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  1. As someone who doesnt really play this game that much I can tell you that the primary reasons I dont play that much are: 1) There is nothing to upgrade on the ships and the very few stuff that you can upgrade are very expensive for Tier 8~9 I Would love to see UPGRADES for ships , the upgrades that exist really seem pointless and they dont really add that much in terms of gameplay or dynamics, buying an upgrade for a ship and gaining 1 to range doesnt really feel that great and there really arent any ways to increase damage or accuracy of the main guns. Since there is pretty much nothing to upgrade , you dont really have a reason to play any given ship for very long. I dont buy or play premium or special ships, (i quite honestly dont see why anyone would waste their money and I dont honestly see why anyone would buy a premium ship under tier 8/9/10, I dont even understand why they have these special or premium ships in tiers 2 to 7 they seem stupid as a thing, like why would anyone want a tier 7 special/premium ship? 2) The rewards for battles are anemic/pointless, at best you get a camo or two and some worthless credits that you cant really buy anything interesting with. 3) Cruisers are anemic, I played/play German cruisers , pretty much feels like a glass cannon (without the cannon lol), I alternate now between Fuso and Roon then log off after a few battles. The only "fun part" of the game for me atleast is trying to hit things, the addictive part of the game is aiming, trailing targets, and trying to land shots, which is why BB to me is more fun than the cruiser but sadly I wasted so much time (and I do mean wasted) playing cruisers that I have so much time invested in the line and xp that I unlocked/bought the Roon just to feel like i accomplished something (still doesnt feel like I accomplished anything lol) , then I read things like Hindenberg got nerfed back whenever and that its pretty much a glass cannon , minus the cannon and that really turns me off from even trying to save the credits to go down the line much further (waste more time on Fuso) but really this game lost me as a player because I know by the time I go from Fuso to Yamato, Yamato will probably nerfed or crippled or something (if it hasnt been already). I dont care for the premium ships, the only interesting ships in the game to me.... Yamato and Hindenburg, you could give me a free premium ship worth 50$ id probably sell it for credits , there just isnt anything special about premium ships that I can see, the extra XP doesnt mean anything to me since the game is still a "grind" with or without the boost, and I dont think I should have to buy and play premium ships I dislike just to get meaningless pathetic amounts of "Free XP" to get a ship I would like to play. The entire model of the game is broken if you ask me. Zero incentive to keep playing. Zero incentive to buy premium "stuff". Its basically an arcade game where you aim at moving stuff and get a few cheap kicks off slamming some targets with shells, then you log off. If they wanted more players/player retention/people to dump buckets of money at them, each ship would be relevant, each ship would have a strong niche, each ship would have dozens of upgrades, the grind would be 80% less, people would play more than one or two lines of ships, and people would dump buckets of money on cosmetic enhancements. There are also no "items" to farm in this game, like you cant "Loot " anything, if you sink a ship, there should be a loot box with random drops and items , like enhanced shells or armor plates. They pretty much gimped their game by trying to claim "its more historical" or whatever that means. Just my honest opinion. Id love to see this game become more exciting/engaging. I have no problems with aircraft carriers or torpedoes , infact while playing a cruiser, if there were no aircraft in the game , you pretty much have nothing to do and your ship is pointless cannon fodder, when I get in a game with no aircraft carriers as a cruiser, I pretty much go afk and wait for a re-queue cause you really dont have much to do but set fires or whatever. The game feels too much like a cheap mobile game.
  2. Dre4dwolf

    How's Your Puerto Rico Progressing?

    Its all going to depend on how much money was spent on accelerators. My guess would be that given the average price of any premium ship there was a cost calculation done ahead of time to ensure that anyone who got the ship probably spent about 40- 90$ in accelerators, because most people would not waste that much of their time in game (because it borders on being sick/addicted to waste that much time in a game ). Honestly I dont get the appeal of premium ships. The entire point of the game is to work towards a ship/ ships unlocks. Buying a ship isnt a very gratifying experience, ive sold off all the free premium ships that I got (dont even know how I got them) for credits just to continue unlocking ships because I dont find playing a ship i got for nothing fun to play and the "Free Xp" earned is garbage. To me the fun way to doit would of been not to sell ships, but to sell only accessories for ships / permanent camo's etc and to have a lot more upgrades available for ships. I dont even see the point to low tier premium ships. But I guess im just strange.
  3. Dre4dwolf

    How's Your Puerto Rico Progressing?

