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  1. Nagato. Such an important ship nuked mostly out of spite. Terrible waste.
  2. Warning about Chat bans

    When talking about Japanese ships, you can just use IJN instead of "the J word". It's the same number of letters. There's zero reason you need to shorten Japanese to a wartime racial epithet.
  3. Really WG?

    Actually there was a pretty big uproar on the forums here right after those splashes were added with people demanding ways to turn them off entirely through game settings or mods, so yeah that was a thing.
  4. Holy crud you mean I might finally do well in a CV?
  5. The original Carrie. I was about like... 5? My dad grabbed my leg and yelled at the final jump scare. I almost crapped all over the couch. My folks are pretty much why nothing startles me anymore. God bless them.
  6. Options are never a bad thing. So long as it's optional to display or see, go nuts guys. There's no valid reason to strongly object to something you aren't forced to see or use.
  7. That is fantastic. 10/10. Also, Alice in Chain's "Rooster" is now in my head.
  8. Agreed. It's a weird little touch I thought was pretty amusing. I get that some people are personally offended by him for various things, but they do have the option to not use him. It would be nice if we could keep the option /to/ use him rather than conform to their being offended.
  9. Definitely. The name of the game would be straight up not being seen. This is a DD that'll /never/ be in a cap early in the game if it knows what's good for it. With IJN guns and torps that can't even hit cruisers, it would be entirely there for hunting BBs and nothing else.
  10. Wow so a dedicated BB / CV hunter DD? That's... kinda weird... but I'm not totally /against/ the idea. Hunting BBs is my favorite thing to do in an IJN DD anyway. Hmm... You'd really need RPF though to avoid contact with literally everything else.
  11. Interesting point about damage saturation. Hadn't considered that for close in narrow spread shots before.
  12. Super Bowl 52 - Eagles or Pats?

    Eagles. I'm tired of the Pats. Plus I tend to root for whatever team has an animal name, because I know nothing about football other than it amuses me when my British friend calls it handegg.
  13. Wait, how is it controversial to say that skill gap is the biggest problem with CVs? I had that figured out after my first five games in a CV.
  14. This brings up an interesting question. I haven't gotten a warning myself, but I have been booting windows into developer mode to enable a few browser plugins for things totally unrelated to WoWS. Now I'm wondering if doing that is putting me at risk since it loads up with totally different OS permissions than a normal boot.