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  1. I know how things can be when someone says they don't like X in this game. You suck. Adapt. Change your style. I like playing DDs and I'm an average player at best but the constant barrage of planes has really diminished my desire to play the game. If the point of the game is to keep players then just put my vote in the hat that doesn't like the CV rework. Planes get to target so quickly now that smoke isn't really a defense against planes and a good rocket hit will take 25% or more of health. I know DDs can stay closer to the fleet but then I ask the question .. what is the point of a destroyer? DDs just don't have stealth anymore and positioning on the field has gone the way of the dodo. Flame away
  2. Shadow_Spirit


    Expecting to get flamed here but whatever ... It feels like the game has lost its way. Tier 10 play just doesn't feel right. The new ships coming out lately completely shift things and it seems more about chasing the carrot (new gunboat, new radar, etc.) than it does actually honing skills. Just got out of a match with gearing against the new tier 10 DD gunboat that burned 2-3 BBs to ground .. rushed it ... no CA support. Game meta changing due to new ships and the player base just doesn't adjust fast enough. I really don't want to keep grinding so maybe just burned out on it. I suppose, suffice to say, I would like to see new ships keep their quirks but better fall into place. The Japanese gunboat is a complete game changer. It's a firestarter with super stealth. The French DD is all speed with no umph. The Russian Stalingrad is a beast with radar. Seems like with each ship release something has to be better than the previous in sometimes major ways and that just breaks things. It just seems like the game is jumping the shark at this point when I think more could be vested in what is already there: terrain blocking radar (less camping), examining lesser used ships, etc. We don't need new ships. We need updated/better mechanics. /ramble off
  3. Shadow_Spirit

    My thoughts on tier 10 ranked.

    Had a lot of fun when it was 8. Moving to 10 it went garbage fast. I don't know why. Maybe I suck. OK, yes I suck.
  4. Shadow_Spirit

    Game crashes None stop

    Dealing with this issue as well. Seems to be related to the launcher. Running it direct isn't an issue.