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  1. Severed42

    New Mode: Play in the Dark

    I had this happen today as well. Had to force client shutdown and reload from game center to get it corrected.
  2. Severed42

    Are You a TorpBlocker? Don't Be That Guy!

    Crazy. A guy explains how sometimes a DD will find another team ship following along just behind enough that he (the DD) is unable to launch his torps in the direction of the incoming enemy ships, without directly hitting the friendly. The DD player is aware of the team mate's position, and holds fire. (this is a player aware of his surroundings) The player in the following team ship may know the DD is there ahead of him, but that is where his awareness stops. The DD player attempts to ask the other team mate to slow down or back off but is seemingly ignored, or is simply is misunderstood, and just push's ahead firing at enemy ships, apparently oblivious to having been in the way of the DD. I mean, yeah.. they are the DD's torps, its the DDs job to position himself to fire torps off without any team casualties. However, The OP, I am nearly certain is talking about those players that seem to play more tunnel visioned throughout the game. The TorpBlocker, as coined, is the guy that finds himself following a DD in route towards enemy ships, and literally gives no thought to the ships he is sailing along side of, what the roles are to any given ships around him, and.. may even literally just demand that he doesnt need to know anything other than his own ships role. So look, all the OP is saying is (I am almost certain this is the point) IF YOU find yourself following close behind a DD in game, would it KILL you to just, for a quick moment, just try to give some thought to the DD, and if maybe he is intending on sending torps towards the enemy ships that you are heading into guns blazing. Is it so terrible to just throw some awareness out there, and ask people to just try to recognize the other ships that are WORKING WITH YOU to win the battle.. Heck, if you feel your just behind a DD and at risk of his torps being fired at legitimate targets... just slow down one speed, or two briefly. How is that asking too much? The DD (in this example) holds fire because of the players position becoming too in line with his planned torp firing path. All the OP is saying is, when your in game, try to expand your awareness beyond yourself and the red target ship at hand.. And if you find yourself between a DD and the enemy targets, maybe consider adjusting your course to move out of that torp path, while still firing your guns and crap. the DD gets torps off, you get damage and as a plus, you wont get outnumbered all the sudden where you thought you had support. its a Win Win. On the other hand.. if you dont know, you dont know.. ya know? maybe those that dont know might happen to read this, and keep it in mind for future battles. :)
  3. Severed42

    Thunderer Not Batting on a Full Wicket

    Thunderer is a great ship. Its only squishy if caught in a bad position. Its a ship that really doesn't let you down in a battle.. Just dont expect to make any friends... lol.
  4. Severed42

    Just had a FOUR Tier T5-8 battle WITH 2 CVs!

    Really? I guess you missed the days where seeing 6 CVs (3 per side) in that tier was quite... common. Damn im glad its not like that very often these days
  5. Severed42

    Just had a FOUR Tier T5-8 battle WITH 2 CVs!

    It can happen when a division does not have all matching tier ships. Notice the Division B on the green team having one tier VI and one tier V. Now notice B Division on the red team... also one tier VI one tier V. The mismatched ships are the cause of the unusual spread of ship tier for that MM. Quite some time ago WG changed Division's so there could not be more than one tier difference between the ships when you press the Battle Button to prevent the spread of tier between ships. Also, MM does not always throw mismatched divisions into a team that way. More often MM is able to still match the division with teams that will be within the tier spread needed. Sometimes though, it just gives up :)
  6. Severed42

    Clan Brawl flaw

    Clan Brawls, unless I have missed something, were not and are not meant to replace anything. They are just Clan Brawls, a few short evenings of Brawls, couple times or so a year.
  7. Severed42

    Bourgogne or FDR?

    I can take it, lol.
  8. Severed42

    Bourgogne or FDR?

    No torps on Bourgogne, the activated special reload speed buff applies to mains and torps. He was just explaining in full.
  9. Severed42

    Bourgogne or FDR?

    I did, after some amount of small details of questionable relevance, give my choice. Bourgogne 🤫 I would likely choose FDR however, if I had more than 12 or so total battles in CVs... in more that 4 years of game play.
  10. Severed42

    Bourgogne or FDR?

    Lets be honest. Those are two completely different ships and playstyles. I would have to assume that even the newest, most inexperienced and even darn near most uneducated (relating to warships) would be able to understand that much; that the two ships are nothing alike, and playstyles will be about as far opposite from each other as it can about get. So.. what are you asking, really? Cause this feels more like being asked - Hey, should I get the FDR and join the OP club set out to utterly ruin just about every player i come across red? Or go with the famed and widely accepted Bourgone? Of course I could be completely wrong, too. In that case, Id get Bougogne, as I literally am choosing that ship. Been waiting for the steel for longer than I care to admit. I have also concidered the FDR, even though I dont play CVs... I could see myself learning if I had the FDR. I mean, who doesnt want a ship with what some consider... God Mode? But.. Nah, im getting my Bourgogne 😊
  11. Severed42

    387k Damage Smolensk Game By destroyer_1000_549

    Good game 😊 I love mine... I make so many friends when I play it 😈
  12. Severed42

    What do your stats say about you?

    wow, I couldnt argue with that!
  13. Severed42

    What do your stats say about you?

    I have not lost interest 😊
  14. Severed42

    The Lack of chat

    You dont know how correct you are, sir. My first introduction to Saratoga I had invited to a narai division with some regulars.. He so overwhelmed the chat with exhausting amounts of micro managing everyone else, I had booted him from the division. He seriously tried telling people I was some bad person that just kicks people if i have command.. Well, way too many players here know me all too well to believe it. I explained to Saratoga exactly why I kicked him, and if he mellowed out we could try again later. Later came, and I did invite him again. It was just slightly better. I have many times since played in divisions with him, and have only just been able to ignore the flood of chat from him. Saratoga, listen.. Chat is healthy, certainly. But, when you start out a battle opening the ALL chat and stating stuff like "Our team wins caus red team has a saipan!" Along with all sorts of put downs and why saipan is bad... that crapis toxic, distracting and just plain frikin unnecessary. Dude, please grow up. However... Im one to talk.. Im currently on a 10 day chat ban... 😠
  15. Severed42

    Trying to Raise Stats After Many Years

    have you ever really had a conversation with any one of them? 🤔