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  1. I can not help but feel like there is some aspect of this that is nothing more than punishing us players for having even mentioned the funky behavior in Narai. Not claiming that is the case, just a feeling I can not kick. I am going to really hope much of the explanation of what is going to happen and why is lost in translation. There are many ways this can happen, and not just from actual language differences between people. And please do not misunderstand my comments, as they are certainly not directed to any of the staff here that have nothing to do with the game coding. I think most of us are aware that you folks are the messengers :)
  2. This is exactly why we really can not get excited over this news of pulling Narai. This is nearly becoming a trend to pull an Operation for some fix's or other trivial reason, never to be seen again. We are going to have very little faith it will make it back in game. Really, I am not sure but I do hope Wargaming understands just how much of a staple Narai is to a large amount of players. Id have to assume that for many of our Narai players today, Narai is about the only thing keeping them playing. With that said, who knows. Maybe I am completely wrong, and the majority of folks wont be bothered, and will be perfectly content with Narai gone, while playing Defense of Naval Station Newport. Because everybody loves that one.
  3. Severed42

    PVE hole in patch 0.9.1

    While you have Narai in the repair shop.......... Can I just fantasy request that Narai also has added to it, ability to choose ship tier? Let us play Narai with tier VIII, IX and/or X ships! I really want to play Narai with the Des Moines, or Thunderer... you get the idea. How hard could that be? And why wouldn't this be considered?
  4. Severed42

    Good luck guys (Leaving WOWS)

    as a father of 2 sons, 2 step sons ans a grandson.... I would just suggest holding back on some drastic decision making like this.. quiting WoWS certainly sounds like something a new father to be should announce, being important to make known how committed and serious you intend to be with the family's future. And be all means its the right thing to do. However! What happens when you come to realize that you still have plenty of free time for a couple battles now and then. Should you start playing again after a few months or something, you now have this little burden of potentially not being a man of your word. extreme example, and not really anything to worry about in itself. Hope I make sense. Dont announce giving up your stuff unless its absolutely necessary due to causing family conflicts. Another way to look at it, if its not a problem yet, its not necessary to remove it from your life. Unless you just really want it to go. Hope that makes senses. Congrats, by the way!
  5. Severed42

    World of Landslides

    In my opinion, there is just WAY TOO MUCH crapgoing on already and more still being crammed into these small little goldfish bowls we battle in. The random matchs are a joke because of being forced into a mix of ships and players you only JUST get introduced to. no real means to strategize properly. I also feel that the MM page should NOT show the opposing teams ships, tbh. I think it would force some means of surprise thats missing. I dunno tho..
  6. Severed42

    Raptor Rescue is the most engaging scenario event

    seriously disappointed it took that many posts before someone actually understood the OP.
  7. Severed42

    In Celebration of Breaking My Old Record

    Oh, yeah I know what your saying, exactly what your saying, too. That's not what I am doing though. I simply needed a witherer achievement for campain mission. Why not in thunderer? It was more like I was taking the HE Only challenge. Not just being a newb spamming HE like set it and forget it mentality:D Thanks for speaking out on it though, in case I was just that unaware
  8. Severed42

    In Celebration of Breaking My Old Record

    In the week or so Ive had Thunderer now, I have had 14 or 16 fires best, so far. Did entires battle HE trying to get witherer. Got one within 10 or so games. Its fun!
  9. Severed42

    Smolensk, Thunderer in PVE

    I bought Thunderer first, mainly because I feel I handle BBs better than cruisers right now. Having had it for a few weeks I think now, I absolutely love it! I would make same choice again and again. I cant exactly claim its more fun than Smolensk because I dont have it to compare. But having played enough Cruisers to have an idea.. I would imagine that I would still make same choice even if I had experience in a Smolensk. I got a witherer in Thunderer the other night. I think I set out to get the witherer in it and succeeded within maybe 10-20 battles. Firing full HE only challenge over an entire battle, I have managed around 130k dmg, I think 14-16 fires and still didnt get witherer that time, lol. Really, I would suggest you (or whoever) first decide if you like and are better playing a BB or a Cruiser more than the other, and buy the ship class you chose. Get the Thunderer first if you prefer BBs. You will not regret it. (and vies versa to Smolensk of course) No matter what ship you (and you and you) choose first, if you like that ship type in general, you WILL very much like, if not LOVE any of the available coal tier X's. Salem included, I have to assume. Dont get a ship based on a general opinion of random players you may or may not even know. base it on the ship class you preform best in and you cant go wrong.
  10. Severed42

    Highly negative interaction with RAC

    D. All of the Above
  11. Severed42


    Either that, or being ranked sprint just ended you were just processed as anyone else is, with your final rank branded to your name.. your given a starting rank for the next ranked season based on your ending current rank. some get a flag for it and whatever. If you never played a game of ranked, not sure why you were adjusted with final rank. Id assume though, you played one game at least, and hadnt realized your rank is branded to your name at end of each season, and what not. Honestly, not really certain ive ever even seen a rank 21. Id assume thats from a one game attempt, and a loss.
  12. Severed42

    Anyone playing Clan Brawl 12v12?

    45 member clan and Im sure its no surprise that we couldnt get a full 12 man div. We sat waiting with about 7 members in division, about 14 give or take online.. after around 30 mins we canceled the idea and ran Narai for couple hours. Id like to just skip the comments on the current situation and just say that I am (really my entire clan is) absolutely and completely sick of sitting around in a division waiting for enough people play a battle! This entire Year has been like this for us. I have come close to literally shutting down any further clan battles or brawls requiring more than 5 or 6 man divs or in general, until this major issue is addressed. WHY is there no way to invite NON CLAN MEMBERS into your division, like World of Tanks?? Its like the training room in Tanks, where your clan division can allow non clan members to join your division to make up missing players.. This should have been in the damn game from the start! If we could recruit non clan members on the day of clan battles or brawls to fill in the shortage of clan members, there wouldn't be any trouble! Why isnt this a thing yet.....
  13. Severed42

    What does a gold "J" mean?

    hes got the OG ocopoko gold pot that cheech n chong always spoke of, rolled in a Joint! Gotta be it!
  14. Severed42

    ranked 1x1

    I used cossack for awhile, then tirpitz to R1. had 82% wr until lasr hour had some little tiff with the wife and ended up 52 or 55.. i dunno. loved the 1v1 moded though! hope it returns again or in other venues/modes later