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  1. Chiman1293

    West virgin anybody own her? worth a punt?

    I like her. If you are a fan of US Mid Tier bbs then you will like her. She hits hard. While I have not taken her out too much lately I find her lots of fun. Her secondaries are just like the rest of the US secondaries. I don't own Arizona yet but from everything I have heard they each play a little different. West has larger caliber guns at 16 inch so she hits harder. Ari is smaller at 14 inch but she is more accurate. West Virginia 44 has NOT been annonced yet. All they have said is that they will make her some time in the future. We are probably looking at like 2020 for a release date. I think she is worth picking up. She hits hard and I have alot of fun with her.
  2. Chiman1293

    Museum Ships in WoWS

    The USS Des Moines survived along time. She was only broken up in 2007. There was some effort to preserve her in Milwaukee but it did not work out. I have been aboard the U-505 and the USS Silversides. A sub
  3. Chiman1293

    I like the Alaska

    I like the Alaska. I have a lot of fun playing her. She has a large health pool which allows you to a degree tank damage. Her guns hit hard. She has good accuracy. Even with the 20 second reload you don't have to wait to long to get another salvo out. She actually seems to be pretty good at starting fires. She is just right for a cross between a battleship and a heavy cruiser. Overall she is a fun ship to play. By no means am I racking up huge damage games. I am just a potato at cruisers. But every time I took her helm she just felt right. She moves well and responds well. Wargaming you did a great job with her. She is just a fun ship to play. Also, if you don't have this playing in the back ground on a constant loop, your playing her wrong.
  4. Chiman1293

    How many 19-pt captains do you have?

    Got one so far. Have not really pushed a second. Just been trying to get a lot of them up to ten pointers.
  5. I would have to say the Gearing and the Fletcher. Give me my american dds and I can stay happy.
  6. Chiman1293

    DD meta really bad at the moment?

    I never been one to put up huge amounts of damage nor I have I ever been one to pull in tons of kills. I will admit to that. I have always been more of a dd hunter and a cap contester. Does that make me a bad dd player. I don't feel that I am. I always try to be there for my team whether it capping or going out and spotting for the rest of my team. But, hey your right my stats are not very good.
  7. Chiman1293

    DD meta really bad at the moment?

    The only thing about dd play that has really changed is that cvs have really prevented dds from going off on their own any more. DDs are still completely playable. You just can not venture far and must work with your team. Just take care to avoid planes the same way you avoid radar. Press P to keep your aa off and if you are attacked by planes use WASD hacks to just keep moving. Rockets really don't do much damage when you actually look at how much they hurt when they hit. What will hurt you more is being spotted and attacked by enemy surface ships. Personally what I do when I am attacked by planes is I have my aa off, then once I am detected I turn it on because you are spotted anyway. Then once they are out of the guaranteed PLANE detection zone I turn my aa back off. Just don't stray too far from your team and yo will be fine.
  8. With the roll out of 0.8.0 the USS Colorado got a buff to her sigma value from 1.9 to 2.0. Now you would not think that an increase of only .1 sigma value would make much of a difference,but my god what a change. Now I am just an average player by and for that matter I am not even a BB main, but with the increase in sigma I have been doing so much better in her. Before the buff I was averaging just under 50,000 damage or so. After her buff in 0.8.0 I am averaging 80,000. Have some proof: Now I know all of you experts are all staring at this thinking that 80,000 average damage is not that great. Well, one I don't care and two for someone who is pretty potato in battleships this is a definitely an improvement. The big thing that has changed is that how her shells now all fly pretty flat. I do not have a good image of this but when you fire your broadside all the shell fly in nice flat line. Allowing her to punish those who show their broadside. Especially when they are cruisers who move in nice straight lines, you are practically guaranteed at least one citadel every salvo. Even being bottom tier she can now at least hold her own. While you have to be a little bit more careful you can at least fight back. Now don't get me wrong, not every game is perfect. I do have bad games. Some times I die early on and only get 50,000 damage. Some times even less then that. Also, pro tip of the day: Don't eat torpedoes after put out two fires. You will get flooding then lose all most all of your health which will then allow to be kill on the next salvo that hits you. I do love the Colorado, I love all the U.S. standards really. She is nice and tanky. Yea, she is a bit slow but boy is she good at hitting hard and when you are able to do matches like this: What is not to love about her.
  9. Chiman1293

    U.S.S. Cassin Young (Fletcher class) IX/X premium

    A lot of people feel we don't need more Fletchers in the game. That we have to many already. I see their reasoning, but I for one feel that every museum ship of this games time lines deserve a spot in this game. I would love to see Cassin Young, The Sullivans, and Charrette (aka Cetos) put it. They all deserve a to be put in..
  10. America did indeed save more. I was commenting more on the fact that what was save is in generally better condition. I base this mostly just on a view from a far. The other thing I am involved with is rail preservation and when you look over at what Britain is doing it is extremely impressive. They are completely rebuilding whole engines from scratch. I also know there is a lot of interest in steam traction. The impression you get is that in this modern time is that there is more interest in history over there.
  11. All completely true. It is all about the environment your in. What helps in Victory's case is that she sees a lot of maintenance. I have no way to prove this but I am positive that they are constantly painting and maintaining her. By keeping her painted she will stay in great shape. The same is true though for any ship. If the Texas or anyone else was in an open dry dock. They could be constantly painted. You can still paint the superstructure and deck while in the water but there is no way you can get to the lower hull. This is where the problem lies. As a side note, Britain in general is a lot better about preservation. There is a lot more interest there. A great preservation story in which a ship was replicated back to her Glory days is HMS Warrior. Look up her history it is an interesting story.
  12. Chiman1293

    What daily containers do you pick?

    Personally, I pick signal flags. I find that they help me out. That way I always have them. Of course there are some I just have a butt load of. I also always seem to get the ones I already have a lot of and rarely the ones I don't have any of.
  13. The concept of how to preform preservation is always a debatable and passionate topic. My hobby is I actually volunteer at a railroad museum. So I am very familiar with the world of preservation. The problem is you have to find the balance between appealing to the purists and appealing to the families. The reality of it is if you appeal to nothing but the purist, especially in this day and age, you are not going to keep the doors open. Now any thing can be replicated and restored. But that all cost money. And you have to chose between keeping doing regular maintenance and replicating and practically building a new part. Ship preservation has it hard. They are VERY large pieces of metal. Combine that with the fact that they are constantly exposed to the elements. It is an every lasting battle with the elements. The best way to preserve anything is to actually put it inside a building. For a lot of ships this is simply not an option. In this case U-505 is in great shape. It is indoors and in a climate controlled environment. There is no pleasing everyone and generally the best case for most museums is to actually appeal to the families and the general public more than the purists and the die hards. At the end of the day it all comes down to how many people you have coming through the doors. Cause if you are not making money you are not going to preserve anything.
  14. HAHAHAHAHAHAAA Now this, this is a quality post!
  15. I completely agree with you there. I defiantly see that in upper tier play. And of course everyone has out their aa cruisers that also happen to have radar. What is helping is some cruisers are holding a little bit father back which is giving the dds a slight edge. The flip to that is that if the cruisers push then the dds suddenly have a lot of ships focusing fire on them.