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  1. Capt_Jack_Sparrow69

    Riddle Me This

    Why do people with premium accounts don't get there base for flying first class? Please don't say it pay to win. you can pay to get crates to get enough coin to get a captain and like premium everyone has the opportunity to get it. Why are the directives half Random? That gives people a clear advantage over the non random player So why the bias? So if you play random you get 2-1 odds, but not get all the advantages of the premo time I won at Christmas. So what is good for one is not for another unless you play the way WOW wants you to play and if not you are culled from the heard Oh well the MPV's are alive and well on the animal farm
  2. Capt_Jack_Sparrow69

    When you go with your heart instead of your head...

    Any ship or item that cost me money was a waste, but lesson learned Do not buy anything, you will only end up with a Yugo thinking you were getting a lexus
  3. Mothballing Italian fleet, the SAP shells against anything but a really light cruisers and DD hit like meatballs IMO I will keep the ones that use HE. Maybe in a year I will get a 19Pt Italian Captain lol
  4. Well back to business of leveling my captains in CO OP. Nothing else to shoot for.


  5. Capt_Jack_Sparrow69

    What to do about SAP?

    IMO it was a rushed idea to meet deadline, as I find in most cases of anything new added to the game, my Answer is Don't bring anything out until it works 90% at least. the reload rate should be the same as any CL in the class take an average and meet in the middle. but for now Mama Mia that's a not a spicy meatball but hits like one with out the heat.
  6. Capt_Jack_Sparrow69

    Armory Captains for Commonwealth Ships

    yup they brought out the Italian line and for now its grind. T8 ship with a 3 PT captain makes sense. But the state of the Italian Cruiser line may make it a up hill grind
  7. Capt_Jack_Sparrow69

    What to do about SAP?

    Well after getting all 4 ships, I an not in the least impressed, the reload time is ridiculous. DD get the same damage as HE, with no fire damage If I see a BB I just get out of dodge. with no fire damage little damage Is done and if its a Russian BB you are just a gnat to it. But then I had to give them a try, against CL avg 9-1200 per hit if you aim just right but the slow does not make the Sap rounds Viable IMO. Maybe a third option about what rounds you want. I am sure the rest of the line is not going to be any better, SO I will proabably Mothball them.
  8. Capt_Jack_Sparrow69

    Sell steel

    Can you just convert your steel into coal, I have some steel but will not participate in any event that gives steel, (personal preference) Figure then I will keep a better track of how much coal I have. I know enough to stay away from Salem, if you want a ship that can contend, got to go Russian or Japanese at least according to my gaming group,
  9. Capt_Jack_Sparrow69

    Hail and Farewell

    Good luck their shipmate, guess you have had enough as so many vet players. May the road rise up to meet you, the wind at your back, and the sun on your face
  10. Capt_Jack_Sparrow69

    No Amore Italino

    Ahh I see, I would rather buy captains but then lets see premium ship... 4 possible tiered ships.....and then pay to retrain them again once they go live like the U.K DD's and the Russian BBs So basically no pay you must grind . So if do not buy premium ship then you don't matter I call it like I see it PTW thinly masked.
  11. Capt_Jack_Sparrow69

    Is there such a thing as a 90 day Premium time drawing?

    Well I do not sugar coat anything, I just say what I feel, if a person cannot take it then its their problem, I call a spade a spade so to speak.
  12. Capt_Jack_Sparrow69

    Is there such a thing as a 90 day Premium time drawing?

    The violation Policy in Brief IMO: If you have nothing good to say about the game, just shut up. Sometimes if you look at all the complaining about broken mechanics, and keep adding more brokenness to the game just play with it or leave. My lack of games does not mean I have lack of knowledge I watched my group go from 30 + games a day to maybe 10.

  13. Welcome to my profile, as you can see I started WOW almost 4 years ago, the battles tell you everything, l log on just to see how the game is going, I have watched my friends play and value their input, guess I got lucky and did not put a lot into the game. Heck it is not fun IMO certain nations get better ships, when in reality they were crappy. The American fleet is given only lobbing shells on most cruisers, guess they had to, if they shot like they are designed  then they would live up to the rep of being a Major Navy. They say it is a free to play but get very little if they do not pay, thinly masked PTW. 

  14. Capt_Jack_Sparrow69

    WG staff

    It went out the window when they continue to put broke pieces in a broken game instead of taking a T.O. and get the first part fixed before adding more IMO Nice threads are there, just buried under the out cry that lit up starting with the CVs and the Bias to some ships IMO
  15. Capt_Jack_Sparrow69

    No Amore Italino

    Ok the Italian line is here. The Sap do nothing to BB to speak of and cant even get a fire started. 27 deck hits on one BB and 10k damage but no fire, does not seem viable to fight one, Just run Where are the Special Captains? Need at least a 10 Pt to make the cruisers any good IMO . Why grind on these ships when everyone else can buy Captains for other nations not like old days when grinding captains was part of the deal so where is the shortcuts for the Italian Fleet, No Amore Mamma Mia I tell ya