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  1. The Mogami with CE, IFHE, and Demo is a very viable ship. Keep the 155s (instead of 203s) for the good reload rate. Your concealment can get down to 9.8 (your torps are 10). You are a very shifty, hard to hit ship as well. This ship performs well if specced and played right. I have Yamamoto and his red tracers on mine.
  2. Curious to know where people are putting these guys (or perhaps waiting for a new line for some of them). Here is the list of the non-purchased ones: Country Name Enhanced Skills France Jean-Jacques Honoré Adrenaline, Expert Mark Germany Franz von Jütland Jack, Vigilance Japan Yamamoto Isoroku Prevent, Expert Mark UK Jack Dunkirk Jack, Smoke, Expert Mark USA John Doe Loader, Expert Mark USA William Halsey Loader, Expert Mark USSR Viktor Znamensky Prevent, High I have *all* of the VI-VIII cruisers and battleships available. I have some III-V and IXs. I will eventually have Xs. I have all except Viktor Znamensky and William Halsey assigned. I want unbiased opinions, so I am leaving where I have mine out. Thanks in advance experts!
  3. Tier 1: Black Swan (if I have to pick one) Tier 2: Isokaze (if I have to pick one) Tier 3: St. Louis Tier 4: Orion (preferably pre-sigma nerf) Tier 5: Kongo Tier 6: Fuso (Nurnberg was runner up) Tier 7: Fiji Tier 8: Bismarck Tier 9: Donskoi (I don't have many tier 9 and Missouri/Mushashi are not "tech tree") Tier 10: I do not have any tier 10, so I can't comment
  4. Better Ship

    I prefer playing the Bismarck, but these are easily my favorite BBs at tier VIII. You can't go wrong with either: Bismarck - brawling, secondary build Richelieu - bow on with all guns available, mid range crusher
  5. I see this one or two times a battle. I have a brand new Graphics card and SSD card in my computer. My Internet is rock solid... I think this is just something that you see when a lot of things pop up while you are scanning your environment. In my case it is 1-2 seconds at most. Just enough to notice it.
  6. Best tech tree tier 6 cruiser?

    If the ships you are shooting at are already on fire from someone else, then good luck getting any damage from your Nurnberg. Ship Avg Damage Frag rate Win Rate ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Leander 37036.434986087 0.92199721730329 54.698475208704 Budyonny 36800.156326826 0.80415762834423 53.679318148956 La Galissonnière 32333.486793092 0.67191161530646 52.036791398581 Aoba 30337.26751507 0.69000267916943 52.323655056936 Nürnberg 29770.439752697 0.67440410418312 51.47290844514 I like Buddy and Leander. Stats also indicate they are the strongest ships at VI.
  7. Best tech tree tier 6 cruiser?

    Budyonny is the best tier VI cruiser despite being a glass cannon. Leander is good too. You just have to play to each ships strengths. Nurnberg is fun with its reload rate until you notice that you don't get any damage unless you are setting fires.
  8. That one took me 3 tries in a Nurnberg....because we lost the first two games. I focused on staying alive and being in good position. If you assume the match will go 15 minutes, then you only need (on average) 10 hits a minute. The Nurnberg reload is 6 seconds without Adrenaline Rush. You will get 10 salvos/minute (if able) with multiple guns. it really isn't that tough to do with this ship. The win requirement is the hard part. Buddy, Fiji, Cleveland, etc are easy mid-tier ships that have quick reloads. it isn't about damage - just hits.
  9. Deleting post - found issue (user error)
  10. Usually 2-3 hours of downtime...
  11. Cleveland was THE ship for the tier VI operations. I will miss using it. I had a 19 point commander fully specced for AA. Had two matches with 40+ planes killed (Clear Skies). I could hold my own in Randoms with her... I am not sure Pensacola will be half as good and am unsure what Dallas will bring to the table.
  12. Hello fellow commanders, I have heard a lot of speculation that 0.7.5 is coming as soon as May 30, but I cannot find anything concrete. I do not see anything on the WG page and figure we would (if nothing else to provide the downtime window). Does anyone know when it is coming and can provide a link? Thanks in advance.
  13. 21 in Dunkirk mission (due to my team dying before making it up the channel and me surviving). 7 in randoms in a St. Louis. Other than that only 5 kill Krackens.
  14. Here is what I did: Part 1 - Okt Rev, Buddy, Cleve in CO-OP, since I hit this right away there were lots of US/USSR boats. A few battles and done Part 2 - Cleveland in Aegis. One and done. Part 3 - A few randoms (mostly for credits), then Lyon in CO-OP - got 6 citadels in one salvo on a Nelson, and finally Monarch (grinding it) for fires to finish it off. I play ultra-aggressive in CO-OP, so I get my share of targets. Part 4 - Bismarck in Random - 3 games and done. I am at best an average player that plays a lot of randoms - took me 5-6 hours to finish.
  15. I thought the New Orleans completely sucked at one time, but I made the following changes and it is a beast: 1) Ditched the planes for Radar - radar range is 9 km 2) Ditched Def Fire for Hydro - use this for seeing in smoke. Sometimes I swap this back if I need AA (low CV population at VIII). 3) Concealment skill AND concealment upgrade - concealment now 9.1 km 4) I try to use my concealment to get close to a broadside cruiser and drill it once I get 10 km or so. The APs will often get 3-4 citadels if your aiming is good. I do not initially fire from further than 10 km out unless I get spotted. 5) If I am detected and I can't see it - I pop radar. Your detection and radar are virtually same distance - you will see the DD trying to hide and it will be close enough for you to take out. 6) Decrease rudder shift via upgrade - be shifty and boats tend to give up trying to hit you. You can easily get back out of range in most cases if you stop firing. 7) I use John Doe on this ship and have his Expert Loader... I am worried that a T7 New Orleans without radar will be much weaker than it is now. I just got the Baltimore, so I will see if this ship picks up the void...