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  1. Thank you. If that is the one with smaller guns then RNG help us. Went up against it in my Zao. Got pens on me at over 15Km angled. Second battle did not get a chance to get shot by it but it took out 3 ships close to the start of the battle.
  2. Anyone know WTH the Pobeda is? Tier 10 Russian BB I know that much and it is OP as hell. But is it the Kremil or the Premium tier 10 BB? Went up against it twice and both battles it was knocking the heck out of everyone at pretty good distances.
  3. Duke1117

    Soviet T10 BB Problem

    Just went though 2 battles with one. Not with the name Kremil though. Pobeda was the name tier 10. OP as hell. Angled at far distances was getting pens and citadel hits all day long. Top of the leader board each battle.
  4. I too suffer from disabilities that make it hard for me to do anything physically at times. So I set at my computer and play WOWS for hours. I currently find myself playing less and less these days. First got tired of the toxic players that seem to at times outnumber the adults that play just to have fun. I just played with my Atlanta did not make it though half a battle before being sunk by 2 torpedo squads. Defensive AA going shot down 2 planes. CV rework I thought was meant to buff the CVs not nerf everything else to make the CVs better to play. I also noticed that you can not see the range or damage of your AA when in port like you can with everything thing else. I have invested a lot of time { over 8000 battles} and money{ at one time owned every Premium ship} but I am getting to think that this will no longer be worth it. WOW needs to change to what the player base wants not what they think the base wants.