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  1. Only one per day seems to really, really encourage the purchasing of the containers for cash. Guess we'll see how complete the collection is as the event nears the end.
  2. I didn't get one for a loss in the Operation but I did get one for a win, so I assumed it was given on a win. Is that not right?
  3. How is this a BB favoritism when it means smoked up BBs are no longer safe for very long? Seems like something to reduce the tactic in ranked of smoking your BBs.
  4. The recent change to the torpedo reload consumable was a nerf to one ship and a buff to two ships. I'd honestly call the changes tweaks more than buffs or nerfs though, since changes are going in both directions on a ship by ship basis.
  5. I never thought I'd see someone ask for DDs that are /slower/. Usually a DD being even a little slower than the tier average gets people lighting torches.
  6. RNG happens. Playing the Dunk last night I had every single shell land in a really tight cluster... ...remarkably far right of my aim point.
  7. Looks fantastic. Might actually make me play her more with this look.
  8. Man some people are never happy. You're basically complaining that you aren't allowed to get an injection of an easy to come by currency that you're statistically unlikely to ever see. Not only would you first need to get a Super Container, then that SC would have to be the credits one. You sound like someone whose retirement plan is playing the lottery.
  9. Couldn't control anger. Complains the penalty for that is too high. Maybe just control yourself next time?
  10. This whole thread and no jokes about penetration damage. I'm disappointed in all of you.
  11. Welcome aboard. Mind the BB vs DD nerf wars and enjoy your stay.
  12. Wow, that is a /ton/ of work right there. Good job.
  13. Actually... Hitler declared the Japanese to be honorary white people... so...
  14. OP? Good taste in vampires. Everything else about this thread? Yesterday I thought I'd wandered onto Tumblr. Today I thought I'd wandered onto 4chan. What a weird week this has been.
  15. As opposed to what? It's not like there's any reason to devote huge amounts of time to this game unless you just enjoy playing it that much. No clan-only rewards. No "end game" content. If you don't care about padding your stats then, yeah, playing the game is the only reason to play the game.