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  1. Plaatduutsch

    Auction - Winning bids?

    Same for me! I also bid 111M
  2. Plaatduutsch

    Orkan is a winner

    She is annoying for sure, but I do not think she is strong. It is the kind of ship that changes how enemy DDs play.
  3. Plaatduutsch

    California HYPE

    I can live with 34s reload if WG gave it 10km secondaries
  4. Plaatduutsch

    PSA- The Marceau Sucks

    The ballistics is really bad. IMHO, very difficult to play. As a DD captain with 5000+ DD battles, in most situations I just cannot make it work. The current cruiser overpopulation is also making DD play very hard.
  5. I could not find pictures except one picture featuring the tier VIII?
  6. Plaatduutsch

    300+ NA server owners of Smaland (already)

    Most players cannot fathom those elite players who care their stats more than having fun playing the game.
  7. Plaatduutsch

    300+ NA server owners of Smaland (already)

    It is a one trick pony, and in battle with lots of cruisers and CVs, you will have difficulties dealing damage.
  8. Plaatduutsch

    300+ NA server owners of Smaland (already)

    I have both Friesland and Smaland. They are expensive but they are not particularly strong. I bought them because they were DDs, and I have many surplus FXP because I do not skip stock hulls/modules when grinding.
  9. I have around 65% WR in some of the best ships with 120mm British guns with IFHE. For example, I am the No.1 Gallant in the N.A. server with more than 100 battles.
  10. Plaatduutsch

    British 120mm will be Destroyed after IFHE Rework

    It is just not RN DD though. PA, European, and Commonwealth DDs are also impacted. Even if you don't use IFHE, the cruiser of tier 6-7 will have 25mm deck. You used to be able to pen them without IFHE because they were16 - 19mm. That is a big nerf.
  11. Plaatduutsch

    British 120mm will be Destroyed after IFHE Rework

    All the 2x3 or 2x4 120mm works well with IFHE now. You may try it.
  12. They happen to have the same 120mm caliber as the European DDs, so WG balanced the European dds while forgetting about those old British 120mm. The Ships that are affected are a lot! More than just RN DDs! Vi: Gallant, Icarus VII: Jervis, Gadjah Mada, Haida*, Blyskawica VIII: Cossack, Lightning. Those 120mm are effective with IFHE currently because mid tier armor is low. Before IFHE rework, with IFHE 25mm pen, 7% fire chance, you can pen almost all cruiser below tier 8 and light cruiser at tier 8. You can pen up to tier 7 IJN/RN/USN BBs deck armor. No IFHE, 20mm pen, 8% fire chance, you can pen almost all cruisers below tier 8, and no cruiser at or above 8. You cannot pen most BB armor. After IFHE rework with IFHE 25mm pen, 4% fire chance, can pen any cruiser below tier 8, cannot pen almost any BB, because BB deck will be 26mm and above. without IFHE, 20mm pen, 8% fire, cannot pen almost any cruiser (deck=25 at tier 6-7), cannot pen almost any BB you are against. This nerf is just to huge for any of those DD at tier 7 and 8, because they rely on their guns so much, since their torp are either gimmicky or insufficient. Haida and Cossack only has one set of torp. Gadjah Mada has only deep water torp. Blyskawica has 2x3 low damage mediocre torp, and ship has bad concealment. 120mm and 127mm aren’t really that different in terms of their purpose, if 127 and 129mm can do, 120mm should be the same! I get it that the IFHE rework is intended to make lower caliber differs, but this nerf is just way too much for those 120mm particularly for no good reason. No other low caliber guns were nerfed to such terrible state(IJN/USN 127mm with IFHE can still pen CA, and BB below 8) My suggestion: if the 25% is the way to go with the IFHE rework, all the British made 120mm guns need some sort of buff. 10% reload (BFT) buff OR +2 mm penetration to make them the same as 127mm/ One fifth pen OR fire chance buff to 10% (Baked in DE) The original post was posted in the wrong section. *fire chance on Haida is different.
  13. Plaatduutsch

    Best Torp Botes

    For random battles, there are only a handful of good torp boats. 1. Benham, best torp boat in the game 2. Kamikaze, best torp boat at low tier 3. Shimakaze, only with F3 torp and possibly TA. It offers a unique play style that is very exciting. 4. Some players may like Asashio.
  14. Yes, it would be acceptable if I trade in 50% of the fire chance to pen something, but now even IFHE with huge penalty cannot pen much at all.
  15. For 120mm, there is no 1mm extra. 120/6= 20mm 20x1.25= 25mm