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  1. Thanks Tex been working on that but there is players that do this in the lower tiers to and if you really look at the controls required to do a strafe they are rather complicated so it is very difficult to make the strafe work against fighters.Bombers and torpedo planes are much easier to strafe I have no trouble at all
  2. I have noticed the strafing attack for fighters vs fighters in matches with CVs can really make a battle no fun and lop sided.I know how to strafe but it doesn't work well for attacking fighters for me and I can lose all my fighters in 5 minutes of the battle then get reported for poor play.The video I watched never mentioned the strafe was meant for fighter attacks against fighters.I have my own Clan and 3 of my players quit CVs and sold them because of this overpowering strafing attack myself haven't played my Midway for fear of being reported for blowing the match.With a standard dog fight I love it because it's so realistic because you never know who is going to win it.I support the the Strafing of bombers and torpedo planes that's realistic because without fighter cover they are going to shot down very fast.I would like to see the fighter vs fighter strafing attack be reduced in losses it causes or even done away with.This would keep players from quiting CVs and make the players that rely on the strafing of fighters to win the skies work on their commander skills upgrades and modifications.My Clan is only 1 of many but 3 players quiting in 1 Clan because of the fighter vs fighter strafing attacks is to high.Like I said I will not go to a tier 10 match with my Midway because I don't want my team to lose because of me or even worse get reported then lose.Thanks Tab