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  1. i said if because someone in game said they found an article saying this. idk what the source is
  2. not ignorable if u want the benham, if they restrict the missions in later stages
  3. after about 10 games i finally won, and for basically no rewards. kinda fun game mode but i was really surprised to see i got nothing for winning. And just had a game where our team had all tier 1 ships then an enemy team had 2 tier 2s and a tier 3 really wg no balance at all And for this event you'll need to play hundreds of these, sorry but no why do i have to play a this to the point it isnt fun and take me away from grinding tech tree ships seems like a huge missed opportunity to give the winners like 5 times the xp and silver rewards at the very least. Luckily there's currently 5 normal battles missions so looks like im gonna just bypass this mode heard they will make the missions savage battle exclusive if so great job wg made a terrible decision again
  4. while the in game replays are helpful its format only works in game and can't upload it to youtube and some people dont know how to make these work. So i got ice cream recording software and it doesn't work for this game, the hotkeys for recording or taking a screenshot dont work in game. They have a record in game that should work but hotkey wont open it up. then they have a record screen but thats just black nothing if i start recording before i open the game and play. Does anyone know if the game is conflicting with the software and if so a fix or different software to get to fix this?
  5. gledr

    Bug in co-op

    in the start I should've definitely got the ribbons, and when I played pvp I got about 7 from 1 ship that I kept hitting even though he only accumulated like 3 seconds of capping. No one was shooting it until I gave up on the ribbons and told them to shoot. happened in 3 co-op games so just a special bug for me
  6. gledr

    Bug in co-op

    first game actually isn't 1 of the co-ops so wrong one 2nd video has it with a fiji 4 minutes in. every other match ive played those would've awarded defended ribbons
  7. gledr

    Bug in co-op

    im a noob don't know what associating it to the exe file means. but did the files work for u ? Specifically which is the exe file when I click on it it just opens a window that closes then shows me my downloads, then when I try to open it it just loops back to the download page
  8. gledr

    Bug in co-op

    trying to verify which ones are the co-op ones but I don't have anything that will open them and they are only 1.5 mgb or less not sure if these will work 20190309_124841_PJSD206-Hatsuharu_46_Estuary.wowsreplay 20190309_125552_PJSD206-Hatsuharu_13_OC_new_dawn.wowsreplay
  9. gledr

    Bug in co-op

    5$ says you didn't read past the first message.
  10. gledr

    Bug in co-op

    I don't have any thing to record it with other than xbox dvr which manages to fail at recording the last 15 minutes. I did everything normal and when I went back to pvp did the same thing it worked even with ships that where on fire. I shot them and got ribbons, then shot like 2 seconds later got more ribbons until I had taken all of 1 ships points then had to switch to the 2nd ship in cap. But for the 3 co-ops I cant think of a single thing that was different other than not getting the ribbons, it still reset the cap
  11. gledr

    Bug in co-op

    last 2 comments. I was the only one shooting it no one else and it didn't even award the ribbons in game doesn't matter if I used the tier 5-8 which I was. It straight up just didn't give defended ribbons 2 matches where standard but it didn't work on a 4 cap mode. I don't remember what those are called
  12. gledr

    Bug in co-op

    happened in three games I gave it like 10 seconds before shooting the ship in the cap with no one inside just the red.
  13. gledr

    Bug in co-op

    was playing co op just to get the defended ribbons for Exeter mission and it just straight up wont award defended ribbons. The mission says co-op counts but then it glitches out with defended ribbons not existing
  14. gledr

    what freemium ship to get?

    make a different version, they don't have to get rid of the radar for people who already have the missouri