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  1. Cossack, Haida, Azur Lane?

    Cossack is possible. Haida is unlikely. In the alternate universe setting of Azur Lane, there isn't currently a Canadian faction, but there is a faction that represents the Royal Navy. That said, there's only one ship girl representing Russia and France right now too, so there sure could be a single one representing Canada if they decided to.
  2. WG fix AFK players...

    Be honest. You just wanted an excuse to post that awesome Atago game, right?
  3. The fact that you can't reason that letting people kill AFK team members for win points would result in people multiboxing dummy accounts to division with, let them AFK and then torp them to farm points is etc etc etc...
  4. Scharnhorst coming back?

    Unfortunately the most advanced warning you usually get is the teaser hints at the first of the month on the monthly mission post.
  5. Pigeon's Weekly Thought May 1st, 2018

    I'm well aware you can do it, but it doesn't work. It will show all premium regardless of whether they have first win still. It works file if you do, say, all T8 BBs that have first win, but throw in Premium and it ignores first win. Likely a bug that's been around since the last filter revamp (first time I noticed it). Give it a try. Select both of those, then play and win a game in one. See if it's still part of the filter results. For me it is. I'd love to know if it's somehow a fault in my client and not universal.
  6. Pigeon's Weekly Thought May 1st, 2018

    I'd like to see the filters for ships in port to be more robust. Currently, for example, you can't sort to show only premium ships that still have the first win bonus. You /can/ select that, but it will show you all premium ships regardless of having first win bonus still or not. It would also be nice to have advanced search options to look for whole or partial ship names, or to filter by, say, only ships with deep run torps or only ships with a minimum AA rating defined in the search. Or maybe find ships that are within a defined XP value of the next tier of its line. Further, an option to "mothball" a ship, removing it from the port list without selling it, and only showing it if you select mothballed ships in the filter would be extremely helpful for collectors with a huge number of ships that don't often play more than a half dozen of them. Sure, we have set as primary, but you can't go wrong with more options to customize our ship lists. Oh and bring Kitakami back with Asashio torps to help solve the team killer problem.
  7. That was a really interesting read. Thanks for posting it.
  8. Or the plan was if one of them ended up on the other team they'd just do poorly on purpose so the other three could get a win. Edit: Yes, I'm a very suspicious person by nature.
  9. Please someone turn this into a creepypasta. "I Have no Ship But I Must Honk"
  10. My wallet sympathy winced.
  11. The people that died under actual fascism are spinning in their mass graves over you calling someone fascist because you didn't get the outcome you wanted.
  12. I agree with this video 100%

    Personally, I'm all about the win. Usually that means staying alive longer to kill more enemy ships or contest caps longer till help arrives. Sometimes it means cashing out early with a ram to make sure you take one more enemy ship out with you since you're about to go down anyway.
  13. Game froze, now I am pink, THX WG

    You don't get account banned for this. You may want to run some basic maintenance scans on your desktop though. Update some drivers and all that. The boards aren't flooded with reports of crashes so I can only guess that this is a "your computer" problem and not a game code problem.
  14. You sir are doing it right.