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  1. Yeah some are definitely fast enough, and I've solo capped plenty in BBs before. Typically though I follow DDs to keep cruisers off of them, and I don't want to get in their way if they're knife fighting. Just find it funny how many times, especially in mid tier USN BBs, I'm sitting there saying "GOOOOOOOO!" while my poor, slow ship slides into the cap a second after it's been capped.
  2. Figured when I said downgrade to T9, it was implied I meant they'd /downgrade/ her to T9. As in modify her guns somehow to make it viable. Kinda like how Mutsu's guns aren't Nagato's guns, you know?
  3. Pretty sure he's talking about the ship itself being personified. For IJN ships that's really not hard to do since the Japanese sailors tended to earnestly see their ships as closer to living things than just objects, due to their dominant religion seeing spirits in all objects. Anyway, maybe he's meaning a personification of the WoWS ship and not the actual ship? I duno, was just offering some insight into Yamato beyond it's got big guns.
  4. Slight critique on the Yamato personality... Yamato nadeshiko is the ideal of the perfect Japanese woman, named for the same region Yamato herself is named for (though Yamato is also an old name for Japan itself). This ideal is pretty much the opposite of arrogant and aggressive. Now, you could play that up for laughs, having Yamato be an extremely opposite of that ideal, or you could have her be that ideal with a more soft spoken, powerful yet gentle and humble personality. You could also go for a three step reference in that Nadeshiko Japan is also the name widely used for Japan's national women's soccer team. Maybe if you go with the more aggressive personality, she could yell goal when she blows up her target.
  5. I'll usually just play a different ship or a different tier for a few games, especially if I see the same taters on my team for multiple losses. Let them sort out to a different rhythm.
  6. Time-gated content is nothing new. Love, hate, or indifferent, it's there to stop you from blazing through the content and then having nothing to work on. Whether you're okay with that or not is up to you, but I really have no opinion either way. I don't typically get to play enough lately to finish one part before the next releases anyway.
  7. See this is what happens when you eat wall candy.
  8. Man, that's rough. Reminds me of a buddy of mine with a penchant for breaking controllers. It's good you recognize your own limits and where it's you and not your team/the enemy team. Far too many people prone to rage will blame everything except their own anger and will never admit that maybe they blew up when they shouldn't have. Still... wish I knew what to say to help Random be more fun. Yeah, sometimes you're the hammer and sometimes you're the nail, but it really /is/ very fun if you can just shrug off the losses and move on to another ship in your play list. Easier said than done, I know, and I can't even offer advice for how I got to that place because I've.... just always been in that place. Just naturally unemotional about competition. Coming here to open up about is a good start though! Hang in there. Hope you have a very refreshing break.
  9. ....Texas CV? Oh wait! Tier 10 CV! Ahhh okay I get it now. Yeah early DD losses in T10 are pretty rough. BBs are definitely an easier target though, so most CV players stick with those.
  10. Your class's primary contribution to team play is to scout and spot. You are saying it's not. You think that's YOLOing. You are wrong. You might as well be arguing for a flat earth for all the basis in reality your view has. Evidence indicates your lack of understanding is an active detriment to every team you're on since nearly 10,000 games is a very good sample size. I'd call that a pretty good argument to close out on. You're wrong and your stats prove you're wrong. Good day, sir. Enjoy all that Tier 5 and stuff.
  11. 419 if you plan to play as a fire starter. 457 if for some reason you'd rather be better at the usual AP play and not abuse the absurd fire chance with more shells per salvo.
  12. Man I love cap XP. My only real complaint about mostly playing BBs is I so rarely get to a cap in time to get in on some of that delicious XP. Being a few meters away when the cap rolls over is the worst.
  13. Well I spoke too soon. Interesting. I guess if they make her T9 she /might/ be a free XP reward after all.
  14. Yeah, I mean they'd have to downgrade it somehow. Which is why it'll probably not be free XP, unless they decide to sell a free XP T10 which seems unlikely. As much as I hate it, it'll probably be a clan war reward I'll never have the time needed to earn.
  15. Ah, so he did work on Space Batttleship Yamato though. That's interesting. I wasn't sure how far and wide his influence reached. Well, it looks pretty cool I think. Hope Kii goes on sale soon. I've been itching for a premium T8 IJN BB for a long time.