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  1. TTK_Aegis

    Why do people hide their Stats?

    There are a lot of reasons people would hide their stats. Some people don't want to be picked on for being new. Some people don't want to have their side of an argument dismissed because they've "only" played 1000 games in DDs and therefore shouldn't have an opinion. Other people don't want to be singled out for destruction as a skilled player if someone is using one of those apps that lets you real quick see the profiles of the enemy team (not sure if those still exist, but they did at one time). Functionally there's no point to /showing/ stats other than using stat aggregation and comparison sites or just showing off if you're proud of them.
  2. TTK_Aegis

    Almost 4 years later... Finally...

    I just logged in for the first time in more than half a year because I saw the news on Twitter. Ultimately, I wouldn't have even noticed this game had I not thought long ago "The heck is a poi?" and started down a rabbit hole that led me into an interest in the real world history of the IJN and the Pacific theater. Before that I was all about the European theater, and then pretty much just the air war. Yuudachi is one of those ships I'll buy the second she goes on sale and feel entirely happy with my purchase even if she's not good in this game. This is personal for me.
  3. TTK_Aegis

    The Coo of Boom Flag

    New Achievement for completely covering a ship in white: "Whiteout".
  4. TTK_Aegis

    The Coo of Boom Flag

    When I look at this flag, a pigeon dropping a bomb, I have an overwhelming desire to wash my car...
  5. people running into in battle people that do not like the laughwich we use some times kids parent that let kids play and do like swearing etc...