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  1. Plaatduutsch

    Steel Dilemma

    My situation is similar to you. I have been saving my steel for a long time, and as a DD main, I had high hope for Somers ever since they mentioned about this ship, because I really want a good steel DD. This ship could have been either strong or fun, even both, but WG decided to make her a dud. As a result, I bought Bourgogne last night. I have played this ship several times, and it felt great. I love the fast reload and fast speed. I had my worry about future as well, such as the upcoming Slava and Hayate. If they are released with steel, I won't be able to afford them until next year around this time; however, I do not think that Hayate would be a steel ship. Releasing two T X Steel dds in half an year just seems unreal to me. Slava is OP at the moment, but even with her being OP, I still prefer a agile BB to a sniping BB. My impression on WG about steel DDs: WG would never release an powerful steel DD, because DDs have the largest impact on the outcome of the game if you exclude CV. Placing an powerful ship that can decide the win or lose on the hands of a small group of super competitive players is not good game design.
  2. Plaatduutsch

    Somers Question

    I almost believed you. Just kidding. Somers is neither stronger nor with unique play style. With her high price tag, I would say avoid at all cost
  3. Plaatduutsch

    My Preliminary Opinion on Somers

    I pointed out very early that this ship was going to be a dud if they nerf her so hard.
  4. Plaatduutsch

    Thoughts on Somers after half a dozen games

    So disappointing
  5. I cannot get any official stats on version 0.8.7. so I watched a latest streamed gameplay from RU server. I can confirm that the final stats (stock): 130s torp 6s guns 17.3k health 3.9s rudder If you had to ask me, this is terrible. Another DD that most people with steel won't buy, just like the Neustrashimy.
  6. Plaatduutsch

    Ready for the Somers

    130s torp 6s guns 17.3k health stock. This is terrible
  7. Plaatduutsch

    Ready for the Somers

    130s torp 6s guns 17.3k health stock. This is terrible
  8. Plaatduutsch

    Will Somers Be AN OP DD?

    It will be mediocre.
  9. Plaatduutsch

    Examining Benham. Is she worth the grind.

    I agree with you that Neustrashimy is consistent, but I think she is consistently bad. Right now, I think Benham is a stronger at tier 9 than Somers at tier 10 after all those somers nerfs, and, Benham will not cost you steel. For me, Benham is a no brainer. Yes, it is inconsistent as all the dds that relies on torps.
  10. Plaatduutsch

    Fastest torps? Who has them?

    Shima F3 is 76kts at 8km
  11. Plaatduutsch

    Fastest torps? Who has them?

    Efficiency decreased by around 25%, but I can still get one good game out of 3 games.
  12. Plaatduutsch

    Fastest torps? Who has them?

    Shima F3 with TA = 81 kts.
  13. Plaatduutsch

    Fastest torps? Who has them?

    I have been running Shima F3 with TA 81 kts toprs for more than a year.
  14. Last season 17, this season 33, my RNG is rigged.
  15. I was away in Asia during the last event. I am hoping that we can still earn it for those who missed him last year. Maybe re opening the event October this year?