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  1. So if we get subs can my Iona finally get her I-401?
  2. Allow me to tell you about "gacha" games...
  3. TTK_Aegis


    Not sure why people use bots. Seems overly complicated. I can play poorly on my own just fine.
  4. TTK_Aegis

    ST: Battleship Ohio

    All these steel ships and all I want is Kitakami and Tone.
  5. TTK_Aegis

    Azur Lane Collaboration Part 2

    Well here's hoping! If Wargaming is listening, I'd buy it. She's my favorite out of the second colab ships.
  6. TTK_Aegis

    Azur Lane Collaboration Part 2

    Here's hoping we can get a Georgia Azur Lane captain since both games have Georgia now. Yeah, I know, unlikely, but I can hope.
  7. TTK_Aegis

    This is why I quit warships for a year

    This. Played ranked one season. Never again. Not worth the aggravation.
  8. TTK_Aegis

    Premium Ship Review #126 - Georgia

    Now I just need a Georgia Azur Lane commander... real shame they didn't have her in the last colab since she's part of the colab on the Azur Lane side.
  9. TTK_Aegis

    Teamates Why?

    In all seriousness, you might enjoy the console version of the game where there is no friendly fire. Not having to worry about your torps hitting friendlies is pretty liberating.
  10. TTK_Aegis

    Wargaming, wake up!!!!

    You seem lovely. lol
  11. TTK_Aegis

    Wargaming, wake up!!!!

    There was a joke?
  12. TTK_Aegis

    Best anime opening ever?

    KonoSuba Season 2. In one opening you know everything you need to know about the main characters' personalities, their signature talents (or lack there of), what they generally get up to, and the tone of the show you're about to watch.
  13. TTK_Aegis

    Team-Kill / Over-Kill Absurdity

    Isn't the length of penalty lengthened if you go pink a lot in a relatively short number of days? The apparent implication that they feel the DD getting hit was the DD's fault kind of makes me think they carelessly torp a lot.
  14. TTK_Aegis

    Are Battleships all about luck?

    I'd just like to add that if you know your BB has bad vertical dispersion, try shooting a little above the water line. I find that some BBs have a bad habit of putting most of their volley into the water if you don't aim a little bit above waterline. More reliable BB guns can aim right on it though.
  15. TTK_Aegis

    What's with all the TK'ers lately?

    Except you almost definitely won't get the bonus from winning if you start off down two ships. Or one ship and whatever's left of the second.