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  1. PROFILE SERVER UNRESPONSIVE, OTHER INFORMATIONAL SERVERS UNRESPONSIVE, The armory is agonisingly slow, but he premium shop of course is working without a missed beat. Moral of the story never trust a Russian to deal fairly in your interest, ever...
  2. HeavyIronclad

    Operation Narai disabled

    When are the other "pulled" operations going to be reinstated? The Original plausible reason given was they were being modified with the "New Carrier Release". Well, the New Carrier Release now is anything but new. At this time it is the very well established norm and now has a firm foundation of temporal experience by your developers. Please correct the need changes to these Operations and release them to be enjoyed again. Other current and never pulled scenarios, as you know, have carriers that launch planes and function with them properly. A very prevalent word on the street is, if more operations were released and developed it would rapidly become one of the most popular game modes. Operations Scenarios are a natural progression for newer players to advance into the Random Game Mode and into Clan Wars. Part of our TF-16 Clan philosophy is to help and rapidly accelerate developing players with basic talent but with modest understanding and skill set in the game. Basically those who are teachable, rather than competing for Super Unicom players which often leads to a lot of frustration and discord with the new guys who find themselves sitting on the bench most of the time. Scenarios perfectly provide a very needed gunnery training tool and an opportunity for the developing player to become familiar with team coordination as a part of a cohesive unit while in a large division. As it is now many solo players come into Operations and see the same old same old and leave. Even with that there is a visible demand seen with long wait times and many in que during busy hours of the day. There is a demonstrable need for more Operations scenarios. All we ask is move the recent development focus a bit, freeing up some overdue scenario development, that is so obviously in arrears. Although, I completely understand changing a stat or two and renaming existing Tech-tree ships to be sold as "Premiums" is a very easy, almost developmentally effortless and a possible lucrative business income. Thank you in advance for consideration of this problem. Best Regards and Fair Seas... Over and Out.
  3. HeavyIronclad

    Hamburg Dockyard: Directives Deadline Approaching!

    I mentioned to "CUSTOMER SUPPORT" That several of the directives were eligible to complete in "Operations" game mode but they were limited to tier VII-X ships so operations is blocked even though It is indicated as a legitimate battle mode for these particular Directives because operations ships are tier VI not VII-X. So here is the "helpful and concerned" reply I received from customer "support"? ... OLVED Dear HeavyIronclad, This is not a mistake. These are the conditions and they suppose to be challenging as the rewards are rather valued. Should you have any other issues please don't hesitate to contact us. Good luck on the battlefield. Best regards, HeavyIronclad Created 23 hours ago I went in the dockyard 5 minutes ago (14:20 CST) and the problem has not been corrected please reply when someone actually does something and the problem is in actuality solved. regards, Mike Smith Created 1 day ago Hello HeavyIronclad, Thank you for contacting Wargaming Player Support. Thank you for following the game, and are not indifferent to its development. Such feedback is important to us. We also want to recommend that you share your opinion with other players on our official forum - https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/219577-/ Have fun on the battlefield! If you have any other issues please do not hesitate to contact us. HeavyIronclad Created 2 days ago Your development team has included several Operations eligible Directives in the last ship building directive. However, there is an oversite as they restrict those same directives to Tier VII-X ships all Operations are tier VI only missions. This has limited persons with lower tier ships from participating in the ship building process via the Operations game mode. Thank You in advance for your expedient correction of this error by including VI-X ships in those Operations eligible categories . How hard is that to understand. Who are these "Customer Support" persons??? Double talk, doubletalk and corporate speak boilerplate. Wow what a great correction they made (Ooops they never intend to make) in the programming of this event... and then you get referred to the forums for customer "support" ? Quote: "Thank you for following the game, and are not indifferent to its development. Such feedback is important to us. We also want to recommend that you share your opinion with other players on our official forum" Thanks a load __________________ to Mike Smith and Marcel Wyss for adding so much quality to the WOW team and the pleasure of enjoying the careful concern of the WOW experience.??? (Fellow players grinding through these directives to not receive a free Odin, feel free to fill in the blank at your leisure.)
  4. HeavyIronclad

    ST, soviet cruisers branch split

    This is the month long "discussion" about the theft of the Moskva 5,000 Doubloon "PERMANENT CAMO" with Customer "SUPPORT"? I am aware of a very large number of players who are extremely offended by the way this has, at least to date been handled by Customer "Support?"... and it has given a black eye to any scrap of ethical vender image WOW/WG has held in the past by it's paying clients in this "Free to Play Game". It is blatantly wrong to take the purchased property of others who paid in full for it and who are further prohibited to even sell the property to avoid a total loss from the act of thievery. No amount of double talk will ever balance the equation: Moskva + 5,000 Doubloon ($20.00 US) "PERMANT" Camo = Moskva with Free Camo You must add 5,000 Doubloons back to the right side of the equation in order for the values to balance. It takes no genius to comprehend this. Anything less is a theft of 5,000 Doubloons ($20.00 US) and perpetration of a mind game. It appears in reverse order so start at the bottom. Moskva Camo Rip Off 2.rtf Open the above file ( it can be read in WordPad ) Scroll down through to the bottom of the 14 plus pages of Stone Walling and begin to enjoy an education in the Russian school of the right way to handle retail customers. Please note the strident and refractory determination of Customer concern throughout. It will warm your heat with confidence in any future transaction or purchase if you ever consider one. It is the classical boiler plate, my way or the highway, approach that has consistently blunted consumer feedback over the life of the business. So pull up your easy chair and read the heartfelt reply that seems to go to the level of an obstinate façade.
  5. HeavyIronclad