    Is it even really possible to build this thing? I just ignored it assuming it would require either 99999$ in blood money to the p2w shop or 999999 years in - game lol
  4. ^ No one ever pushes, BB sit back at long range camped out there in the big blue with their hunting tents pitched, cruisers sit around "waiting for something to happen", DD's in middle of map hoping someone comes along soon to help them hold a cap = most games. You get like 1 game out of 8 where everyone moves as a group to accomplish some goal. The maps should be like fortnight (maps should shrink towards caps) to force player engagement, would also make the game less annoying when its CV vs CV and both of them are on the other side of the map and time is just wasted. Would of been good if cruisers were more like battle cruisers, but they arent, they are more like slow destroyers with no concealment and AA which really doesnt do anything because even with a ton of AA 99% of the time the planes will drop their torps etc anyway , AA rarely actually stops an air raid from accomplishing its end goal of hitting the target, its mostly just pretty fire works for no real reason.
  5. I think we both live on different planets. Ships trash, my Fuso is more enjoyable.
  6. I think all the cruisers are pretty lame to be honest at this point. Slowly going down the Japanese BB line now , once Im back into tier 7~8 on a Jap BB line selling Hipper for credits The hipper is trash, its so situational that its got no real purpose / reason to be at sea. If I could do an even trade, id probably trade the Hipper for a tier lower ship in any other line.
  7. I just wish at this point could scrap hipper for free xp to be honest. Feels like a floating egg shell that doesnt do anything but run away, if the Hindi is anything like the Hipper, lol entire line feels like a waste of time.
  8. The fun part of the game is trying to hit things with the projectile arc for the most part and unlocking stuff for no reason. It would have more replay value if you could scrap your ship and convert it to free xp without forking over 200$ With me the bummer is wasting time on a line, getting sick of the line, then being pigeon holled into that line cause you dont have the time to go down another. And the game isnt worth 2-300$ to unlock some ship. Things that would make the game more fun: -Little less grind -More customization/stuff to buy for the ships -If the ships had a bit more armor on them (all ships) and the HP was a bit more, ships die so fast you really cant brawl for very long so battles feel short and lackluster. -Larger Maps, with more simultaneous players (the game feels too much like a sandbox). I cant really justify dumping $$$$ into the game because it feels too much like a small sandbox game , and the ships are kinda boring if you just pay to win and buy them (like what good is a trophy if you buy it?)....... "wow I bought a ship - logs off cause nothing to unlock " lol There should be a monthly sub tier to the game, that has more stuff to do, the ranked battles/matched battles feel like free junk, also the Citadel hits are like... RNG, which makes the game boring and less skill based IMO, because the probability of getting citadeled isnt something you really have much control over, when a random shell from 20km out spreads and randomly knocks 80% of your HP off , its kinda lame.
  9. Dre4dwolf

    NERF Battleships!

    The only downside to playing battleship is the boring long reload time where you just stair at the screen waiting for the timers. They have armor They have speed They have damage They have range I mean If you arent playing a Battleship, you are playing a dinghy for the most part. The game is mostly Battleship CV Destroyer, the team with the best Battleships will always win. I dont think Battleships should be nerfed, i think other ships should be boosted a bit. I mean I play the Hipper atm, I pretty much have to wait around half the game doing nothing, till ships have moved around/become distracted, most games start with me setting autopilot to roam in circles till the rest of the players have started engaging.... usually put on autopilot , let the ship roam the back of the map till atleast one or two enemy players dead, I walk away get a beer, come back check if I can do anything and then I start playing, because for most part not much you can do and if you try and do anything early on with a Hipper you are going to just get knocked down to 30% HP in the first 3 minutes of the game, sometimes shells dont even hit and glance the ship and my HP just drops or my engines break, sometimes literally a shell hits the water next to me, i take damage and the engines break lol , I think even rough water can cause damage, i swear one time I thought my ship got struck by lightning in the game, because the ship just took damage spontaneously (I guess one of the engineers in the engine room tripped over a wrench and banged his head against the overly sensitive engine). But I guess in the 1/4 games that I dont get citadel'd instantly, its fun if I can catch a BB on a turn around an island or something and sink um with torpedoes. Im trying to switch to BB but bleh already somuch time wasted on cruiser line .... figured might as well finish the line. I dont think they should nerf BB, I just think the entire damage engine needs to become a little more realistic, a shell glancing your hitbox shoudlnt blow your entire ship up....80% of the time. The biggest problem I have is spotting. If no one is spotting, you cant do anything, sometimes theres a destroyer like right infront of me and I cant even see it, but I can see cruisers right behind them (trips me out), like how can you have concealment at distances where I could practically throw paper airplanes at you? ^^.... The only funtime you have is if the match has a bunch of CVs and I get to provide AA support but half the games dont even have CVs so thats boring. Soon as Subs enter the game, i think im going to start over and abandon everything and play subs just to torment Battleships, atleast itl be more engaging.
  10. Dre4dwolf

    Role of Cruisers ?

