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  1. You all beat me to the snarky ship wreck reply, but I can expand on the accuracy! https://tools.wmflabs.org/geohack/geohack.php?pagename=Japanese_battleship_Musashi&params=12_50_N_122_35_E_
  2. "I get way too many of these super rare things. Please stop." -OP
  3. So what you're saying is to write obscene things with my mouse movements while I'm bored. Got it.
  4. Just don't engage, man. Outside of a clan, team play in this game is tenuous at best. You can ignore the vast majority of chat and still do just fine.
  5. Map E4 is horrifying. Good god, Tanaka.
  6. To be frank, I don't think the lack of a plane existing in reality for a ship that was never finished in reality is going to stop WG from doing whatever they wanted to do with stats if they wanted to do it.
  7. Just please god no more maps that start the fleet split. Too much confusion. Half the players near the enemy base seem to always run away toward their base and leave the others to die.
  8. Ships IMO. There's only so much you can do with maps. Really just different distribution of islands of varying heights. Maps mean almost nothing to me when compared to having more ships to pick from.
  9. This^
  10. The best thing about this list of updates is that Roma is mentioned in it. I can't wait to rub my wallet all over you, Roma.
  11. Yeah but you got in instantly /because/ that other guy had been waiting for over the minimum time. I explained this. If he wasn't there you would have been him, waiting for a second CV to come along. This might work for you to never be allowed into a game, since you're unwilling to wait past 2 minutes anyway, but I'm pretty sure the vast majority do not share your feelings here. It's not realistic to expect them to, so this isn't really a viable solution. I mean, you /could/ just not play CVs or high tiers at off hours. Or WG could ban CVs all together during off hours. That'd solve this issue in most cases. I'd guess no one would like that either though.
  12. So you realize that in this scenario, that'll be you right? Since you're queuing up in a T9 CV at off hours?
  13. I think too many people see a ship with armor and picture a D&D warrior. BBs are not tanks. They're bullet sponges under the right conditions if the enemy chooses to target them over more fragile targets, but they are not tanks. A tank requires a way to control enemy targeting. Without that, all they are is bait subject to the wisdom (or lack their of) of the enemy player.
  14. No, like all ships, BBs are supposed to play from their optimal range. "The front" is rarely their optimal range outside of Germans specialized in brawling. Maximum range is also rarely their optimal range. Most are best in mid range. A few can delete cruisers at max range if the player is accurate enough like Yamato, Missouri, etc but even then should be at least on the upper end of medium.