    Matchmaking: The Basics Making Teams

    Features of the Matchmaker "The matchmaker is integral to World of Warships, and we are constantly making efforts to improve its algorithms." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I once upon a time repeatedly experienced and reported to War Gaming, for a considerable period, essentially all of the issues reported by others in this forum. I stopped when I had the occasion to learn through the observation of a consistent theme amongst many CC's and very senior players that everyone is wasting their time with submiting ideas to make the game enjoyable. If you find a software bug report it, and after hundreds of like submissions, it will eventually be addressed. But when it comes to any suggestion to make the game more fair in concept, or simply more fun to play, or both, don't waste your time WOW is going to do what WOW is going to do, and that will be to make money with the minimal amount of effort. You might find your time better spent going to the mafia and asking them to remove the magnets from the roulette wheels. This constant effort (really???) to improve its algorithms intentionally or unintentionally seems to vary game by game to ensure the vase majority of regular players remain in the 48-52% Win Rate. Anyone playing the game regularly, after a while falsely discovers the myth, that spending more money on more WOW stuff will improve your equipment and provide that breakthrough to a higher win rate. I does not. What it does is make this the most expensive "free to play" game ever invented. What it does is enrich the WOW coffers and it's coming out of your wallet. The only way to play this game, and not develop anger issues and ulcers over repeatedly becoming frustrated and feeling cheated by the Match Maker/RNG God/Clumsy Port GUI that has never been observably improved over the three plus years I've been playing WOW, is to come to the self actualization that this is a type of casino and the house always wins. So to all my fellow gambling addicts out there press on but don't expect to have much in the way of sustained fun. In the end it is like any other addiction and it eventually kills its clients off or they kick the habit or go on to bigger and better things in life. To give some credit to the direction of WOW they did with the last release finally make the signals more manageable in port but in doing so someone somewhere that is still embraced in the myth can now waste 21 signals instead of just 8 signals in a match with one or more tier ten teammates that have less than 300 total games and have never played a tier ten ship before, thus enters the money making all mighty MATCHMAKER. I have never seen so many absolutely clueless noobs matched and perfectly executing absolutely fatal-to-their-team COOP strategies in Random tier VIII, IX and X matches before as I have in the last 6 months and it continues to grow. If it isn't the matchmaker I have two questions: A. How did they get there in the first place? B. How many hundreds/thousands of dollars did wargaming collect to provide the mechanism for them to even be there, without a grind, like the masses that compose the rest of us went through?
  6. HeavyIronclad

    Let the player base chose.

    I totally am with you brother. Unfortunately I am one who has dumped way too much in American dollars into this "free to play game". That was before I realized even the most logical and beneficial suggestions, even by community contributors, fall on deaf ears. There is a very definite communications problem from the player base to those with the authority and capability to act on and for improvement. Have you ever tried to totally decipher their instructions for events or new features in one pass. Their surprising and total disregard for the consumer to better their own business success is astounding. The business approach, culture, ethics, and thought process between Russia and NA is glaring. War Gaming is seemingly entrenched in a direction and will stay blindly true to that course even if it is leading what could be a great game right over a cliff. Games don't die in an explosion, they die with a whisper. When you stop listening to your player base then you begin the very quiet voyage right up to total silence on the servers. This is a horrible situation because I enjoy the game intensely for a time. However, like others I just have to walk away from it for periods of time because of frustrations generated by the unaddressed obvious need for fixing the square wheels that have been incorporated into this product. Square wheels that they apparently will simply not even consider fixing. Unfortunately those times of walking away are becoming infinite for many. I love this game but it has so many obviously fixable aggravations that simply drive you away.
  7. HeavyIronclad

    Too many CV only skills

    I totally agree. But rather than consideration of the suggestion all I see here in most replies is the typical angst.
  8. HeavyIronclad

    Hard choices for coal commanders

    Haven't met a commander yet that's worth the price of a ship. Hands down.
  9. HeavyIronclad

    Name the ship you think is worthless....

    Prinz Eidel Friedrich: Most probably the best looking but worst performing Premium ship ever released in the game. Wargaming sucked a lot of people in on this notably expensive underperformer. Sluggish with absolutely the worst German BB dispersion (and when you think of German BB's dispersion in general, that is really saying something). WOW should do a double your money back on this huge disappointment. In a Tech-Tree ship it would be a close race between the Emerald a ship I couldn't wait to get past, Friedrich der Grobe another ship I couldn't wait to get past and all mid-tier Japanese Cruisers (V, VI, VII) that I couldn't wait to get past. The Pan Asian mid tier DDs are a very close second to these other aggravations. But here is the fact of the mater when you think carefully about it. War Gaming gets richer whether you grind through these hideously underperforming monstrosities or you give up and blow Free XP to get past these very deliberate business decisions they made, solely on their behalf and for their benefit. This is not a free to play game. It is an enterprise much like a casino that preys on the addictive personality in you, that wants to believe, the next ship or the next crate you buy will have that pot of gold you are seeking, in the form of the most OP'd ship ever. Guess what, it isn't there and if it ever is, and you get it; it will soon be nerfed into mediocrity. Look at the matching system. Who have you ever seen saying they are ecstatically happy with it? It is just another form of randomly insuring mediocrity but with just enough success built in to keep you using those camos and flags, to get an imaginary edge, because they cost money and generate profit, but not for you. Hopefully you get a lot of enjoyment from your expenditures, but along with it comes loads of frustration, and I see more and more people just walking away from this to other games that are fun to play on every level.
  10. HeavyIronclad

    Constant game crashes

    Constant crashes since last update and server transfers at round's end = no stats and no reconnect. Sell a lot of dressed up Republics for $100 and get some reliable servers or maybe pay the bill and we wont get cut off. This game get more expensive and less enjoyable with every tinker that trickles out of the oligarchy. Most expensive free to play game ever.