    Just got the hipper going last night. My god this ship is so terrible. Its like a torture device, and I thought the Yorck was fragile, going to have to dump everything into steering mods just to be able to atleast dodge something. Its like some sort of sadistic joke playing this thing without all the upgrades (hope to god it gets better or its going to be a very long and frustrating grind to hindenburg......
  11. Dre4dwolf

    Role of Cruisers ?

    The way it is, it would be nice if the cruisers joined the match like 7 minutes in. Because the first 10 minutes of the game as boring as hell/better spent afk as a cruiser lol
  12. Dre4dwolf

    Role of Cruisers ?

    Its great when the BB's actually push up a bit with the DDs so the range is such that you can actually give safe support fire. Most of the time, the DDS are way in front, the BBS are way in back, and youre in the middle open water trying to get in range to hit something. The DDS on your team will more or less be in smoke, which means from the enemy perspective if youre in range to hit anything, the BBs more or less have a trail on you since you are the only visible thing in range. So you kinda get stuck waiting for your team to actually move up to where you can be in range to hit something (gets boring waiting). When the stars align , the Cruisers can be fun, but for most random matched games its kinda boring waiting for the opportunistic time to actually be able to do something besides floating.
  13. Dre4dwolf

    Role of Cruisers ?

    40% of the games you basically do nothing as a cruiser but act as a distraction. Most games I swing around in circles trying to provoke ships to shoot at me so team can cap or take them out, since if they sink the Yorck, they pretty much accomplished nothing since the ship is practically worthless strategically speaking lol like , if you wasted shells sinking me, with luck my team did something more meaningful, because my ship wasnt going to do anything important anyway lol! I think if the utility was actually useful. Like the torpedoes, are pretty much useless unless you are in raming distance, at which point, you are better off just ramming them because you wont survive the encounter (90% of the time). The radar doesnt radar very far so its useless as utility for assisting the team. The AA is ok, but if they dont have a carrier on opposing team its just useless.
  14. Dre4dwolf

    Role of Cruisers ?

    Well in general you need to sit back pretty far not to get hit by a BB, which means your going to have pretty bad shell dispersion. The accuracy on the Yorck is pretty good say around 9-10km, but anything over 12, it really doesnt matter where you aim the dispersion is going to make aim relatively pointless, youre more or less trying to land hits and start fires if your lucky. The shell penetrtation at ranges above 11 are pretty bad, most of the shells will just bounce off and not do very much damage. Its very much a dance of trying to stay in range where you can actually do some meaningful damage, but staying out of range enough where you have time to dodge shells because it only takes one or two salvos from a BB to wipe you out. Also with the sharp turn radius, the guns dont trail to match the speed of the rudder, so while your dodging and weaving most of the time the guns will be unable to fire (out of range). It gets boring to say the least, because if your tired you arent going to put the work in to do "meh" damage, the amount of effort required is astronomical to stay in range, while out of range of other ships, while dodging shells that can one shot you, while trying to keep guns trailed on target just to do "meh " damage 90% of the time ^^..... meanwhile compared to BB, you sit back let and just lob death across the map or a dd where the enemy cant see you 70% of the time. Bit frustrating playing cruiser. If the penetration was better at range, it would be a lot less frustrating. Its like playing monkey in the middle, except sometimes the monkey gets p,o and makes a bee line to the bb and rams it to death 50% of the time (if it makes it )
  15. Dre4dwolf

    Role of Cruisers ?

    I just played a game, landed something like 81 salvos on a BB, zoomed out the whole team was dead, and the BB's health only moved like 20%. Then just gave up and went afk , decided to get a beer instead while my Yorck roamed some island on autopilot. ^^....... HE shells are ok ish if they set a fire IDK really feels like the cruisers dont pack enough punch to do much. Thats why im looking into this to see if its really worth my time to continue down the line or if should just scrap the line and do something else. I think its there seems to be some penetration drop off with range, coupled with the lower range compared to BB, you sit back and you land shots but they dont do anything unless you are like 10km away or less.