enemy had a CA with 500 hp left and we had an afk DD that was full health. Eventually the CA found him and killed him. Very unlikely we lose the match if our DD wasn't afk. He pretty much just had to sneeze on the CA to kill it and had a concealment advantage to allow him to get into a position where he could shoot at the CA without initially being seen... I can only imagine if this was ranked or something that required you complete a task that required a win (like a "do 100k, start 5 fires, and win).
  8. BruDog1970

    Retraining Captains

    Just remember the GK is worth every bit of pain you suffer in the Fat Freddy. I love the Bismarck and GK! I absolutely hated the Freddy.
  9. BruDog1970


    I am sure you are right, but I do know for a fact I am bottom tier in an VIII way more than I am top tier in an VIII. I am fine with some bottom tier - would just like to spread it out some.
  10. BruDog1970


    It seems to me that when I play an VIII it seems to be bottom tier 80% of the time, middle tier 10% and top tier 10%. I have no issues with some of my VIIIs battling Xs, but it would be nice to be top tier or middle tier more often. Some VIIIs are really tough to grind when having to face Xs 4 out of every 5 matches. Even if it was 50% bottom, 25% middle and 25% top it would be fine. It didn't seem to always be this way...
  11. Thanks all - was hoping that was the case.
  12. At first I was getting an item/duplicate every crate or two. Now I have gone 6 or 7 crates over several days with zero items. I am stuck at 8 of 12 or so with no more Great 8 Containers to open. Is anyone else getting this in normal crates (credit, signal, resource, try my luck, etc)? Seeing if this is working as designed or if I am just having really bad luck...
  13. BruDog1970

    Super Containers - 58 : 0

    Yes, we need government regulating people's hobbies. smh I am sure you realize that selling ships, premium, etc is how WG stays in business. If the prices are too high, then people won't buy. Simple supply and demand. Just because this isn't your primary hobby doesn't mean that it can't be someone else's main hobby. I'd be curious to see how you propose a store could make money if it is not allowed to charge the customers for its goods... Your post seems a bit dramatic.
  14. BruDog1970

    Legendary Upgrade expiration question

    Do we know that the progress won't be reset?
  15. I finally have my first tier X and have unlocked the legendary upgrade personal assignment. I have seen it mentioned that the legendary upgrade assignments will go beyond the Dec 31, 2018 that shows in game. My question is: Do we know if the progress will be reset after Dec 31 and/or how can we get an answer from WG on this? I don't plan to grind the boat I got exclusively. I also don't want to pump lots of time into it if it will reset in 3 months as I have other grinds to consider. Any help appreciated.